June 17th, 2005


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Okay, my ex just emailed me. invted me to join some sort of social web website, I'd assume like facebook, except that it's not working.
My ex who said we'd stay friends... and who I haven't talked in about two and a half years.
We dated for about a month. Last I knew her, she was engaged.
She might have broken it off with me due to my not putting out. and being a baby queer in general. That and the "getting engaged" thing, yanno.

What do I *say*?

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what does your full name mean?

mine means "ethereal girl from the connor clan", and my husband's means "wolf and grandson of st. patrick from the hollow".

go find out if you don't know. it's cool. ;)

EDIT: don't tell me what each part of your name means separately either.. put it all together into one thought. ;)
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Is there a good (pref. free) program that will allow me to resume a rather large file that I'm downloading when the connection gets lost?

I downloaded a resume program called DAL, but that doesn't seem to be working because after my connection to the large file was dropped, the download started back over at 0. The file's site doesn't have its own resume program.

The file as saved is still up to the MB where it was shut off, but the download is starting over from the beginning.
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Morality - do you think is it a societal construct or is it an innate human characteristic?

If it is a social construct, then how can one moral code be priveleged above another?

If it is an innate characteristic, then how do you account for differing moral codes between individuals?

and yes i know this must sound like i am trying to get someone to do homework for me, but it isn't, I just finished uni :(

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I have been sick for the past three weeks and I think it's about time to go to the doctors. Lately, my throat has been hurting ALOT and I have no apetite whatsoever. I puke all the time. Today I woke up and felt like the insides of my throat were swollen. So I think I will go to the doctors. The problem is, my mom doesn't think that I need to and keeps giving me these mystery pills. Of course I don't take them because they're perscribed for someone else. I'm going to schedule an appointment.

My question is, I have been smoking a lot of weed this past weekend. Would there be anyway that the doctor would know, and if he did, would I get in trouble for it?

Another question:

I'll be going to another country in a few weeks. Is it possible for the security dogs in customs to smell weed off your clothes and skin if its been washed?

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using the nero burning program, is it possible to burn two songs so that one flows into the other?
is it possible to cut down the time of a song? for example take a 3 min song and make it a 2 min song so that it fades out the end and into the next song?

i love this club

Reflecting on a past relationship.


You're dating someone and your educational backgrounds aren't the same. Let's say (for example) that you have a four-year degree and your partner has a GED.

Would that matter to you? Superficially or deep down? What about if it REALLY bothered your partner that you're more educated than he/she is? Why? Would you date someone who had a lot more or a lot less education than you do? Why or why not?

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Does anyone else have a pet who sleeps in odd places?

What does your pet look like?

Have you ever taken in a stray animal?

Which do you like better? Knitting or crochet?

People who've watched Nip/Tuck:
Who do you think the Carver is?
McNamara or Troy?
Is anyone else bothered by the actor playing Matt? I think he looks odd and too old.
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Red Square

1. Has anyone been to the bar/club Red Square in St. Catherine's? More specifically on a Saturday night..is it really busy? I'm going there tomorrow for a fashion show :/

2. Do you ever just not get words right? For example, there's a band called Reliant K (or something), and for the longest time I said it like "Rel-yant K".

3. Is there anything I can take to help with the PMS moodiness? I don't get cramps or anything, but for 2 days I just want to cry, no matter where I am or the situation.

4. Do you like my new icon? haha

5. If you work VIA phone (i.e. call centre), are there any states where you just find people are really rude? The rudest people I've ever dealt with are from the 718 area code. (And I know that not EVERYONE there is mean, and I've talked to nice people from there also, but the meanest people have been from the 718 area code.. I keep track :/ )

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I'm listening to Winamp internet radio here at work...one of the hip-hop stations...
and Amerie "Just One Thing" (or maybe its called "One Thing"?) is on. I LOATHE this song.
along with Fabulous "Breathe". Anybody else have a few hip-hop songs they just cannot stand? I mean to the point of wanting to curl up and die? lol

not necessarily hip-hop, but thats what I had on my mind as of now.
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Parental issues

Has anyone here cut a parent out of their lives? Would you care to share why? How did the rest of your family handle it?

Last year at this time I got into a fight with my mom and we didn't speak for 6 months. The only reason I did start talking to her again was because my newly-proposed fiance didn't realize how insane she is and thought it would be nice for us to talk again. He has since said that he'd *never* make me do anything like that again. I'd like to permanetly cut my mom out of my life, but not dad, or siblings, or anyone else on her side of the family. Is it possible?

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Sometime next week I'm going in to have some testing done at the hospital. The test takes 5 hours and only involves some blood taking and me peeing so I'm going to be incredibly bored the entire time. What should I bring with for entertainment? I get distracted easily, so reading a book isn't much of an option. My iPod is a given, but that might get boring after hour number 2. Can you think of any other things I could bring/do to pass the time?

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would there be anyway to avoid death in this situation? cutting through a field or something until he had slowed down enough to bail out and escape with just a couple of broken limbs?
i know its supposed to be dramatic and tragic and guilt you into reposting it fifty trillion times, but if something like this were to actually happen, would death be avoidable? if he noticed his brakes had gone out, wouldnt he have stopped excellarating (sp?) then instead of flying down the road? do i just not understand motorcycles? also, if you were the girl, would you want to know the brakes were out?
sorry if this is silly, but ever since i first read this its been bugging me. ha

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leave your turntable on

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If you woke up one morning and found yourself in the body of a member of the opposite sex--an attractive member of the of the opposite sex--what would your first reaction be? Then what would you do?
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writing instruments

I figure that gel pens are probably the writing tools you can get these days, and I'm thinking of giving up my fountain pen for one.

Problem is... I can't seem to find a gel pen that isn't disposable. I'm trying to avoid the whole throwaway society thing, and I'd like something I can keep for years. Also, I'm thinking that I could buy good refills for a good pen for the same price as mediocre disposable pens.

So, Are there any good refillable gel pens out there?
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i have a coupon that i wanted to use to go out to dinner tonight

but it says expiration date: 6/17/05

today is 6/17/05

is expiration for THAT DAY, or the day after? can you still use it on the expiration date?

cell phone use

If you're using a cell phone ( i dont know if the service matters, but mine is sprint) and you have free minutes after a certain time, does your bill at the end of the month still show the record of who you spoke to after that time? And if it's free minutes after like 9pm, it's usually till sometime early morning, right? not till midnight or anything?
Is there any way to make the records not show the calls made during the free minutes?


Is anyone here a Starbucks/coffee shop barista?

Usually whenever I go to Starbucks, I stand near the bar and watch them make my drinks. I don't do it because I think they'll make it wrong or something, I just like watching them make the drinks, and I want to see where in line mine is. I was at a Starbucks I don't usually go to about a week ago, on a trip. I was watching them make my drink, and they made some snide comment about how they knew what they were doing and I didn't have to stand over them.

Was I a sucky customer? Were they rude employees?


looking for a community

For a while someone on my friends of friends list was on a community that I enjoyed and always meant to join but never did.

Well I'll be darned if that person either left the community or something because it's not around anymore for me to read. For the life of me I cannot remember the name.

It was something like Today I Learned (only not todayilearned). Can anyone lend a hand here?
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