June 29th, 2005

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is it weird to want to be evasive with an ex? i was writing an email reply to her--she owes some money to me and we're figuring that out-- and it occurred to me that there is no real reason to update her on much of what's going on. we haven't spoken in any audible fashion in three years. wow. weird to think it's been that long.

I suppose it's not particularly strange, now that i think about it.

Anyone else have that situation?
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Ankle Weights

I bought some ankle weights the other day so that I can exercise my legs often without having to make time to do it. They're only 2.5 pounds a piece - nothing that will kill me by the end of a waitressing shift, LOL. But I started thinking about how often I should wear them? I know with regular exercise, you're only supposed to do it every other day so that your muscles can grow/heal on the day you don't work out. But then again, they're only tiny little weights, so I don't know if this still applies. Help?
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I was watching this Wedding show the other day on TV that follows wedding planners around. One of the couples had both men and women standing up for them, like the bride had some bridesmaids and some bridesmen and then the groom had groomsmen and groomsmaids. It seemed so foreign to me at first but then it got me to thinking about how great that would be, I have soo many guy friends, many of which I'm closer with than other girl friends. Why are we so rooted in the age-old tradition of bridesmaids and groomsmen? Anyone else like that idea or know someone who did this?
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1. Flossers, how many times a day do you floss? If you floss only once a day, is it in the morning or night? Which do you think if more BENEFICIAL for your teeth? (I'm sure twice a day is best, but just humor me.)

2. Do porcelain crowns and fillings decay as easily as undoctored teeth? Or, do they decay at all? What if one were to brush and floss twice a day? OR if one just stopped brushing altogether?

3. How often do you go to the dentist? Do you have dental insurance?

4. If you do have dental insurance, and you go less frequently than twice a year, why don't you go?

5. Does anybody else LOVE going to the dentist? Even if you have bad teeth? Or especially if you have bad teeth? I have very brittle, fragile teeth and even though I brush and floss regularly, I still expect to have a couple cavities everytime I go in... but it's comforting to know that it's being taken care of instead of just getting worse. Oh, and I had early memories of loving the nitrous. hahaha...

6. How many teeth are in your mouth? Have you ever lost a permanent tooth? How? I have 29 cause I only have one wisdom tooth. haha. My second one has been threatening to break the skin for weeks now, but no go.

7. Did you lose any of your baby teeth in a memorable way? I fell off my bike at age 3 and knocked out my four front teeth. They took six years to come in after that.

I'm having an awful time describing things so I'm including examples, haha.

When something drastic changes in your life that you had no control over do you feel as though you should tell people in your life? IE: You lost your job because the company was downsizing and your particular position was no longer needed

When something drastic morally changes in your life do you feel as though you should tell people in your life? IE: You were vegan and started eating meat again, you were celibate and now indulge in random sex with random strangers, etc.

Would your answer change if the people around you all still felt strongly about your first moral belief? IE: All of your friends are strongly celibate, or strict vegans, etc.

Why or why not?
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Are there any toys a cat can play with by herself without shredding them all up? Mine doesn't really chase after balls and things after a minute or so, but she can play with the fuzzy-on-fishingline all day long.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with an aggressive kitten-cat? She's six or more months old (weighs 7 or so pounds), and she's been tearing around the house and attacking our flesh the last few days. Will she grow out of it this late in her development?

Are there any active lj communities on this sort of subject?
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Living History

When I was in High School, there was a company that the school hired a couple of times to come and give presentations. These presentations involved an actor who interacted with a video to tell a story. There was one about the Japanese internment camps in the US during WWII that made a huge impression on me (since my sister and I *apparently* were the only people who thought it was wrong to put 3rd & 4th generation Americans in prision camps). So, I really want to know the name of that company so I can tell them how important it was to me (even though it's a little corny). Does anyone know the name of this company? Are they still in operation?
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Why is it, even as we leave our teens and enter into adulthood, that we think we need our parent's/parents' validation or praise/pride? Or maybe we do still need it. If that is the case for you, why is that? If you don't need it anymore, when did you realize that? Was there some specific incident that factored into it?

Question crossposted to jennilee.
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1. What's a common pet peeve that you know a lot of people have but you don't for whatever reason? (For example, someone chewing with their mouth open bugs all of your friends, but it doesn't seem to irk you.)
2. What's a pet peeve of yours that others might find strange?
3. Do you have any 'good luck' rituals you do every day? Or just some sort of ritual or thing you do everyday for no particular reason, and when you don't, the rest of the day seems thrown off?
4. Do you have business cards? Do you hand them out a lot?
5. Are there words that you just never seem to remember how to spell?
6. Is it pretty safe to drink the tap water where you live (without a purifier or anything like that on your faucet)?
7. What's your least favorite type of ice cream?
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Do you volunteer? Or have you in the past? If so, where and what did you do? How did you get involved in it?

If you don't currently volunteer or never have, what cause WOULD you volunteer for and why?

I'm very interested in getting involved somehow, but I have so many places and causes I'd like to work for... I'm having trouble narrowing down my options. I live near Baltimore city, so I know there are TONS of options for me.

Thanks in advance! :)
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Me again

1. Is it safe to fly while you have the flu? I just got sick with the flu yesterday, and my flights home from my vacation start in 26 hours (3 hours then, 8 hours the next day). I know it won't be fun or comfortable (par for the course really for flights since I hate flying), but is it safe, i.e, I won't suddenly keel over and die in the air?

2. How much alcoholic drink would there be in a bottle that's about two inches high, one and half inches wide and one inch wide/deep the other way? It doesn't say anywhere on the bottle how much is in it.

3. On a similar note - with said bottle of alcohol, does that mean I have "goods to declare" when passing through an airport?

4. It may sound like a silly question, but when reporting all the alcohol/tobacco/etc. that I'm bringing back into my country - do I have to mention chocolates with a liquer filling?
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for those in the dallas/fort worth area:
does anyone know of a good improv training center besides four day weekend?
i was thinking of sitting in and then possibly enrolling, but after looking at their clips of their performances, im utterly disgusted.
theyre so called "best stuff" is so amateur.
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Was Michael Jackson thinking of little boys when he wrote "The Way You Make Me Feel?"

I'm listening to his #1's and the thought crossed my mind...I mean he talks about high heels in the beginning, but after that (and saying the word "girl" a couple of times) who knows??

I mean after all, George Michael wrote about wanting Sex (and participated in a very sexy video depicting women), but we all know what he was really talking about now...

Disclaimer: I am a MJ fan

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I'm taking a trip to Chicago to visit some friends of my best friend's family with her, and I was wondering if anyone has tips on what to see in Chicago. We're only going to have a day in the actual city, so what would be your number one site to see? Thanks!

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Give me a good list of songs about sexy ladies. Doesn't matter what genre of music. I already have Jimi Hendrix's "Foxey Ladey"...so along those lines...

I want something to listen to and swing my hair along with it and embrace my womanhood hehe.
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Does the Thighmaster actually work? I bought one a long time ago and was thinking of actually starting to USE it. Just not sure if it's just a gimmick or what. Oh, and it was a KNOCKOFF Thighmaster...Suzanne Somers ain't gettin' my money! :)
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I might be going to hell for this, but...

Background: my brother is seventeen, and an athlete. Rain or shine, hot or cold, he will go outside and do something sporty (mostly basketball) for a couple of hours, then come into the house hot and sweaty and sit around in his room for a few more hours before showering. No matter what, something on him or near him always smells like a locker room. And don't get me started on his bedroom.

My question is this: HOW did he manage to get a girlfriend, and WHY does the girl come over and watch TV with him in his putrid smelling room with the door closed?
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How do you stay on good terms with your former employers? Especially considering that a lot of the time you left because you hated their guts? I mean, you'd think that they'd be bitter for you leaving them.

All of the resume/job seeking type advice seems to state that one should, somehow.


Ok, please help me out here, am trying to order DSL and wondering, do I really need to buy all of these parts from them?

"We will arrange for customers to purchase a
-DSL modem
-DSL filters for your phones
-Ethernet network interface card that connects the modem to the PC
-all needed cables
-and, if needed, will supply a splitter that divides voice and data traffic on the DSL line.
-We will also supply the software to enable your computer to connect to your Internet Service Provider"

I've had Cable before but not DSL so I'm unsure whether any of these cable parts can be reused. And the Ethernet card, is that just a standard card? Because I think I already have one.. is there a way to check?
Is a DSL modem different from a Cable modem, and the cables, are they different?

I'm guessing that I will need to buy the DSL filters for sure.
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Red White & Blue Suede Shoes

I need to make a mixed CD for the car-trip I'm going on with my mom this weekend. We're going away for the Independence Day weekend and frankly, I'm growing tired of her music. So I was thinking, seeing as how it's 4th of July weekend, maybe I'll make a mix with some modern(ish) patriotic themed songs.

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1a. What is the point of being a camwhore?

1b. Why do people deny that they are camwhores, or say that they aren't doing it for attention, etc.?

ETA: 1c. Why do people think that they are "photographers" when all they're doing is using a point and shoot digital and then altering the hell out of the photos in an editing program?

2. How young is too young to have an LJ?
I came across the LJ of an 8 year old the other day and it rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, there are a lot of freaks on the internet, and LJ makes it easy to "accidentally" access adult material and/or lie about your age.
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An iPod Question...

My personal computer is a wreck, and no virus software is picking up what's wrong with it, so I'm about to reformat the entire thing and start fresh. I know that iTunes is automatically set to synch your iPod with your iTunes library when you first install it. I don't want to lose all of the music that I have on the iPod, but I remember when I first installed it that I couldn't change any iPod options until after the first time I plugged Ingrid (my mini's name) in. Is there any way to change that option *before* the first time I plug it in, so that I don't lose my music?
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I hate spring and summer fashion colors. Thank you, but I think pastels and neon fruit colors don't look good on pale people. I ask you, What colors do look good on super pasty white asses like me? (Actually I'm kind of pink, but not tan or olive) It seems like for people with light hair, light eyes, and light skin, any bold bright color is going to look wierd. I'm currently stuck with white t-shirts, which I HATE because I own no white bras, light blue shirts/jeans (only because my eyes go with it) and black/gray stuff. Bleh.
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About two nights ago, I was watching an old movie: Road Rage.

It came on at about 2am and I wasn't able to finish watching it [I had to be up at 7am for work].


-- Has anyone seen is? If so, do you know who was in the truck? Did anything happen to, the person[s] in the truck [died/arrested/got away]? Or what about the 'kids' in the town car?




In advanced: THANK YOU!

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A question to all the females out there who have serious cramps at that time of month - how well do you eat beforehand?

Me, I notice that as long as I am getting regular exercise and eating healthy food with lots of iron in it (red meat, liver, molasess-based snacks like gingerbread) and not stocking up on sugary junk food or things of crappy nutritional value (ramen) I don't have any cramp problems.

So, could this apply to others, or am I just lucky in not having cramps?
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Missing Wallet - G. Kebede (Melbourne, Australia)

My father found a missing wallet on the corner of Princes Street and Douglas Parade, in Williamstown earlier today (Wednesday 29th of June). Perhaps the person who lost it was waiting for the 471 bus at the bus stop on the corner?

The wallet contains the following: one American dollar bill, one Australian two dollar coin, one ticket for a Melbourne v Collingwood AFL match held at the MCG on Monday the 13th of June, 2005 (at 2:10pm), and two uniform passes dated 29/3/05 and 10/6/05 with the wallet owner's name and year level on them (but unfortunately, not the name of the school).

The wallet itself is primarily a tan/grey colour, with what looks like navy blue edging and a zip that is stuck halfway down the zipper. There is also an address card in the wallet that doesn't contain a name or address but does have printed on it the logo for a shop called The Connection, which is perhaps where the wallet was bought.

Although I'm reluctant to say the owner's full name (that way anyone could say they own it), their first initial is G and their last name is Kebede. They are apparently in Year 9A.

If you are Mr. or Mrs. Kebede and you would like your wallet back (or if you know a Mr. or Mrs. Kebede) then please comment on this entry or email me at either promdatewithnoeyes@hotmail.com or kiffany864@yahoo.com.au.

...and to make it a proper question, have you ever found someone's missing belonging/s? How did you get it back to them?

Average Joe

Foe those who have seen the show Average Joe" or know what it is about...

What do you think would happen if they had a show called "Average Jill" (or something female!) and had a male model with "average" females?

Do you think a man would be as willing to give "average" women a chance?

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For some reason, my left eyelid "droops" lower than the right. It is fairly annoying, and people often ask me if I'm stoned...I'm usually not, but its kind of annoying.

Is there anything, surgery or maybe botox that can fix it?

*note: It gets worse as I get tired.
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Anyone know how much I should expect to pay for a transmission and radiator flush for a 2001 Hyundai Elantra?

I'm going on a road trip in about 2 months and I just wanna get an idea of how much it'll cost...



In the mood section, how do you all get those cute little animated icons????? I can only get the boring yellow faces.

HELP! I want to be cute too!
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Tell me about your ink...

1. Do you have any tats?

2. Please describe them and/or show pictures.

3. What is their significance to you?

4. Did you find the experience painful?

5. Roughly how much time and money did you put into it/them? (or skip the money part if you prefer not to say)

6. Do you think putting a tattoo in an area that you shave fairly regularly (such as legs) would do any harm to it? Like cause it to fade faster or something?

7. Do you plan on getting any more?

My answers in comments.

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Which program do you prefer to download music?
ex: bearshare, limewire, etc.

I'm currently using Bearshare, but i'm thinking of switching to Limewire since it's apparently legal.
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A male friend and I were talking about oral sex one day and he made some comment that he feels bad for his girlfriend, because with the large amount of milk he drinks and the small amount of fruit he eats, he knows he's got to taste awful.

Which got me thinking. A guy's diet has an effect on the way he tastes. Do you suppose it works the same way for girls?

Car engines

The car I am about to purchase only has a 4 cylinder engine. I am wondering, however, if it wouldn't be better to find a car with a V6 engine. Is there an extreme difference between a 4 cylinder and V6? I have only driven cars with V6 engines (minus a small test drive of the car I am about to get).

Also: This car with the 4 cylinder has been kept exceptionally clean by the owner and is in perfect condition. Would the risk of losing that sale be worth it to find a car with a V6 engine because chances are I won't find another car like the one I want in such perfect condition?

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I want to make an lj-icon with just words on it....no flashy images or anything.....how do I make it?? Would I have to have PSP or whatever it's called??
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