June 14th, 2005

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Some nail questions.

1. What color nail polish do you wear most often? Do you usually only wear this color or are there a lot of other colors you wear too?
2. Which nail polish do you think is the best overall brand? (no streaks, looks best, lasts longest, etc)
3. Do you ever go to a nail salon or do you always do your own nails?
4. Are your nails usually a solid color or do you play around a lot with different designs, stickers, gems, french manicures, different colors (on the same nail or different on each nail), whatever you do to nails? :P
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Is it "any more" or "anymore" in the case of a sentence like this:

"That doesn't make it any/more creepy."

I mean, it would be "any less" with a space, but there isn't such a word as anyless so I'm just wondering what the correct grammar would be.
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volunteer programs

Are there any programs besides the peace corps that have similar post-program benefits such as reducing your college loans and such.
Aside from teach for america and vista.
Does anyone know of any or has done one?

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I've noticed that there has been a sudden proliferation of anti-government/anti-war music flowing into the mainstream recently. Some notable examples are:
System of a Down - B.Y.O.B.
Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds
Green Day - Holiday

How do you feel about this? Do you think that popular bands should be so vocal about their political leanings? Or is it something that should be left to the experts? Do you think music like this is actually swaying the younger generation at all?

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My friend at work was bitten by a spider or something a couple nights ago. Bitten on her calf. The area is swollen and painful to touch, with a bit of purplish discoloration. The doctor says that it's a bacterial infection, but didn't know what the animal was that caused it. There's nary a mark, maybe one mark. Now, the black widow spider leaves two marks when it bites. Are there any insects that can cause such a reaction that leave only one mark?

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So I must know, do the vibrating razors really give a better shave or is it just a way for underage girls to get incognito vibrators?

All the gimmicks for razors now a days is just out of hand. How can four blades be so much better than three? Are people really that gullible?

Edit: I was also wondering; Nads, yay or nay?

Edit: So it seems people react differently to razors. Odd, I never would have guessed the hair and skin varied so much from person to person. I think I've heard both yay and nay about every sort of razor out there so far.
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What side dishes would you suggest to go along with BBQ pulled pork? (I've already got cornbread and collard greens are a no.) I'm looking for good, hearty southern sides.
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Does it ever bother you when someone mistakes your gender?

For instance, I'm female, but when I shaved my head, lots of people called me Sir. I thought it was amusing.

Also, I don't make a distinction and call males and females "dude." I also say "you go girl!" to males. Really, I think it's all a figure of speech and don't care for these labels.

What do you think?

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To anyone who's married or is gettin married:
what did you do to save $$$ on your wedding? this shit is addin up!

anyone know any websites for the budget-savvy (aka broke ass) bride??

Possibly stupid post

I just made a poll in my journal for women only. I've noticed that women react differently towards other women. I know some women that mistrust other women, some that are overly trusting of women, and so forth. Gender can be a major impact point for some females. So, the question is, how do you react to other women? Take the poll in my journal please. I really am curious to see the results, if women are positive, negative or neutral about other women.

Answer truthfully please. I do not know who you are. You're anonymous to me.

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Which class should I take?


This course is a survey of the chronological development of Western art from the Early Christian period to the end of the 16th Century. This includes Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance painting, sculpture, architecture, and manuscript illumination in Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, England, France, Holland, and other European venues.



This course is a survey of the chronological development of Western art from the Baroque period to the end of the 19th Century. This includes Baroque, Rococo, Romanticism, Realism and Impressionism in Italy, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, and England.

I am torn between the two. Degas is my favorite painter, yet at the same time everything else looks so interesting.

I picked Art 3. Thanks everyone for your input! :)

You could actually change my life.

Has anyone found themselves freshly graduated from high school with no plans for the follwing year, be it by lack of planning or by plans falling apart? What did you end up doing?
The latter is my current situation. I applied for a program called City Year that would give me a great expirience while I was deciding what I wanted to do and scholarship money, but I was, to everyone's great surprise (even a good friend who's an alumni of the program), rejected. What's there to do but get a job and plan for the following year? I've heard some suggestions about enrolling in college for the spring, but haven't found any actual information about it. Also, I may be mistaken, but it seems that financial aid options would be more limited if I took that path. If that's right, it probably wouldn't be worth it- financial troubles galore.
Can you give me any advice from expirience, or direct me to something that can explain my options?
Please and thank you.

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My friend and I attend a high school where Latin is not taught. She has never taken the language before, and I took Latin I in middle school. The two of us are writing a petition in the form of a persuasive essay (And signatures, of course.) We're trying to gather as many benefits as possible from Latin as a part of the curriculum, and are turning to the internet (you) to help us expand on the ideas we already have!


Lynda Barry

A pair of queries

1. Did anyione watch "Hell's Kitchen" last night? Why did Jeff walk off? I thought he just got pissed off and left, but during the credits it looked like it said he left because of injury.

2. If you wear pajamas or other special clothes to bed, how many nights do you wear them for before you decide they're dirty? I usually wear them for three or four nights.
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I have a debating team to coach. They've got to present the case for legalisation/decriminalisation of marijuana. We've got quite a few ideas, but I thought I might just leave it up here and see if there are any other solid arguments floating about.
So, what're some good reasons for the legalisation of marijuana?
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Formula. . .

So I got a thing of formula as a gift and it's the wrong kind. We use Enfamil Lipil with Iron and the one we got was Enfamil with Iron. We are running low on the Lipil kind, and I can't get anymore until morning, would it be ok if I used just the Enfamil with Iron until I can get the lipil? Will it hurt my son? I'd call his ped and ask, but they don't have an after hours office number.

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A work colleague of mine has offered me a fridge-freezer for my new house. The only problem is, it has a fault that means the temperature gauge keeps flickering (something about an air bubble???). Who would I need to call to fix it? An electrician? Any ideas on cost?

Thanks in advance

Age of Empires Question

Does anyone play Age of Empires? I'm trying to work through the Greek Dynasty, but for some reason it won't let me advance to the next level of the game after the Land Grab stage. I've played and beaten the level twice, but it just doesn't seem to get me anywhere. I don't know if it's a known bug, or what. TIA!

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I'm going to Europe tomorrow and I want to find some new things to put on my ipod.

If my favorite band is something corporate and my second favorite is fall out boy, but I don't really listen to much in the genre, what should I download off iTunes?

Any and all suggestions are welcome. I listen to all types of music. :)
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Chicago to Seattle

My friend is moving to Seattle and we are looking for the cheapest way to get all of her stuff out there. Paying a moving company for a small load costs about $1600, as does renting a Uhaul. Renting an SUV, however, seems to only be roughly $500-600. The driver is 24 so would often have to pay the underage driver fee . . .

We've checked the major car rental places online, but many don't offer one-way drives.

I'm looking for any suggestions of routes, car rental agencies, coupon codes, good days to rent (is weekday better than weekend?), and ANY other car rental or Chicago to Seattle tips!


x-posted all over. . .
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I have a new computer and my Microsoft Office expired. Before I drag my old computer back out (its older MS Office still works after 5+ years)... do any of you know of a free program that I can download to spell check? Grammar check would be an added plus.

Right now I'm at the point of cutting n' pasting everything I write into LJ, running spell check, and then cutting n' pasting it back out. The usual places I download programs from only have very pricey spell checkers.
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Does anyone know where (online) I can buy eyeglass frames very much like these, but where that top part comes in white? The ones in the link only come in black or pink, and I'm desperate for ones just like this but with white instead.

I've tried googling but I don't really know what type of search term to use to specify that style, and so all I find is sites where I have to page through bajillions of ALL KINDS of frames.


i've been thinking lately of learning how to ride a motorcycle + eventually purchasing one. as i've never even ridden on the back of one, i need to take lessons. can someone give me an idea about how driving schools conduct motorcycle lessons, how much they cost + anything else interesting concerning this subject?
also, does anyone have any idea how much insurance would cost me? (19 y.o. female, NY state) and how much upkeep would be?

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This may be a stupid question but how do you tell if you have a fetish?
I mean is it something you have to have done to you for you to orgasm during sex every time? Do you also have to do this to yourself if you want to orgasm through masturbation?

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i finally picked out my outfit for a job interview i have tomorrow, but the skirt i want to wear is knee length and i'm wearing sandals, so no pantyhose. the problem is that my legs are covered with random bruises and a big half dollar-sized scar below my knee from being hit by a car on my bike last october (really gross pictures, if you're interested). i feel SO TOGETHER in the outfit i picked out except that these blemishes on my legs make me feel very unprofessional and like i'm from the wrong side of the tracks or something!

the question is, is it worth it to try and cover them up with make-up for the interview tomorrow, or should i just bare all?

if i get the job, it will probably require that i wear skirts often. i know people cover their blemishes with make-up all the time, but...on their legs? is that normal?