June 23rd, 2005

Sad Magic

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If it's the early morning when you read this:

What are you doing up so late? When'll you wake up tomorrow?

If it's the middle/later morning when you read this:

What are you doing up so early? When did you fall asleep last night?

If it's the afternoon when you read this:

Why didn't you go out today? (Or: Why are you on the computer at work today? :P)

If it's early evening when you read this:

How was your day? Did you do what you wanted to do?

If it's later evening when you read this:

When are you going to bed? Why?

As for me, it's early morning, and I'm still talking to friends on AIM. Yay, summer! And I probably won't be up 'till about 11 or 12. Yay, summer!
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Do those Enzyte (male natural enhancement pills) really work?
What exactly does it enhance?

What would be the side effects, not being able to get it up?

(:P I'm a girl, I'm just wondering)

Also ;

I'm paying $400 for private driving lessons, the teacher of the class is also the owner, and hes always starting fights with me over dumb stuff, and he'll embrass me and tell me the reason why I don't get it is becuase I don't pay attention becuase I probably have ADD or something. He'll end up making me feel like such shit, and he isn't even that great at teaching. He tries to mess with kids a lot (joke around) but he'll be really lame and say dumb jokes that no one gets.

And, he's very "cheap" with the school. all we do is watch movies from the 80's about driving, and he has about 6 beaten up driving books. I don't understand that getting $400 for every kid in there, and not being able to get better stuff. Should I just swallow my pride, and just ignore him for the rest of the class? (I have one week left)

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The old question - anyone know how I could get some money past winning the lotto or robbing a bank?

Seeling stuff ain't an option as I have nothing of any worth, whoring myself just isn't something I think I could do, I work but it does not pay enough, they don't pay for blood/egg's over here...erm...I'm out of ideas.
Etc: Graffiti: Woman-thing
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Turkey dove?

Bird question. I know nothing of birds, and Googling spits out strange answers (because really, I can't figure out how best to word it for a search engine).

I was watching the news tonight (Fox 2, in Detroit), and there was this short piece about a bird that's been hanging around some sort of pizza/coffee place (I can't remember which) -- yeah, slow news day. No-one knew what kind of bird it was.

It was completly white, about the size of a hefty pigeon. It looked like a dove, except for its tail, which was kind of fan-shaped, almost like a turkey's. "Turkey dove" is what my friend called it, which I'm quite sure isn't the proper name.

Any bird watchers have a clue?

UNI Panthers

all my fruitless searches

A while back, someone asked how one might become a sex educator, and I meant to bookmark the post, as I was interested in it as well, and I forgot, and now I can't find it...can the OP or anyone point me in the right direction?

I have a blister on my toe. It's huge. I should leave it alone, right?

It's going to be about 95 today, and I'm in a house with no air conditioning. What are some ways I can keep cool? I'm drinking water, and sitting naked in front of a fan. I'm just wondering what else I can do...

What is your school's mascot? (or last school, if you're not in school) *points to icon* Panthers for me.
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Sorry, guys.

What's one of your favorite men-bashing jokes?

I think this is a cute one:

"Women are like apples....most men choose the easy ones that hang low on the tree or fall to the ground. That makes the good women who arent quite so easy to feel like there is something wrong with them because they can never find a man. In reality, they are just too good for most men, and it takes a strong, brave man to climb to the top of the tree and pick the good apples, which are sweeter, tastier, and more beautiful.

Men, on the other hand, are like grapes.....it is up to us women to stomp the shit out of them until they are turned into fine wine and are suitable to eat dinner with."
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What is an effective form of extreme stress relief? And by stress, I mean rage. (Had my wallet stolen, not in a joyous mood)
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My seven for the day...

1. Where's the coolest place, in your opinion, that you've ever been (place as in anywhere...country, city, store, forrest, restaurant, house, etc)?
2. What's the most annoying thing that has happened to you so far today?
3. What is your favorite vegetable?
4. What was your favorite book/story to read or be told when you were a little kid?
5. Would you rather be a blade of grass or a leaf on a tree?
6. What's your least favorite song?
7. Would you rather spend your summer in a bustling city or hiking in the mountains somewhere?

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After you have sex - particularly wild sex (different from how you are outside of the bedroom) - do you ever feel bashful? If yes, how do you shake that feeling?

If your partner gets pretty wild in the sack on one occasion, does your overall opinion of them change?
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Cartoons & TV themes

I'm downloading 80's cartoon theme songs to cheer myself up.

What are some of your favorite cartoons or shows from the 80's or 90's?

EDIT: Oh yah, some of my favorites are Gummi Bears, Captain Planet, Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, TMNT, Jem, Rainbow Brite, He-Man.... It goes on and on...
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For those who wear soft contacts... do you ever find that when you open a new set of contacts, the edge of one of the lenses looks like it's torn or cut out a tiny piece? 3 of my boxes of contacts have had this, and WTF! It makes them feel wierd to wear. This is Acuvue.

Edit: I think I'm going to show my eye doctor and contact lens vendor this once I take out the ones I'm wearing. Do you know how to preserve a soft contact lens? they dry up and shrivel so easily.

EDIT 2: Duh. I'll just keep it in the case with the solution so it won't dry out.

For the girls: Period hatin'?

Why does everyone hate their period? (This is re: the comments from this post.)

I find it a freeing thing to embrace the whole menstruation thing. Not like it's going away any time soon, after all.

For me,

- It's like my body's own personal reminder to just slow down, take it easy and be kind to myself.
- I like cycles, the whole "life goes on no matter what" thing. Sure, we all have finals and boyfriends/girlfriends and nagging parents and busy schedules and other life stuff, but it's like being reminded that through all that surface stuff, there's other biological stuff going on all the time that's keeping us alive (our hearts beating, lungs breathing, blood flowing throughout our bodies). I just this it's kind of cool. It's life. (Is it any shock that I love biology classes?)

Two things that helped me accept/embrace my periods rather than hate them:

- birth control pills
- menstrual cup (I use mooncup; there's also divacup and the keeper)

Those two are the best inventions ever, I swear to god.

So questions...

1) If you hate your period, why? Is it because you have painful cramps or heavy periods or you just find the whole process aggravating in general or what?
1a) If you don't mind it or even like it, why?
2) Did b.c. pills or anything else help improve your attitude towards it?
2a) If you hate it and you're not on bc pills, why on earth not? heh
3) Am I the only hippie that sees it as kind of a fascinating process?

Appropriate poem

Here is the situation. My work (a school) just laid off almost half of its teachers. Tomorrow is the last day and I am working on a goodbye/thanks/friendship gift for all of them. I am pretty much done but I can't think of an appropriate poem. We are all pretty close! Anyone know of a good poem (can't be TOO long either) ?

Thanks :)
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Freaky Felines

Okay, I'm trying to help a friend out.

Here's the background:
3 cats living together for about 18 months, all females.
One is 9 years old, the other two are sisters and are about 20 months old.
Things were rough at first but now they get along fine, with an occasional "misunderstanding" resulting in hissing and such.

This morning at 5am my friend was woken up by all three cats fighting in the living room. Howling, growling, hissing, tails fluffed, etc. She managed to separate the older one from the other two after a while, and she's been locked in a bedroom all day. The two sisters were separated most of the day, but a bedroom door was opened when the kids came home and they started freaking out at each other all over again. Now my friend is stuck at work, can't leave to go help her kids with these cats, and can't freakin understand what the hell has got them so riled up.

Personally I have never experiences cats freaking out like this. They aren't calming down, no one can get near them, and now everyone is afraid to even try to get near them. My friend was told is she managed to get them to a shelter, they would be destroyed.

She doesn't trust the two younger cats anymore, she cant't keep them, but she doesn't want them to be destroyed at a shelter.

What are some fast solutions to this problem? Would taking them to a vet help at all? Does it seem like maybe something is medically wrong with them? I really don't know what to do besides taking them to a different shelter and not mentioning the episode they are having so that maybe they aren't destroyed.

What other choices are there??


Have you ever lied instead of telling the truth, because the truth sounded too much like a lie?

Example! On my way to work I got two flat tires. Two!! But I thought that sounded so unlikely that I lied and told my boss I was late because I had one flat tire. Even though it was the truth, she would think I was lying so I did lie!

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What is the Canadian equivalent of the US's FBI? When I have tried Google'ing it, all I get is the Canadian Royal Mounted Police. I did get something called Le CRRP. What is that? My brother said that the FBI told him that the Canadian FBI was Le Gatte. I can't find anything about that at all.
Does anyone live in Bright's Grove, Ontario? Anyone in Ontario or British Columbia?
Can anyone help me find my niece and nephew? They have been missing for 2.5 months now. Since 04/11/05.
I'm done.

Here is the poster of them.

songs in movies

Think of songs that have had their meaning changed or warped forever because of their use in a film.
It happens every so often, and I'm trying to remember more.

So far i have....

"Singing in the Rain" because of Clockwork Orange
"Stuck in the Middle" - Reservoir Dogs
"Young Americans" -Dogville
"Walking on Sunshine" -American Psycho

Try it, it's fun!
It can't be a song that was made just for the movie. Only an existing song.
I also noticed i only thought of happy songs that were forever changed because of their ironic use during violence. I wonder if it ever goes the opposite way?

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Anyone know some good industrial/gothy/techno kind of music that I may be missing out on?

I already listen to Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Sisters of Mercy, KMFDM, Eisbrecher, NIN, TKK, Razed in Black, Theatre of Tragedy....but there must be more! More!

So if you know of any, please tell me so I can be happy and discover more bands.
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Am I the only person out there who hated Catcher in the Rye? I read it, hoping it'd get better, but it didn't. Plus, I thought Holden was an obnoxious pain-in-the-ass, and hardly worth admiring.

With that said: are any of Salinger's other books better than Catcher?
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Okay, so now that I am using my computer at home for longer periods of time, something is really starting to annoy me. Pop-up windows labeled "Messenger Service" keep pestering me with warnings of impending doom (my computer is damaged, my privacy is in danger, etc.). They only appear while I'm online, proving they are BS. I switched over to the dreaded Netscape (from Firefox), which has a pop-up blocker, but it didn't work for these official looking pop-ups. Spybot isn't helping. Does anyone know an easy, free way to get rid of them?

JAM <3


What kinds of snacks can you make with peanut butter?

PB&J is good, but I *love* peanut butter and apples. I've also heard of it put on celery but I've never tried it.
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so I recently set up a roadrunner account because they finally showed us how to get our new accounts. I've had it for about a week or more and today I got this e-mail:

Collapse )

The funny thing is, I never had an account with that bank, I never even knew it was a bank! Do you think maybe someone signed up an account with my e-mail? Or put an e-mail in wrong and I got it? I'm not clicking on the link just in case it's a virus, but it's so weird.
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You are given 3 options

A) You may raise your IQ by 10 points. In exchange, you will have a permanent 1" scar on your face somewhere. If you ever decide to take plastic surgery to correct it, the IQ points will vanish


B)You may increase your beauty by 1 point (on the scale of 1 to 10). In exchange, you will lose 10 IQ points


C) You have nothing done. You walk away as you are now

Bonus: You may take either option (A or B) 3 times, so you may increase your IQ by 30 points in exchange for a 3" scar, or lower your IQ by 30 in exchange for +3 to your attractiveness (scale of 1 thru 10)

What do you choose? Also, tell me where on your face you'd put your scar, if you got one
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Does this phrase make sense to anyone else?

"whatever paperbag princess, with hole in bag showing but, with soapy sponge, while dancing on her island oasis."

It's a coworker's MSN name, and when I questioned her about it she said "You wouldn't get it anyways".
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I just started one of my summer jobs babysitting (well not babysitting...they're 9, 10, and 11 yr old active girls)my aunt's sister's kids for 3 days a week. We had a lot of fun today ( we went to the playground, played some tag games, went to the pool and played in their backyard), but I can't us doing this same thing every day and still having as much fun. So, what're some fun things to do for the summer? I have a few outings (movies, zoo, beach, hiking)and a few inside activities (games, crafts, cooking/baking) in mind. What were your favorite things to do on summer break as a kid?