June 19th, 2005

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who is that woman in the '70s who was from a different country but she like did what these guerilla type people told her to do, or she robbed some place I think ... she has like a beret with M-16 looking gun ... what the hell is her name ???


Do you live on the coast?

Do you like seafood?

What is your favorite food (overall) to eat?

What do you eat most often?

College people: What is/was your major?

What school do/did you go to?

Did you like it?

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1. Are you celebrating Father's Day? If so, how? Did you get anything for your dad?
2. What are you listening to right now?
3. Look to your left, what do you see?
4. Do you have to work tomorrow?
5. What are you looking forward to?
6. What is the next show you are going to? What was the last? Who do you wish you could see live?
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How normal is it for 19 yr old college girl to start crying during class? (as in, she's trying to hold it in but the tears are rolling down her cheeks anyway, not loud bawling) Have you ever cried while in class for any reason when you were older? Would you think less of a classmate who did? Would you try to talk to the person (to comfort, say "are you okay?", etc) or would you just leave them alone?
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This is probably a long shot, but could anybody point me in the direction of a pattern to make slipcover-type deals (or I suppose it would be called a sham?) for boyfriend pillows?

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two wheel drive. get it.

four wheel drive, all wheel drive. figured they were the same.

Then rode in a vehicle (likely a truck) with a switch to send it back and forth from 4 wheel drive to all wheel drive. I asked the difference, driver said they didn't know and not to fuck with it.

What's the difference?
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Very random questions...

1. My cat is going blind. He's turning twelve on July 4th. Does anyone have any personal advice on taking care of a blind cat? He will still be able to get around the apartment, but he has trouble climbing furniture and stuff like that. It's really painful to watch.

2. If you are sitting in an office or at home or anywhere near a window at the moment, what's your view like?

3. What days are your weekend where you live?

4. What's your favorite light bulb watt to use for lamps and such in your office/at home? What kind of bulbs do you prefer (white, transparent, yellow, some odd color like purple, etc...)?

5. What's your favorite hot drink?

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I'm doing a presentation about how the meat and dairy industries are bad but I cant find one single company that has recived many complaints for their unethical treatment of animals. Just the industry as a whole. Please tell me if you know of any. Ones that have been in the news would be good too!


This needs to tie into globalization too. THANKS AGAIN!
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Emmy Nominees

I tried surfing the Emmy website for the answer, but failed.

*shakes fist at long load times and difficult-to-navigate features*

Does anyone here know when and where this year's Emmy nominees will be announced?

By when and where I mean...what date and possibly what channel or news program. Not actual location. Just looking into when I can look forward to hearing who is nominated.

For that matter...when exactly do the Emmys air? September?

Thanks in advance!
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Ok, they say that celery has "negative calories" because you burn more calories by eating it than it has to begin with. So when you say something else has "150 calories" is that 150 going in WITHOUT considering how many calories you burn by eating it; or is it 150 calories AFTER the subtraction of those calories that are burned off by eating?

And if it's the former, then why don't we just talk about celery in terms of how many calories it ACTUALLY has, just as we'd talk about how many calories something else has?

And how many calories DOES celery actually have?

...and what's the singular of "calories"? calory or calorie?
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do rhetorical questions count?

Is Russia in Asia or Europe? What countries are in Asia? Where is the line between Asia and Europe? Since we typically think of Asia as China, Japan, etc. Do people in not "Asian Race Centered" countries think of themselves as Asian?


I know nothing about gardening, but I got some stuff planted and I need help in maintaining it. The gardener who installed it is out of reach right now.

I have feather grass and now it looks all dried out (here). Do I need to do anything to it? Cut it back or anything?

I have these things that are drying out too (sorry for the bad pic but it was taken with a Sidekick). Do I need to cut anything or should I let it naturally grow out? I don't want to pull or cut at it and ruin the entire thing. Help!

I also think I have a gopher (if you like at this pic, you can see his work up the left side). Can anyone help?

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So, I'm having a party on the lake on a big boat with lots of people, and I was wondering what music I should play.

Do y'all have any party music essentials?
Songs that you think would be well received at a party?
Songs (uptempo, preferably) that you just like?


In honor of Father's Day...

I give everyone the challenge to write a poem about their fathers. It could be a favorite memory or just how much he means to you. A short ditty or a long poem will do, maybe a haiku even =). Go for it!

And a couple questions...

1.What is the thing you like best about your father?
2.What is one thing you would never forgive him for?

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What's with people complaining about paypal fees?

I never have to pay any fees. I've sent AND received money without fees.

Does it charge you fees to move money from your paypal account to your bank account, and vice versa? Because I've never done that.

I think I need to send someone's money back to them, and I'd feel bad if they had to pay a fee for it.
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A Keyboard and Sherbert Problem.

I have just dropped a considerable amount of fine sherbert onto my keyboard. I've vacuumed up all that I can, but have no idea how to clean up the stuff that's fallen in between the keys.

This is a new keyboard, I don't want it to become the sticky mound of disease the last one was. Not so quickly, anyway.
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Is there such a thing as being unique and different anymore? Everyone seems to try to rebel, yet their rebellion is just the same as everyone else's rebellion. What do you do to make yourself unique nowadays?

What about you makes you a little unique?

Is everyone the same or is everyone different? In what ways?
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Random questions

Hey folks, haven't been around much since I've been travelling parts of Europe. And as such, I bring these questions that need answering.

1. What's Europeans' obsession with carbonated water? I know in Canada at least, if you want carbonated water, you have to ask for it specifically, even then not everywhere has it, and if you ask for just "water" in a restaurant, they assume it's the regular kind. While in Europe, in every country here I've been to (the eight that I've been to), they always need to clarify whether you want carbonated water or still water. So what's the deal with that?

2. Passports and entry/exit stamps. Someone explain this to me. I've currently got six entry stamps (to four different countries, one of them three times), but no corresponding exit stamps. So as far as my passport is concerned, I've entered Latvia three times, in three different places (northern border, southern border, main airport), without leaving. I've also entered the UK, Estonia and Lithuania, and haven't left, as far as my passport is concerned. I'm a Canadian citizen, so it's not a case of since they're all EU I don't get stamps, since they always stamped the non-EU passports upon entering. When I travelled to Italy last summer, I got a stamp upon arriving and one upon leaving (both through airports), but I haven't had that happen so far. Maybe it's how I've travelled?

The way my travel worked: Flew from Toronto to London Gatwick. Got a stamp. A few days later departed from London Heathrow for Riga, Latvia. Got stamp upon arrival in Riga. Two weeks later, took a bus to Vilnius, Lithuania. Got Lithuania stamp upon crossing border. Got Latvian stamp again upon returning to Latvia by bus. Took bus to Tallinn, Estonia, got Estonia stamp upon crossing border. Returned to Latvia again by bus today, got Latvian entry stamp for third time. So what I'm wondering... will I ever get any exit stamps? Will I only get exit stamps for Latvia when I depart by plane on the 30th, and get my UK exit stamp when I depart for Canada?

3. According to the friend I was travelling with for awhile, movies in Germany are always dubbed into German, regardless of the original language, no subtitles to speak of. We went to see a movie (Kingdom of Heaven) in Lithuania, and it was in the original English with Lithuanian subtitles. What's it like in other countries around the world?
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I'm moving. If I unplug my Tivo for say... half an hour to move it to my new place, and then plug it in right away, will I lose everything saved on it and all the settings and everything? How about if I don't plug it in and set it up again till a day or two later?

Is the stuff on it stored more digitally or more like a hard drive? I think it's more like a hard drive and that nothing should get lost, but I want to make sure.
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This is a spur of the moment thing and so is this question so I'll be looking stuff up later but I was wondering what fun, interesting things are happening in New York this weekend and next? What places might some 16-17 year olds like? Perhaps you can lead me to some links that says what events are occuring? Thanks!


What patterns does the moon follow?

So... are lunar cycles it exactly a month long? Seems unlikely, but lunar years seem to match with solar years. Maybe I've got that wrong?

Is there an orbital pattern, like how the sun rises in the east and sets in the west? I mean, is there a rule to where the moon will be at a particular time of day/time of year/whatever?

What other basic moonish stuff I should really know, that a modern urban upbringing has deprived me of?

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I know I just asked a question, but this one is completely unrelated, so I'm making a new post. :)

My friend and I are having a grand ol' time exhanging riddles and I'm running out and I want to give him my favorite riddle but I'm having a hard time thinking of it! So..:P

What is your favorite/hardest riddle?

Anywhere from:
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How about favorite/hardest logic puzzle?
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Any other puzzles in general that you'd like to share?
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Speak now or forever hold your peace

Suppose there's a wedding, and the officiant gets to that line "If there's anyone who knows of any reason this couple should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace" ... and someone speaks up. And they have a good objection. Like the groom's already married, or the bride is wanted for killing her last husband. Whatever. What happens next? Does the wedding stop?