June 22nd, 2005

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My lower back is killing me! My office chair is the most uncomfortable torture device known to man, and despite my complaints, I don't see my boss replacing it anytime soon. I've had desk jobs before with longer hours, and I've never been in pain like this, so I know it's the chair.

ANYWAY--I was wondering, does anybody here know of any good exercises, maybe some stretches, that might help? I have some stuff that I got from a physical therapist years ago (for an unrelated problem) that's helping my upper back and shoulders, but it's doing nothing for my lower back. I can't even bend over to feel the cats without moaning.

I did a Google search, but I thought I'd pick your brains, too.

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Tires. . .

For people that know something about tires. . .I am going to get them today, because we need new ones really bad. But I have not a clue what to get. I haven't ever had to get tires for my car since I've only had it for a year. I'd ask my fiance but he is sleeping. I own a 4 door 97'honda civic. Is there an amount that I shouldn't spend above or below? I'm thinking about going to firestone since they have a deal on firestone/bridgestone tires.. Or would it just be wiser to go to the place and ask them what they think is best?? Im afraid if I do that, they will rip me off. .

Help.. please? lol.
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Free Cell phone ringtones

FREE Cell phone ringtones?
Does anyone know where I can go to download FREE cell phone ringtones (the ringtones of my phone suck!!)? Is there usually a "catch" for downloading free ringtones (eg. service charge, etc.)?
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could someone help me find a good download of "smelly cat" from the show friends, please? i need itunes to be able to play it.

can you think of some other good cat songs?
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I need to brush up on my grammar before college starts. My school system never taught us anything, and everything I know about writing I learned from my mother. I have tried a few websites, but I get confused easily, and I guess my question is as follows...

Do you know any good websites and/or books that teach college level grammar? Hopefully ones that are detailed, but easy to follow?

Thnaks alot!
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Au pairing

Has anyone here been an Au Pair? Where did you au pair? What was the best part about it? The worst?

And a bonus question: did you go through an agency? Which one?
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(no subject)

1. Do you have any major phobias?
2. What's your favorite fruit juice?
3. What word or image comes to mind when you hear/see the word: create?
4. What's the highest building you've ever been in?
5. If you could repaint the interior of your house/apartment/dorm room, what color scheme would you use?
6. What's your favorite healthy snack?
7. Would you rather be a sea turtle or an armadillo?

shallow matters

1. a)If you are dating/married, what is the ethnicity of your partner and yourself?
b)If you are single, what is your preferred ethnicity in a partner, or ethnicity of past partners?

2. How important is culture and ethnicity for you when it comes to dating and marriage?
How important is it for your parents? Explain?

3. Do you think interracial marriage affects their offspring negatively, positively, or other/neither? Explain?

4. If you are in an interracial relationship and it has caused problems in your family, how do you deal with it?

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Soundtrack question!

In Ocean's 12, when Vincent Cassel (dare i mistake his name? its the french thief) is showing off dancing his way through the motion detectors in the museum, this fabulous middle eastern instrumental plays.
Does anyone know the details for me to find it?

(i cant google, i am at the office-restricted-internet-paradise....).
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Cover Letter question.

I applied for a job 2 years ago and was turned down because I didn't have any sales experience. I have worked sales for almost 2 years, and the company I had applied for back then is now hiring.

So the question is...when I write my cover letter, do I include that fact? Do I mention I had applied 2 years ago, and I'm re-applying because I have the experience to do the job?

Or do I just leave it out?

Why did the Soviet Union invade Afganistan?

Ok. In 1979, the Russians invaded Afganistan for what seems like no fucking reason. It dragged on for 10 years. They sent 50,000 men to their deaths. Why? I've looked in history books. I've looked in encyclopedias. I've asked my history professor. I can't find an answer. It seems like there was no motive for that war whatsoever. You're my last hope.

Why the hell did the Soviet Union invade Afganistan?

Help for the clueless, please.

How do you know if a guy is really interested in you?

There has to be some kind of check list, right? haha It's a silly question but I'm not good at this kind of thing, you know, interpreting hidden meanings and picking up signals etc. If you can't tell, I haven't had a lot of experience with men.

I wonder if he likes me, or if he flirts with every girl that he meets. Or maybe he's just trying to be friendly and I'm getting this all wrong.
Heil Myself.



What the F happened to that question about getting bad excuses/lies, from someone??



I tried to post and it said: No such entry.


*shakes fist at computer!*

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What are some causes of cloudy & really tangy, bizarre smelling urine?

I don't take any medications except for birth control (Ortho Evra) and have a semi-healthy diet. Not always as nutrient rich as I'd like. I also have been drinking lots of water lately - about 124 ounces.
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How do you tell if it's a rebound thing?
(from either side- like, how can you tell if you're just rebounding with someone or if it's genuine? and how can you tell if someone is rebounding with you?)
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I enjoy editing graphics on my computer, and I recently found a program on my computer called Arcsoft Photoimpression 4, that is pretty simple to use and has a lot of features for editing. I have pretty much figured out what I need to know, but does anyone have any tips or personal experiences with this program? Does anyone know where I could find some tutorials for it?

Thanks in advance!
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sex. . .

For mom's and mom's to be, and dad's!: When you found out the sex of your baby, were you dissapointed if it wasn't the sex you wanted? Or if you are going to find out the sex of your baby, what would you like? and would you be upset if it's not what you were hoping for?

I never got to find out the sex of my baby. We didn't care either way, we'd still love the baby no matter what it was, and it turned out to be a boy, which made my fiance even happier. I know in his heart he was hoping for a boy. hehehe I never really had my heart set on a sex, as long as my baby was healthy and happy I didn't care. I think maybe in the future if we are ever ready for another child, I think I'd like to have a little girl. then that way we'd have 2 boys and 2 girls, I wouldn't be out numbered, but I guess I'd have more men to look after me. teehee.

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How long will it take for my stupid annyoing tan lines to go away?

I'm pretty pale and I got burned really badly. It's been two weeks and they're still very...there.

Edit: Dammmmnnnn.
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Makeup Returns? Buying Feminie Hygene Products?

Girls, (and, um, possibly some guys) how do you feel about returning makeup? I am refering to stores that allow such returns, obviously. Even with makeup being slightly pricey, I still feel slightly guilty/embarrased to return a tube of lipstick or some eyeshadow because it makes me look garrish.

Guys, how do you feel when your lady asks you to buy her some feminie products? I once saw a comedian make a great point - he says he is proud to walk through a store with a box of Tampax tucked under his arm because it means A) he has a woman and B) they're not having a kid! However, I have, in the past, been embarrased to get them for myself. Especially the time the cashier was hitting on me.

Bonus! (just for the chicas and cross dressers) Recommend a mascara that won't give me raccoon eyes by the end of a busy work shift.
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My friends and I are going on a picnic Friday evening to celebrate the end of exams, and we want to start planning out the food now. I'm a vegetarian, two are VERY picky eaters and we don't want expensive/hard to make things. While the usual fruit and veggie platters have already been decided, what else should we bring for a more evening oriented picnic?

A game, because I'm bored

Okay, so here's the plan. Pick a number 1-5 and don't tell anyone your number, but then after you have picked your number, answer the question with that number and post your answer.

1) Are you wealthy?

2) Do you eat out regularly?

3) Do you like the opera?

4) Do you eat babies?

5) Are you a sex offender?
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I'm going to be living in Baltimore for a bit. Will I be able to get DC AM radio? I have no concept of how far AM radio goes.

Also, what are some fun things to do in Baltimore besides the Aquarium and stuff in the inner harbor?

Thanks :D

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Does anyone (and by anyone i mean females lol) have blond eyelashes? And when i say blond, i mean like platinum blond. Ive never really bothered with mascara because it always looks stupid because i can never get it on the whole lash but it does look really nice if i spend like an hour trying to get it on right. Plus, my eyelashes are really long so its even more of a pain. So any tips??
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Flying and Digital Camera Questions

1. Flight transfers. I have 40 minutes to transfer in Amsterdam, from one KLM flight (Riga to Amsterdam) to another KLM one (Amsterdam to London). What is the procedure to follow when transferring - do you have to check-in again or what? And how, since I'm fairly sure you stay on the departures side of the security checkpoints.

2. If you already have pictures on your digital camera memory card, is it possible to transfer images from the internal camera memory onto the digital memory card without erasing the ones already on the card? I did the transfer once before and I can't remember what happened, and I don't have any of my manuals with me.
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Have you lost weight successfully? How much have you lost? How long did it take? Did you manage to keep it off? And how did you lose weight (what kind of diet/exercise)?
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Is anyone else's LJ running really slow? (Like showing pictures are taking forever) It's so irritating! It's been happening off and on all day it seems.

What did you do today?

What are your plans tomorrow?

*EDIT* A couple more questions:

Have you ever been arrested? What happened?

What are your vices?

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Can anyone post in a comment, or give me a link, to some inspirational quotes for women who are dealing with body image/regular image issues? My friend needs some inspiration :)

Thank you. All will be greatly appreciated.

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" Look, man, I'm telling you right off the bat, I'm high maintenance. If you want to be with me, you're with me. I'm not a concept. I want you to just keep that in your head. Too many guys think I'm a concept or I complete them or I'm going to make them alive, but I'm just a fucked-up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind. Don't assign me yours."

-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

that sums me up pretty fairly

what quote do you fit into?

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okay, I think I'm about to lose my Alt key entirely. like, the part that's supposed to be there is gone, and now the blue springy squishy bit seems to be un-attaching itself. will it work without that, o is there a contact in the blue bit that it needs?
(i have a laptop)

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What's up with these high school guys who don't have single friends? Whenever someone in my circle of friends meets a new guy, we always have her ask if he has any friends for us, and the answer is always no. If a guy asked me if I had any single girl friends, I'd start him out with a list of ten.

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Has anyone seen that commercial for the moisturizer that is supposed to also tan your skin gradually? Do you know what product that is for? (I can't remember). Has anyone used it? If so, how did you like it? Thanks! =)
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Pony: or, Hopping on the Bandwagon

Sorry about the mess with the colours. Switching to S2 was more of a pain than anticipated, since S2's "generator" lacks the "Watermelon" scheme, which is the only one that doesn't look like ass.

Anyways, since I don't have a TV or my own Internet access — currently, I'm accessing the 'net through the generousity of "default" and "Linksys" — so I'm kinda bored. When I get bored, I start thinking.

So, here's what I'm thinking about. Lots of times, I'll need the information contained within one of the questions asked here a few weeks after the question was asked. Since this community is fairly busy, and we get like, eight billion posts a day, it's a real pain in the arse to find a post that was made more than a day or two ago.

LJ recently introduced a feature that lets users "tag" the content of posts so it can be categorized easier. I'm sure most of you already know about this, since it seems everyone has at least one friend that went back and tagged every last one of their entries.

The idea is that we can use tags to sort entries. So, questions about computers can go under the "computers" tag, questions about women stuff can go under "girl bits," and questions about pooing on your mother's chest can go... well, they can go somewhere.

You should be able to tag posts with existing categories, provided I didn't mess anything up.

1.) Does this sound useful?
2.) What are some additional tag categories that should be added?