June 27th, 2005


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I want to make some really cool DIY stuff and try to sell it on ebay. So my question is what is there a market for? What do you think I could make that people would actually buy for a decent price?
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I am not looking for advice or pity, but I am honestly wondering if anyone else has been in this situation, and I imagine there must be some. All my life, my romantic life has been unrequited, both ways. Everytime I am interested in someone, he doesn't feel the same. If I make any effort to express it, I usually end up "scaring him off" even if he acted perfectly friendly and even a little forward and interested before.

Everytime a guy is interested in me, I never feel anything back, and always want to just be friends. Once I even tried to develop feelings for someone who liked me and it just didn't end well.

Is it like this for anyone else? That this happens EVERY single time?
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A change of question style...

So the really old and regular readers will remember my "how to meet girls" questions, and will be surprised with the new one... :)

Last summer my dorm roommate introduced me to a female friend of his who also lived in (and still lives here, although he moved off campus) our dorm building (same section, pretty much two floors straight up from here, but this is all irrelevant. :) ) After that, she would say hi to me every time she saw me for almost a year before I beat myself in the head with a baseball bat (figuratively) and started actually pursuing her. She was busy during the regular school year, but her schedule is more free this summer and I finally got her to go out with me, and I run into her pretty regularly in the cafeteria here.

Okay, positive stuff out of the way... In general conversation today, she added some new detail to her usual weekend activities. I already knew that she usually went out drinking every weekend. When I asked her today what she did over the weekend, she had to think about it for a while before deciding that she couldn't remember. She talked about being able to drink more before, and now she is completely drunk from only two or three drinks. She also mentioned that she usually doesn't remember anything when she is that drunk, and that just this weekend she only remembers waking up somewhere (she didn't say exactly) around 11AM and coming back to her room before doing stuff for the day, meeting a different friend in that evening, and going back out to a bar again.

To add some random details for perspective : I don't drink, ever. I saw enough of my dad (who took me to bars a lot - plus side was lots of quarters to make me as good as I am today at video games), my mom (who worked as many as three waitressing jobs at a time after she left my dad to have money for us to live on, and almost always were a restaurant with a bar, so I saw that a lot also), and my sisters (my dad had four girls before he married my mom, the youngest is seven years older than me, so they all drank while I was still very young also.) I also was referred by a couple teachers who knew my sisters (they all went to the same schools that I did) to various alcoholism programs for kids in junior high for either kids who drink or whose family members are alcoholics - nothing that I ever thought was directly useful to me, but interesting to see other people's situations and lots of psychology information.

Random other useless data : She's Japanese, and her English is decent. Her parents have lots of money and pay for all of her schooling and her vacationing between semesters. She went to a school in Japan that didn't require uniforms (very rare for those who aren't familiar with Japanese culture.) According to lots of different sources (males and females, pretty much any nationality), she's one of the prettiest of the Japanese girls here.

Must gut instinct tells me that I should not bother persuing her, and that her not-student-side will be more trouble than it's worth for the otherwise fun, non-drinking side. Am I being paranoid, or am I overthinking this? Does anyone have any advice from specific situations they've been through that are similar to mine?
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1. What job or career would you absolutely hate to have?
2. Do you use spray, stick, or roll-on deoderant?
3. What's your favorite website (besides LJ)?
4. What's your favorite piece of jewelry to wear (if you wear any at all)?
5. Would you rather own a private jet plane or a private island (location is your choice, and you could get to the island without having to have a private plane)?
6. Would you rather have a lifetime supply of yellow post-it notes or paperclips?
7. What is one talent/hobby/skill that you don't have but you wish you did?

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Im going to starbucks this morning, but Im not craving my usuals...White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Frap, ...something else I cant remember. Im also in the mood for a frap...so...what should I get?

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Apparently there are a lot of us from the Chi-town area...
How does someone "new" (I've been gone for the past two years) to the area under 21 meet people? Its only 6 months til my birthday, but I have a feeling its going to be death until then.
Along the same line is there anything that I can do here?

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A) In this age of seemingly imperial evidence of the existance of ghosts, from photographs and EVP, to stories of ghost encounters so numerous in scope, and the probability that half or mostly everyone you know has had some inexplicable supernatural encounter of their own to share

How do you skeptics and naysayers explain it all away? I'd really like to know

B) For UFOs, there have been multitudes of photographs and sightings worldwide, sometimes viewed by hundreds of people at the same time. They have been sighted by the military, by commercial airlines, by presidents. And there's the rather inexplicable subject of crop circles. In the 'true' circles, the stalks are not broken (which is what would happen if you walked over them with boards, ie, the fakes) but heated up at the base and bent over. The stalks actually will continue to grow in true circles, and also, the seeds in crop circles are rendered sterile.

How do you skeptics and naysayers explain the multiple sightings and the crop circles?
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I was painting my toenails blue yesterday (getting ready for 4th of July festivities) and I started thinking about feet and toes.

Do you like feet? Not in a foot-fetish way, just in general.
Do you like your feet?
Have you ever looked at someone's feet and wished that they would never wear sandals or go barefoot around you?

Bonus question: If your toenails are painted right now, what color are they?

Computer question

I have Windows XP Home Edition, and I was wondering if there was a way to 'lock' a folder... so that maybe you needed a password to acess certain folders??

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a really long and annoying question

ok... so i have a cell phone plan with Company A. my then bf (further referred to as my ex) was with Company A also, but we decided to get on one plan and split the minutes in hopes of save some money by doing so. My ex and I have since broken up, and his stepmom purchased a new phone and plan for him (with Company A). He has asked that i end his line (he says he will pay for it). I said that was fine. I then received a $526 cell phone bill from Company A (YIKES!) because they fucked up royally. This is the THIRD time that Company A has fucked up my bill. i'm tired of it. So i told Company A that they had screwed up and i was tired of it, figuring i'd get a new plan with Company B. (Company A is in the process of determining how much i ACTUALLY owe them.) It turns out Company B wants a $400 deposit. I don't really have $400, plus the $150 to end my line with Company A, plus whatever else my bill ends up being with Company A, to just throw away. the only real options for plan providers are Company A and Company B. Throw in then that i have a new bf, who has a cell phone plan with Company B, and is willing to put me on his plan (provided i pay my share and whatnot).

So... i can 1- stay with Company A in hopes that they'll get things right (although i will end up with less minutes than Company B gives me for the same price), 2- get on a plan with the new bf and risk this whole thing happening again, 3- pay the $400 deposit and just work extra hard the next couple weeks, 4- say "screw this" and put the decision off for at least a month and a half.

what should i/would you do?
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I leave for Germany in three weeks, and I'm thinking that I need a clever name for my blog while I'm there- both a blog title and a username. My name's Ellen, and I'm spending a year there.

Any suggestions?
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Do gelatin(e)-free marshmellows exist? Are they just as tasty?

Does anyone know a vegan recipe for rice crispie squares? I have organic "rice crisps" cereal. Help me out.

*need to go find a vegan community*

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what is bothering you today??

me = i have a tiny zit under my right eye
when i look in the mirror its just a pink spot
when i look down under my eye from the corner, it looks like a huge mountain

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As part of my media studies for school, I have to make a short film. During the shoot, I want to have a monitor so I can watch the shoot as it's happening.

I don't want to carry a monitor or television around, and have thought that through some way or another, I may be able to convert my iBook (which runs on OSX Panther) to a makeshift monitor to which I can connect to my camera through FireWire. Is there any way this can be done? If so, can you reccommend any (free, or shareware) programs that would work?

I've tried searching the Apple.com boards, and google, but it's been fruitless.

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Does anyone else get a teeny bit weirded out when someone friends you, does not belong to any communities you belong to, has never exchanged any comments with you, and has absolutely no entries in their own journal and the only thing at all in their journal are 2 memories, written by other people in communities, one of which features a comment you left regarding not wearing underwear?

Is it just me, or.....?

(x-posted to my own journal so hopefully the weirdo says something or leaves)

Curiousity strikes

An interesting question just came to mind...

A woman earns 75 cents to every dollar a man makes (here in the US, at least). Now, if I were to cross dress and completely pass as a man without being found out, would I make more money?
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Windows and Harry Potter

1. Now, I've been to six European countries (well, eight technically, but the other two are Monaco and Vatican City) - Britain, France, Italy, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. In none of these countries have I seen screens in their windows like we do in Canada, and as I've heard from others, not having window screens is normal across Europe.

Why don't Europeans have screens in their windows? It's not because there aren't mosquitos or other bugs, because I've been bitten to pieces by mosquitos during the night both in Italy and in Latvia.

2. If you had to replicate a lesson from a Harry Potter book in the real world, how would you do it? I think Potions, Charms, Herbology, Astronomy, Ancient Runes and Divination would be fairly easy to do, but how would you replicate Transmogrification or Flying lessons? Any wacky ideas you may have on how to replicate any of the lessons would be great (an idea I had for summer camp, to have a Harry Potter-themed day).

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Is it illegal to NOT get a paystub? If your employer never gives you one or refuses to give you one, is there anything that can be done about it? Where could I find that info? US Dept of Labor?
...there was a FIREFIGHT!

food questions

-Are the pink Starbursts flavored like strawberry or watermelon?

-Why don't most restaurants serve breakfast after a certain time? Shouldn't they give the customer whatever they want, provided they're willing to pay? This applies doubly to fast food restaurants, where it can't be that much harder to keep microwaving breakfast.

-My father's friend gave him a bag of Canadian candy, called Smarties (they're basically the equivalent of US M&M's). Does the candy coating come in different flavors by color or is there no reason for the "Do You Save the Red Ones For Last?" thing?

-Do you get annoyed at picky eaters?

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In the Fruit of the Loom logo what are the fruits?

There is the apple and red grapes, but what are the other green things that look like grapes and the yellow things? On the site the yellow things are round, but in the commercial with the people in costume the yellow things are shriveled and crinkly.

Hotlinked image for easier guessing!

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Any teenagers in here have a difficult mother.

I swear, my mother is CRAZY. As of right now, I'm debating on whether or not to move in with my grandmaw.

I really don't know what to do bc I don't wanna leave my stepdad bc he's the best. I don't wanna leave my cat (but maybe my gmaw would let me take him? I doubt it?), or I don't wanna leave my computer.

Also, my best friend lives like 2 miles down the road. And my gmaw lives about 20 minutes away.

I don't know what to do right now. My mom just had one of her crazy spells and like tried to break my nose lmao!


I found an item on ebay that I really would like to bid on, but the seller is in the UK so all the bidding is done in GBP. I am ok with that, ebay even lists the dollar conversion for me. My question is, how do I pay the seller? I was intending on using paypal, but will paypal do the conversion for me? Do I just pay the seller in dollars and let her do the conversion?

I am very confused.

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If I was to tell you that in the 19th century, there are dozens of cases where women took male pseudonyms, and posed as men in order to join the Army or Navy during the Civil War, and a handful of them continued to keep their male identity, as with that identity they could vote and enjoy the legal privileges only males enjoyed at the time, would you assume said women were lesbians, and/or had homosexual tendencies?

EDIT:And why or why not?

(I say this because I mentioned several facts and reasons at the museum I work at, and one of the ladies I was talking to (all in their 50-60s), replied "Oh! So they were the first lesbians!" (Now I know they weren't the first, but..) and my mother had the same sort of thought process when I told her what happened.)
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Is it normal to still be able to see sunburn/tan lines, a year after the fact? I don't go out in the sun much and I'm the type who doesn't tan, only burns. Last May (2004) I got a really bad sunburn on my back and you could see the lines where it didn't burn due to my swimsuit top. Well, I can still see the pattern on my back and I haven't set foot in the sun since then, much less worn that swimsuit. What the hell? It's not even tan, it's just red and white skin.

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I was going to post this before that stupid Fruit if the Loom question (they're all apparently grapes...) so sorry about multiple posts today.

I have never stepped foot inside a church that I can remember. I did when I was wee, up until maybe 2 years old or so, but I don't remember that at all. I am currently interested in checking that whole situation out. The situation of actually stepping foot into a church. I'm kind of nervous though that I'll do something stupid or not do something I should or completely offend everyone there. I'm planning on checking out an Episcopalian parish. Can anyone tell me what to expect and anything I should know beforehand? I'll be going alone, which also adds to my nervousness a bit. How long before the service starts should I show up? How should I dress?

I posted this in my journal last night and I'm curious on a bigger scale so I'll add this in too:
If you have any religious affiliation, what denomination are you? Even if you aren't currently active I'd be interested to know what you previously practiced.

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what exactly am i supposted to do here?

here is my homework assignment.

you will do research on a Congressional bill that has been introduced this session. Find a bill on thomas.loc.gov or congress.org and summarize it for us. You should bring your one paragraph summary and the legislation to class to discuss with your party on June 30th. Your group will choose legislation to introduce in our in-class mock-Congress.

now, obviously, i know i need to find a bill, but how do i find the legislation?

edit:ive found everything.
now, i need to write a summary of the bill,however,when writing the summary, how do i write the summary
without writing out the whole bill?

magazine subscriptions...

does anyone know of a honest, inexpensive magazine subscription club thing?
(like the cd clubs, where you get like ten for a dollar, or something...) one that doesnt have any small print that's gonna cost me lots of $ without knowing it...
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How common is the netspeak acronym "FTW"? I used it in a comment today, then thought about the fact that I've only heard it in the game Dark Age of Camelot.

It means "for the win."

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Why do some cars say "this vehicle stops at all railroad crossings"?

and also, why do they actually stop at railroad crossings?

ps. I saw 2 cars in the last week (with that written on the back) that did not stop at a railroad crossing!
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I know I want to major in English when I go through college. My current plan is to become an English teacher, but a lot of people seem to think that teaching high school is hell. I very well might still become an English teacher - I'd like to eventually teach in college. But I was just wondering what other career paths I could look into with a major in English.


Someone sent me this freaking riddle and it's bothering me

Are you smart enough to figure it out? This is a two part riddle you will never
guess the second part without the correct first answer.

What/Who is
revered by the most powerful throne on earth, cursed by the oldest, and
misunderstood by the newest?

I was commonly known as a friend and a son
of the previous. Since my death I have travelled the Mediterranean and my bones
now lay in which city?

misc - not a weapon

I quit a job I liked :(

I quit one of my jobs yesterday because of my boss. It makes me sad, because I loved the job, but I can't deal with her anymore. Now that I'm out, though, I have some things I'd like to take care of regarding her behavior.
1. She took time off my timecard. Literally she whited out what I wrote and re-wrote an earlier time so that I would get paid less.
2. I never got the breaks I should have gotten by law because I worked alone.
3. She refused me holiday pay. I don't think there are any laws about this, but it still annoys me, as do many other things about her and the way she runs her store.

As for the first two, what can I do about it? I'm going to report to corporate I guess, but I don't think they will do anything. What would you do?

ETA: I live in Indiana, USA.

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1. Have you tried Red Bull? Good/bad?

2. Have you tried mixing Red Bull with vodka? Good/bad? I've heard it's supposed to be potent stuff.

3. Have you tried mixing Red Bill with any alcohol?
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Amount of Facial Hair?

Are there men out there who grow no facial hair and have no need to shave (excluding those who have weird hormonal imbalances or who have not gone through puberty or such cases like that)? Do any of you men have little or no facial hair, naturally? Is the amount of facial hair related to age (in adults), or does it run in families, or both?
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i have wordperfect office 11. i typed up a story and need a word count.
where on earth is the word counter?!
i feel as if ive scoured the entire toolbar. ive used the word counter before, and i cant now. im not seeing it. im going crazy!

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people who eat white bread: why?
I guess also people who eat wheat: why?

Because, I bought one loaf of white because it was cheaper than wheat... I got another half loaf from the boyfriend (because he's on vacation in another state for nearly two weeks)... and I've finally placed the taste and texture of what I'm eating.
to me, it tastes/feels like I'm eating a high quality and very soft but altogether tasteless washcloth.

I prefer wheat because it's better for you, has a taste, has texture...
(my family had white and wheat bread. It used to be just white, but then I asked for us to start getting wheat... which my father supported... but my mom and brother refused to switch.)

Is there a word you always typo? I keep typing "becuase". I don't think I've gotten it right the first time in a month or two now. I know how to spell it, but I guess my fingers want to fuck with me.

edit for new question: if a train track has hills/trees around it in such a way that you can't look both ways for the train until you're right next to the track(remove hills or trees and it'd be fine. more feasible to remove trees), or the guy in one of the corner lots at a T intersection has bushes so that you have to scoot very far forward(in a large car, far enough to make you worry about your headlights) to see if you're clear to turn.... what can be done, other than saying "hey, guy, didn't a chick just get killed at this intersection? that might not have happened if you would cut the fucking bushes down." ? ... and the trees/train thing I think is city property. or something. no one person owns it. how would one go about getting the trees cut down?

it's over

I had a friend (let's call her B) who stopped talking to me in early April because she was offended by something I said to her girlfriend. Basically, I wrote something to her gf saying that she needs to grow a spine and stand up for herself. B read it because it was on the gf's laptop. Angry, this friend suddenly stopped talking to me. She didn't tell me she was mad at me at first but I figured it out. She eventually wrote me an e-mail that sounded like she was venting over years of things that she hates about me, certain things I do and say. So I apologized but didn't take back anything I said and I was honest and said something like, "I don't think you realize how much your gf compromises for you." To me, I was being an honest friend, but she took more offense to it.

So... it's been 2 1/2 months since she talked to me. Last week, she started IMing me like nothing happened -- the same chit chat we use to do. She hasn't tried calling me by phone yet (until today when she left a voicemail on my cell). Now she invited me and my partner over for the holiday weekend. They live 2 hours away and before, we'd go out there and stay overnight or an entire weekend.

My question is :

Should I go? and, What would you do?

I don't like this phony resolution without resolving anything. She's not a talker. As long as I've known her, she has a very limited ability of having heart-to-heart talks with her friends.

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Ok.....I was sat watching TV earlier, and I saw a little 'thing' run along my floor hugged up against the wall. I think it is a field mouse or something. Once my heart had dropped back into my chest cavity *GULP* I shut the front room door, hoping that it hadnt ran out already.

Now..the dilema.....

I have 3 tame mice in a cage in the dining room.

Will the wild mouse find them and cause them grief?? (assuming it escaped the front room before I shut the door)
What should I put in the trap to catch it??... (I'm going to get a live trap, so I can release it somewhere else)
Can Mice climb stairs??? (Cos I dont wanna go to bed now!! LOL)

EDIT: Ok, yes mice can climb stairs, as I ventured up to bed he was sat waiting for me on the 3rd stair!!!
I think I chased him eventually out the back door!!!
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Me--State Fair


I had Foxy Tunes on my version of Firefox, and I downloaded a screen saver this afternoon that wanted me to install some crappy toolbar. I tried to cancel, but that didn't work. I realized later on that my Foxy Tunes has vanished. I uninstalled the offending screensaver AND the toolbar, and I've uninstalled and reinstalled Foxy Tunes numerous times. The only thing I haven't done yet is restart the computer, which I can do, but takes forever to start up...rawr.

Anything I might have left out that I can also do?

Fixed! :-D
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