June 21st, 2005


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Every time I try to download something onto my computer I get an error message saying

"Your security settings will not allow you to download this file" or words to that effect, yet it used to work fine-and I haven't touched any settings. Why??????
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So... in a lot of communities, I often notice a large percentage of people with icons matching the theme of that community. For example, in kitty communities, 80% of people have their cat in their icon. In the Hanson community, 80% of the people have Hanson icons. Degrassi community, Degrassi icons... Baby community, baby icons...

But then I rarely see Hanson icons in non-Hanson communities.. or Degrassi icons in non-Degrassi communities. Maybe 5% of them in unrelated communities.

1. My question: do you have a variety of "interest" icons that you use for different communities? Do you use your knitting icon in your knitting community and your kitty icon in your kitty community?

And other questions just for fun:

2. How many icons do you have?

3. How many did you "make" yourself, and to what degree did you make them? (Shot a photo, manipulated the coloring, added textural elements and text effects? Or just cropped a googled pic and called it macaroni?)

4. How many icons do you shuffle regularly, or do you just use your default all the time?

5. Which is your favorite of your own icons?

6. How quickly do you get bored of your default icon, or your most frequently used?


Sorry, I know I've just posted a question, but I meant to ask is anyone else here from good ole Blighty?

(or England for those who are confused!)
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1. How do you feel about expiration dates on food? Do you pay attention to them? Would you eat something after the expiration or "best by" date was gone?

2. I'm starting college soon, and I am trying to figure out what to bring. What things are must haves, or things that people tend to forget? Anything that I shouldn't bring, besides stuff the college says not to. (I'm very obsessive with things like this, so I'm trying to make sure I'll have everything I need, and avoid things I won't that end up taking space.)

3. Do you ever feel nervous about posting in communities?

4. How do you feel about chatspeak? Lol, rofl, u, r, and so on.

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Does anyone know of a website where I can order Japanese books online, preferably in English? (My Japanese skills are decent, but not enough to be confident in being able to order a book in Japanese =p)
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The windscreen washer system for my car doesn't squirt water at the front windows, only the back ones. There seem to be valves for it to, though, so I suspect it's either clogged, or something's not connected properly. I've filled the reservoir, so it's not just that it's empty. It's a little 91 Mazda 323. Any tips on how I could fix this? Is there a better community to ask such questions?
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I saw the movie "Phantom of the Opera" (2004). Before this I had never seen it performed on stage. I was familiar with most of the music but didn't know the details of the story.

This will probably be a very broad question. For those who have seen the movie, what were the major differences between it and the stage version?

Or, is there a website or something, that would have those differences..something like that.
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Computer question...

How do I delete all evidence that I've been to websites other than work-related on the computer? I know I should delete cookies and temporary files, but (don't laugh) I'm not quite sure how to go about doing that. How do I empty the web address scroll bar of the sites I've visited? I am on an IBM and it has Windows XP and I use the IE browser. In case you're wondering, I haven't visited any inappropriate sites. I just don't want my boss to find out that I've strayed away from work-related sites a few times (*cough*livejournal*cough*). Thanks!
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Anyone up for a dream interpretation?

Last night I had the weirdest dream...

I dreamt that while I was in a coma I was pregnant, but for some reason I didn't know that I was pregnant before I went into the coma. When I woke up, presumably over 9 months later, I had a baby to take care of. It was a boy, and fathered by one of my nicer (young, kinda cute) customers (I'm a bank teller). He didn't seem affected by it either way, and I had to take care of the baby by myself. I remember the first thing I wanted to do was get some formua b/c the baby was really hungry and I didn't think I could breastfeed b/c I had been in the coma during the whole pregnancy. My Mom was kinda helping, but for the most part I was on my own. I went to sleep one night and woke up and the baby was now a kitten. Weird.

In real life: I don't have any kids and lack any desire to have any soon. My boyfriend lives in Oregon and I'm in Michigan presently. Pregnancy scares to crap out of me most times and taking care of another living human being seems overwhelming right now. I do love cats, and I have one of my own :)
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Title of this book?

Here's the thing:

I have 5 excerpts from a book, and no idea what the book's title is or who the author is. I think I didn't list the title or author because I assumed I would remember them. Since that failed spectacularly, I thought I'd give it a shot here. I know Amazon has that "search within the book" function, but nothing I've searched has turned up anything.

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What I do recall (vaguely) is that the book was found in the ficion section, the main character's name was Valentine? Valentino? Something like that, and the author's first name reminds me of the name Robert. It might even be Robert, but I really have no idea. And I'm fairly sure his surname started with a letter in the first half of the alphabet (before m and n). The book was not romance, I think it was mystery/suspense/action, that sort of thing. The title is some variation of "Icebreaker" "Heartbreaker" "Fire and Ice" -- something like that. But that's all vague, nothing is for certain, and all I have to go on. Title? Author? Will be SO grateful.
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Let's see if I can go for three questions in a row with no reply. :) (My questions are just too good. :) )

So I installed webcounters on my main journal page and personal website, and they both keep nifty statistics. (Anyone else have regular readers of your journal spread across 5 countries? ;) ) My website has been getting hits lately from mail.(insert ISP name here).(insert country code here). For the website admins among us, is that anything to be worried about? Just doesn't seem like normal traffic to me.

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I have an interview with American Eagle on Friday, but I don't own any of their clothes. ;o) I've never worked for a clothing store before - should I try to dress like the style of the clothes they sell, or just a normal business casual?
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inspired by previous question:

when you are at a male friend's house and you use the bathroom to change your pad/tampon and there is no garbage can, what do you do? assuming you have already sat down, done the deed and found no trash....


So... there are people who don't eat meat (like myself), and people who only eat fruit, since it's not a vital part of a plant, but rather at part that's naturally dropped/replaced.

Now, some lizards have tails that just pull off. Yeah, you see where I'm going... :)

Are there people who wouldn't slaughter an animal for food, but eat lizard tails, since they can pull off and be re-grown?

Are there any other animals that have "sustainable" meat?

Sorry if this seems cruel to anyone. I'm not advocating it, but I'm a curious kinda guy :)
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Not a monogram, but...

Okay. What is something like this called:

I keep thinking monogram, but that's not it.
Well, it may technically be a monogram, but that's not the word I'm looking for, I found it in a book of "INSERT WORD HERE"

It's driving me nuts.

EDIT: To help you help ME, it was from a book i found at the library, years ago. It had all sorts of letter combinations, mostly 2-letter combos, but sometimes 3-letters. If that helps...somehow...

EDIT: Got it. The word I was looking for was "cypher".

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Is there a way for me to keep two seperate versions of AIM seperate on my computer?
I use AIMutation. (kinda like DeadAim) but I want to use/try the newer versions of AIM, but as some of you may know, if I install the new version AIMutation will attach itself to it..so, if you could follow my computer illiterate babble...do you know how to do this? is it possible?

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Yesterday I ordered a hat online and I looked at the invoice and printed it out. The shipping & handling was $8.22.

Today I looked at the invoice again to see if they shipped my order or not, and the shipping & handling is now $5.95.

How do I know which one it is? Do I have to ask for a list of transactions from the credit card company? Has this ever happened to you?

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How do you get rid of everything you searched in search engines for? Like when I go to Google and type a letter, everything starting with that letter that I've searched for previously pops up. Isn't there a way to change that?

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hey everyone,

my computer and itunes don't respond to my ipod (whose name is schlieffen, by the way :D) anymore when i plug it in. well, the computer kind of responds...an "update or restore your ipod" thing pops up, but that program never works...it just stops responding...so now i, a very computer-illiterate person, am very frightened about not being able to upload songs onto my ipod and such. it's fairly new; i got it as a christmas present. help, please? :)
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Is it better for a child to be raised full time by both a mother and father?

If no, why not?

As opposed to a single parent enviornment.

For the purposes of this question I'm asking in broad general terms. Assume that the parents in question are both good people and non-abusive.

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Which should I sink my money into?
A bike (1980's era) with 3205 miles on it (owned, would need some work done. Wiring, tubing, couple of mechanical things, oil changed, gas changed, engine to be checked, shifter bent back into place, rust removed)
a 2002 elantra with 45,000 miles (or something like that) on it (no work needed, would just have to pick it up)?
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Ripping a DVD

I have an old DVD that contains .bup, .ifo, and .vob files. I want to be able to take screencaps of the movie on it, but every program I have or can find (that is free anyway) doesn't work.

I tried to rip and convert the DVD, and after downloading about six programs and doing all kinds of crap that I didn't really understand, I couldn't get it to work. (One of the programs I downloaded was "DVD-2s-VCD", which was supposed to do it all by itself but I couldn't find a free version of an encoder that it needed.)

How can I take screencaps and/or rip and convert this DVD? (An idiots-guide tutorial would be great. -_-;)
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what could cause milk to go bad early?
Like, the date on the carton is tomorrow, and that's supposed to be the *sell by* date, isn't it? and good for another bit after that?
I didn't drink straight from the jug, since that would likely cause something.

Because I had some this morning, and goddamn was that gross.
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How many of you know that you were an "unplanned pregnancy"?

How does that make you feel? How did it feel when you first found out?

How did you find out? Did your parents TELL you or was it just obvious to you based on circumstances? (Your mom just happens to be only 15 years older than you; your parents' wedding was three months before you were born; etc....)

Are your parents still together? Were they when you were young?

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lets say you wash your hair and instead of blow or towel drying it, you let it dry on its own. you let it "drip dry". now let say someone asks "why is your hair all wet?"

do you tell them its drip drying, or dripping dry?

yes, these are the kind of questions that come to mind and bother me at work.

So you've got twelve toothpicks...

My summer school Algebra 2 teacher put this up on the chalkboard. He learned to play this game in a bar. You take twelve toothpicks and arrange them as seen above. You play this game with two people. The basic idea is that the person who takes the last toothpick loses. You can take as many as you want but only from one row; you could take all five from the last row, or only one, or three or whatever, but you can only take from one row per turn. There's a logic to this game that if you know it, you can win every time. He said the crucial point is whether you choose to go first or second, when you're starting the game. Anyways, he's offering extra credit to whoever can beat him. I thought about it and I just can't figure it out. You guys here are a smart bunch, can anyone help me? Thanks!


How can i get rid of the milkweed in my garden?
I pulled out all that i could last year, but half of it came back and it's killing off the flowers.

A quick Goolge search only tells me how to keep it alive, since it's good for monarch butterflies. But monarchs don't hang out here, so i need it DEAD!

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okay, it used to be that firefox would show up on my task manager as using about 50+k under memory usage... and then i'd hit "work offline" (like, if i was just using a walkthrough for a game, not actually doing anything online) and it would go down to 2-3k. today it's just always been 30-40k, both ways. why?

and, what is svchost.exe? I seem to be running about 6 copies of it at once. 3 from "system", one from "local service" and two from "network service."
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Has anyone found a Livejournal Community that is about Dreams and different interpretations that is 'live'? meaning that people update it frequently.

paypal and exchange rates

Paypal question...

People send money to your paypal account, and then you later take that money out, right? So, if they send it internationally, when is the exchange rate conversion done -- when you get the money, or when you take it out?

And... if it's converted when you take it out... does anyone know a particularly easy way to track exchange rates and take the money out at a good time? ;)

Thanks :)

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that is IT. i cannot deal with the world of dial-up connections any longer. the only problem now that i've made that decision is how the heck does one go about getting a cable connection? do i have to buy a new modem? do i have to have cable tv (i don't watch tv much so i don't want to pay for that)? should i get dsl or something instead? where the heck do you, like, buy a cable connection? and will it screw up my AOL? .. i'm so computer-retarded.

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1.Do you shave?
2. If you don't, why not?
3. What do you shave?
4. Does your period always seem to come at the absolute worst times? Like during a final, or while standing in a long line?

1. Should women shave?
2. what if they do/dont?
3. What do YOU shave?

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panic meds?

What medication might a psychiatrist prescribe for someone with nervous tension who suffers often from panic attacks?

What would it do, and what might the side effects be?


[edit] it's not for me, it's for a character. :P
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