June 15th, 2005

Kitty Lick

Dialup Speed

How fast should the download speed of a 56k dialup connection be? (WinXP, Dell laptop if that matters.)

The max that its get while downloading files is 4kbs/sec, but someone told me it should be going a little faster than that. (And yes, that's one file at a time, not viewing webpages and running an assload of programs while downloading.)

If that's not normal, what would be causing it to go so slow? I have a great virus scanner and anti-spyware programs, and I recently reformated my computer, so it's not that.

Hi I don't know how to make icons but...

After having some fun in Paint and showing off my new pic (my current icon) to a friend, she said "Staring at it long enough makes me think I'm going to Hell." So now I really want to add that to the icon, having it first show the creepy picture, and then have it say "Staring at it long enough makes me think I'm going to Hell. -Abi" but I have no idea how to go about it. Anyone want to make that icon for me, or teach me how to make it?

(Yes I know there is a community for this, but I have no idea how to post to icon_tutorial and it is late and I am confused and simply want my icon... help would be greatly appreciated.)
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the oc. haha

Where can you find out when the second season of the OC comes out on dvd?

I ended up getting into it when it was on in the break room at work, so I watched the entire first season, and now I'm anxious to continue. Haha.

Go ahead and make fun...but does anyone know?

marching band?

Do you have college marching band stories? I realize every college is different, but I just thought it'd be interesting to ask. I'm considering auditioning for my school's marching band, but I'm a little freaked that maybe I won't fit in. I don't live on campus, I'm married, I'm not much of a drinker. But I like spending time on campus with friends and laughing and being a dork. I just don't know if others are like that.

Do you guys know just regular somewhat introverted geeky students in band, or have you heard only drinking/partying marching band stories? Or have you heard no stories at all?

And do you think I should just go for it and see what happens?

A rose by any other name...

I know post was done like this a few months ago, so I hope it's ok

Ok, so we as humans are able to create preconceived ideas of people before we meet them, based solely on their name.. perhaps in reference to someone we've known before by that name, or simply by what the name reminds us of.

So with this list of names (in no particular order), what would you imagine the person to be like? (age, gender, physical characteristics, personality, social status... anything you can think of) and do you like the name?:


Edit: Oh yeah, and please try to comment before reading other answers as to not be subconsciously influenced. thanks!

(no subject)

What month did you lose your virginity in?

Do you allow your pets to stay in the bedroom during sex?

Do you dye your hair?

Do you know how far America and Russia are from each other at the closest point?
leave your turntable on

your first impression...

When you first found LJ, what was your first impression of it?

I was introduced to LJ by a friend. At the time, I had a journal at scribble.nu (is that site still around?) and I thought LJ was sooo lame, because you couldn't customize it as much.
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Kitty Lick

I'm innocent!

Have you or anyone you know or heard of been falsely accused of cheating on their significant other?

What happened? How'd they get "busted"? Did things get resolved?

Falsely: Meaning any type, variation, or even potential cheating. Not "Well s/he was doing-semi-cheating-thing with another person but technically s/he wasn't cheating!" 1000% innocent in every way.

(no subject)

what cleaner REALLY cleans bath tubs? im looking for something that you pour on and does most of the work, so i have to do minimum heavy duty scrubbing. my bath tub is really dirty.

A few questions I've been pondering

1. Fueled from the "vomit story" posting a few days ago, and from my hangover yesterday, what's the worst hangover you've ever experienced?

1.5 Favourite hangover 'remedy'?

2. If a ring is sized, and SCREWED UP (meaning it's not centred), and they want to bend the same ring again and fix it, does it weaken the band? (yeah, my ring was not sized properly).

3. Did anyone see Jimmy Buffett in concert Monday night?

4. Do you have ragweed allergies? What do you do/take to alleviate the suffering?

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(no subject)

so for the last week and a half ive been trying to find someone's livejournal. i'm having trouble finding it and its driving me nuts.

my moms best friend's daughter (sort of like an older sister to me growing up) moved down to texas about a year and a half ago, i accidentally found her lj about six months ago. i added it to my favourites and never commented on it or added her to my journal (to be honest i didn't want her to know i had one). soon after i found it, my computer had a meltdown and i lost the link, and don't remember her username.

on june 5th i found out that heather (lj user i'm trying to find) died suddenly and unexpectedly. I think i'd find a lot of comfort in being able to go back and read about her life down in Texas, as a lot of us lost contact with her when she moved. The only thing I know is that she lived in Houston, Texas. I don't know her aim name or yahoo name or even if she had any of that... obviously i know her first and last name, and i wonder if there's any way at all to find her livejournal by knowing that... or if i were to contact somebody to do that (i'm thinking livejournal admin), who would i contact? I realize there are millions of users on livejournal and this might seem like a petty request when they're so busy but meh... i'm just wondering if they'd even be able to do anything about it.
Into the Groove

Bob Marley

I know that Jamaica is a primarily homophobic country due to their deep rooted christian beliefs and there are a number of reggae artist from there that are known to have homophobic lyrics.

My question:

Is it known whether or not Bob Marley was homophobic?

Edit: We've established Marley was Rastafarian as opposed to Christian but does Rastafarian mean you aren't homophobic?

Edit 2: I found the following regarding Rastafarianism and Homosexuality:

Homosexuality is seen as sinful and decadent, though in this attitude Rastafarianism is far from unique among Christian sects, and some Rastafarians are indifferent to homosexuality or accept it. Some claim that extra attention may be paid to homophobia in Rastafarianism, however, because persecution of homosexuals is common in Jamaica among Rastas and non-Rastas alike, though no more so than in other Third world countries, or in other religions.

Also, Rastafarianism is a sect of Christianity, according to this site.

source: http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Rastafarianism#Homosexuality

My question still stands:

Was Bob Marley homophobic?
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New Bopp

(no subject)

1.) Which is more powerful, 12 amps or 1300 watts?

2.) What brand of vacuum cleaner would you recommend? (Or model)

3.) Which is better, bags or bagless vacuums?

4.) I stopped biting my fingernails. Should I got get acrylics?
New Bopp

Kitten fostering / volunteering

I'm thinking of volunteering at the local animal shelter, and perhaps kitten fostering.
Has/Does anyone done/do this? Can you tell me some of you experiences?
If you foster, is it hard to say goodbye?
Do you end up actually keeping some of the kittens?
If you have pets already, how do they adjust to new animals frequently?


About what time did you go to bed last night?
And, about when do you actually think you fell asleep?

What time did you wake up today?
When did you actually get out of bed?
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Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

What do you think of this? http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/Issues/2005-06-09/news/feature_print.html

(sorry, link thing wasn't working)
I know there are some people who like to dress as a woman and they were born that way and its a genetic thing and we are supposed to be accepting and its not something that went wrong in childhood. They just feel they are the other gender inside.

BUT, this is a little extreme. Do you think this is a genetic thing that we are just supposed to accept similar to gay people and transvestites?
Or, do you think this guy had some serious traumatic events in his infancy that led to a screwed up psyche and this type of behavior?
If he can live his life this way and be perfectly happy with himself and happy that he finally isn't ashamed of it anymore and is being true to himself, than is he healthy?
Or is he simply really screwed up inside and needs to get serious help to cure him?

At first, I thought he really needs to see a therapist and get some help to cure him. But, then I realized thats how some radical christians view gays and transvestites and I don't agree with that. So, I'm not sure. What do you think? Personally, it disgusts me. But, I can't see that he's doing anything morally wrong. And, if he's happy he can't be that unhealthy....
Monkey Business

Wishing the best of everything in years ahead of you. Congratulations.

How much money did you make or expect to make from graduating college? How many announcments have you or are you sending out?

I've always refused to send out any announcments but a card from my grandpa containing quite a bit of money, to me at least, has me reconsidering. I'm out of work for a while and probably will be for some time so the cash is greatly appreciated. And the note/card is too I guess.

X-posted with slight modifications to my school.


1. Why does this cure for hiccups work? Collapse )

2. Why do we get hiccups in the first place? When I eat or drink something too quickly or a certain way, I get a weird feeling and I can tell I'm about to get the hiccups, but why/how do we get them?

3. Can you tell when you're about to get the hiccups?

4. Why does holding your breath until you nearly pass out stop hiccups, albeit unpleasantly?

5. What's your favorite method for getting rid of hiccups?

6. How often do you get the hiccups? I get them 1-5 times a day.
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groovin' cedric

(no subject)

What websites do you absolutely *have* to visit everyday? And give a brief description of what you like about them.

Edit: I have a crapload of them that I visit daily, mostly because I'm bored at work and have nothing better to do. Snopes, The Straight Dope, CNN, various web comics, various message boards, Museum of Hoaxes, This is Broken, and FitDay.

sorry. ;)

Ha, don't mind the obvious and lame repetition/stealing from camoflaugekimmy, but i found that little exercise really interesting! If anyone doesn't mind the repeat topic, what is your impression of a person with the following names?

Avi (girl, short for Lavender)

and if you heard of someone else with the name "cailin", would you think she was an obnoxious, self-righteous, know-it-all bitch, based off of me? ;)
jhudora is pissed


Er, just two seconds ago, I was viewing my friends-page, in the new "Flexible Squares" layout from the contest. Hot pink and black theme, and I've had it like that since the day they released the new layouts.

I clicked, "Go Earlier" to read more, and it just changed to "Generator" layout with default colors....... so I go and refresh my regular journal, and EVERYTHING is generator with defaults blue and white colors now...

I didn't change anything. It literally changed BY ITSELF in the time it took me to finish reading my friends page and click to go back further.

anyone know what the fuck just happened?

EDIT: Okay, so I went to change it back, and the new layouts are no longer listed as available... Goddamn you, LJ. You can't just delete a fucking layout style when I went to lengths to make it perfect. I'm pretty pissed.
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Outlook + Ctl+C/V/X Problem

I use Ctrl+C and Ctr+V to copy bits of text into the body of a reply e-mail very frequently throught the day. However, I have a problem wherein I am occasionally hitting some mysterious combo of keys while attempting to Ctrl+V that is actually sending the reply instead of pasting the text, and then since the new e-mail got sent, it pastes the text into the body of the e-mail I was replying to. Not really what I was trying to do, to say the least.

This makes me look like a rather large idiot because I basically end up sending a blank e-mail instead of an informative reply. And I can't figure out what I'm hitting so I can make sure to be careful not to do it. And it's not Ctrl+Enter, as I Crtl+V all with my left fingers (ring finger on Crtl, pointer hits the V.)

Please tell me what I'm doing and help me not look so incompetant? :P
Friends: Unagi.

(no subject)

1) Why am I suddenly getting loads of spam of a place called focalex? I've had one about plasma tvs, baby clothes, adopting babies and a bunch more which I've deleted. I keep clicking on "report spam" in gmail but it doesn't help because they all come from something@focalexmail.com and "something" is always something different. It says I'm getting it because I signed up at focalex.com but I had never even heard of that. So did someone use my email address and sign up for it?

2) Why does my back hurt? It just between my shoulders. I can't lift anything heavier than a pen and it's bearable as long as I'm sitting down and leaning. Suprisely it goes away completely if I'm walking but not when I'm standing still.

3) Does anyone else have a vein in the bottom their foot that seems to move about? It's been doing it on and off for about a week and if you look at the bottom of my foot when it's doing it you can see it moving. It doesn't hurt but it's annoying.

4) What can I do not to get a blackout on an exam?

5) Who else uses this social psychology book? We use a translated version but we use the English practice tests.
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Random thoughts

1- I went to Carrabba's curbside carry out last night and I wasn't sure if I should tip or not. They do bring the food out to your car and take your money/card, but that's it. To tip or not to tip?

2- I also went to the dentist and got my teeth cleaned. Do any of you close your eyes while your teeth are being cleaned? I think staring at the ceiling gets boring. I also close my eyes when my hair is being washed before a haircut, the splattering water gets annoying. How about you?

3- Have you ever smoked hookah? If so, what is your favorite flavor? Right now I am loving strawberry mint. Mango peach is usually really good too.
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(no subject)

Three questions on this one everybody.

First, how come people are allowed to coach soccer if they don't know the rules?

Second, how do I get this girl out of my head? We broke up and since then I've been sleeping less because everytime that I do, I start having dreams about her, and most of the time they are bad. Any ideas?

Thirdly, how come AOL sucks SO BAD? We had a free account, and it somehow gave us two accounts (I don't know how) and when we called up to cancel, they canceled one, but not the other (the one we didn't know about). We got a bill next month, and called them, told them to cancel it and to give us a refund. They said ok, and instead billed us for the next month. Called back again, same thing. Went on for three more months like this (keep in mind we've never ever logged into that account. Finally they canceled it and refunded the charge (hopefully) this time. But why, oh why did we have to call them a dozen or so times to get it canceled?

(no subject)

I'm looking for a place to put my next tattoo.

I have one around my wrist, one on my upper chest, one on my lower back and one between my shoulder blades. They're all smallish, I'd say the biggest one is 7 inches by 7 inches.

I don't want any place typically girly (every girl I know with a tattoo has it on her ankle), and my arms tend to gain weight first, so those places are out.

Keep in mind I also really dislike not being able to SEE my tattoos. The ones on my back are awesome, but I like to view my pieces.

I think I'm SOL for ideas. *sigh*

(no subject)

so what's up with people who, rather than saying something informative, leave messages on your answering machine that just say, "hello? hello? is ______ there?" as if someone actually answered the phone?

(no subject)

A post in a friends journal made me think of this: For those of you who know who Nancy Grave in (CourtTV), does she resemble Joan Cusack to you?

What other celebrities look alike to you?

The only ones I can think of now are Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley!
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(no subject)

I watched Britney and Kevin Chaotic this evening. Yeah, ok, stop laughing.

Anyways, there was a song playing during the wedding preparation scenes. Sort of sounded like Elvis Costello, but cooler, about how special a woman was. Does anyone know who it was by and what it's called?
Stare into the very eyes of evil.

(no subject)

what color are your socks?

...and I just wanted to randomly share, there's a man who I think is Norman Bates reincarnate who comes into my cafe in the evenings and he's very creepy. O.o
Golden Dragon

(no subject)

what do they call women and men who love authors?

when i say love i mean, like, want to get nekkid with every author they go to a reading/book signing for, im sure there must be a name for it, like authorophiliac or something?

(no subject)

are gays better parents than straight parents?

please credit source.

also, i read somewhere that america is like dead last in a list about our place in education.
is this true?
when we sparkle

(no subject)

What do you think about giving/receiving used items as birthday presents?

For my friend's birthday, I'd like to give her both a book and a CD that relate to our relationship. If I buy them new, I can only afford to give her one or the other, however I can buy good copies of each for an affordable price, thus allowing me to give her both. I know that I wouldn't have a problem with receiving an used item that had meaning for my birthday, but I'm not sure how others would feel about this, and she's more sensitive than most people.
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