July 2nd, 2005

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What do I do?

My bf and I currently live with one of his mates who seems incapable of keeping the house tidy or sanitary. I normally clean up after my bf and I which I don't mind and leave the other guy's crap everywhere. Our friends know the score so when they come over and there's old food around it's not an issue. They know this other guy is a pig.

Having said that one of my bfs work mates and his gf are coming over tonight. This guys is pretty far up in the company and the house needs to look good. I don't want to clean up because it's been a battle of wills and the other guy has been leaving things get so gross to push me. If I clean up his shit he will have won. Hell he's made comments to the effect of 'oh you'll have to clean up now'...

The bf and I are also looking for new places to rent. I's hell because we have complete oposite work hours (him day me night) and both getting to a place to view it/apply is hell.

Volume Equalizers

Can anyone tell me a good way to equalize the volumes of different songs? Right now, when I try to listen to a playlist, or to burn songs onto a CD, they all play at wildly different volumes. I'm using the newest version of Windows Media Player, but my computer uses Japanese Windows so I can't read all the controls. So if anyone here could give specific instructions (e.g., "Go to Tools, then Options, then this, etc"), or recommend some other free program that I could use, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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Is anyone else dissapointed by the Live-8 coverage?

I entirely am. I was looking forward to seeing Pink Floyd play, but they havn't even brought it up, and they skipped through london's show to show Will Smith. blah.

Honestly, I was REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (a lot) looking forward to seeing Pink play. Is there anything online I can watch, with their performance in it?

I'm sorta getting bugged by the fact that they're skipping through performances. But it's a great cause.

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So I have really wavy hair and it tends to be really frizzy when I try to make it curly. I've tried a million products to get nice waves but nothing works. Does anyone have any suggestions of products or how they make their hair nice and curly?
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Does anyone else watch tennis? If you do, is it because you've played tennis in the past?

What's your favorite Grand Slam to watch?

Are you watching Wimbledon right now?

Who are you rooting for? (Mens' and Womens')

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more credit questions:

i shared an apartment with my roomate. after the lease was up, i left. the electric bill was in my name, and i thought we'd had it changed to his after i moved. obviously not, though, because i got declined for a credit card, got my credit report, and discovered that i owe the electric company $250 for a bill that was unpaid a full year after i'd moved out. i talked to my roomate about the situation. all he said was, "sorry, you can tell them to change it to my name."

i mean, seriously, would they even do that? i don't see my old roomate paying me back for this any time soon, since he didn't even mention trying to pay it when we talked about it.

should i do anything about it, or should i just pay the damn bill myself and consider it a lesson learned?
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jello shots

How long do jello shots last before they start to get old and gross, you think? Would they still be good if you made them the day before their intended consumption?


Just curious about world coverage of Live8 (especially in the US). Sorry, it's a lot of questions, but bear with me ;)

What country are you from?

Is Live8 getting a lot of press coverage?

What about TV coverage of the actual event -- it's running from 2pm (or a bit before) to 10pm in each country; are any of your main stations showing the whole thing?

Are you planning to watch it? Why or why not... just for the bands? Do you remember Live/Band Aid and want to be involved again? Did you miss them and regret it?

Are you or anyone you know actually going to see it live?

Finally... are you hoping it'll have any particular effect?
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After flying yesterday, I was wondering the question of "Why don't clouds freeze and fall to the ground?" (since it's very cold up there, at least -50 Fahrenheit according to the plane's measurements). So I looked it up on Google, and found the answer was quite boring and nothing interesting.

So today I ask you, without all sorts of fancy scientific stuff (that means - be creative!), why do you think clouds stay in the air all cloud shaped, rather than freezing up and falling down?

And as for another question (somewhat anti-Live8, compared to every other post about it): Don't you think a whole lot more people could be helped from poverty if all the people who were going to Live8 stayed home, took the money they would've spent on food, transportation there, etc., and donated it to one of the charities working to fight poverty?
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1. Camp is tomorrow, and I'm so excited. Anyways, there are 8 ish girls in my cabin, and I want to give them each a little something, not personalized, but like a poem or quote on a nice piece of paper or... something to that extent. Maybe even something crafty? I don't know, does anyone have any ideas? (And with stuff from around the house)
EDIT: And I don't have time for bracelets, hehe, have to pack!

2. What makes a martini dry?

3. If there was a crumb on the table and you cut it in half, would you have two crumbs or two halves of a crumb?

On the Live8 subject......

How is it possible in the modern world we live in...that 8 men can make decisions that affect us on a GLOBAL scale??

And on a political (i'm stupid) note.......What would actually happen if the 3rd world actually refused to pay back the debt and kept the money to help themselves??
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New Car Buying

I'm going to be buying a new car in the next few months and was wondering if anyone had any good tips for getting the best deals.

Isn't there supposed to be a certain time of year or month that is best time to buy?

Have you ever used to Costco Auto Program?

Anyone own a Scion and want to share what they think?

If you are going to upgrade your stereo or get an alarm, is it better to go through the dealer, or can you get a better deal aftermarket?


Ex Girlfriend Extraction... HELP !!!

Does anyone here who happens to live in Nevada know the best way to evict a roommate out of your apartment ? She hasn't paid rent in 3 months and I've already been told by the local police here that I can't just put her stuff out or boot her out. I'm the primary lease holder and she is on the lease as an "occupant" She has been suspended from her job and has not worked in 2 weeks. I'm as mad as hell right now, so if anyone has any constructive advice, I'd love to hear it... BTW, she moved 3 cats into here while I was gone for two months on business and didn't pay the pet deposit. The complex said that if I remove the cats, it's considered "larceny" and I can be arrested... The next sound you will hear is my head exploding...

02 jetta

I just bought a used 2002 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon. I was wondering if anyone could tell me of some experiences they've had with their own...if anyone here has one.

So far, it's lovely!

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Alright - I need a local vacation destination for a short trip (maybe 5 days?). I live in NJ and we don't really want to drive more than 8 hours. This will probably be in September - where should we go? Why, what's there to do there? etc. Thanks. ;)

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I'm curious about myspace.com. I've noticed that many people who are on LJ are also into myspace. But why? Is it another journal site plus more? What does myspace add to your journaling pleasure?


Does anyone know where I can find some good quizzes...?

I want a really good quiz with questions one can ask friends...i.e. what do you think of me? what word best describes me...blah blah, that sort of thing...

And quizzes that may keep me busy for the next 3 hours...!


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How much would a church organist get paid? ish? for like... Sundays and maybe one other day a week... church has maybe 200 people? would they get paid more for times like christmas when there are multiple services in the week?

I figure it can't be a whole lot... but it's probably not nothing either.
(at my parent's' church, the organist and one of the sunday school teachers/elders are married, and their pay is that they get to live rent free in a house at the edge of church property...)

People who have worked food jobs: can you still eat where you worked? I work at mcdonalds, and if I actually ate red meat, I'd never be able to eat a burger there.

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Since the TV coverage of Live 8 was an absolute disgrace and I only got to see partial performances because the stupid VJ's felt the need to interrupt every other second, I want to watch what I missed on AOL. However, whenever I try to view it, it says something about being "undefined" and it won't let me see it. Does anyone know how to fix it so I can actually see the concert that MTV totally ruined?

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On my friends page, there is a break (the actual code for break) after the username of every poster. It is coded wrong I suppose, but is there anyway to prevent that from showing?

I'm using S2 style, smooth sailing layout.
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Ok, It's Saturday night and I am a loser who is sitting at home at my computer. I'm bored out of my mind and need some entertainment. I've already looked at all my usual sites.

What websites should I go to now?
Do you have a personal website I can look at?

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Do you believe in the motto "Treat people the way they treat you"? If you do, how far would you take it? (e.g., if someone calls you a bitch or whatever name do you think you should necessarily call them a bitch back?)