June 18th, 2005

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In adding studies of transmissions to the programming in my cybernetic brain, I seem to have accidentally overwritten the alignment theory. If the outside edges of tires are overheating, dial in negative static camber? (Yes, I know I just hurt the brain of anyone who doesn't know anything about cars. :) )

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-Someone adds you to their friends list. You don't oblige and add them to your f-list. A couple days later, they unfriend you. Why? If you're adding someone, it must mean you like their writing or their journal or something. Is it less enjoyable or interesting if all the entry-reading is one sided?

Have you ever done this? And why?

-If someone unfriends you, do you unfriend them back? Why?

Again, if you liked reading that person's journal, does it truly matter if they stop reading yours? Unless they commented often, you'd have no knowledge if they were even reading your posts. Is this just ego?

And don't comment if the person unfriending you made their journal friends-only. That's a given you'd drop them back, since there would be no point in hanging around.
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Hypothetical question

Lets say your husband was on a mission, and while on that mission, drank from the fountian of 'forgetfullness' and forgot everything, including the diplomatic mission of peace he was on, along with you, his beautiful wife.

Drinking from the fountian your husband was seduced by the beautiful queen of the land, who told him that he was her husband and king of all the land. All while bumping uglies.

After his faithful servant told him what had happened and the forgetfullness wore off he returned to you, his wife and saved the day.

The question is this:
Would you (the wife) be pissed as hell that he slept with another women, even if he lost all his memory?


Would this be considered cheating?

What would youu (the viewer at home) do?

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You have two friends who are pathological liars.

Friend one tells unconvincing stories that you could care less about. examples include a girlfriend in africa, excessive practise with swords, and being the lone escapee when the government burned down the compound that housed the top secret experiment he was in.

Friend two tells more convincing stories that are actually interesting. examples include getting the highschool network admin to quit in frustration, sexual adventures with past girlfriends, and his rank in the military.

Friend one, it's annoying, but you can separate his fantasy land from real life. and if he tries to bring them together- like in a fake sword fight- you can really see how much he's bullshitting.
Friend two, it's more interesting, but you never have any idea whether he's telling the truth or not. He sucked at lying when he was younger, but now anything that I mentioned above might actually be true or based in truth.

Which friend are you more likely to hang out with?
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(Partially prompted by the earlier post about orgasms and male:female ratios, hehe)

Poll #515527 Basics of Our Membership

Male or Female?



< 13

I thought it would be interesting to see the basic stats of our membership.
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Allergies, bite my ass.

So I recently broke out in hives (yesterday to be percise). I thought for a moment that I was allergic to chocolate (which would suck) but today I think it's the scent from my deoderant.

What I am wondering, if it is because of my deoderant why wouldn't I get hives on my underarms?

( Oh if you want to see blurry pictures of my horrible hives they are in my livejournal :D )
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speeding ticket

i was pulled over and given a speeing ticket 2am this morning. i was going 43 mph and as soon as i saw the speed limit sign (30 mph) i immediately began slowing down. it was too late however as i was pulled over 10 seconds later...now, i'm wondering what i should do about it. if i were to try pleading "not guilty" and lose, then i'd have to pay $95 for the ticket as well as $60 in court fees. on the other hand, if i just pay it then i'll have 2 points on my license. what do you think i should do? if i were to win in court, i'd still have to pay the $60 court fee, wouldn't i? i live in NJ btw.


Trouble uninstalling something...

I have this game installed on my computer so I wanted to free a bit of space because I no longer play this game. I tried to uninstall it and it says it is uninstalling but then once its done the game is still there so I can still play it. My point is it isnt uninstalling. I even went into the control panel and uninstalled it there but for some reason it isnt working.
Do any of you know what else I can do to get rid of the game? I'm finding it really annoying because I want a diffrent game but I dont have enough free space yet. Thanks in advance

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to all the women:

would you change your last name hen you get married?

i knwo the resounding answer will probably be yes.

i wouldnt. my name is my name. i dont belong to anyone. no dude owns me. i feel that women give in to men and "their" society in this respect. its why men feel like we're beneath them. i am no longer myself-i belong to a guy. NEVER

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Where can I download the free version of Roxio Easy CD Creator? My mom needs to format a CD-RW for drag-and-drop, and also wants a program to burn CDs. (Yes, I'm sure there are probably better ones, but that's the one we'd like.)

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A multitude of questions:

I'm looking into building my own motorcycle and have never done anything like this before. I've got several technically skilled people willing to help, so that's not a big deal.
How much did yours cost?
Where did you get parts? (I've been to a few sites, I'm just not sure what's reliable)

Also, I had braces for nearly seven years and they did more damage than good. My teeth are still not straight, my jaw is misaligned and I have large cavities from the area around the glue. Along with all those prolems, I've also got my wisdom teeth coming in.

Is there such a dentist/orthodontist/dental surgeon who will fix everything (wisdom teeth and cavities) in one fell swoop or will I have to go and get everything done individually...'cause that would suck.

Another hypothetical question

Weird question

Let's say you were arrested for something nefarious, and the judge offered you a deal.

You can sit in jail from ages 30-40, without any parole in that time


You can enter prison at the age 65, and stay there for the rest of your life

If you choose the latter, you will have all memory of this conversation erased (it's a completely hypothetical question so don't point out that such technological breakthroughs haven't been discovered yet), until you're 65, when you're carted off to prison, that way, you can't spend the next decades preparing or killing yourself before then, thus removing the possibility of serving jail time period.

Now, would you rather serve a decade of some of the most prime years of your life, which are usually spent on family and career and so forth, really a vital decade of your life as far as development goes, and a decade that's quickly approaching the lot of you. Or would you rather spend the tail end of your years in prison, knowing full well that you will die behind bars, and there's the possibility that you might actually serve much more than 10 years.
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My mom is away on a trip, and will be back tomorrow.

I washed my car today, and while vacuuming it out, I noticed that both of her cars could stand to be washed as well. She left me some money, but I know where she keeps some quarters, which would be eaisier in this case. I am also going to make her homemade bread so she doesn't have to, and clean my room (god, I sound 15, but I'm 25, I swear...). I did drive one of her cars about 60 miles instead of putting gas in my car, and because her A/C works better...

Okay, I'm rambling. Do you think it would be bad of me to take some quarters to go wash her cars? I'm fairly positive that she would get them from the same spot she has them stashed were she to wash them herself. And it would be $2, tops, out of a Pringles can FULL of quarters, to wash her cars.
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If this is against the rules, let me know, I'll delete it.

Do you think there would be an interest for a community for writing stories? Rather, each initial post would start a story. Then people can comment to add the next part to the story, etc. So as you read through the comments, you would be reading a story. And if you don't like the ending, you could start it again with a different thread of comments.

I'm thinking of starting a community like this, but I don't know if there would be any interest in such a thing. What do you think?

PS. As I mentioned in my subject, if this type of post is against the rules just let me know and I'll get rid of it. I saw a rule against promoting communities, but this one doesn't exist yet, so it seems like it should be ok. I have no idea.

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You know what's a good idea?
saving images that interest you to your hard drive.

Postsecret.blogspot.com - It's been pushed off the page, and there are no archives. The post card is a fuzzy sketch or picture of the wtc towers. It says at the top "everyone who knew me before 9/11 thinks I'm dead."

does anyone have the file that they could send to me?
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I'm getting either an iPod or a camera. My mother offered to go halves for whichever I choose to buy. The camera I want is $179 plus an $80 SD card ($269), and I get a student discount at the Apple store so a 20gig iPod is $259 - it's only a $5 difference in cost on my part so that's totally immaterial.

Which should I get?

ETA: And in case I choose iPod - what should I get engraved on it?
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HOLY MOLEY! GOODNESS GRACIOUS! GOLLY GEE WIZARD! Does anybody know the cure for sunburns?! The entirety of my arms and my face are burnt (I look like the Japanese flag), so I'm in need of some relief from the pain. Thank you!!

EDIT: Also, I haven't had a sunburn in years. How long do they usually last?

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Okay, this will be a lyrics longshot.
the music where I work is on a loop. We got them to change it from the oldies station, which is on a two hour "I cannot possibly listen to 'war! Grunt! what is it good for?!?' again" loop, back to the "contempory-ish" station, which is on a 6 hour or so loop and they add/remove a few songs every few days or so.
Can only really sing along with songs I know- it's not loud enough for me to make out lyrics unless it's not very busy, and the song is enunciated fairly okay and I'm standing under a speaker. ("Baby but you can't behave. Right. that makes much more sense than "baby but you gave me AIDS.")

What I can make out of a song that's been playing lately:
"she's a (something)
"she's got (something)
Where (something) is a oo noise, so the lyric sounds a little like "She's got yooooooouuuuuth, She's got yooooouuuuth"

Then a part with a snappish rhythm, and the only words I can make out are "a magazine"

Any takers?
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The whole name-changing post made me think. :)

How do you all feel about the "tradition" of the father handing away the daughter to the husband?

I hadn't ever given it a second thought until I learned that it used to represent the handing over of his property to the new owner. Apparently quite a few couples choose to change that part of an otherwise "tradional" wedding, but like I said, I'd never heard of it before.

Would that be an issue? What if the father requested it? (Yeah, I edited. :P)

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I've always wanted to ask this question and I FINALLY remembered (I had a little help...lol...)

Are the g's in "gyre and gimble" hard, like in "game", or soft, like a j?

I've heard them both ways and it confused me. How am I supposed to properly recite it now?