June 30th, 2005

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ok, sorry for two in one night..........

I have just seen the mouse I thought I chased out the other night,climb up the outside of *my* mouse cage and attack my mice through the bars.......

I bought 'snap and kill' traps this morning, because I had thought I still heard them about (my friends said it was paranoia).......

what should I put in them to entice??
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My friend's cousin Brittney is having a baby. She took its first and middle names and mixed them up into this:


Can anyone help and try to think of some possible names? It's a boy.
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questions about love and crap

An old question:

1) Do you believe in love at first sight? Or at least, romantic attraction at first sight?

2) Are you currently "in love" with someone

3) Do you believe that in order for two people to be in love, it must be requited? Or is it possible for one person to be in love with someone who doesn't love them back

4) If you are dating someone right now and in love, how long did it take you to get to that point?

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i can't find any information of when le tour de france will be on tv and i don't mean a 30 sec update, but hours long. oln doesn't have it on their website.
i am in williamsburg, va.
could someone tell me please?
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Arg. Can someone remind me how to ban people from your LJ? I have it in my memories but apparently that function has been disabled for the moment.

And while I'm at it, is it true that if a dog eats grass it's because it's stomach is upset? Or could it just be y'know... eating grass? (My cat loves to chew on grass but he is apparently feeling fine when he does it.)
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(note: i live in a frat house, my apartment is one room and I share a sleeping room with a couple other people)

I usually come back to my apartment to find my roommate asleep on the couch. Today, she's asleep on the floor with a male friend of hers (both clothed, although there are condom wrappers on the floor)(this doesn't particularly bother me, he seems to be a cooler guy than her boyfriend).

I usually just work quietly at my computer until she wakes up, which is what I'm doing now.

Do you think they'll be freaked out when they wake up, if I'm still here? (I leave for work in about half an hour)

Also: how would you react if:
you were me?
you were on of them?
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Can you make a bong out of a trumpet?

Whats the weirdest bong you've ever smoked out of?

I realize that girls with small breasts often wear padded bras in order to appare that they have more of a chest, they realize that they are not well endowed in that area and try to compensate. Now this isn't meant to be a cheap jab at the male gender, but what do you think a guy thinks if he has a small penis?

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my face feels funny. kind of like sinus pressure, but its in my nose, lips and jaw. i dont have any sinus congestion or typical sinus pressure so this seems and feels just plain weird.
my whole face feels tired and sore. and my lips almost feel numb. im not allergic to anything and im not taking any new medications or any old medications that would cause these symptoms.

anyone have any ideas?
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There's hope

This sweet lady that is in the Respiratory Therapy program with me was kind enough to lend me her Microbiology books (she took the class in Summer A and I am taking it now in Summer B). If it weren't for her, I would have to pay something like $150 for the books. I appreciate this so much. I want to do something nice for her to show my appreciation. Any ideas?

How nice to see that there are still some kind people left out there that will do something to help someone out without expecting anything in return.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I probably won't see her again until the end of August, when our next class starts. I was thinking of putting like $20 in the book before I give it back to her, but I wanted to do something a little more thoughtful.
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1. Do you ever listen to Christmas/holiday music during a different time of the year?

2. What image/word/idea comes to your mind when you read the word: yellow

3. Do you have any specific recipes/meals/foods that you eat only during the summer? (Other than just seasonal vegetables and fruits.)

4. What would your perfect vacation be like? Where would you go, who would you be with, what would you do?

5. If you could star in any movie that's already been made, what movie would you star in and what role would you have?

6. Do you think being perfectly content (or anywhere near it) with life is possible? Are you somewhat content with life?

7. If you had to be a musical instrument, what instrument would you want to be?

Heh. The questions are crap, I know.
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my brain hurts..

Ok. You know how some people are optimists, and some are pessimists, right?

Is there a word for someone who is entirely neutral? Like, neither consistently positive nor consistently negative?
I'm writing about how, under the umbrella-term of postmodernism, there are a plurality of positions, and i sort of want a nice catch all way to say that some are positive, some are negative/nihilistic, and also allow for the fact that there are some which do not prescribe to these categories at all.

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Hahah, a meta question: What's your favorite question? If you don't have a "favorite", pick one you enjoy asking in conversation, something conversation-stimulating and interesting.

I'm just looking to collect things that make for interesting conversation, I'm a big fan of "good" questions, things that are thought provoking and require more than a yes or no answer.

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1. My LimeWire is being complicated. If I download a song, it only downloads it part way, and the just stops, so it looks like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's still connected and it doesn't say File Corrupted or anything like it would if something was messy with the file, so what's going on here??? Grrr..

2. What is the silliest picture of your pet that you have???
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Who do you look like?

They tried this in ohnotheydidnt, but due to a huge number of assholes and trolls, it didn't go very well. I know this community is a lot less trolled and people generally have better common sense :P

Do people tell you that you look like someone famous frequently? I get told that I look like Amber Frey or Janel Moloney from The West Wing. Apparently Janel played Amber in the movie about that situation.

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Poll #523715 NKOTB

Who was your favorite New Kid on the Block

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ok guys....this is my first question!

I am a NYC native but I go to school in Cleveland, OH.
I am trying to show my friends some of the finer points of the city and I am slowly ut surely converting them all city and culture lovers.

We have saturday matinee tickets for Wicked (w00t) but i think we want to TKTS something for the evening.

I've been away and havn't seen many recent shows, so I was wondering what you guys would recomend.

here is who you have to please:

Me- avid theater goer and lover
rey - my bf, a computer loving eingeneer
rob- a flamingly gay man who sings catchy show tunes all day
josh- a newbie to the city who has yet to see the finer points on broadway.

what show should we see saturday night?
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--How old do kittens have to be before you can take them away from their mom?
--Is laser hair removal permanent? If not, how long does it last?
--Laser eye surgery; would you get it? Why or why not?
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What are some songs are similar to Blink 182's older stuff ("Rock Show", "What's My Age Again"), Sum 41's "fat lip", and maybe the Corr's "breathless", in both era and style (era = 3-6 years ago? style = pop/rock, bouncy, energetic, fun)?

A friend wants me to make her a mix CD of "all the cool music from back then" (so I'm going to make it for her birthday) and I'm willing to find the stuff online so I can buy it song by song instead of us having to buy whole albums, but...I didn't listen to much music back then. or at least, not that style. So I have no idea where to start.

Sweet, thanks :)
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Can someone explain to me, why and what is the significance of having criminal sentences run concurrently?

For example, Lamar Smith, who was recently found guity of attempted agg sexual assault (using internet chat rooms to pick up little girls,etc)
was given 8 years for one sentence and 5 years for another, but they are to be served concurrently.

Since he's such a sick fuck, why not just add them up and make him serve 13 years?
Whats the point of the 5 year sentence if you've sentenced him to 8 for the other one?
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Is it strange for women to NOT wear makeup?

I'm 24 and don't even own any, outside of chapstick. I've been told that I should wear it, to both look professional at work, and to look older. I really don't feel that I need to - not that I'm very vain, but I have really nice skin and never break out or anything like that.
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Make-up... cheap, please

How much does flavor/scent influence your purchase of lip gloss/blam/stick?

I have two identical colors, one a cheapy brand one a mid-range brand. The cheapy brand is goopy (which is alright, I don't mind that) and smells & tastes like paste from preschool. The mid-range brand is about $4 more, but smells faintly of vanilla, no particular taste to it. If you were me and say you've just run out of both brands, which would you go for? The $1 paste or the $5 vanilla-ish stuff?

On a similar note... Has anyone else noticed that Wet 'n' Wild has started to vanish? I went to Target the other day to grab some cheap nail polish and the whole section is gone, replaced with some "at home spa" stuff. I don't think they've restocked the Wet 'n' Wild stuff at Wal*Mart in the last couple of months, either.

In keeping the with fast food questions...

For those who have lived in CA or near, have you ever had a better burger than a doube-double from In & Out. They definitely have the best burgers I have ever had and I could eat them multiple times a day, unlike McD's, Jack in the Box, or Carl's. I've never been to White Castle or Sonic's. Would anyone who has been to most of these like to give their input?

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Okay so I'm an ongoing Junior..

There's this school in Natchitoches called LSMSA that you live in, and it's a college-prep type school..

So I applied this past year but didn't get accepted bc of my low GPA.. The reason it's so low is bc I really screwed up my freshman year..

But throughout my sophomore year, I've really picked up my grades ALOT..

I was thinking of sending in an appeal to show them how much my grades have picked up and maybe they would let me go to the school..

Any ideas of what I should put in the letter?
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What are companies actually doing when they test make-up on animals?

I've just always been confused because, you know, rats don't exactly have lips. Do they just test on skin in general or...what?
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Inspired by the road sign question:
best road trip story, either of yours or one you heard?

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Also. about the roommate thing. she woke up a little, kinda waved at me, I waved back. the boy never really did wake up other than sleepily looking at his watch and rolling over and kissing the side of her head(I don't think he even saw me). I left a note on my computer to please pick up the condom wrappers before I got home from work.
She's not back yet- probably off doing roleplay stuff- but I feel like there's *something* i should say when she gets back. not in a "don't do that" or "don't leave condom wrappers about" way, more like "hey... you and this guy... and your boyfriend... what's up?" kinda way.
What do i say?
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Copyright Laws for T-Shirt Printing?

Fiddlesticks nobody is online who might know the answer to this question, hopefully some people out there in LJ Land will be able to help me.

My favourite movie is Back to the Future. And the 20th Anniversary is coming up...and despite all my wishin' I haven't magically teleported over to LA in time to make a pilgrimage to the sacred sites (re: Filming locations). So instead I want to make a BTTF t-shirt. I once saw an offical one for sale, but it was for BTTF III, which isn't my favourite one and I saw some on the internet once, but they were all out of stock. So, yeah I made a little collage.

And I've located two shops that has a bring-your-own-design-in and they'll make a t-shirt for you, one costs $38 but guarentees to have your t-shirt ready that same day, the other will cost $33 and says that they'll rush it through so I can have it in time for Sunday.

The problem is in both cases I neglected to mention that while I designed the collage myself, it's of pictures from a movie. Now, if I'm just making the t-shirt for my own use and paying for it does it count as "Fair Use" or whatever they call it? or is it still copyright infringement? I'm not sure how to use Google or even Ask Jeeves to find an answer to my question and I don't really like the thought of showing up and having the people telling me off. It would be so embarrassing!

So yeah, does anyone know?

Thanks in advance!

(Edit: Due to spelling confusion...)
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I'm trying to get a song to play on my MySpace, but for some reason when I put it in the code provided by Thomas' MySpace Editor it never works. I believe there's like a small simple player you can put on your site to play a song, does anyone know the code for that?

Interesting questions

Earlier today there was a post about favorite questions to ask.

Instead of that, what are interesting questions to ask someone? They can be personal (and lots (most?) of interesting questions are) or sexual, or anything.
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Web site needed

I remember several years ago I found a web site that, once you loaded up your favorites/bookmarks file, would go through them and check them to make sure they were still active. Is there a web site like that now? I have hundreds of bookmarks and the idea of going through them one by one is a daunting task. :(
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I had some pictures of my nieces and family in an envelope, and the stupid cats knocked over some water and they got wet. The writing that was on the backs of the pictures got on the fronts of the pictures...is there any way to get this off? I can get more if need be, but I'm really pissed off right now about it.
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Getting ears to pop!

All right, made the first two flights of my three flights and survived. Felt a lot better today, just one problem.

My ears have barely popped. And I got off the plane six hours ago. One of them is half-popped, one of them has barely at all.

This happened when I came off the first flight, but after I ascended into the air on the second one half an hour later, my ears popped for fifteen minutes, and then they were fine. Then, upon descent, they closed up again.

These were inter-Europe flights, so I'm not sure what altitude they were flying at, if that makes a difference, so I'm somewhat worried about my trans-Atlantic flight from London to Toronto tomorrow.

I've tried nasal spray, I've tried the suggestions of 'hold your nose, keep your mouth shut and swallow/blow towards your cheeks', I've tried chewing on things, I've tried sucking on candies, but none of it seems to work.

I can hear and all, it's just somewhat still stuffed up, and I'd like to pop them before my flight tomorrow.

So yes, your suggestions on how I can get my ears to pop sometime in the next thirteen hours?
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MP3 Players

I'm thinking of selling my iPod Photo and getting one of the mp3 players that supports Playsforsure so I can use a portable player with Yahoo! Music Unlimited.

Do any of these players, you know, not suck ass? Being able to mount the player as a USB hard drive would be a plus, so I can use it for external storage under Linux would also be a plus.

Grrr...messed up CD

Ok...this is a quick and odd one. I'm listening to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown on CD. I'm almost done with it but on the 12th disc the last two tracks are screwed up so I missed the end of chapter 101. It starts messing up just about the time that it says Langdon realizes he must "protect Sophie"

Can anyone tell me what I missed on those two tracks? It starts up on the final CD at chapter 102 (and there better not be any screwed up tracks on this one) but I don't really want to continue until I know what happened at the end of the previous chapter.
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