July 5th, 2005


Two unrelated questions.

1. What could a few 18 year olds do at an 18th birthday party (during the day) that doesn't involve anything illegal? As in, any game suggestions?

2. I am going for my driving test tomorrow. Any tips/advice that I might forget or have otherwise overlooked?

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I've managed to make a SLIGHT mistake with my computer.
Apparently I managed to corrupt my preferences, so they had to be reloaded when my computer was restarted. Adwatch popped up and... I blocked all registry changes. So, now I cannot access ANY programs besides the internet, windows media player and Office.

So the question is, how do I change it back?
I cannot even access adaware or adwatch. I somehow managed to disable exe files as well.

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What's a good place to find out about what songs mean? (Aside from songmeanings.net, which appears to be a bunch of commenters with dubious language skills arguing over what they mean, without definitive answers.) I attempted to google, but just kept coming up with lyrics and/or playlists.

Unless someone just happens to know what Barenaked Ladies' "Sell Sell Sell" and "Helicopters" were written about, and would like to enlighten me. I see a lot of meaning in them, but may just be projecting a bit.

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My friend has a song stuck in his head and we've tried to find it on google, but can't seem to. The lyrics go something like this

I woke up in the middle of the night and reached for you and you weren't there.
I had a funny kind of feeling deep inside
So I picked up the telephone
Pack your bags, you're leaving.
Stayin out Skippin out all around on the weekends.
It didn't have to end this way.
Thank you (x3)
You see I aint that kind of girl.

Any help is appreciated.

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When guys check out a girl, what thoughts go through their head?
Do they just note how good looking this particular female is, or do they also imagine doing things to this girl I'd rather not mentione in a public post on question club? Does it matter if they are in a relationship or not?

On a similar note, what do girls think when checking out guys?


So I am applying for a job at Gallup online right now (I had nothing better to do...) and I don't know the good way to say that I have never been employed before and have no necessary skills for the job of telephone interviewer. How should I go about writing that?

Well it's a little late for y'all's help now... (y'all seemed easier than you all.)

Collapse )

What are your ideas for the next time I attempt an application?
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1. Do you take yourself too seriously? If you do, does it annoy the people around you?

2. Would you rather ride on a hot air balloon or go parasailing?

3. What's your favorite type of weather?

4. Where were you five years ago? Where do you see yourself five years into the future? (By 'where' I mean where in life in general, not necessarily physically.)

5. When you have a really bad headache or even a full-out migraine, what medicine, if any, do you use?

6. Do you drink a lot of coffee or tea in the morning?

7. Would you rather be a penguin or a platypus?

Bonus: I have a bunch of long, colorful scarves that I love, but I'm sick of wearing them around my neck. I've tried wrapping them around my head but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. This is a stupid question, but does anyone know how to do it, or know a good website that'll give instructions? If it helps any, I have semi-thick hair that falls half-way down my back. I don't know if that makes much of a difference or not.
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At what age is is considered unlawful to be nude? My husband and I were talking about this last night. It seems like an easy question but it really left us wondering.
Is there a particular age where nudity becomes prohibited?
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Password Protected Word Perfect Files

While cleaning out some old floppies, I found a bunch of old Word Perfect files that unfortunately are password protected so Word can't open and convert them. And I'll be damned if I knew what passwords I was using 10-12 years ago!

So, anyone know of any programs to recover Word Perfect passwords from files? Bear in mind that I don't own Word Perfect, though I could download the demo if I need to.

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Do you guys ever have dreams that are like nightmares and always revolve around certain silly themes? And while in the dream you are terrified but wake up and it all seems so silly? and you have the dreams quite frequently?

I always dream about three different things:

1. tornadoes- several tornadoes all at once in the sky
2. my teeth falling out- i wake up and have to check and make sure my teeth aren't all loose or missing!
3. chewing on a piece of gum that every time i spit it out there is still more in my mouth making my jaw ache from all the chewing

I have these types of dreams at least once a month. kinda bizarre.
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What's the longest thing you've had memorized?

Since October 2003, I've had the "to be or not to be" soliloquoy memorized.

But as for the longest in length, I had a 6 1/2 minute speech memorized word for word. It was about the Boston tea party. The reason why I had it down so well was because I was supposed to present the first day (Monday), but was somehow overlooked. I kept practicing each night, positive I'd be presenting the next day. I didn't go until Friday.

I didn't bother to look at my notecards and everyone was just staring at me about halfway through just thinking to themselves "when's she going to look down?" haha...too bad :D
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What's your biggest goal for this year?

I've got this really bad teacher for one of my classes next year, so I'm really hoping I can pull myself together and figure out the class by myself. :P

How do you handle a rainy day?

I jump around and laugh. I love the rain, and I hate how it always seems to come on weekends. On weekdays, I'm forced to walk through it at school, which makes it awesome. :)

Would you ever attempt to do a 5000-Question Survey?

I've been running through one since March, but slacked until a month ago, and have 200 done. :P. They're all really good questions, though, which makes it really fun to do. The sorts of questions you'd usually find here. :)

EDIT: The survey's in a link in comments, those of you who want it.
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If you friend a community, does that mean that everyone who is a member of that community can view friends only entries in your personal journal?

EDIT: Answered! Thanks for your help, everyone!

Driver's permit

This August, I'm going to Illinois to visit family. I'll be 15 1/2 and will have had my California learner's permit for a few weeks.

Am I legally allowed to drive (with a licensed driver over 21 in the car) in Illinois?


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Do I really want to pay $75 to join the "National Society of Collegiate Scholars"??

Is there any national organization/club that isn't a money scam? As in, one that is actually useful (in terms of people networking) and would actually mean something to future employers?
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If you're an American citizen...

Is there anything the US government could do that would make you want to expatriate? Many people have been discontent with a lot of things going on right now and are not exactly proud to be American, but is there anything that would literally make you renounce your citizenship? If so, where would you go?

Reality bites.

Background information on me: I just graduated from college in Florida and I love it and want to move there. However, due to my lack of money I came home (CT) to get a job and make enough money to move on my own. I have yet to be successful in finding a job here though, and I had wanted to be back in FL by September. Obviously this is not going to happen. The thing is, my friends and pretty much my whole life are in Florida and it's depressing the hell out of me to not be there.

I've been looking around on monster.com for work and particularly work that doesn't start right away but there aren't any jobs (at least, jobs that I qualify for) that indicate a starting date other than "immediate". There is one job in particular that I know I would be great for, and it's been up (reposted actually) for at least a month and a half. I tried emailing the address to ask when would they need someone to start, but never got a reply.

Right now I'm living with my parents and I don't think my dad would be too keen on me being like "oh hey, I got a job, let's drive to FL now." I don't even think they'd let me apply, and I don't know if this place does phone interviews (they're a staffing agency).

*QUESTION ALERT* (Hehe, I know you were wondering when the question part would come.)
Would I be completely insane to send my resume into them anyway? I guess I should really talk to my parents first but I am for some reason scared to do it. Maybe I'm afraid of growing up, or that they're afraid of me growing up or something, damn I'm like crying right now typing that, but I don't know what to do really. Blah. If this is confusing at all let me know.

eta: I did end up sending in the resume to that particular job. I guess I just wish I had more of a concrete timeline farther in advance or something. Thanks for your replies, and if anyone else has stuff to say you still can.
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OK, we covered "what's your passion?"... so what's your talent? Are you doing anything with it?

EDIT: Is anything holding you back from using/exploring/improving it?

i might be combining two stories here

Okay, first book of the manga Pet Shop of Horrors... some guy- a washed up actor maybe? his woman leaves him becuase of all the lizards he keeps. He gets from the pet shop a "lizard" that is in all appearances a beautiful blindfolded woman who never talks. Part of his care instructions for her were to never ever take the blindfold off/look into her eyes.

He finds out that he didn't get his last chance acting job, and mourns this by setting up a wonderful dinner for himself and this lizard girl... and he takes off her blindfold.
A lizard and his body are found in the apartment next day. What was with her eyes?
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Why is popcorn contageous? Someone else puts a bag in the microwave, and instantly the butter aroma starts venturing down the hall. So...of course, I feel the need to pop a bag too.

Anyone else with me on this?

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Is there a term used for music that is non-acoustic (in the senses that it has drums and electrics and all that) that isn't just "rock" or "not so loud" (as used by The Foo Fighters with their album which I was pretty much disappointed with)?

take this entry cum grano salis.....

So, today while walking I noticed a kid on the quad with a tshirt with latin text on it.
the tshirt said:

Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori

which is a pretty, if mostly meaningless phrase that we all learned in latin class.

it got me thinking though, why was that kid wearing the shirt? its not like a lot of people speak latin and would know what it said. was he trying to attract another latin dork? should i have walked up and said "Salve, quid agis hodie?"and see if he could, in fact, respond in latin?

how many people do you know that actually speak latin, versus those that pretend to because they think its cool and lets them pretend that they are well read?

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I'm trying to make some playlists for my ipod for when i'm driving to work, or just around, this summer and I want a bunch of different categories.

The ones I've got so far are: Summertime (songs that are just chill and remind me of the summer), Funny (songs from one hit wonders, older songs that just sound ridiculous now, or songs that just make people laugh), and Rock Out (songs that would make you want to drive really fast- but I promise I won't!)

Are there any songs you know of that fit into any of those or that would go in another good category for a mix?

Sorry, I know this sort of question has been asked a bunch of times, but I'm looking for more music.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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my city has can guys who rummage through the garbage to get cans/bottles to take in for deposit. would it be appreciated or not for me to hand them a small bag of cans/bottles that i have but am likely going to be too lazy to return?
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lost cell phone

Last week I found a cellphone in the backseat of my car. It doesn't turn on, and it's not compatable with my cell phone's charger, so I couldn't figure out who it belongs to from the address book or recent calls. I've contacted everybody whom I remember being in my car recently, and in over five days nobody's called me looking for it. You'd think somebody would've noticed by now that they lost their cell phone, right?

I brought it to Verizon (because it says Verizon on it), and the dude there said there's nothing they can do because it's a restricted government phone, thus they can't access the customer's name or address. I don't know anybody who works for the government, if that's what that means. The only people I know whose telephone numbers are restricted are my parents, and the cell phone in question doesn't belong to either of them.

Normally, when items are abandoned and unclaimed in my car, I sell them on eBay. I'm guessing cell phones can be traced, though, so that doesn't seem like a great idea.

What would you do in this situation?
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Is anyone else bothered to the point of physical illness by practical jokes?

Whenever a DJ prank calls someone, I have to change the channel. Watching stuff like this makes me extremely uncomfortable. I don't find it the least bit funny. And if someone ever set me up on a show like Scare Tactics, it would probably come to blows.

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has anyone ever visited http://www.subservientchicken.com/?
if so, were you as freaked out as i am by the chicken walking towards the camera and wagging a displeased finger at commands such as "strip" (the "strip" command being a suggestion taken from snopes.com, not my own brainchild). it is so incredibly creepy to me. i doubt ill ever visit the site again for fear of committing another "no-no" request.
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dry flaky skin

So my previously oily/combination face skin decided to turn into dry, flaky skin now that I'm getting old. Actually who knows why it's happening, but it is. It's even dry on my lips and nose.

When I wash my face and dry it with the soaps I've tried, it just comes out dryer, tighter, and with more flakes of skin. I have tried exfoliating soap, scrubs, peel off masques, and I even sanded down my entire face with a pumice stone to get rid of the flakes at the very least. It didn't help. I just had bigger, flakier, dryer flakes and on top of that the skin on my face was extremely red and irritated and burning. I have sensitive skin. I don't see how I can painlessly get rid of these awful patches of dead skin without exfoliating painfully.

Today I stopped into Bath & Body works, and got this face soap that's specifically meant for extra dry skin and isn't supposed to leave your face all tight. I also got moisturizer, since that's the only thing that makes the flakes disappear (but not for long, until my face dries out again and I have to reapply.) I'm gonna try it out when I shower tomorrow morning. But I didn't see any products there that are exfoliants or anything. It's my first purchase from such a store. Normally I get all my face stuff from the drugstore, using Olay products mostly.

What should I use on my face to a) moisturize it, b) get the dead skin flakes gone for GOOD, and c) not make my face red and irritated the whole day afterward?

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How should I treat a recently boiled egg so that it doesn't stick to the shell as I peel it?

I HATE throwing away perfectly good eggwhite in the bin because it won't come off the shell!
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Jobs on Craigslist

How do you respsond to job postings on craigslist? There's a link you click that sends an email, but I'm not sure what to put in the email.

A request for more information? My resume and cover letter? A note saying I'm interested? It's kind of hard to send a cover letter when there is limited information...


Bunch of questions...

1. Does anyone have any information regarding this shooting incident in Detroit where someone fired eight bullets and hit nine people? I found references to it here and in Ron White: They Call Me Tater Salad.

2. Does anyone know of any good sources of information on the following subjects? I'm most interested in websites, but print sources will do:
sensory deprivation
solitary confinement
emotionlessness (not the inability to express emotion, but the actual and total absence of emotions)

3. Do you often refresh your Friends page to check for updates? Do you ever notice how some people, when they comment on your posts, will pay attention to only a part of said post and ignore the rest? Does that annoy you?

4. What's your take on girls around 20 who consistently go for guys who're about twice their age?

5. Top 5 metal/progressive metal bands? I'm looking for some things to download.

Edit: 6. What do you make of Chris Rock's "bullet control" idea? He stated in Bigger and Blacker that the price of bullets should be raised dramatically to cut down on the number of innocent bystanders gunned down. Also, does anyone here believe or know someone who believes that violent video games, movies, etc. cause violent behavior in youths? Why?
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for most types of law, practice is limited to the state in which you took the bar exam, right? so what are the areas of law where it would be international, or at least national (if any)?
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Stolen Mail

I have recently discovered that my neighbor is stealing my mail. I walked in on him right when he was doing it once, but I was not 100% certain that he was rifling through it. So, my dad decided to send me a "birthday gift." Lo and behold, one week later, it is not there. I have had DVDs from Netflix come up missing too.

I have already talked to my landlord about it and he seems unconcerned. Is there anything else I can do?


This morning, I called the post office who referred me to my area's postal inspector. After filing a complaint, they told me that it was not a matter that they took lightly and that they would have inspectors look into it. The person also mentioned that they will try something akin to what my dad did with sending a fake letter to entrap him.

When I got home, I wanted to make sure my landlord got my rent check because it hasn't went through yet. He told me that he has not forgotten about the mail issue and that a lock will be installed within two weeks. I told him that I contacted the postal service and he agreed that it was the right thing to do.

Hopefully, the issue will be solved soon.

Thanks everyone for your input. Oh, I also put a note inside my mailbox saying, "DO NOT TOUCH MY MAIL - thank you". Haha.
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How big of an influence are firefighters in your town/city? Is it something you're known for? If someone says their they're a firefighter, is the normal response "Cool. So is my Uncle Insert Name Here."? Coming from NYC, I feel like it's a big thing here (I am a firefighter's daughter) and I'm just curious what firefighters rank in other places.

stolen bike

What does one do if their bike gets stolen off the street where it was locked up to a metal poll?
Do you call the police? Is that too childish?
What if it's a bike you were borrowing from a friend?
Is there any chance of it being found or the police even bothering to try?
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(no subject)

One of the people in my apartment building has a license plate holder with a symbol that looks like this )O( on the top, and the phrase "Because nice matters" on the bottom.

Does anyone here know what this is referring to, or what it means?
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when i'm reading, i pronounce things differently in my head.
like, i'll pronounce meloncholy, mel-ON-ko-ly.
do you have words that you say differently in your head?
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