June 26th, 2005

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1. What's the weather like where you are?
2. Have you ever worked with Microsoft Access in order to build a database? If so, do you have any words of advice?
3. What is your favorite food to cook/bake/fix?
4. Do you prefer swimming or running?
5. What word or image comes to mind when you read/hear the word: key
6. If you could talk to anyone in the world for five minutes on the phone right now, who would it be (could be a friend, family member, world leader, celebrity, etc.)?
7. Would you rather live in an igloo or a tent in the desert?

Food is good.

What's the farthest you've ever driven specifically to eat somewhere?

Today, I'm going to Sonic in Yuba City with my family, about an hour and fifteen minutes away. I mentioned that we should go at the dinner table a few days ago, and my stepmom started waxing nostalgic about going to Sonic back in her high school days...So we're going there.

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And Thoughts of Zombie-Zoms Danced in Their Heads

So, I watched Land of the Dead yesterday, and I absolutely could not sleep soundly last night. I would wake up after a nightmare about it, only to keep thinking about it and not be able to sleep again. I tried staying up and playing video games, I tried sleeping with a light on (I usually sleep in total darkness), nothing worked.

I had this same reaction to The Ring when I saw it for the first time.

What was the last movie that provoked this reaction in you?
What did you do about it?
What do you do when you wake up after nightmares?
What do you do when you can't sleep for fear of having nightmares?
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The Backstory...

I have a 13 year old Australian Shepard who is quickly heading toward the end of his life (It isn't imminent, but it will be within the year I imagine...)

For a while, even before he began getting sick, I have wanted to add a puppy to the mix (for various reasons, mostly because he was my running buddy, and he can no longer go with me for very long, and I would like a pup to be able to go on my longer runs with me...

Well, cut to this weekend... I have found the perfect little pup... 5 months old, a dainty little mutt puppy, she'll probably grow into a small to medium dog, somewhere around 30-40 pounds... she was dumped at a no-kill shelter in the area... she's not yappy, already housetrained, and enough stamina to grow into a good runner...

But the problem... I feel guilty... horribly, horribly guilty about getting a puppy when my boy is not doing so well... Now, if he was doing just fine, I would have absolutely no qualms about getting another dog... but, since he is, I am...

Do you think I'm being over-dramatic about the issue? My boy likes other dogs, and plays with the neighbors puppy, but I'm just afraid he'll feel like I'm trying to replace him...

What would you do?

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Does anyone know if a 1980 yamaha special II 400 can take unleaded fuel?


Do you know of a place that I can get this question answered on a sunday?
I've tried:
All the dealerships in the area (all closed)
Yamaha itself (also closed)
and the internet, but I am not having much luck.
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Damn it! I hope someone can help me out because this is driving me mental.

Formated my iPod to PC. Great. I installed the newest iTunes for the PC. Works a treat. Installed the iPod updater and there begins my woes.

1. Computer recognises iPod but the updater just says "Connect iPod to update". I plug it in and nothing. Will not recognise it at all.

2. iTunes wont recognise the iPod either and it's starting to really frustrate me. Made sure everything was updated etc etc and it's still screwed.

3. Will buying the dock for said iPod help?

There have been a plethora of iPod questions and I'm not sure if it's been asked before. I remember something simmilar but fucked if I can find it on my firends page. Apologies for any inconvienience/double up.
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You know that X-Files DVD they've been running commercials for? Is that something new, or just old episodes repackaged? (From the commercials, it looks that way.)

Am I the only person who thought Napoleon Dynamite was not only not all that funny, but pretty darn stupid?

ETA: There is somewhere a site that I cannot find, due to my computer being dead and my bookmarks lost. It's a huge single page, all text, with a staggering amount of information on Roman holidays and religious customs. If I remember correctly, it was part of a fairly old book that is now out of print. Anyone have any clue what I'm talking about? Google isn't coughing it up...

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I'm going off to college (LMU) in August and am going to need to buy my first laptop. Any suggestions as to specifics that I will need on the laptop or how I should go about looking for the right one for me?
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A Few Abandoned Games

Prompted by an earlier post, perhaps you can lead me to a few games I remember from ages and ages ago. In some cases, I have names, in others, just descriptions. If you recognize the game, please fill in the blanks. If you know where to obtain a copy (preferably free), please do so as well.

1. Macintosh system, a small game, picture a tall rectangular town, at the top is a coliseum, on either side are shops and perhaps training facilities, it's a simple RPG type game.

2. Also Mac, I want to say it was called "Diamonds" or something like that, all I can remember are colored shapes, like diamons and spheres, and trying to either clear the board of them, or navigate a maze, perhaps a puzzle solving game.

3. There were several games that we had for AppleII on 5" floppies, one in particular was something like "Butterfly Rescue" or along those lines. I remember trying to save something from goblins or trolls, there were lots of little mini puzzles, one in particular was trying to catch shapes in a truck.

Any thoughts?
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Does anyone here have Lingo or Vonage? I am familiar with viop and would like to continue the service - I just need a new provider. Right now I have Broadline and it's terrible - the MTA's constantly go bad, it takes forever to get customer service to actually help us and when we DO get someone, they're incompetant. Also, people frequently ask us if we're on a cell because we're 'breaking up.' So if anyone has either of those two and can offer reviews for me, I would be super appreciative! TIA.
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For those out there that can decipher latin and phrase it properly can you tell me if the following are correct please?

Fortino ortus - to bless birth
Vivo vixi victum forto - be alive, maintain strength
Corroboro amour - to strengthen love

Also I'm after which is the more correct

Ut vivo vixi victum itaque/quod forto - to be alive and maintain strength
Corroboro per/cum amour - to strengthen with love
Ortus corroboro per/cum amour - birth to strengthen with love

I'm tempted not to use 'cum' in the last couple due to the dirty connotations with the spelling. However if it's more correct then I'll use it.

The meanings came from an online Latin/English translator. It's for my boyfriend's Godson's christening. I'm making his christening shirt(it's in conjunction with a medieval themed wedding)and I thought it'd be nice to put on it.
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reusing a name.

Does anybody in your family (everything under your own grandparents generation.. aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins kids... not third cousins or great-great uncles...), share the same first name?

What's the name and what's the relation of the people who share it?

Is it weird? Does it create confusion?

Do you think it's rude or awkward to use a name that is already in your close family?

How would you feel if a relative used your name for their own kid?

My sister and my aunt have the same name, but my aunt was married in when my sister was about ten, so there was little choice in "reusing the name." It doesn't create too much confusion... we usually know who's being talked about based on the context. I think that's the only case in my family.


How do you convert from VHS to DVD? I heard about going to Yes Video but I'm not sure if I want to do that. See, I was in the LGBT Pride Parade in San Francisco and I have it saved on my DVR. I can transfer it to VHS and eventually want it on DVD, but I don't necessarily want the whole thing (2 hours) on DVD. I might just want the 5 minute clip. Plus, I want to make an mpeg out of it so I can send it out by e-mail. Any suggestions?

Stupid Touchpad...

I have an HP Pavilion notebook that I have had for a few months and I absolutely love. However, the touchpad is driving me crazy. The center has become all shiny and doesn't always want to work... especially when my finger may be anything but the driest of dry and cool (and this being summer... warm and sticky is reigning supreme). I drag my finger across and I get no response.

I'm wondering if the shiny part is something that I have put down ON the touchpad and can be removed somehow or if I have worn OFF the slightly textured surface. I am sort of hoping the former and it is just natural oils from fingers. If that is the case, how can I remove this substance carefully?

Anyone even know what I am talking about? .. or waht I could google for to find others with a similar issue? I couldn't find anything.
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1. could someone give me a review/names of actors/year made etc of harold and maude? that is, the one from which Collapse ) screencap and antichrombies icon came from? my googling is only giving me what i presume to be an original, as this seems to be a remake.
i suppose in my mind those particular screencaps looked more "recent" than the others ive seen. ill start doing my homework.

2. has anyone ever watched the "freaky ghost video" ive seen links to on wimp.com and ebaumsworld.com? im curious, but im wary to submit my email address to anything.
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Have you ever stayed home or avoided social situations because of the way you currently looked (zits, buffy eyes, etc.)

Me? I've been home all day. I'm all broken out... and I'm very depressed about it. No medication thus far has helped me. I even feel embarassed to walk around my own home without makeup.

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A year or so ago, a movie aired on NBC, or ABC or one of those stations and it was the Lucille Ball story. I never got to see the end of it and Im a huge fan. I havent seen it on or on DVD since the very first night, does anyone know where I can find it?
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What's your opinion on/explanation for:

1) UFOs/Aliens?
2) Bigfoot/Yeti?
3) The Loch Ness Monster?
4) Ghosts?
5) The idea that dinosaurs may be hiding in the deep African jungles?
6) Mythological Creatures?
7) Anything else along these lines?

Firefox favorites

Why do my favorites keep disappearing from Mozilla Firefox? It's happened several times over the last six months, the most recent time being at some point in the last 12 hours.
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I have a question... well a few actually...

First of all, what is the grade average equivilant to a GPA of 3.8? And is that good? I'm a bit confused... and secondly, would you be happy with that GPA? My parents aren't so pleased with me but I'm just curious how I actually did!

computers, college, and music

so im having problems with my computer,
my pop up blocker for internet explorer wont stay on even if i set it so it is always on. how do i fix that?
also, i get SO many pop ups! how do i stop that? besides trying to fix the previous?
and my computer has been giving me a lot of erros recently and today it stopped working basically and turned to a blue screen that said fatal error and i couldnt turn it off. so i popped the battery out and put it back in and everything was ok. (was this bad? if yes, what should i do next time? and what should i do now?)

also,what is your favorite local band?

also, i get a lot of financial aid for college and whatever for tuition is left, i pay for myself. so i usually only have to end up paying about 1000 dollars a year and my parents pay for my text books. i get out the maximum in stafford loans. which is like 3000 this year i think (im a sophomore in a new york college if that helps). so, i have saved some money which would allow me to not have any loans this year and pay for my tuition in complete, but afterwards i would be completely and utterly broke (but i would still have work study in college...so i would make about 35 a week or so...which suited me fine last year..no complaints). so the question is should i do that? or should i save some money for my future? or next summer in hopes of an internship? or is not having any loans worth it? im really scared to just spend all of my money, so what do you think?

sorry for all of the reading you have to do!

Heads up gaming hardware freaks

I've looked various times on Google, but try as I might I can't find something similiar to this.. except more up to date (it was published in Feburary 2004.. it's June 2005.. surely given the pace computer hardware is developed at.. at least a couple of the suggested parts in the article might have been bested by now by something better)

And I mean "freaks" in the most respectable and kind way possible. ;)
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Can you get them across the river?

Collapse )
I can get the father, the two sons, the police officer and the thief across but whatever I do after that they end up killing each other.

And something else, Can you pass the third grade? I can after a few tries. Do third graders really have to know that and be able to do it that fast?

Can you tell I'm bored and avoiding studying?
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when you go to get a tattoo, is it a big ritual or is it something you just go do?

i have a tattoo i really wanna get (it will be my first) but i'm not sure if i should wait till i'm back in town with all my friends (or even wait till my birthday in october), or just get it while i'm living at home for the summer. i know it doesn't really make much difference but what did you do?

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Did you ever used to have a computer game with a mouse and you started in the middle of the screen and there were blocks between you and some cats and you had to move them around so that you could eat all the cheese without letting the cats get you? If so, what was it called and/or how would I get it? (if it helps, it is a game that came with my 1993 Compudyne, I only just remembered about it and was feeling nostalgic)

Is the word "used" appropriate grammatically in the above question? If not, how would you rewrite the sentence?

boy pants

I'm trying to find a good pair of fitted jeans for my boyfriend. I want to find him a pair that is tightly fitted enough to where he looks sharp, but I don't want jeans that are so tight he looks like he's going to the gay bar.

I know Diesel makes good jeans, but we're on a college student's budget. Anyone know of a brands/stores that sell nice fitting boy jeans at a decent price?