June 28th, 2005

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Image Problems / Photoshop

Two questions for the techy people.

1. I'm having trouble viewing images from a specific server that a friend is using. Everytime I view the image, I get "Operation Timed Out when attempting to contact [hosting]."

I've cleared cookies, history, cache, rebooted, viewed the hosting in IE and FireFox (it's effecting both programs) and I'm running a spyware sweep now. (I needed to anyway.) None of this has worked. I know the hosting is okay because other friends of mine are able to see it.

Also, the hosting wasn't blocked, I checked.

What's causing this and how can I fix it?

2. A few days ago, Photoshop 7 crashed on me. (A rarity I hear.) The crash has caused the program to completely spaz out. All of my tools were reset and everything. I'm an icon maker, so this made me very grumpy.

My biggest problem is with resolution. When I resize/crop an image to 100x100, my resolution gets all weird, whereas it usually defaulted to 72. So I have to go back and resize it for the resolution. It's a pain.

Is there any way I can default that to 72?

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If two guys are fighting... will one eventually go for the other's balls?
I mean, you'd pretty much win then.

Or do they just not, as a kindof "hey, I'm beating the shit out of you, but I'm not gonna do *that*" man-to-man courtesy?

also, inspired by my earlier comparison of white bread/washcloths, and a USA today survey in which people bitched about what they don't like in hotels:
Am I the only person in the world who likes cheap towels?
I almost stole some really coarse ones from a hotel becuase walmart tends to not sell towels that crappy. I feel like I'm getting cleaner with them. and drier faster. and it feels good on my skin.

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Situation: In an overzealous moment, I signed up to be on a team in this summer ultimate frisbee league my city has. Now, I'm really afraid to go because I don't know anyone there, and I'm only a beginner whereas most of these people are pretty good, and it's gotten to the point where I don't want to participate. My ex, who was the one who got me to sign up, now says that I'm just trying to avoid stepping out of my comfort zone and meeting new people, but I feel like if it's just going to give me unnecessary angst and anxiety if I go, then there's no reason. Also, I play ultimate every weekend, which I feel is plenty for me.

So, what do y'all think? Should I go or not? And if I decide not to go, what should I say to my ex to make him understand, or at the very least, shut up?
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Weird question. . .

Lets say you and your significant other are in the middle of a family function (it doesn't matter if it's yours or your SOs).

And the question about marriage comes up ("Oh when are you two finally getting married?" "Have you popped the question yet champ?" "You two aren't getting any younger." "If you don't marry my daughter I am going to kill you.")

How do you or your SO deal with these questions?

Any snappy comments?

Do you think these comments encourage marriage, or totally discourages the chance of actual marriage coming from these comments?
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Who You are/aren't in Relation to the Time Period You Were Born In?

Ok, so I watch a lot of the History Channel. A LOT. And I started thinking about things I'd seen the other morning - mostly about desegregation and Anne Frank and the like (general prejudiced stuff lately). My little thought train went on a wild ride and since I can't decide for sure about myself, I thought I'd ask you guys! :D

Do you think you'd be a different person if you'd been born in a different era?

Such as, when the feminist movement first started, do you think you would have supported it and felt relieved, or do you think you'd have remained a proper lady/gentleman and turned your nose at the changes?

Same thing for the desegregation movement in America - would you think in the old style or be outraged it even took THAT long?

Also, do you think Anne Frank would have went on to lead a life as reveled if she'd survived the Holocaust? Or would she just have been another angsty girl who wrote in a journal while she was growing up? Do you think if you'd been in Nazi Germany, you would have gone along with it to save your family (which many people did) or would you have been brave and stood up to the oppresion (whether or not you are/were Jewish)?

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If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be? I'm thinking of powers which can be described fairly quickly, either in one word or one phrase, like: Flight, Teleportation, Invisibility, Setting my skin on fire, Danger sense, etc.

I bite

(no subject)

Any suggestions on getting cat pee out of a mattress. . . . more specifically a pillowtop mattress that's a bit under a year old?

We've tried dumping on Nature's Miracle (which normally works really well on carpets and such, for us), a handheld carpet cleaner with the cleaning fluid a "pet stains and odors" one, and also febreezing the hell out of it, and it stillllllll smells :-\

We've left the girls with the "Aunt" Stephanie before a number of times (even for longer than we were gone this time) and they've been perfectly fine. We have the new kitten, and this is their first time being left w/ Aunt Stephanie AND the baby. . . . but we've had him for what, around a month and they both really like him. . . . . So I guess that he was probably the difference, but I don't see why. Whatever the case, it resulted on probably 90% of the top of the queen sized mattress being peed upon *grumbles and mutters*

Not a member yet, but just so ya know I'll also try to find that cat health community that everyone thinks pretty highly of and ask there also. . . . hopefully between you all and there we'll be able to save the mattress! ;-P
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For the ladies...mostly

What is the *best* worst pick up line a man has ever used on you? (or for the men, the worst line you've ever used)

I have a few, but my favorite was:

Guy: (missing some teeth) I work at this sub shop downtown, not Subway, but the other one...

Me: Oh, that's nice. (this guy was a friend of MY friend and I was trying to talk to the guy I knew)

Guy: So, like, you should come in sometime...'cuz I would totally hook you up with a sandwich...

Me: Wow, just what I've always wanted. Would that be the six inch or the twelve???

Okay, now you're turn!
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(no subject)

Just curious to hear some experiences about driving..

You don't have to necessarily follow the format of these questions.. just talk about your overall driving experience and stuff. I would like to hear stories.

How old were you when you started learning?
If you took behind-the-wheel training, how was it? What was your instructor like? Did you do well?
How old were you when you took the test? Did you feel ready?
What were your strengths and weaknesses?
Were you nervous about the test? What was your examiner like? How was the test?
Did you pass on the first try, or did you fail?
If you failed, how many times before you passed? What did you do after you failed?
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(no subject)

Do you have two seconds you can spare?


Please go there and click. It costs you nothing, and the advertisers on the site pay to feed a person 1.1 cups of food for every click. Set it as your homepage or something. There's more similar sites, the links of which are on this site - you can help preserve the rain forest, etc.
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In a perfect world, in your opinion, should people have children right after getting married? Or should they wait a few years? How long? (Disclaimer: If they are having children at all.)

Explain the reasoning behind either answer.

(no subject)

I'm doing an informative speech on new technologies or new discoveries. I was wondering if any of you can help me out with topics. I'm having a difficult time. Any suggestions or ideas can really help me. Thank you in advance.
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All around the United States, laws are being drafted, providing protection for pharmacists, who wish to refuse to dispense medication.
The point of the refusal is that pharmacists have refused to fill medications, with prescriptions written by doctors, for pills such as : morning-after pills, contraceptives/birth control, erectile dysfunction, and other assorted pills, all based on their moral and ethical beliefs.
The point of the laws are to provide employment protection to those pharmacists and to allow this practice to continue.

Poll #521997 Morality Clause for Pharmacists...

Do you agree with the "morality clause" and a pharmacists right to be able to refuse to dispense medication?


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I am kind of torn. I have told my family that when I graduate from college and graduate school that I wanted to go to New York for my graduation or birthday. Now I am thinking that I really want to go to Paris and tour chateaux in the Loire valley.The only country that I have been to in Europe is England and now after having studied French in college I really want to go to France. I also know that going to both places is expensive.How can I choose between them?
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seven (surprise, surprise!)

1. If you had to eat the same lunch for the rest of your life, what food would you want to have? (Let's just assume that you HAVE to eat lunch).

2. What seems to be the dominating color in your wardrobe?

3. Do you call tissues 'tissue' or do you call all tissues 'Kleenex'?

4. What's your favorite highlighter color to use?

5. Do you wear perfume/cologne/body spray on a regular basis? Where's your favorite place to purchase stuff like that?

6. Inspired by the question about being annoyed: what's one thing that has made you at least a little bit happy or pleased today?

7. What's the last book you've read or the last movie you watched that seriously took your breath away, made you really think about things in your life/in the world, etc? Basically, what's the last book or movie that truely moved you?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where a website where I can get personalized underwear? I saw a website a while ago, but I don't know where it was...I want to get underwear with my name on it, or with something...anybody know any websites where I can find that?

(no subject)

How fast can you type?

Which settings did you use?
How often did you have to look at the keyboard?
Do you type with the fingers on the right keys?
Do you find it easier to type when you're copying something from paper, repeating what someone is saying, or just randomly typing whatever comes to your head?

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(no subject)

Have you ever been sitting or laying still for awhile and eventually your limbs began to feel disconnected from the rest of your body? For instance, your legs will feel further away than they should be, or your arms feel much larger/smaller than they really are?

I'm not talking about any sort of drug-induced state, just under normal circumstances.

London advice

Can anyone give me any advice on where to live in London? My partner has a job in East London (Little Ilford), so we're looking to relocate to somewhere near there. We can't afford a very expensive place but we'd like to live in an area that's not too rough (coz we're scaredy hillbillies).

So, what areas should we be looking at? Where should we avoid?

And more importantly, anyone got a place they can rent to us? :)
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Help me find the name of a movie?

I was told recently about a really great movie/documentary. Only now I find that I can't, for the life of me, remember the name.

Does anyone know a movie that would fit this description?

It's fairly new (this year, I think?) and a documentary. It's foreign (as in, not in English, I don't think, though it might be) and it also might have been nominated for an Oscar this year or last year.

The premise is that the filmmaker gave a group of young prostitutes/sex trade workers cameras to record their lives with and then was turned into the documentary. Is this ringing a bell for anyone? I think it was in Mexico or another South American country.

I know this is totally vague, but I'm hoping someone else out there knows of it!

Help?? :D
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The Receptionist Classic

The Holy Grail

I am on the eternal quest to find the Perfect Purse. It is my Holy Grail. I'm beginning to wonder if it exists. Maybe I'm just too damn picky about my purses. I have to have two small compartments - one for my phone and one for my iPod, both need to be easily accessable from the outside. I also need to have a ring or thin enough strap, something that I can clip my car key to (the key is on a carabiner). It should be big enough to hold my wallet, but I'd like it to be big enough to hold my day planner.

So ladies, what are your purse requirements? Have you found your perfect purse yet?

(no subject)

Okay. the song "chariot". What the hell is it about? the only lyrics I could make out were "Oh chariot" and I said to myself "I highly doubt there is a top pop song about a chariot race." I aksed a girl I worked with. she said it was about a girl who never liked what she had, always wanted more... and that Chariot was her name. I said that was a fucking stupid name. A guy at work piped in that that wasn't right, that it's about salvation.
Having looked at the Collapse ) I'm thinking it doesn't mean a damn thing. like he had a point, and then came off the high and forgot what it was or why it was good.

(no subject)

Anybody know the original creator of that W.I.T.C.H. series by ...I think Disney?

Or, the artist who did the chapter book covers?

Can't seem to find names or credits anywhere....

(no subject)

When does Ranch dressing go bad?

It's sell-by date was March, and I haven't tried to use it in a while. It's a little yellowish and runny, but it's a brand I've never gotten before, so maybe it always was yellowish and runny (it's not like yellow, it's just off-whiteish)

I'm not sure I wanna eat it, what do you think?

ETA: It was a perfect pepperoni quesadilla even without the ranch dressing.

What are your strange food combinations?
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2nd Amendment

Hot on the heels of my favorite team of skeptics Penn and Teller doing a episode of there showtime show BULLSHIT! on the topic of gun control.

Do you believe the 2nd Amendment guarentees the right of the people, the citizens of the United States the Right to keep and own firearms. Why or Why not.

(As a note, I do not intend to debate this question here. If you wish to do so I'm also posting the above in my personal journal and we may debate there. Here, I'm just interested in opinions.)
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(no subject)

Have any of you never had a significant other? If so, is it by choice or because it's just never happened?

If you were a "late bloomer" when it came to dating, how old were you when your first relationship began? I didn't have boyfriend until 18, and I used to have a roommate who reached age 24 without having ever had an SO. I realize that it varies with person to person, but it seems like most people start dating in high school.
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fave shows as a kid

What were your all-time favourite show(s) as a kid?

Sailor Moon (favourite was and still is Sailor Venus ;) )
Care Bears
The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

there's no doubt there's more, but i forget them.

Don't answer your phone, please.

My friend called me while I was out, so when I got home I called her back on her cell phone. She picks it up and I am all happy and pleasant, she then asks if she can call me back because she is at a DOCTOR'S appointment and she gets all angry and pissy.

OK. Why would you answer the phone if you can't talk (especially during an appointment)?! And then proceed to get angry at the person calling? I mean, where is the sense?! If you can't talk at the moment then don't answer the damn phone.

Has his ever happened to you?
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exercise question

I would like to start exercising a bit more. The problem I have is that I have no cartilage left in my knees, and whenever I run or jump my knees pop out of place. I also can't get down on the floor because I can't get back up again.

My question is: How can I do the equivalent of sit-ups or stomach crunches without getting down on the floor? Preferably free ways, please. I have no money. Some people have told me about this ab swing thing that you sit in to do crunches, but according to the web site, it will not hold my weight.

So how can I exercise my stomach without getting on the floor? Can I suck my stomach in and hold it for a while and release? Will that be effective? Any other parts of my body I can exercise without making my knees pop out of place? I really want to do this, but it's very hard for me to find an exercise I can do. :(

(no subject)

What is someone from Barbados called? (i.e. someone from Canada is Canadian, someone from Mexico is Mexican, someone from Barbados is... Barbados-ian?)

Edit: Thanks to all who answered... if anyone was wondering why I asked it's because I have friends down there doing missions work, and I was talking to someone about how cool I think it is that (people from Barbados) got to hear about Jesus, but I didn't know the word for (people from Barbados) so I kept typing "Barbados-ians" which was definitely not correct =P

(no subject)

This is vague but..... On Muppet Babies, there was a character that was a semi frequent guest.... He was a human with a blue shirt on over his face that went down to his legs. Any clue as to what his name was or pictures?

Much appreciated.
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(no subject)

If LJ provided it, would you use a Scheduler tool (thing)? Something you could just put dates into to remind yourself later. Probably would send you an email a couple of days before an event, too.

Half inspired by an old question that asked about the To-Do list (I still use it. :D). :)

(no subject)

There was this movie I saw a long time ago but I can't remember the title of it. I don't remember much. What I do remember is in the beginning they show a reservoir thing or something. There was a husband and wife and they had a little girl and the husband I think at some point in the movie had an affair and he was a pilot.

Anyway in the beginning the little girl was in a school play and all the little girls were dressed up as faeries or angels or something and they were playing in the woods and the little girl got kidnapped and she was in some house and the mom had to try and get her back and for some reason I'm remembering the name "Johnny Appleseed".

Ring a bell?
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New member. Hi everybody. NOW ..

I have been searching for this for a couple months now. I've done extensive research on the subject (read: I've googled it six or seven times) and I can't find anything. Does anybody know the artist/name of the song in the 2005 Nissan Quest commercial? Any help would be MUCH appreciated. SO VERYVERY MUCH.

(no subject)

1. I just read something where a woman's name was Bjo... how would you go about saying that?

2. Camp is in a few days. What should I remember to bring that I'll most likely forget or something I just wouldn't think of?

3. Why am I so thirsty!!!?!?!?! AHHHH
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Are bruises supposed to linger more than two weeks?

I bruise real easily, I mean a simple pinch will create a bruise in a matter of seconds (My friend pinched me and I literally watched as the bruise form right before my eyes), so I'm wondering if that's normal. I don't believe I've met anyone else that bruises as easily as I do, so it's pretty weird and annoying when I play around with my friends and they come out unharmed and I end up looking like I've been abused.

Some of my friends think I might be anemic, some say I just probably have weak capillaries, but is there any sort of condition that would cause this to happen?

(no subject)

Two computer/icon related questions here.

How do you take screencaps? I've heard of various ways, and the simplest way (print screen button) doesn't appear to work. Just takes an empty hole where the video should be playing. My brother has my digital camera right now, so I haven't tried taking pictures with it while it's hooked up into the computer to see if that works. What other ways work for taking screen caps of video?

Second, how can you make an animated icon that works in LJ (meaning you are limited to jgp, gif, and png) when jpg and png do not handle animation/layers, and gif does not handle RGB color and makes you index it, which of course makes the image all speckly and gross. The best I've done so far is a speckly animated icon which is not pretty to look at, and this icon that I'm using, that's not a photo so no speckly problems, but it'd be nice if it had a photo to go with it, so that people might be able to figure out what the quote is from. Of course, I could have put "watch Veronica Mars, UPN Wedensdays 8:00" on the last slide, but I just didn't think of it and actually will probably be adding it at some point, unless I can figure out how to make cooler icons work, in which case I won't need this one anymore :)

Thanks in advance for your input!

chunks of hair.....

I am going bald! Help!!

Well, no...not bald. But I have been losing a lot of hair and I don't know what to do! They don't fall off from the roots I notice. So, I have a lot of short short hair making it look very messy.
But that's not where I need help. How to reduce hair fall? I have tried various shampoos to reduce hair fall but no success there. Someone said to take some sort of supplemants when asked they said not sure.

Well, also I would like to know why I would be losing hair?! It's been almost a year... I think... or maybe even more.

Please help! :S

update: my hair is naturally curly, and it has never in its life seen any form of dyes or bleach, or straigheners, etc. I don't brush my hair. Mostly I run my fingers through it to detangle when it's wet and use a wide-tooth comb to comb it through.

Methinks it's the vitamin deficiency. Will try it out. If others have any other suggestions please do share! Thank you!
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(no subject)

If you bought a movie from Half.com on June 7 and it hasn't arrived, how long would you wait before you filed a claim against the seller?

I sent a very nice email last night to the seller, but I haven't gotten a reply yet. It was (supposedly) sent by media mail and we both live in the same country. Movies I've bought from other sellers after I ordered this has already arrived. The latest date on Half's estimated time of arrival is the 29th.

In 6 years of using eBay & Half, I've never had someone not send me my item... so I don't really know how to go about this. I'm also concerned that if I leave a negative feedback that they'll leave one as retaliation of some sort. So, I probably won't... I just want my movie or my money back.
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(no subject)

so i went out to a bar a couple of nights ago and a friend bought me this shot. everyone i've asked so far, including bartender friends has never heard of it so i'm just curious if anyone here has.
it was called cum in a hot tub. it's got vodka, rumplemints (not sure about that spelling) and bailey's. it was very tastey

Acne is evil.

1. I have a combination of newish and fading pimples and whiteheads around my mouth and on my chin. They need to be gone or at least drastically reduced by this Saturday. I'm washing and astringing/toning my face 2-3 times a day with various salicylic acid cleansers, and using a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream. The benzoyl peroxide will probably clear it up in time but does anyone have their own remedies they'd like to add? Please don't tell me I'm overwashing my face, because believe me, it's rehydrating itself. I have to blot oil off my nose several times a day. Even using a tiny bit of salicylic acid face lotion makes my face unbelievably greasy.

2. Also, would it be best to go makeup free (besides some powder so I won't be reflective from all the oil) or to wear foundation (oil-free) and a coverup with salicylic acid?

3. Why doesn't tweezing or depilating last as long as waxing?

4. Is it possible to become immune to Nair? I keep the four minute facial hair formula stuff on for fifteen minutes and there's still some hairs. My upper lip hair is not coarse, so I don't see what the problem is. Would switching to a different brand help?

(no subject)

how long does it take a Venus fly trap to eat something?
will it only eat one thing at a time?
(there are two pill-bugs in there. one I can see is disappearing slowly... the other doesn't seem to be.)
and how big can they get?

and... just about all the traps closed because of the vibrations when I took it home on the bus. when will they open again, since they aren't eating anything?

am I the only person in the world who imagines venus flytraps being like... two huge traps (thinking a hand closing in on itself)... and were rather surprised to find out it has many much smaller traps instead?

(I named it Eve)
red goatee!!

(no subject)

there is a website out there that indexes blogs, journals, and the like. I think the name starts with an R.

I was trying to find an old post of mine, today, and i thought that might help, but i can't remember the freaking site name.

Do any of you know what site i'm trying to think of?
or a way to search the old entries in my LJ?

either one (or both) would be very helpful.