June 20th, 2005

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I have a game (Puzzle Pirates, specifically, but I think the problem is more general) that locks up the sound system in Windows. WinAmp, depending on the output plugin used, freezes playback (although I can still stop it and use controls) immediately or after buffering about five seconds. Manually terminating system services or other programs doesn't fix it, but when I restart the computer (when Windows shuts down all the processes before going to the shutdown splash screen), it plays the shutdown sound, so whatever is locking up is fixed or shut down before then.

Has anyone ever encountered a problem like this? Any ways to fix it or prevent it would be helpful.

(Random useless data. XP, P4 2GHz, 1GB, onboard AC97 sound, I usually have running MSN Messenger, Trillian, three instances of mIRC, Serv-U, an equalizer utility for my sound system that is one of those programs that doesn't fix the problem when I manually terminate it, nVidia's resolution and color depth changer, and Weatherbug. The problem only happens when running Puzzle Pirates, which I think is entirely Java, if that matters. I did reinstall the game and the Java runtime enviroment from Sun, which were both up to date already.)

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I have an idea for a recipe (this is something I plan on cooking when I get me a Foreman grill), but I'm retarded about cooking so this is just an idea I got based on watching my dad. He made chicken parmesan the other night and he used one of those big meat hammer things (I think a meat tenderizer) so the chicken was nice and thin and whatnot. What I want to do is do that, put some cheese on it, and fold the piece of chicken in half, and then cook it.

1)Is this completely unrealistic?
2)If not, do you think it will take that much longer to cook than a normal piece of chicken?
3)By the way, how long DOES it take to cook a normal piece of chicken?

Next question. Apart from forcing myself to stay awake, is there any other way to convince my body to sleep at night and be awake during the day, instead of the other way around? (Notice how this entry is being posted at 4:46am.) How effective would sleeping pills be in this area? I want to avoid those because they make me nervous, but if I take them once would it do anything?


I have these two goldfish in a tank together. The tank is quite big enough for the two of them, and one of them seems to be completely fine. However, the other one seems to have trouble staying down in the water; that is, if he's not swimming down he will float to the top. This first started several months ago. Sometimes I will look in on the fishies and he'll be perfectly fine, and other times he'll be floating on his side and I'm sure he's dead, only when I come closer he sees me and swims to the bottom. I keep the tank clean and everything and they're both quite healthy looking; however I don't know much about fish other than they need to be clean and fed. Does anyone know why this might be? Does he have some kind of swimming deficiency or something?
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Two questions....

1) What are the advantages to an elliptical machine versus a treadmill and vice verse?

2) When you wake up in the mornings, are your hands just a bit swollen? My rings always fit tighter in the mornings. Why is this?

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1. What is your favorite internet game?
2. On what date did you write your first LJ entry? And to spice things up, you can provide a link to it (if you want, it's not required).
3. What is the strangest dream you've ever had?


1. Flash Flash Revolution... it's exactly what it sounds like.
2. January 27, 2002.
3. I had a dream where 3 people I knew were in a porcelain helicopter and the helicopter had to land on the roof of the airport. Well it did, but then it suddenly fell off, broke, and the 3 people died.
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If you were standing on the south pole, could you see the northern star?

I don't think you could, but the more I try to think about it, the more confused I get.

I'm thinking that you couldn't because the earth would be between you and the star, but I don't remember hearing about any stars or constelations that we can't see at some point during the year. So the only possible way I can think of that you would be able to see polaris from the south pole is the same way that we can see stars that are supposed to be behind the sun, but I didn't think that earth was massive enough to produce enough gravity for that to happen. So are there stars that can only seen from the southern hemisphere,and vice versa?

Also, does the moon travel on the same path in the sky as the sun and planets?
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This is a very odd question.

Can someone please explain to me the etymology of the name "Ku Klux Klan?" I watched A Time To Kill the other night and started wondering where that name is from. I'm sorry, I have a weird fascination with this sort of thing (I'm definitely NOT racist... I'm just interested in knowing where the name comes from).

Thanks in advance!
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I hear it all the time on ads for various medications, particularly anti-depressants: "Side effects may include decreased libido." So my question is, are there any meds out there that increase libido, either as a side effect or as a main purpose? And I'm talking about stuff that will work for girls, not Viagra and the like. ;)
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Very, very random ones...

1. Do you still send snail-mail letters to people (excluding sending packages and greeting cards...I'm talking about good old-fashioned hand-written letters)?
2. What's the first word that comes you mind when you read: classified?
3. Have you ever gotten into gigantic LJ drama with someone you didn't even know? If so, what was it about (you don't have to say if you don't want to, obviously)?
4. Would you rather be a fish or a bird?
5. Would you rather be a flight attendant or a nurse?
6. Out of all the people you personally know, who has the weirdest or oddest (not necessarily 'cool'...I want strange) job/career? What is it?
7. What is the oddest possesion that you own?

I'll submit my answers in comment form today.
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Pass the Rolaids!

Anyone else get heartburn from the smell of certain foods?

Someone in the office is having some chili for lunch and the smell is making my heartburn flare up. Ugh. I used to have the same thing happen when my neighbors would cook super spicy curries.

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Are there any foods you simply can't say no to?
I just ate an entire container of green tea ice cream, and now I might be ill, but it's just so good...

I have two exams tomorrow, but I just don't feel like studying. It's so nice out... And it's so boring and.... ahhh! How can I make myself care?

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how does adoption work, exactly, if a women is not directly giving her child to a specified other person(s)? i'm under the impression that there is no such thing as orphanages anymore, so.. what exactly would happen to the child of a mother that birthed it but no longer wanted it? whom would she give it to? where would the child live? and so on. i mean.. is it even legal for her to "abandon" her child at that point or did she have to make that decision before the child's birth? i know adoption agencies are involved somehow.. bu.. eh. i just realized i had no idea about that sort of thing when someone asked me this question the other day. :x

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Hi, did anyone else take the June 4 SAT test? Or even the new one in march or may? I think my score is pretty decent, but im trying to see what others have gotten to compare it to. Thanks :-)
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Yes, it's me again...

I've done a lot of LJ interests searches on a bunch of topics but there are so many communities that it's often hard to find the ones that are the best (better run and more frequently used). I'm interested in communities sort of like The Question Club, although it doesn't have to be about questions and stuff like that. Basically, I'm just looking for fun, interesting, and popular communities to join. I hate stumbling upon a community that looks promising only to discover that it's quite dead. So...

Can you guys suggest some interesting communities?


Please tell me what I can do with a huge jar of mayonnaise except for eating it?

I just bought a gigantic jar of this stuff on sale and decided that I find it disgusting, so what can I do with it? I don't want to eat it but I don't want to throw it away either unless absolutely necessary. It's opened so I can't give it away. What shall I do?

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Are there any websites where certified people help others pay off debt? Or any websites where rich people just give money to people in need?

I'm 19 and my credit sucks for reasons I can't really help right now, and I need like 2 grand A.S.A.P. (And no, it's not because I maxxed out my credit card, or anything like that. It's health bills and college tuition that neither I, or my parents, could afford to pay (and they're not taking the balance off even though I was approved for financial aid with 0% pay out), and a phone bill that my mom and I got screwed over on....)

Or is anyone out there just rich and generous? just kidding.
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Dissolving dirt?

Ok, I'm working on removing a stump. It has a ridiculously complicated and dense network of roots, and currently blasting dirt away with water is helping...

But I was wondering if there is any chemical, either on its own or easily added to water, can help dissolve dirt better so I don't have a fifteen gallon puddle with big clumps of mud that caught betweeh roots. Said chemical must be safe to use outside- at least some of it would drain into the ground, so that would obviously restrict what chemicals I can use. Obviously, it also has to be reasonably easy and safe for me to handle as well. Delivery would be a power washer.

Basically, I want a good, thin mud. Or even a more dense carryier liquid to cause some of the mud to float on top rather than sink to the bottom and plug things up. Either would work to get the mud down to the bottom so it can be shoveled out of the way efficiently.

So, any chemicals that can do the job without being problmatic for the environment? I'll stick with water if not...
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Do you ask questions in here, to know the answer just becuase it's something you've never found the answer to?

Or do you ask them for personal referance? (basically about the drugs, sex and stuff)

Do you think bands now are better, or bands from about 30 years ago?

What's the most boringest day of your life? (What did you do?)

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Does anyone actually not wash their hair everyday? After like 24 hours my hair gets so gross, like greasy and really unmanageable, and ive just heard people say that its bad to wash your hair everyday. Soo fill me in folks.....
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Guys, how do you think it would make a girl feel if you were to whistle and cat-call at her?

Girls, how does it make you feel?

Personally it just creeps me out because I don't like people looking at me. And it really makes me curious - do guys who do this really think it's going to make me want to pay attention to them..?

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okay, another postsecret request.
and this time i tried to google image search for them.
one, with trees, it says something like "I believe that when I sing, the breeze blows harder in applause. I CONTROL THE WIND."

two, has a woman sitting or reclining shadowy in the background. "I wanted the disease to be my punishment. He kept going, and I didn't tell him that the condom broke."

Also. Collapse )
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I'm so frustrated. Gmail hasn't worked for me since Saturday. I'm using Mozilla if that matters, and it keeps 'timing out' as the page loads. I can't see anything on my laptop at home, but I got it at my work. I have no idea what happened or what I need to do to change it. I've had gmail for a while and I've never had problems like this before. I even downloaded Thunderbird to see if I could get my messages that way, but it didn't work. I also tried loading the page on IE, and it still didn't work so I'm led to believe that maybe it's the network? I have no idea.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? I realize that gmail is still in beta and I should expect bumps along the way, but this seems a little ridiculous to me. Are there settings on my internet that I need to change? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit 8:50 pm est: I fixed the problem. Thanks for the comments! :)
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Have you ever had an online friend that just disappeared? As in, one day you're holding a normal conversation with them, and the next they're gone? A very close friend of mine has been offline for six months for reasons I'm not sure of. I've tried email and snail mail with no luck.

Doesn't it worry you that someone you know online could die and you might not ever realize it? (Not saying my friend died, because I just don't know..)
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Ok so Linus the stray kittie that hangs around my backyard has been getting skinnier and skinnier. I give him water, and I when I have meat scraps (usually from the deli or like chicken or something) I'll feed it to him, but since he's been so thin lately I was thinking I should get him real cat food. I can't "own" him officially, but at least I can put some food out and brush him every now and then.

What's a good brand that will help him stay healthy?

Also, is it safe to feed cats random bits of meat, like turkey or ham or chicken that I'd eat myself?

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"I prefer Erotica, but I don't get that spammed to my inbox... although I could probably arrange for it. hmm."
Are there daily inbox erotica type email lists?

Watching price is right. "Free card that gets you half off your prescriptions!" "Free wheelchair thingy!" "free medications!"
the last two seem to be entwined with medicare/medicaid, but the first one- how does that work? how are they making money at all?
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WHY is it not time for ljdq answers up yet?
I'm hanging out for them because I want to read the funny funny responses.

WHY the fuck is it so cold? I swear winter is colder this year!
*season reference: I'm in Australia

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1. how much influence do your friends have over how you feel about your boy/girlfriend?

2. if your friend's ex had treated your friend badly, but they had got back together, how much would it take for you to forgive the person?

3. what would the person have to do to prove they had changed to you, as an outsider to the relationship, but not their partner?

4. would you feel hurt if your friend got back with their partner and didn't tell you, because they knew you hated their partner?

5. how long would you keep things secret before you told anybody?

6. do you think you can truly forgive and forget people for their past behaviour or do you adopt the attitude of 'a leopard never changes its spots'?

War in IRAQ

Let me start by saying that this is for a research paper for school.

Why do you SUPPORT the war in Iraq? Why do you think it was a good idea? When would be a good time to withdraw?

Before all of you start writing about peace and why we should NOT be at war, although I appreciate your ideals, that's not what I need at this time. Nor do I care to start a debate. But for this research paper I need information ONLY from those who are for the US presence in Iraq, I already have PLENTY of info regarding people who are against.

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I was going to make this into a meme for my flist somehow, but it just didn't happen.

How ghetto are you?

Any amusing anecdotes involving innovation and cleverness or just pure luck on your part are welcome! Realize that this is not a pity party nor a competition; I want to read how you get around not having money to buy the best and perhaps have a few chuckles in the process.

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I've just heard about 'bot-journals' that automatically join thousands of communities. What is the purpose of that? What 'benefits' could they bring to their creators?

EDIT: Now I know. And to the moderators: rockix084 appears to be a bot.
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What comes to mind when you think about going to a summer cottage at Lake George with your significant other and his family? I have the chance to go and I'm just curious what most people think about this. I'm pretty psyched and nervous at the same time, mostly because I have to check with my family and make sure that I'm not missing too much work. BTW, I'm a 20 year old college student working a temp job for the summer. My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 2 years.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

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When someone says baking soda what do they mean?

Bicarbonate of soda or baking powder (wheat flower, disodium, diphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate) - it's for shampoo-free, just want to make sure I am using the right thing!
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what the (!) did i do to my glasses? why are they scratched???

1. I'm low on good news. Care to share some of yours?

2. What about a question here at the question club causes you to actually answer? at what point during a discussion in this community do you stop posting? any rhyme or reason?

3. To those that wear glasses: do you feel that you look better with or without glasses? do you like the way that you look either way?

4. Brown plastic slightly angular glasses: emo or lisa loeb-esque?

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Do you know anyone that fits the measurements 36-24-34?
How did those become the "perfect" measurements?
What do you think of sex before marriage?
Does anyone have personal experience with the Hyundai Elantra?
Are switchblades legal or illegal where you live?

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Do you ever get sick of your 'best' friend? What do you feel causes it? How do you handle it?

How do you know when your friends get sick of being around you? Or do you not know? Or maybe they don't?

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1. What do you think of bras showing when girls wear tank tops, halter tops, etc?
2. What do you think when girls wear these same types of tops and have bacne (whether it's just one or two pimples or serious)?
3. Do you do either or both?
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Exactly how much actual damage can 300 tylenol pm do to a person's body if ingested in about 5 weeks?

I was doing a bit of research and it gave me the symptoms of someone overdosing on tylenol pm but not the actual damage done. I mean, I know kidneys, but anywhere else? Stomach? Is it permanent or does it go away if you don't do anything of the sort for awhile?