June 25th, 2005

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Anyone else have things in their room that haven't moved in at least ten years?

I have a whole bulletin board of stuff, and i think some of it's been there for something like twelve years. In the same orientation and everything. some likely longer than that.
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I am fairly certain I have asked this before, but I think it is worth asking again.

What is your cause?

Charities you support, organizations you think people should donate to, things we should be made aware of, things you are against and so on.
Sell your cause to us and give us some information, links or even tell us how we can help.

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1. For those of you who have curly hair, how do you make your curls somewhat attractive? My hair is half-curly, but when I try to let the "natural curl" shine through, I end up looking like I have a limp poodle/brillo pad cross on my head.

2. Any advice on how to catch difficult mice? We've got one that won't go for the traps, and the little bastard has gotten cheeky enough to scamper straight across the floor while I'm watching Conan O'Brien.

3. My 10-year-old sister insists that she is fat. Her reasons: "I just AM," and, "I weigh 70lbs.!" Oddly enough, she's the only member of our family who ISN'T overweight. I've talked to her about good body image, I've mentioned the dangers of eating disorders (her response: "I'm not THAT crazy."), I've told her that muscle weighs more than fat, and I've just straight-up said, "You're a healthy weight." She ignores it all. Anybody have any advice for dealing with this situation?
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Does anyone know of some good data recovery programs? I downloaded a season of a show, and I guess instead of clicking "remove task" on bitlord, I clicked "remove task and files". I really don't want to download 8 GB again if I can recover the files.
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I am determined that I am going to make a dessert with spaghetti, simply to prove to my mother that it's possible and that she will like it. My dad made fun of me at first (I don't even remember how the idea came up) but now he says he would love to collaborate with me on it.

Would you ever eat spaghetti as a dessert? What would you put on it? I have a couple ideas but nothing I'm really keen on yet.. but I think it will certainly be delicious!
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Morning phone call

It's Saturday, 9:52 a.m. When is it not too early to make a personal phone call? I want to call a friend. She is a morning person, though I am not sure when she wakes up on weekends. She is 28 and lives w/ her 25-yr-old brother.

The space on my computer is gone.

I have a "critically low amount of disk space" on my computer. It's been like this for a long, long time now and usually I try to fix it a little, but then it gets annoying so I ignore it.

Until now. It's insanely low and I am really looking to remedy the situation.

I suspect that my music may be what's taking up so much space. I have a lot of downloaded mp3's from various places/a long time ago, and I also have iTunes for my iPod. Now, I'm wondering if I could possibly delete all the mp3's in 'My Shared Folder' without removing all the music in iTunes. 'My Shared Folder' has all of the mp3's from Kazaa from forever ago, and I haven't used it/them for a very long time. Would deleting that folder delete my stuff in iTunes too? Or is my music in iTunes stored in a different folder?

I am not necessarily computer illiterate, but to be honest this is one of the things that is a little confusing at the moment. Also, is there any way I could ADD (as in purchase) more space to my computer? Or will I just have to delete things?

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i got my h and m job. woo!

i have my induction on tuesday, 9.30am-1.30am.

1. can anyone tell me what happens at an induction?

2. what should i wear uniform wise?

3. what are the rules for uniform? (i've heard two fingers wide is the strap size required, etc)

i went into a different h and m yesterday and i found a sales assistant wearing converse, which i didn't think you could wear.

4. do you think these cute topshop shoes would be okay to wear foot wise?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

5. do you get paid to do your induction?

sorry, i worry too much.

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i'm starting my first ever nine-to-five type job in two weeks. i've worked retail, restaurants, campus jobs, marketing but never a full time normal houred gig. and on top of that i tend to be a night owl. does anyone have any tips for making the switch and getting up early?
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DVD/CD probs

Hello all.

OK, I know I can't play Euro coded DVDs on an N. American DVD player, but do you think I could play them on my computer?

Also, do the CDs they sell in Europe have the same code the DVDs have? For instance, could I buy a CD in Europe and play it on my N. American bought CD player?

Anyone ever do this?

Also, when buying a "Code Free" DVD player, ie one that will play ANY freaking kind of DVD I want, even bootlegs, what are the symbols I need to look for?

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Has anyone been watching the Discovery Channel's Greatest American countdown? If so:

...which of the inclusions surprised you? (me: Tom Cruise, John Edwards, Brett Farve, Dr. Phil, Michael Moore, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump)
...which of the included do you think shouldn't have made the list? (me: Dr. Phil, Donald Trump)
...of the top five (Martin Luther King, Jr., Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan), who do you think should be at the top?
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1. has anyone been in a similar experience of going back out with someone and how did it work out for you the second time?

2. how do you gain back what you lost, friendship wise, trusting each other again from the first time?

3. how do you get over your partner cheating on you, when the two of you are still going out?

4. any blowjob tips for a starter?

5. how do you do doggy style? i can't seem to get the hang of it and it always really hurts my cervix.

6. give me some new positions? i can only seem to do missionary because otherwise it hurts too much.

7. has anyone ever considered sleeping with someone else as a cure to get over the betrayal of their partner, whilst still going out with their partner? did it work?

8. ideas for seduction? how do you surprise your boyfriend?

9. do you think a tight foreskin is irrating my vagina because it is so tight?

10. if i don't have sex for a few months, i seem to close up. when i had sex again this week, it seemed like i was losing my virginity again, really hurting. is this normal? sometimes it feels like that everytime?

11. what do you recommend for someone who went mad on the pill? do you think the patch will help? is there less of one type of hormone in it or something?
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The Beatles

1. Who is your favorite Beatle?
2. Which Beatles album is your favorite?
3. Favorite Beatles song?
4. Are The Beatles in your top favorite bands of all time? Top 10? Top 5? Number 1?

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Say you have a skill that you've been practicing for a good chunk of your life; you've been doing it for about as far as you can remember and have gotten good at it. Do you find yourself unable see things from the perspective of someone who lacks this skill, i.e. failing to understand on some level how they can't do something you can?

As an aside, I draw and have been doing it on and off for 14 years. I often draw characters and sometimes people will ask me how I'm able to draw the same face multiple times and make each facsimile recognizable as the original.
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stressed syllable in Spanish

So, unless there's an accent mark, the stressed syllable is supposed to be the second-to-last syllable?

nadie = na-DI-eh

lluvia = yu-VI-ah

This whole time I've been saying NA-di-eh and YU-vi-ah...which is correct?

And how about Reina...re-I-nah, or RAY-nah?

There's always exceptions to every language rule...so...just double-checking.

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How often (if at all) do you get emails that don't seem like spam but more like it was sent to you by mistake? I have a gmail address that is a dictionary word, though I don't really get mistake emails all that often. I just got this one though:

Collapse )

Interestingly enough I'm into that kind of stuff. I almost want to email him and be like "This isn't Pat but..." It's almost like a networking contact accidently fell into my lap, haha. ;) (yeah, i wish) But yeah, he probably wouldn't mail back. Should I though?
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Several Questions

1. For you travellers: What's the cheapest Internet cafe you've used (not including free), and the most expensive, and where were they?

For me, cheapest is where I am right now, in Riga, Latvia; about US$1 an hour. Most expensive I think was 8 euros (approx US$16 I think) in Milan, Italy. Suffice to say, I didn't stay there long.

2. For the girls: Is there any way to make your period come sooner (just by a few days)? Mine's due to start mid-week next week, and I'd like it to start on Monday.

3. Another travelling question. Boxes of chocolates - best to go in carry-on or checked baggage (suitcase), when flying across Europe, and then a Trans-Atlantic flight?
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All you artsy folks!

Has anyone taken a thrift store canvas painting, unframed, and just primed it and painted something? I got a hideous painting and I was thinking of either collaging over it or painting over it. I could smooth out some of the more protruding paint lumps with a little sandpaper, and just prime over it then paint. It's just one of those canvases pre-stretched that are expensive at Michaels. It's a Fredrix 18"x24"... I quoted some online around $17 and I totally got this one for $2.50.

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Thanks =)
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What's with the new popup ads on Geocities pages? Is anyone else having trouble actually scrolling down pages that have them? They more or less keep refreshing on me and shuttling me back to the top. I'm running Firefox 1.0.
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Men's Rights

(In the US at least) Men currently have little to no rights in the decision to birth, abort, or give a child up for adoption. The decision the female makes is often very upsetting or can ruin the man's life for up to 18 years.

Should men have any rights (and what rights?) in this decision, or is it "Your body; your choice"?

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for those of you that live with your significant other and don't share a bank account. how do you handle groceries and trips to the store? does one of you do the shopping? do you just split everything down the middle?
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Reese - The girl everyone likes

Mac Disk Utility with an iPod used on a PC

My iPod's battery is a piece of garbage for sure and a friend of mine has his Powerbook over here. He's trying to run the disk utility (that comes with the MAC OS 10.3.9) on my iPod to see if there's a disk problem as well as a battery problem. Whe he runs the utility, the results are coming back with errors galore. "The underlying task reported failure on exit" is the last error. Are these errors coming up because I use my iPod with Windows so it's in an unreadable format, or because there's an actual disk problem?

If it matters, I'm using an Apple iPod, 3rd generation.
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Hair Dye

I just dyed my hair last night.

I used the conditioner that came with the box. Then this morning I washed it and used the Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner on it. But it still feels like straw at the ends.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good repair/conditioner?

Car painting

There is a used car I want to purchase and it is perfect. Everything is exactly as I want it to be--except the color. The car is a forest green, and I can live with it, but I am wondering if I could paint the car black or silver once I purchase it.

Is it possible to paint a green car black or silver? How much is a good paint job these days? Any advice?
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Can ice evaporate over time even in low temperature conditions? I went to get ice from my freezer for my knee (they will sometimes pop out and in joint when playing sports, or even when standing up at an odd angle), and the trays had little bits of ice formed in the corners of each space, but for the most part all that was left was a white powdery substance. Did the evil ice gnomes steal my ice, or is this normal?

lavender room?

i dont know what its called exactly, but i think its lavender room.
its the flash game chronologically after crimson room.
the basis of crimson room is youre stuck in the red room and you have to be like sherlock holmes to get out. lavender room is the room once you get out of crimson room.

well my question is,
what is the link to lavender room?
if you can tell me, please do so.
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Why does every McDonald's I visit, when faced with a request for a burger with no mustard and no pickles, feel the need to load the burger down with half an onion and a quarter cup of ketchup?

If I wanted to take the burger apart and spend a couple of minutes scraping crap off, I wouldn't have asked for a special burger in the first place...
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Razor blades

It came up when I was catching up on the last few days of Something Positive, and I can't find the answer online:

Why, when trying to kill yourself, are you supposed to slice down your arm rather than across your wrist? Is it easier to cut deeper? Are you more likely to hit something vital? Is it harder to fix? Do you bleed out faster? What?

I'm sorry, but I didn't know where else to ask.

{ObDisclaimer: Not suicidal, not into cutting, just wondering.)
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Why does wheat bread cost more than white?

Less processing, it should cost less, right? the closest I've ever seen it was the same, when it was on sale. usually it's just a few cents more, but today it was twice as much. .65/1.12.... like they were having a sale on white and decided to up the cost of wheat to cover it.
I actually put a note in the comment drop box asking why. because it pisses me off.
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When you've had a crush on someone, have you ever tried to BE LIKE them?
edit: I mean "crush" in the sense as different than someone you're "talking to" or "mutually interested in." especially someone who doesn't even know you're crushing on them. ...And I mean "be like" differently than focusing on your similar qualities, but trying to ADAPT their qualities that you've never had before, simply because it exists within them.

In what way?

Have you crushed on someone while you were in a relationship? To what degree?

The person on your friends page who updates most frequently, how many posts per day/week do they make?

How many posts a day/week do you make?
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Math Problem


The area of a rectangle is 25 square inches. Express the perimeter P(w) as a function of the width w, and state the domain of this function.

The only thing I'm not getting, is that in the back of the book, it says P(w) = 2w+(50/w)

Am I multiplying the 25 by two because it's square inches or where on earth is the 50 coming from? I'm not graded on the homework but I'd actually like to know why I'm doing this.

Edit: I'm just an idiot :D

Looking for a song...

I'm looking for any information about a particular song. This is what I know of it:

-released in the late '90s
-female vocals
-was a slow, soft, atmospheric song; possibly had electronic embellishments
-refrain most consists of "doo doo doo" and ends with a three-syllable word

Also, I first heard this song in a Claire's Accessories store. Its music video featured the vocalist in a dark outfit in a forest. I don't remember much about it, but I've been dying to know what it's called and who sung it.


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I was hoping to be able to take a Trig class at our local community college this Summer. I had registered for a class a month or two in advance and had been prepared for it. I came into class the first day and only 7 people showed up. The school requires 10, at least, on the first day. So, the class was canceled. Now, I already have clases registered for my next year in school and passing a test to understand Trigonometry is required for those classes. I am a very quick learner for Math and already know a bit of the material, so it doesn't have to be anything too complex..

So, do you know any good Trigonometry textbooks ( as so I can do practice problems and have the answers when I need to check them ) I can work out of amd a website I can them order it off of?
Or a website ( my mom insisted she found one, but we can't refind it! ) that sells videos?
Or even an (preferably free ) online class that I can take without having to be registered to whatever school it's coming from?

Thanks for any help.:)
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(no subject)

1. I get headaches EVERY DAY. Is there any way to stop this?
2. What's your favorite clothing store?
3. What advice would you give a 16 year old who will be entering their junior year of high school?
4. What are some of your favorite books?
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Let me preface this by saying, I'm running a overnight/sleepover program at a museum, and need some ideas for food.

We feed them stew and breads in the evening, but as for the morning, we're still working on it. There is no fire or gas stoves allowed, but we do have electric burners. No refridgeration for more than a day, however.

We've tried oatmeal, but we need to make mass quanities of it (enough for 20-60 people), and few liked or ate it. We've tried fresh fruit and cereal bars, but fresh fruit is expensive, and of course cannot last long. Currently we're using Tastykake/Little Debbie honeybuns, which the groups like, but it seems like we need more to fill the groups up.

So we're stuck. We need this stuff to last for at minimum a month, with no refridgeration (it'll be kept out of the sun, but in a generally warm enviorment), be somewhat inexpensive, and filling. Nutritious would be helpful too, but I can't have everything.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Because I need to make this even more difficult, the more 19th century-sailing ship period, the better.
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Okay, I'm trying to think of an old computer game I played when I was little...

ALL I can remember at the moment is that it was in black and white and for some reason a little flashlight would come up sometimes...like you had to use it in the game or something. It's seriously just right out of my memory's grasp...

Any idea what I'm talking about?