July 4th, 2005


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Turning down people:

Say you were placed in a situation where a guy/girl is hitting on you and you can spot it a mile away and you are not interested. You don't want to be a bitch/asshole about it so you decide to be polite. But how do you turn someone down properly? without them being too pushy and sooo desperate that it makes you want to be a bitch/asshole about it because they can't take a hint.

(You know how sometimes you make up some excuse but they can't take a hint)

What has worked for you?

how have you turned down people before? or been turned down by other people?
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Just so I know I'm not the only one who experiences this.

Are there just certain days out of the year where your skin is just...off and it's extremely sensitive? I've also noticed that my mind is actually quite off during this time too; I lose myself and all I can be is incredibly angry and frustrated and the biggest thing I remember is focusing on my breathing. Consequently, everyone seems to be all touchy/feely with me on those days and there's no ifs ands or buts, you don't touch me period or I'm going to verbally abuse you and push you away. I find it funny because no one ever seems to want to touch me on any other days out of the year.

I also get nauseous and it feels like my skin has bugs crawling all over it. Basically the whole time, I just want to scream and rip my skin away...

Haha just making sure I'm not the only crazy one ;D or if anyone knows what could possibly cause this, that'd always be nice.
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if you are worried someone is using you, and you want to ask them to find out the truth, should you go ahead and ask? even though it will hurt them if your suspicions are wrong?


1. How does someone know if they are EMO?

Is it a lifestyle that they decide to be classified under or is it just a series of descriptives that you might be considered emo in one person's opinion but not another's?

2. Are you celebrating Independence Day? What are your plans?

3. Do you ever regret having added a real life friend to your LJ friends list because now you feel as if you can't talk as openly about your life because this person was THERE so you feel awkward relaying your experience? Or that you write about something in your journal, and then when you bring it up in real life, they are like "yeah I already read what you wrote"? ;|

4. Do your gums bleed when you brush?

5. Do you wear sunscreen when you go out for extended periods?

6. If someone on LJ just irks you unrelentlessly, would you eventually give attitude back or just ignore them every time? Do you hate seeing random people express their feelings about another person, on an LJ community? Does it hinder your journaling experience?

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fog me!
it would appear our apt is not the only one being hit with a lot of spiders/roaches.
so they're gonna fumigate all apts on july 23, a saturday, and everyone must vacate the units for 4-6 hours. including pets, of course.
i'm thinking of having willow [our cat] stay at the vet's [they have a boarding thing going on] from either friday night or saturday morning, until monday morning, i'm guessing. they're not open on sunday so i'm not sure i'd be able to pick her up that day. :[
i don't like it one bit, thinking of her not being in the comfort of our home, but there's no friend here i'd trust to look after her w/o letting her outside their house/apt.
and even though i think the vet's people will look after her properly, i don't have control over everything that will take place while she's there, and yeah, she's my baby and that worries me.

ok, enough with the whining. i also have to think of moving all the stuff away from the fumes. that's gonna be a toughie.

so my question is, because there is always a q involved, do you have any suggestions or stories to tell me about the fumigations you might have had in the places you've lived?

EDIT: do you think it'd be safe to bring back willow saturday in the afternoon, after the 4-6 hours they want us to stay away from the apt? pets are tinier than we are [no duh] so i'm not sure if that's enough time for them not to get intoxicated.
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Do you know of a place online where I can find tapes or cd's that go through deep relaxation techniques?

I have problems with anxiety and one of the reccomended ways of dealing with it is practicing relaxation. In the book "The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook" it reccomended drmiller.com, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've had a problem with my laptop overheating and dying(because the fan was shitty). even with icecubes by the vent, and a chillmat underneath.
It overheated; I'm on a friend's computer. If I smelled smoke a few seconds before it went- long enough to type "I smell smoke, hold on a sec" to the person i was talking to before it died...

What was burning? I'm backing up all my files to about 8 gmail accounts when I go back to it... but will they actually still be there?

Edit: yes, they're still here, and i'm in the process of making about a thousand zipped files to send to gmail, if it will cooperate already.
I'll be buying my boyfriend's computer as soon as he has the money to replace it. and it's a desktop. with alot of fans.
I knew my computer was fine whenever it overheated. it was the overheating+smoke that had me freaking out.

New question! Why does gmail keep telling me "the document contains no data" when i try to send an email? the little "sending" thing is still at the top, is it sending even though it supposedly contains no data?

okay! all questions void! I do still have my data, and I can't send the files I wanted to anyway.
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How does itching work? Why does it feel so good to scratch an itch? Why do we itch, what functional purpose does it serve (especially random itches that just pop up in random places that's different everytime, as opposed to bug bites and rashes and stuff)?

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Has anybody successfully managed depression/anxiety without drugs? How did you do it?

If I was to go to my doctor and say I was depressed, what would they most likely do? Would they immediately suggest counselling/drugs?

Microsoft Excel question...

I know this would be easier with a database, but I don't have that luxury.

If I has an Excel sheet full of data with one column that contains either 1,2 or 3, is it possible to have it so all rows in which that column is '2' also appear on a different sheet?

Tilley Hats

Does anyone around here have a Tilley Hat?

I was thinking of getting one for myself, this one in particular, but I just want to make sure that they're worth the money. A friend of the family has that hat, and I like the style, and it looks decent on me :P

In case the link doesn't work, I'm looking at the The LTM3 AIRFLO Hat, or the Tilley T3 Hat.
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1. Due to a random bout of sensitive skin, I now have a couple of ugly second degree burns on my face. They're in the raw, oozing stage right now. I know enough to have them loosely covered while they're in that stage. My questions about the burns are these:

a) Should I see a doctor to prevent scarring, since they are on my face? Stuff I've found online says that what I'm doing is fine, but my dad says to see a doc. (My dad didn't look online, though, and said that before I described the burns to him.)
b) When will they stop oozing? They stop for a while, but then I'll smile, laugh, or open my mouth too wide, and the crust cracks and it starts all over again.
c) How long should it be before they start to fade, if I care for them properly? Just a ballpark guess.

2. Has anyone ever used a debt consolidation loan? Was it your first try or a last resort? Did they screw you over, or was it better than making the minimum payments forever and ever? What did it do to your credit rating? I know that not getting into the situation at all is best, but stuff happens, and it's too late now.

Thanks, all!

Question 1 x-posted to ask_a_nurse
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I only ever seem to discover cool things about livejournal from this community. Like the birthday.bml generator, and that 'view all recent comments' thing. So, tell me.. what're some cool, not terribly obvious livejournal thingies? and how did you find out about them? (links, please)

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Okay, so you can't send gmail files larger than 10 Mb and it doesn't take zip files....

I asked this before and I didn't get a workable answer: How do i backup my files onto CD? I know I've done it before, I know I burned about 4 cds of stuff off my mother's desktop to go onto this computer, and I know i made a CD of stepmania music/steps/backgrounds from this computer to give to my brother so he wouldn't have to go download it.

I'm sure that last time I just made a file of stuff and said "burn to CD", but I'm not having that option now.
(alternately: I know someone mentioned a program of some sort. i didn't have it. are there free programs that could be relieving my frustration?)

Okay, ran around on downloads.com until I found something free that didn't have "ahg virus" warnings in the user reviews. am burning cd right now.
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Do dogs dream?

Twice now, my dog has been sleeping behind the couch and all of a sudden, she will jump up and run like a bat out of hell from behind the couch and across the room. I have checked to make sure that nothing had fallen next to where she was sleeping and there were no bugs/snakes/anything that could have bitten or startled her. I was thinking "Maybe she had a bad dream.", but really I didn't think it was a possibility. Then my husband had the same thought, he said "I wonder if she had a nightmare." So now I'm wondering...is that possible?
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Web Servers

I'm fairly new at this particular subject so bear with me and my questions ^^; Do you have your own server for your website? (as in www.yourname.com) What company do you use? How much do you pay? what would you say is the best server? Thanks for your time!
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A sad(der) question

Has anything really tragic happened near your house?

Any Southwest Ontario people who have heard of the 22 month old little boy kidnapped from Chatham this past weekend, the boy's body was found in Cambridge about 5 minutes from my house, in a wooded area I drive past every day to work.

It makes me sad to think that people could kill innocent children (or anyone for that matter).

Collapse )

Article taken from thestar.com
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Questions about moving

If location-specific advice is useful, I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

1. Okay. Leases expire on the last of the month, and new ones start on the first of the month. So how do people handle moving about in those situations? Is it better to get a new place to live for a month in advance, so you can move your stuff over gradually, or just on one go somewhere in that 30th(or 31st)/1st time period?

2. The place I live in right now is a townhouse that I will have shared with five friends for the last two years. Two of my roommates are on the lease, the rest of us pay rent to them and they pay the corporation who owns our townhouse complex. Should I be listing my roommates as my landlords on my future rental applications, since they're the people I was paying rent to, or should I list the corporation, who know nothing about me living here?

3. I need a new place to live as of October 1, and depending on the answer to question 1, possibly for September 1. When should I start looking? When my roommates and I were looking for this place at that same time period, we found one in two weeks, but it may be different for apartments. I'd be looking for a bachelor or one-bedroom apartment on the main public transit lines in our city.
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Does anyone use Cingular as their cell phone service provider? I've tried to look it up on their site but can't find it...does mobile-to-mobile count when text messaging another Cingualr customer?

Basicaly, can I text the people on my family plan for free?
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Speaking of creme de cacao...

Inspired by the other question here, how do you pronounce creme de menthe? I was mixing a shooter and said "crem-de-mawnth" and someone gave me a weird look. I've only heard it in a film and the guy had a British accent so I'm not sure if that's the right way.
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I went to Music world to buy this dvd for my bf, and it turned out it was on sale 2 for 25$'s right.

When we were looking for that second DVD I was like oooh " Rocky Horror Picture Show." Lets get that, and he was like "What's that?" He has never seen or even heard that of that movie before.

I was wondering how many people out here have NEVER even heard of or seen the movie?
And if u have.... even if u thought it was the most garbage or something can u believe some people have never even heard of it?
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Happy Eternal Moon


Please, can one of you men explain to me the fascination with fireworks on the Fourth of July??  Is it because you can only use them once per year??  Is it because they are loud little explosions and that's exciting to you because it's associated with fire??

Because I just don't get it....at all.

What is the fascination with being the "man" on the block with the most and the biggest fireworks??  What are you trying to prove??

Why not just stand in a line and compare penis's??  I mean that would be cheaper and less loud and obnoxious.  Or maybe the loud and obnoxious part is the allure??

I am seriously waiting for the fire department to show up because someone's house (hopefully not mine) will be on fire.  These things are just not meant for a neighborhood situation.  In the open, on a farm, in a field...fine.  But why in a neighborhood with houses close together??

Please, please someone explain this to me.

I mean it's not even dark out and they are already going crazy...
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Back in the day...

I'm curious...

What's your favourite song from the 90s era? And what songs do you remember (love or hate)? It seems like so long ago with all the new artists poppin' up... =P I like them, but I still throw my old "pop" CDs into my player now and then. XD Those AQUA songs can be surprisingly fun to listen to. ^^;

Also, my teacher once said that music is one thing you really will remember from "your generation." The music you love as a teenager and 20something will most likely be the music you'll still listen to when you get older. (Not to say it will be the ONLY music you'll listen to, but you still will, a lot.) I'm not even 20 yet, but I have a feeling that'll happen. She says it won't happen with genres such as rap though, or at least, it won't hold the same nostalgia it does for you in 50 years. What's your thought on that statement? Extra tidbits... I think music's like a time-capsule in a way. Music (lyrics especially) obviously reflects our lives and society, which is why people can relate to it so well. Music from the 20s reflect a different time, and today's music, a lot of it is "political", etc. I think when I'm old, and I want to "remember" the times I grew up in (if I actually want to) I would do things such as listen to music, as they hold memories just like how photographs and diaries would.

But then I start thinking about classical music...a lot of people love that but they weren't even born yet at the time of its composure. Ho hum. :) I'm starting to ramble, so give me your thoughts! ^^
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I be a confuzed Kanuk

Ok, so what exactly do Americans do on July 4th?

From the previous questions here it sounds like everybody gets a bunch of fireworks (some legal and some illegal) and tries to blow up the neighborhood.

I've never touched fireworks in my life. Where do you buy these things?
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I was told recently that it is better to have small children drink whole milk rather than reduced or skim because of the added Vitamin D. I can understand where they're coming from, but I would think that the fat count alone would be bad for kids.

who knows the answer?

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sorry about all the computer questions lately, just... gahh.

So, i keep hearing this weird noise. kinda like clicking, kinda like stepping on a creaky board and hearing it go cre-e-e-e-e-e-e-ak forever. if that's actually coming from my computer, how long does it have?

if you tag an entry in a commubnity, does it go with your tags? like, if i tagged this entry "toshi"- what i call my computer- and i later looked for all entries tagged toshi, would this come up?