July 1st, 2005

when we sparkle

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Where can I order a cheap, blue lightsaber online other than eBay? I have checked 8 different stores in my area, all of which are sold out, and the ones I am finding online are $35 instead of the $10 the local stores are charging.
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This is my friend...

I had a very creepy dream that I think means something, and I need someone to help me out with this. So if any of you are good at decoding dreams or have an opinion, please comment. Thank you.

The background:
~ I’m going to be in 11th grade.
~ I pretty much live with my boyfriend, Jon.
~ I go home (my dad’s house) a few times a week.
~ When I was in 6th grade, my grandpa shot and killed my grandma and then killed himself.
~ My mom took it pretty hard and but she managed to waste all the money we got from it. We lost the house, and she’s currently in and out of jail. I don’t even really know where she’s living.
~ My grandma had this fountain. It’s a little boy with a bucket and water flows out of the bucket into a small pond thing. We got it and now it’s in front of my dad’s house.

The dream:
The fountain was inside at my dad’s house. My mom was there and she set the fountain on fire. Little kids started coming out of it. But she just kept setting them on fire too. I was bawling and I was yelling at her to stop. I told her that grandma wouldn’t want her to do that. She kept yelling back at me, “Why didn’t you tell me?! Why didn’t you tell me that?!” Jon was there, but he was just in the background and he didn’t do anything.

This dream has really been bugging me. I can’t think about anything else. Jon says I’m overanalyzing, and dreams don’t mean anything. But I think they do.. ??
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Corrective Colouring?

Ok, so I bought L'Oreal's Colour Experte' in Chocolate Mousse - described as 'darkest mahogany' and it was supposed to have reddish highlights. Well, my hair came out very RED (which I don't neccesarily mind) and the streaks came out orangey with a slightly yellowish tint at the ends. Umm, this wasn't what I bargained for! So, because I felt so self concious, I took some Crimson Storm (it's slightly more red than purple in real life) veggie dye over the streaks for the time being. This made things better, but I was/am afraid when I go to work my boss will not like it and instruct me to 'fix it.'

Well, I called the L'Oreal customer service number on the box to let them know how things went ary, and aside from telling me they would send me a certificate to compensate for the cost of the first kit, the lady on the line told me that to fix it, I would take Preference Medium Brown 5G and mix per instructions, but to add half of just the colour of Preference Light Aulburn 6R and mix it in so that the overall shade would be more brown, but the red would fill in the blonde-ish spots without making it ashy/greeny (possible if just the brown was applied). I thanked her for her help and hung up, but when I was at the store, I started thinking - why couldn't I just use a reddish brown? Isn't that essentially what she was saying I needed, only with a more customized colour and 2 boxes of dye versus one generic shade?

So I got ColorSpa in Chestnut (reddish brown) since it's semipermanent (because I JUST coloured my hair) and it seems like it would do ok too, but now I am paranoid I should just do what the woman said... Help?
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Graduate school exams

After a slighht change of plans, I've decided to apply to an MBA program this fall. I need to take the GMATs in July.

I'm looking for a book/CD rom to help me study. At the bookstore and on Amazon, there are about a billion.

Did anyone find a particular one (Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc.) really good? Any last minute study tips?

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I pay for my cable tv / telephone line / broadband access on a monthly basis, to a single company. If I dont pay it today then they will cut it all off......

Which one would you miss the most??

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1. what food have you never tried that other people seem to like?
2. what trashy tv talk show do you watch?
3. what are you doing today?

My answers:

- ramen noodles
- ellen when i am home from work and it's on (which is maybe 3 times a year)
- i have the day off, so watching trashy tv, having a bath and meeting someone downtown to see a movie

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There is this drawing I recalled that I found online a little while back. Most adults who seen the picture would interpret it as a couple of naked women (or was it people?) cavorting. But for children who are shown this picture, all they see in it are seven dolphins swimming.

If I am not wrong, the drawing was meant to prove that people who hadn't been exposed to a certain something can't see it even if it's right in front of them. Like in the case of the children - their young age has not yet 'opened' them to the images of the women, so all they see are dolphins. Whereas for us adults...

Anyone know what picture I am talking about?

EDIT: Found it. And it was a couple, not a lot of people. And it was nine dolphins instead of seven. =)

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1. I have a friend who is deathly allergic to milk, and I want to give him a funny birthday present related to that. Anyone have any good anti-milk ideas?

2. When you can't sleep, like actually just are not sleepy even though you are exhausted, what do you do? I try reading, but I'm too tired for that. I can't watch TV cause I get bored and then frusturated, and I can't write cause my hand is too lazy to hold a pen, heeelpp!
Moi 10/08

Have you ever "forgotten" how to write?

Just something that popped into my head since I have been typing everything lately and hardly writing anything at all. I remember when I was in school (I'm still in college, but I mean elementary school, etc. where we had extended breaks) and we would have, say, winter break. When I would go back to school, it would almost be like I had "forgotten" how to write. My hand would be kind of shaky because it had not written for a week or two while on break, vs. the writing many paragraphs every day while school was in session. Does anyone know what I'm talking about/had a similar experience, etc...or am was it just me?
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Question: What's the average price for a grande (that's the "medium" size, right?) mocha at SBUX?

(My search engine queries for "starbucks menu prices" and the like return results with people complaining about prices, and I apparently fail at finding stuff on their prices on their site)
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fortune cookies.

Hypothetically speaking.....

1. If you find a a random fortune strip from a fortune cookie, but not IN a cookie, do you think the fortune was meant to find you?

2. What does it mean if you get a fortune cookie with NO FORTUNE?

3. Do you believe in fortune cookies? Even sometimes?

4. Do you ever keep the strip of paper with your fortune?

5. Do you remember any of your favorite fortunes? What was it...?

6. If you could write fortune cookies, what kind of things would you write?
Moi 10/08

Should I be worried, or am I just being paranoid?

Ok, at the risk of sounding like a paranoid OMG WTF internet newbie (which I really am not), I am a bit worried. I have anxiety and often worry about stupid things for no reason, so bear with me here.

I think I kinda pissed off someone I bought a laptop battery from on ebay and now I am a bit worried since this person has my address (from shipping the item to me).

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So after all that, I started to worry. He does have my address. Should I be worried? What should I do?

EDIT: I sent an apology email. To those of you who actually answered my question and offered constructive solutions, thank you very much. To those of you who wasted everyone's time and screen space by just stopping by to say "You're rude, nanny nanny poo poo," get a life.
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Yoda and his Sith-like attributes

Yoda has sith-like tendancies. Did anyone else get that out of Episode III?

If "only" Sith deal in absolutes (which is a pretty absolute statement)...what about Yoda? Here are his damning quotes, italics added for emphasis: "Do, or do not. There is no try." And also, "Always two there are, no more, no less... a master and an apprentice."? Pretty darn absolute statements, there.

Is there any more evidence against him you can think of? :D
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So... the water doesn't work. Turn the faucet on and it makes some gurgily noises, but no water.

Is there anything I can do until I get in contact with my mother, any gadgets or dodads I can check and feel like I'm doing something?

And how in all hells can I go about taking a shower?

Why does everything in this house keep breaking?

Edit: Ah, seems like a water pipe broke, or something else this is not my fault.
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People of the Opposite Sex

Lets say your husband was approached by a friend of his ex-wifes (you, the husband and the ex are all on good terms) that he's met twenty times or so over the course of several years about going to lunch/coffee.

This woman (the exes friend) has recently graduated from college and is looking into getting started in the career that your husband got into a few years ago and she would like to talk to him about how hard it is to get started, build a clientele, etc. You've never met her, but you know she's been a relationship for a long time, recently engaged, and she's been friends with the ex for 7 years or so.

How would you feel about that? Would lunch be okay? Would talking on the phone be okay? Would just emailing be okay? Would you rather him not talk to her at all?

I'm the friend here, and I never thought it would be inappropriate to ask him to lunch. We're both professional people, and this kind of thing is the norm in my professional circles. There was never a suggestion of anything else on my part.

If it was my husband, I wouldn't care, and I'm kind of surprised it's ruffled any feathers.
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questions random random

friday questions:

1. what is the one piece of clothing you adore to wear (probably too much in other people's opinions)?

2. name one role-model for you, alive or dead, friend or not?

3. very superficially, whats your type?

4. what do you do weekly to be a better person? volunteer, read, give, what?

5. its friday! what are you up to tonight?

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And we can build through this destruction
As we are standing on our feet
So since you want to be with me
You'll have to follow through
With every word you say
And I, all I really want is you
For you to stick around
I'll see you everyday
But you have to follow through

So this is the start of something good, don't you agree??

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These are lame, but I'm so bored. Sorry.

1. Why am I online when I should be doing a whole list of things? It's not like I'm even doing anything WORTHWHILE.

2. Who's finished their exams, and how are you celebrating?

3. What thing/event are you most looking forward to in the near future...

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in keeping with my love theme:

do you believe in love at first sight? or love at first meeting?
if not, how long does it take to fall in love someone? a few days? a few weeks? months? years?
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How do pay-as-you-go cell phones work? My father is thinking of getting one because he recently got stranded when his car broke down. I know nothing about cell phones. I don't have one because I'm deaf. So I can't help him there...he went to a web site but he really didn't understand it.

He doesn't want to get a regular cell phone because they are too expensive and he is retired and on a fixed income.

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I have finally worked out the kinks and everything with my ipod and now my father has one. aside from the fact that he has no idea how to work it, he got one. So my question is do I have to do anything special or can I just run this iPod and upload to it like I would mine? or ...how would I go about having two iPods on the same computer?

Verizon question

I have a Verizon LGVX6000, which I bought last June 2004 when I got my cell phone plan. I'm the primary line on the family plan I share with my sister. I got a 2-year contract, which expires next June 2006.

So my question is, if I wanted to upgrade to a newer phone before my 2-year is over, how would that work? Would I have to pay the full cost of the new phone, which is usually $300something?

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I had a very very blond moment today.
I was at seventeen.com and since I already have a subscription to that magizine I was trying to sign up for membership at the website so I could enter contests. Well... I didnt really read what I was signing up for and accidently signed up for another subscription. Does any of you know how to cancel the subscription without writing a letter and sending it to seventeen?
Thanks for your help...
And I already looked for ways to cancle the subscription but didnt find much other then having tomail a letter to them.
And pelase dont leave any nasty comments. I know it was really really stupid of me. I'm sick today and wasnt really paying much attention

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So, this is what happens when you stop reading the news. or watching tv at all.

Al quaeda, blamed for 9/11 attacks.

taliban.... blamed for...9... wait. now I'm confused.

could someone remind me, because goddamn I'm feeling stupid right now.

Also: is there a free something or other I could use to get just the bass line from a song? there's a few songs that I can think of a good use for the bass line, without the rest of it. especially the words.
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Pills. . .

If you take pills, what do you drink with them? I usually drink water. I don't drink milk because I've been told that it will coat your insides and the pill won't dissovle correctly.
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Too many, too boring.

1. If two people who already have kids get married... and they legally adopt each others' kids, are the kids still step-brothers/sisters?

2. Have you eaten at Wendy's since the finger incident?

3. Would you rather go into work an hour earlier than usual and get off an hour earlier, or go in an hour later than usual and get off an hour later?

4. Do you ever experience painful awkwardness by not talking to co-workers in the lunchroom for extended periods of time?

5. Do Flintstone's vitamins have a different flavor per color or all they all the same flavor?

6. How much water do you drink per day?

7. Do you pull a piece of toilet paper before, during, or after you pee? Fold or wad?

8. Do you wash your hands everytime you use the bathroom? Do you use soap everytime?

9. ....Is there anything you've ever wanted to know about anyone on this board but never asked?

10. How many is too many?

Pasta Accents

So does anyone else remember a frozen food item called Pasta Accents from Green Giant? I grew up eating that stuff, it was SO GOOD. I LOVED the garlic one. One day about two years ago, it was stopped being made and suddenly there are new "pasta accents" frozen things which look/taste nothing like the old ones.

It makes me very very very sad.


Job apps

Tonight, I was offered a second job at our mall's bookstore by one of the employees (I work at the mall cookie store). He said that they need more people to work the Harry Potter release, and to do some minor part-time stuff after that, and that since I'm up there all the time, the boss will recognize me and all I have to do to get the job is fill out the application.

I have absolutely wonderful references from all of the work I've done previously (my current boss adores me)...except for one. This past year, I worked as a work study student doing data entry and organizational stuff in the paleontology museum of my college. The hours were basically "work whenever you have free time, don't need a supervisor, etc." I got completely overwhelmed with schoolwork and attempting to pass my classes, had problems with depression, and basically stopped coming in to work. I'm sure that the person I was working for has little good to say about me. I've never flaked out like that before, but I just couldn't deal with that AND confusing classes (two of which I ended up failing anyway).

Since it was work study, does it even count as a real job? Do I have to put it on my app? If I do list it, do you think they'll even check the reference, since it's long distance and it sounds like I have the job in the bag anyway? If I do leave it off, is there any way that they could find out about it anyway? What do you think would be the best action to take? I really want this second job, and don't want to screw it up either by attempted deception or having a bad reference.