June 24th, 2005

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Lunch! (in the middle of the night?)

If you have a refrigerator in the break room of your work place, do you ever use it?

Has anything of yours ever been STOLEN? What was it? How did you respond?

What do you normally take for lunch to eat?

Can you recommend anything for me to bring? I work a ten hour day and I've been bringing a couple sandwiches or microwave meals.. plus dry snacks to munch on throughout the day; but somehow the last few hours leave me STARVING, even while munching on graham crackers or wheat thins. I guess I can't eat dry crackers fast enough to prevent my stomach from growling. The fridge is all the way downstairs and I already hate leaving the department a number of times to go to the bathroom so I'd prefer not to have to make fridge trips too... so basically anything that can stay fresh in my bag all day and I can eat fast enough (read: not dry) to keep me filled.

What do you eat when you get home from work? Do you ever stop off on the way home somewhere to get take-out?
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My computer is insistent on using someone else's network.

I'm watching the network as it goes from being security enabled to not, back and forth. My computer is able to catch it, so at the moment I'm connected on *their* network.

It won't connect to our network (Granted, it's probably down).

Should I stay on or take this as a sign and get off the comp?

What should I do?

What would you do?


And is it bad that I'm beginning to recognize the (to me) late-night users on the LJ comms I'm in (some of which are in more than one)? x)
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School Loans?

Alright, savy ladies and gents, I need some help. Now please note, I will talk to my school's financial person as soon as I can, but my insomnia + my inability to not worry = nagging questions. Plus, the woman who now does my schools FAFSA and stuff is new to it, so I'd like to ask some people who've maybe gone through something similar Collapse )

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Elementary School

K-5th, I attended Elisabet Ney Elementary School. We had the only 2-story Elementary school in Lake Jackson. Our kelly green ringer shirts read:

Proud To Be A Ney Kid

In 5th grade humor, that means, "Proud To Be Naked".

What school did you go to, and what's one thing you remember about it?

help me!

alright, im sore as anything from working out yesterday and my birthday is on sunday, so im having a little get together with all my good friends tonight. well, i knows theres gonna be movement, so is there any way for me to get rid of the soreness in the timespan of now till tonight?
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A Few More Randoms

1. How many guys have facial hair? In what manner is yours styled? How do you maintain it?

2. This will sound stupid, but I have no idea how to style or maintain facial hair. I have never borne it, but my girlfriend has announced to me that she thinks I would look sexy with facial hair, so I'm a gonna try it. Are there any websites out there that will help me understand this concept? Like, with pictures or video or step-by-step media tutorials?

3. So, the conclusion of my recent poll seems to be that the QC is primarily female in membership, and situates itself in the college age range, bell curving from there. Thoughts? Reactions? Suprised?

4. MediaShout. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyone currently use this as your Media presentation software? Have you obtained V3 yet?

5. What witty and engaging twists have you made to your favorite comebacks? Mine is:
"Aww. I'm going to play the world's saddest song on the world's smallest marimba. *lightly jiggles fingers accordingly*"
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So you've heard of candy-free checkout lanes.

Would anyone actually be interested in magazine-free checkout lanes at the grocery store? You know, so you and your kids don't have to be exposed to Bennifergate 2k5, celebrities and their abandoned BabyDaddies, and the boob jobs people seem to get every three or four months?

How do you think people tolerate having their boobs done three or four times a year? Maybe there's a clip in place somewhere that allows them to pump in or draw out saline?
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Two questions for a long Friday:

1. What are some good movies that have little to no bad language in them? I'm trying to expose my parents to more movies, but they're very sensitive to the f-word.

2. For a long time, I've wanted to get into selling stuff on eBay, to supplement my income and help me raise money for my trip to Europe next year. Does anyone have some ideas for stuff I could either make and sell, or buy and sell? Have you sold this before? Did you make money?

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(no subject)

Alright, I'm curious: Has anyone else read any of Kathy Reichs' books?

If so, here are two follow-up questions:
1) Are you anxious to read the new one, which comes out on Tuesday?
2) How do you feel about the TV show based on Tempe Brennan? (On FOX in the fall.)


Parking at parking meters on the weekends is usually free, right? (specifically speaking of Columbus, in this instance)

If anyone is from Columbus and that is true. . . and you know the hours it takes effect and ends, the specifics would be great =) Thanks!

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Is anyone else having issues with Live Journal not keeping you logged in?

I even went and told it to not log me out when the browser closes and everything. It keeps logging me out the last few minutes and has been doing it the last few days off and on. It's getting a bit irksome.

relationship question

if you read my post ealier, you know im having a get-together with my friends tonight. well, one of them i really like.
no, i dont just like her, im crazy about her.
and i dont know exactly if she has broken up with her bf yet, but she said she was going to.
so what should i do? should i make a move? should i just play it safe tonight?

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(no subject)

1. Do you find it annoying when people refer to their significant other (that they're engaged to) as their "fiance"? I was watching an old episode of Seinfeld the other day, the one where they go to a party and the lady keeps saying "Has anyone seen my fiance?" And now I find myself wondering if it sounds that obnoxious when I say it.

2. I know I could easily find this out for myself, but I don't have time to go to the store until tomorrow. And, as usual, Google let me down. Do they still sell Kodak 110 film in stores? I'm watching ebay auction for several boxes of it,and then auction ends in a few hours, but I'd rather just buy some later if it's still available.

3. What's the absolute worst movie you've ever seen? How about the most overrated?

Everyone always raves about There's Something About Mary, but I watched it the other day and I laughed MAYBE twice. And believe me, my sense of humor isn't very sophisticated. I didn't think The Matrix was that great either.
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Computer locks

I know there are locks for laptops...so that people don't steal them. Are there computer locks for desktops as well? I really need something....
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Is there a scientific word for "balls"?

As in "cock"="penis", "balls"=???

EDIT: Just to qualify, I *do* know what testicle means and what it referrs to. I just couldn't remember what the medical term would be for some reason. It was frustrating. Of course something like this would never happen to any of you.

P.S. Thanks muchly for thouse who came up with the term!
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So, I dye my hair all the time, and I am in the process of said dying, but I have dark blue/black dye ALL over my back, and unlike most times, it wont come off!! This is a brand Iever used, an my shoulders and back are completely blue, including my tattoo. What do I do to get it off? Scrubbing wont work, eeeek!

Secondly, what's everyone doing tonight??

Thirdly, ever have those elementary school moments, like "did you do your homework?" and then "yah, I did it" and then everyone would laugh cause they said they "did it"... are there more?

Fourthly, is their a full out list for primary, secondary, etc. all the way to like, a billion?
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I'm no anthropology major but this is probably going to make me look dumb anyway. I always thought of race as a biological concept. In another community someone mentioned that a certain statement was "racist" and against cultures without a written language. Could cultures without a written language be considered a race? I just tried google and I'm getting different views on whether Jews can be a race, can that be a race, cat this be a race, but nothing that has helped. Rather, it's confusing me more. Silly internet, it's never consistent. ;)
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What's the difference between an EP and and an Album?

For those who have T-Mobile: Did you get a message before your voicemail, saying that there's going to be some changes in their voicemail system? Anything I should be concerned about?

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My question concerns this comment made by someone on another forum. It was a response to someone asking if people's best sex was with the one they loved the most.

Yes, it will be for me. I'm a virgin and I plan for my only partner to be my future husband. The most amazing thing is losing your virginity together (both of you are virgins) on your honeymoon.

To me sex with love, THE one, is the BEST sex there is. Sex with only lust just doesn't have that spark, it can't possibly compare.

Can someone explain the logic behind this? I mean, how would this person know?
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Hey, keep in mind I'm computer retarded and..well, yeah.. Anyway, every now and then, internet explorer will start randomly opening itself repeatedly. If I leave it alone, it'll do this 40 or 50 times. Actually I don't know how many times it'll do it because I always just reboot. Does this sound like a virus? Spyware? Ever heard of this before?

Find a church

I have googled and yahooed this...anyone know of (like anyone really has this off the top of their head, but if you do I'll love you) an online questionaire (a serious one!) that would tell you what denomination of church is best suited for you?
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(no subject)

What have you bought recently that you wish you hadn't (and why?) but are too lazy to return?

Anyone need a pretty red cable?

Why do I feel as if I've gained twenty pounds? My chest and lungs feel heavy; I have to lift my entire torso to take a good breath. I have mild asthma, but it's never affected me like this so suddenly.
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(no subject)

x = buy price
y = sell price
q = quantity

qy-(1.05qx+10)=p where p is profit. (5% tax, 10 fee.)

I want to make a 3-D graph of the price at which you must sell something purchased at a given price and quantity in order to break even (and anything higher than that makes a profit.) Since it will be plotted so profit is 0...


Solve for y (the price at which you must sell to break even knowing the buy price and quantity...)


Why does this look wrong when I plot it using a nifty 3-D graphing utility?

Edit for another question -

The Life and Time of Juniper Lee : Somewhat funny show with a somewhat decent plot whose main character happens to be asian, or show engineering to attract a market segment where no show existed with an asian main super-hero character? (Jackie Chan adventures don't count, that was sort of a niche market, and Jade was designed more to attract girls than asians specifically.)
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(no subject)

I've been with my g/f for almost a year and her birthday is coming up. What's appropriate to get her? One of my friends said not to get her anything because we're not having sex but I don't agree with him. Yeah I'm clueless I don't want to screw this up.
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basic question, but...

Did you have sex today?

Collapse )

*back to furious cleaning*

ps--this is what the alphabet would look like if q and r were eliminated.
pps--when listening to a radio and updating LJ, do you credit the station? I do, just because.
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Im getting a new car. We're leasing it probably, and we would like to keep it under $200. So, I need to look around because we were gonna get the Chevy Cobalt but its a little high. so, Any suggestions?

I need front wheel atleast

and I like cars such as, the Eclipse, Mazda 6...that general...look. \

also besides cars.com wheres a good place to look?

Two totally unrated questions.

1. Does anyone else like to eat sauce? Steak sauce, sweet & sour sauce, honey mustard sauce, chocolate sauce, just SAUCE. All by itself. I love sauce. Sometimes I will get a little container full and just eat sauce. I get sick of it quickly but it's good while it lasts.

2. I am emotionally attached to my tv remote. It has all the buttons in the right place and is just perfect. Except recently (as in at least 1-2 months), some of the buttons have not been working. For instance, the power button and the 5 button don't work. I have adapted to these malfunctions but not having a power button is really starting to infringe upon my unwillingness to get up out of my seat. ANYWAY. I changed the batteries (granted, to some cheap ones cause I don't have good ones atm) and that did nothing. So is my remote actually dying? Will I have to replace this perfect remote with one that does not nearly have such beautifully placed buttons? Or can I save it?!