June 16th, 2005

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If you're using one of the new styles, which one are you using, and which theme?

I'm using Flexible Squares with the Pastel Spring theme, but I'm not all that keen on any of them.
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Does one usually buy a gift for a bachelor party?

They are going to a baseball game, strip clubs, and some bars.

If so, what kind of gift would you buy?

Yes, we are attending the wedding, I'm not attending the bachelorette (spelling?) party but he's going to the bachelor party. I'm also going to the wedding shower, what do you buy for those?

Man, I hate weddings when I'm young. Oh, they are 20 and 22, I think.
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For those of you out of school: Do you have student loans - and if so, how much? How much do you pay a month?

For those still in: How much will you have when you get out?

For those not yet in: What are you doing to make sure that you won't have student loans?

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1. What are the last 3 cds you got?
2. What are you doing today?
3. Is it raining?

My answers:

1. Coldplay, Audioslave, The Mars Volta
2. At work until 3, then dinner and movie with the girls.
3. Yes, on and off.

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does anyone know a busline that goes from new york to canada..l specifically montcon or st. john in new brunswick?

i tried looking on greyhound but i cant find anything even close.
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1) My fingernails seem to get stonger when I'm happier and weaker when I'm depressed or just blah. Does this happen to anyone else?

2) What movie soundtrack are you particularly fond of these days?

3) I've been having trouble concentrating at work this week and I have to crack down and get a bunch of stuff done before the weekend. I closed the blinds so I would stop staring out the window, but I'm still distracted. Any tips for staying focused?
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What do you do when someone gives you their phone number and you don't want it?

I took it politely, but I don't want it, yet I feel odd about throwing it away. (it was the repairman that replaced my mom's water heater. so not attractive. yeesh.)
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Firefox will no longer allow me to sign into gmail directly. If I go to gmail.com, I get a blank page. If I go to google.com, search for gmail and click on the first link, I can get into my inbox with no problem. I use Firefox both at work and at home but this only happens at work.

Any ideas?

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how accurate is your intuition?

every now and then i get a bad feeling that spirals into some paranoid fantasy, but it's usually just my imagination.

i've had a bad sort of feeling all week. not like a really bad feeling, and not the kind that spirals into paranoid fantasies. instead, it's subtle, but it's persistent too. i plant to visit my bf in new orleans this weekend and i've just been sort of vaguely apprehensive ever since i decided to go a few days ago. i don't really expect that anyone can give me a definitive answer, but maybe share some experiences...

Poll Results

This is in relation to my 'How females view other females' poll last week. The results are in. 102 women took my poll, and I think it was an interesting study. I only reported the choices with significant support

1. Females are _____

71 said they were full of bad and good
28 said they were prone to be jealous and overemotional

More than a quarter felt that women were marked by more negative traits than neutral or positive.

2. When you're introduced to a woman, your first initial reaction is ______

52 said neutrality
42 said they assumed she was nice
8 said they assumed she was a bitch

The majority had no negative influence when meeting another woman...

3. If she's prettier than you, does this change your reaction at all?

51 (half) said there would be no change in reaction
25 would dislike her more because of her looks
20 might be attracted to her

...unless she was attractive. A cool close-to-a-quarter of the women wouldn't like her as much if she was prettier than them. Close to a fifth of the women polled might then stop seeing her as competition and start seeing her as a possible romantic/sexual connection. I don't know what all of this says, but a girl could be really nice and sweet, and a lot of you would dislike her anyway. Only half of you remained unchanged in your opinion of her if she was attractive. Looks count for quite a bit, it seems, when women meet other women
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The results are now put aside. The question then, is, do you think that the poll results surprised you in any way, as far as the voting went? If someone wants to do a poll on how guys see other guys, they're welcome to it, but I don't think that it'll be that indicative of anything.

Excel question

I'm tracking response times to requests for a work project, and I can't get Excel to compute the difference between the time submitted and the time resolved correctly.

What I have is:
Column A (Submitted Time)
6/10/05 8:00 AM

Column B (Resovled Time)
6/11/05 10:00 AM

The formula will give me a result of 2 hours, instead of 26 hours like it should, because it is not accounting for the dates, just the times. The formula I am using at the moment is =(B1-C1). Help?

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Alright, I was browsing some relationship board and came across a post in which the guy is bragging about what a jerk he was to his date and how he's going to get laid. The post and the responses are in the cut. Wtf.. am I the only one who thinks it's disgusting? Also, okay I get the letting her pay thing but he didn't take her home? Even if he let her pay for it I think he should've at least made sure she got home safely. He said he said "goodnight", that means it must've been late and dark ya know? Would YOU go out with him again?

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T Mobile and Sidekicks

If you have T-Mobile, what do you like and dislike about your service?

If you have a Sidekick 2, what do you like and dislike about that? Do you think the Sidekick 3 will be better?

Do you think other similar phones (Treo, Blackberry) looks better than the Sidekick? Why?

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Do you wish? What do you make wishes on? Stars, rainbows, coins in wells, wishbones? Anything unusual?

Ever since I was little, when I go under a bridge with a train on it, I touch something metal and make a wish. I also do the first star wish, and the penny in the fountain.
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Anyone ever had a friend who had to make themselves the victim of every situation?
Like 'my parents are getting divorced cos they don't love me?'
'Bad things always happen to me, I didn't get the score for university course i wanted, so my life is irredeemably crap' and so forth.

And did that person go to great lengths to make themselves unhappy?

If you know such a person... is there anything that can be done to improve their existence?
Or at least to wake them up, get them to take responsibility for their own lives?

two completely unrelated questions!

okay so when i've woken up for the past two weeks or three weeks with my throat hurting[like a sore throat kind of] and a stuffed nose...and then it kind of goes away during the day but sometimes comes back...what is that? allergies? or am i just a freak? haha

annnnnd another question...

DeadAIM...anyone use it? what are your thoughts?
i just got it last night and i'm not really sure if the $5 was worth it...but i dunno, maybe i just haven't used it to it's potential yet...

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If you have pierced ears, do you take your earrings out when you take a shower or go swimming? How often do you take them out?

I tend not to take my studs out very much but I think I should because when I leave them in for extended amounts of time they leave this weird earring funk behind. Any other kind, I take them out after wearing them for the day.

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Can someone offer me examples of the US legal system failing - i.e. people getting totally screwed over?
Also can you offer examples of other countries legal systems failing?

Just to clarify, I'm looking for cases where people have been railroaded, where there has been little or no evidence against them but have still been taken to court and put away, and other cases of people getting screwed.

Are there any cases that don't involve black people?
My own examples would be the likes of the Black Panthers (Assata for example).

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i went for my h & m interview yesterday, and i've been called back for a 2nd interview.

can anyone tell me what happens at the 2nd interview? what should i expect? give me any advice? etc.

thank you.

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Hi everybody, I posted this on the ask a nurse community, but this community is more active and there's a lotta knowledge here. :-)

So, on Monday I was playing in a softball game, and there were a TON of mosquitos...I got completely bitten up. About 5 or 6 of the mosquito bites have turned into some really nasty looking bruises. I've never had this happen before from mosquito bites, although I do tend to bruise easily in general. Should I be alarmed?
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Speaking of disturbing, gory things. I saw a video on myspace a while ago from PETA2, being used in a campaign against how rabbits are killed and tortured and brutally hurt for their furs.

In the video, dogs and raccoon-like creatures were being skinned, alive (nevermind that there weren't any rabbits in the video...I'm still a little confused about that one)... Wow. Why did they do that? Is that a common practice among skinners and tanners, skinning alive?
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Hey. I just joined this group. I haven't read TOO far into the past, so please excuse me if it's been done before. So, for my first question... what books do you recommend? Title, author, and genre, please.

(I'm currently finishing up the Chronicles of Narnia.)
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Your my 8 ball of polite society!

Okay, going home (Ohio) for a couple of things but the big thing is for one of my best friends 21st birthday.

Now I am wondering, since I will probably be chipping in to buy her meal (plus mine) and at LEAST two rounds at the bar (since when does the birthday girl pay for her own booze? I don't think so!) Am I obligated to get her a gift?

I am not a cheap ass or anything, but I am watching my budget.

Generally in my group of friends gifts aren't that big of a deal - but it's her 21st.
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I dropped my phone

I was in a hurry to get somewhere and my cellphone fell from my purse. It landed on the sidewalk and the battery pack in the rear popped out. (I have a Verizon LGVX6000, like Wil Weaton's).

I put the battery back in and the phone works...I can call people, nothing happened to my settings. The sides are a little scuffed and chipped from the impact. However, when I put it on the charger to charge, the little red light delays for two seconds before turning on. (My mom has the identical phone, I put her on the charger and the red light lights up instantly).

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but do I need to have my phone checked out or buy another model?

If I have to buy another phone, can I go to the Verizon Store, purchase the identical phone model, keep the same number and do it without telling my folks? (sicne they're paying for the service).

i don't mean to sound paranoid, but if it's broken in any way, I REALLY want to get it taken care of ASAP.
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For the make up gurus out there:  Is there an REALLY easy way to get dramatic eyes? im a bellydancer and will be performing at the global art exhibit next week *Link *

but i never wear makeup! and i wanna look good since it'll be  little ol' me on big ol' stage!
So i figuered i'll just buy some liquid eyeliner..some eye shadow, how hard can this be? Iam  eye-makeup  impared. please help ASAP!
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Warning: link below goes to sort of graphic image. It's not as bad as most stuff on rotten.com, but don't click it if you're squeamish about people getting hit by cars.

Do you think this is real? I'm skeptical. If the car was going fast enough for that to happen, the guy would've had plenty of time to move out of its way. And surely one of those people would've yelled out or another car would've beeped its horn.

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1. What are some good songs for a Saturday Night Live mix CD? (Besides Jimmy Fallon's parodies, "What is Love?", and "Missing.")

2. I got up too late to have breakfast before work this morning, and I was slightly concerned about fainting from low blood sugar (I'm not diabetic or hypoglycemic, and if I were REALLY concerned, I would have taken a break and eaten a cookie). I was, however, drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper. That got me wondering: does diet soda have any effect on your blood sugar, since it presumably has little or no sugar? This is probably a REALLY stupid question, but I honestly don't know.

First question x-posted to mp3_share.

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two questions:
1: what proof does alcohol have to be before you can put it in a standard home freezer without risking getting half-solid drinks everywhere when the bottle explodes?

2: Yanno how in car commercials, the car is always doing something fairly cool, and it says "Professional driver on closed course"?
How does one become that professional driver on the closed course?
Because oh, would I love that job.

Edit: okay, a new one, inspired in a roundabout way by reading the post I've missed over the past few days.
Apparently, it's about a two and a half week process to get your drivers license in the Bahamas. Lets say this Bahamian girl I know comes back to college from summer holiday and proceeds to go 110 down this "Hey, we cops will just sit here because it's a 25mph zone for no reason and it's down hill" section of road a few blocks from where we live.
Alternately, she does something less serious that she never learned in those two weeks... like she goes to take a left turn, the light turns yellow, and she pretty much just parks in the intersection instead of finishing on red. or she doesn't use her signal. whatever
Would the local police have the authority to confiscate her license, or make it null, or make her go through an american course, or anything else? I imagine it would depend on the situation.
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new york's alright!

i'm going to the city (new york,) tomorrow to see rent on broadway. i want to also check out madame tussaud's, and take a walk in the park. i'll also be going into the villiage to check out my old stomping grounds. =)

this is a date for me and my new beau, it is the first time he's ever been to new york. (he's from a tiny hick town in pennsylvania.) where are some other places i can take him? the only thing that we're doing for certain is going to see rent, everything else is up in the air. what are the best parts of new york that you just can't miss? i want to show him the REAL city, not the bullshit drug busts he sees on the news. i've just never played the tourist game there, so i don't know what to even take him to.

as for our dinner...i was thinking i'd like to take him to the best restaurant in china town. so...what is the best restaurant in china town, and where can i find it?

help me plan my exciting itinerary, oh wise questionclub!
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Do Picture Galleries even exist anymore?

Quick question for anyone who's a bit more savvy w/ web searches than I am.

I'm trying to locate some specific images to make some custom graphics/layouts for someone and I'm having trouble finding them.

Specifically I'm trying to locate a Spring of 1987 Vanity Fair photo spread featuring Sarah Brightman at the Paris Opera House (this was to promote the opening of POTO on Broadway I believe) as well as a Fall of 1994 Vanity Fair photo spread featuring Tom Cruise (to promote Interview With the Vampire.)

I'm at a slight disadvantage because I don't know what these pictures actually look like...but does anyone have any tips on where or how to search for these images?

I've already tried Google...but its near impossible to tell if I've found the right thing when I don't really know what I'm looking for...

Thanks very much in advance.
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For the girls, silly lipstick questions 'cause I feel like it :P

1. Do you wear lipstick everyday? If you do, is it usually the same color or do you alternate a lot? Favorite lipstick to wear? (color/brand)
2. Do you prefer to wear your lipstick as matte or to put gloss over it?

My answers:
1. I always wear lipstick when I go out. It's usually plum by Jane.
2. I usually put "green apple glossy lip balm" (Lee - Lip Ex) over my lipstick. It gives it a little shine, I don't like the way TOO much lipgloss looks.
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I got a crappy little laptop from ECS Elitegroup last fall. Well, a few months ago it died on me. So I called the number on their warranty card and ended up sending it in.

It's been over 3 months and I haven't heard back anything from them. And somewhere during moving back home from my dorm, I lost the warranty card and don't have their phone number. Their website has been no help at all.

I know it's a stretch, but would anyone happen to have their support/warranty/service/whatever it's called, phone number?

What else can I do?
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Let's be totally honest and non-judgmental here. Would you be offended if you invested a great deal of thought, time, and money in selecting a present for a friend, and then when the time came for them to give you a present, they gave you something very obvious (something that didn't take much thought/planning) and cheap? Something that was nice and that you could use, though.

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If you work retail, what's policy for when, say, a male customer hands you a card that says Rachel on it... or the card isn't signed... or the card says see id(If you don't always ask)? And if you don't always ask, and it says see ID, and you ask, and they don't have ID, then what? If that signature strip is worn off (you know, where it says 'not valid' underneath)?

Mcdonald's policy in drivethrough is to just swipe the card, hit credit, and wait for approval. We aren't even supposed to look at it other than checking to see where the magnetic bit is, apparently, because they(I assume 'they' are the credit companies) are "weary" (I assume he meant "wary", because if this happened frequently enough that they were "weary" of it, I'm sure something about McDonalds' credit card policy would get radically adjusted) of us copying the numbers down or something.
Inside, we never even touch the card.

Is there any *good* reason to not sign your credit card? The only excuse I've heard is "But then someone could learn to forge my signature" to which the answer is: "If you don't sign it, they can make up *their own* version of your signature."
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My sister is having a hard time trying to find a place to buy lye. Are there any stores that she can go to or online sites?

She's looking to make soap and lives in Oregon.
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Has anyone ever successfully gotten rid of plantar warts with duct tape? What was your regimen?

If not, what have you used? (Other than freezing them off - I have no insurance. :/ )

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Minolta SLR auto-focus, 300xi. anyone know if this lens is compatible with the minolta maxxum series, more specifically 7 and 5? thanks!
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