July 3rd, 2005

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Do any of you play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)?
Do you think it's a valid form of exercise?

edit: I do play myself, although I'm not amazing at it or anything. I'm just curious about the exercise thing because some people don't seem to think it is.
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Do/which songs make you cry?

I don't cry very often, and generally not over a song, but I just saw the video for Jonny Cash's cover of NIN's "Hurt". About 1 minute in and I was practically sobbing and even 10 minutes after it had finished I was still sniffling a bit.
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Hypothetically speaking, do you think it would be healthier to drink ONLY water or ONLY milk for an extended period of time (while still eating as you usually do)?

Do you drink beverages out of a glass or a plastic cup? Can you taste the container you drink from?

What is your most frequently consumed beverage?

Why don't Oreos absorb chocolate milk made from powder?

If/when you have sexual fantasies, are they more often "romantic" or "dirty"?

Do you ever fantasize about anything that could land you in jail if actualized?

Do you ever plain old forget to masturbate for days at a time?

When birds fly south for the winter, where do they actually GO?

Does anybody else's pet LOVE to lick your hair when it's wet? And why on earth do they love it so?

Since the consensus from the question "how many is too many?" seemed to be "42"; if 41 questions were asked, would you read and answer the majority of them?

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Why am I awake now? Is there a way to train my body that no, 7:30 is not an acceptable time to wake up on the weekend- or during the summer at all?

Am I the only one who hates automatic flush toilets?
We have them where I work, and when I go to change into my uniform, I try to use the handicapped stall. if it's not open, and I use the little stall, the damned toilet will flush at least three times and I'm not even fucking using it. And I still see them not flushed sometimes, so obviously the whole idea is flawed...
(I suggest using a weight sensor instead of the eye)

i think my computer has developed sentience. Whenever I talk to friends about something-he-does-which-is-bad, or about what I'll do with him once I replace him, he does that thing (which i won't say, becuase then... yeah.)
I already have a chillpad, right now I'm helping cool him with two ice cubes on a paper towel near his *one* heat vent.... I don't suppose there's a sentience.exe something or other I could remove?

And, what can I do for boredom while I'm backing up all my files onto CD? I imagine my computer is going to not enjoy this process and not let me run anything else at the same time.

Edit: Okay, I should know how to do this. I *know* I know how to do this, because I've done it before. How do I get files from my computer onto CD? It can't possibly be as simple as copying & pasting. It's frustrating me that I can't remember. I might just have to open a dozen gmail accounts.

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You all are so helpful :)

So I will ask for your help again...

1. I need some love songs...along the lines of Blue October's "Calling You" and Ben Folds "The Luckiest".

2. I also need oldies love songs.

Thanks guys!! :)
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Phobias and Urban Legends

Do any of you have a phobia based on a myth or urban legend?

For example, my husband HAS to have the shower curtain at least partway open. Since he was a little kid, he's been afraid that someone would hide in the shower and then jump out and attack him. He knows it isn't rational, but to this day, if I close the curtain, he opens it as soon as he notices. He does manage to leave it shut if we have visitors, though.
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Can someone find me the link for the animation "Timothy I find you delightfully amusing". I forgot to save it when my friend sent it to me. Cracks my shit up and was responsible for everyone in the pub last night going "Those patrons not drunk....*shun*"


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Does anyone know how it's possible to get Japanese Gamecube games to work on an Australian Gamecube? (Or alternatively, know of a community that would be able to help me?)
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Ow :/

I some how got a tiny little piece of glass in my heel :/

I've been putting antiseptic cream on it, hoping it would draw it out, but it's not working.

Any other tips??

I was thinking of numbing it with ice then poking at it with a needle, like how you get a wood sliver out.
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why do people drown?

I don't really understand people who can't swim. I understand if they don't know how to do the breast stroke properly, or being pulled under by a current, but how could a healthy adult drown in calm waters because they don't know how to swim? It seems like the survival instinct would sink in... treading water seems like it would be the automatic response. And if they get tired, they can just float face up. Right?

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Which questions do you consider rude?

I'm just wondering because i was thinking up a whole bunch of questions and then thought *well what if somebody gets offended by it?* and then i never end up asking. so now i'm curious!
i feel like lovecraft in brooklyn.

PSP9 aggravation.

Paintshop Pro 9;

Somehow, I've set it so that wherever my cursor moves on an image, a little window with 500% zoom follows the cursor. Showing the image at 500% zoom wherever the mouse goes.

Does anyone have any idea how to turn this off? It's aggravating as anything. D:
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1. What are some of your favorite songs about summer, or songs that remind you of summer?
(mine: "Summer Breeze" by Seals and Croft, "Smooth" by Santana, and more recently "Summer Wind" by Frank Sinatra)

2. Am I the only one who prefers the acoustic version of "Layla" by Eric Clapton to the original?
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What could a random person do to make you smile?

By random, I mean someone who doesn't know you, you don't know, and who doesn't have a lot of cash. Or maybe just knows you slightly.
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Does anyone else have movies (or anything) that they absolutely have to watch at certain times of the year?

Like, I always have to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas in December (several times ^^). I watch The 10 Commandments every Easter and 1776 (the musical) every Fourth of July.

I'm watching 1776 right now, actually.

My family thinks this is incredibly silly.
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#1) i need to make a resume, but i haven't ever had to do a real one before. we did practice ones in high school, but that was a while back.

what all needs to be on it?

#2) i can't watch extreme makeover: home edition without crying like a baby. does this show have the same effect on everyone?

#3) do any of you guys know about the diet pill phentermine? i'm on it now, and my friend says that if you take it you will fail a drug test. i'm wondering how long it will take to get out of my system.
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Six Food Questions

  1. Have you ever eaten Vegemite?
  2. What about shark meat?
  3. Lamingtons?
  4. Are there any foods that are associated with your country/culture that you eat often, and other people (perhaps from different countries or cultures) don't?
  5. What's your favourite food?
  6. Least favourite?
My answers are in the comments.


If I was to lean out of a window in a 10 floor building and drop water out of it, it would hurt the person it landed on.......

So why doesn't rain hurt us??
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lead me

a bunch of random questions (but I really need answers!)

1. What are your thoughts on Live 8 (the concerts/what was broadcasted/the performances themselves)? Any highlights, anything you could have done without, anything you wish you'd seen?

2a. How many of us are Mac users?

2b. What LJ client do you use if you use Mac? I had xJournal before my hard drive crashed and I've been meaning to download another, but I thought I'd ask around first.

3a. Does anybody here live in or around Houston? I live in Louisiana and I'm going to the Woodlands in two weeks, but we're trying to avoid having to take I-10 through Beaumont (so much road construction!). We're thinking about taking state highways and the two routes I've pulled up so far are ones that take us on 190 to Huntsville then down I-45 to the Woodlands, and the other takes me in on 59 down to FM 1960 and up I-45 from there. Any words of advice, anybody? I need to hit up the txdot website again to check road construction, but does anybody have any route suggestions?

3b. Can anybody point me in the direction of some good map building sites? Mapquest isn't cutting it. I've heard of citysearch.com and google maps, is there anything else out there?

4. For the college students: Do you order your books online or buy them in the bookstore? If you do it online, how do you get a list of your books beforehand -- do you go to the bookstore and write down the ISBNs or is there a list of textbooks online for your school's classes?

5. Is anyone else disappointed that there was a race on NBC last night in place of SNL?
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1) I was forced into DLing the new version of AIM b/c i got a new computer... it has come to my attention that i can't send messages by simply pressing "enter" i have to use my mouse and click "send." ...is there a way around this??? this is driving me crazy!

2) my eye has been twitching the past 3 days... what's wrong with me?

3) MALES: what is the best gift a girlfriend or wife has given/made you?

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Is there something that happened in your childhood that you were too young to appreciate, but would be thrilled to go back in time and experience now?

I lived in Seattle during the heyday of grunge music, but I was too little to enjoy/understand it. To think, I probably could have seen Nirvana live if I had been old enough... (Although, I do still vaguely remember the death of Kurt Cobain.)
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You're in a somewhat busy town area, and you have no idea where you're going. You are following your friend in the car ahead of you.

You get to a place where it is necessary to merge two lanes.

Do you speed up and cut off the person who is supposed to merge in front of you to avoid losing your friend, or do you merge properly and just attempt to keep following your friend?
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Im on my second month of birth control and I noticed the week before I start my placebos, i.e. my period. that I get cramped up. I dont feel well and it basically feels like my period. Previous to BC Id get bitchy the week before but never physical discomfort. Does anyone else experience this? Im not worried about it cause it isnt bad or abnormal, its what I usually feel during my period...Im just wondering if anyone else has this also.
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Is there any way to turn a .wma file to .mp3 or some other mac compatable file?

Alternatively, does anyone have the afore-mentioned Live 8/Pink Floyd preformance available for my downloading pleasure? I swear to god I've looked everywhere.
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