June 13th, 2005

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Not sure if this has been posted yet, BUT. .

For some reason, if even I click the option to never be logged out, LJ logs me out! Is anyone else having this problem? It's really annoying!!! Thanks. . I changed my password because I thought maybe someone was doing that, but even with the new one it still does it! :( ::pout::
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finger sized sweatbands??

ok, a couple of months ago i saw a pair of sweatbands that are so popular right now, except they were for the fingers. they were wide enough to cover the first knuckle, and they struck me as perfect for my mom.
i know, that sounds wierd, but she almost died from hypothermia when she was in college, and one of her index fingers gets REALLY cold all by itself during the winter. i thought it would be cool to get her some so that she could warm her index finger even when she's inside and wearing gloves looks wierd.
the only problem is that the ones i saw had "bite me" written on them, and as she's a teacher at an expensive prep school, i didn't think that those would go over too well. so i didn't buy them, but now i can't find anything like them anywhere.
do you know either where i could find them or what i could use as a search word to google them? i've tried: fingercuffs, sweatbands, fingerbands, and a few other. any suggestions? i really want to get her some before the weather gets cold again.
thnx in advance
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(no subject)

i have a window a/c unit, and when i turn it off, i notice it drips water on one side..

can anyone shed some light on this (as to why it might happen)? unless it's from rain or condensation...

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whats the difference between glycerin soap and any other soap?

i bought a glycerin bar of soap at bath and body works (sale for $1.00 each), and I came home and used it. i cant really tell if i like it or not.

do you guys use glycerine soap?
if you use bar soap which do you use?
if not, what kind of body wash do you use?
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Thoughts of Cheating

If you are/were in a monogamous relationship, and your significant other seriously considered* the idea of cheating on you, but for whatever reason opted not to, would you want to know?

How would you feel about it, if your SO did tell you?

*Seriously considered as in s/he even made arrangements with another person for sex, but then at the last minute called everything off.

Opinions please?


Man and woman are in a serious, long-term relationship. It recently became long-distance due to several outside factors, but their plan is to come back together in a few months. In the meantime, they need to maintain their relationship via phone calls, IM, and occasional trips.


The woman feels like they aren't spending enough time together. She tells the man that she fears the relationship is in jeopardy because they aren't talking often enough, and under the circumstances of their physical separation, she'd like him to make more of an effort to sustain the relationship. She also tells him she is feeling unimportant to him. She gives an example of a week where he had work and family gathering commitments almost every night, yet on one of the nights he was free, he chose to spend that evening having dinner with his brother instead of spending time talking with her. His response is that she is being unreasonably needy and in asking him to have spent that evening with her was asking for too much. He feels she is being a nag.

They'd like outside objective opinions, so what do you all think? Is she asking too much?
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(no subject)

Why does the radio sound more/less staticy depending on where I'm standing in the room? I'm not talking about a Walkman that I'm wearing, I'm talking about a full stereo system sitting on the floor. For example, if I'm sitting at my desk, all I can hear is static, but if I walk over by the door, suddenly it's perfectly clear. Sometimes it's static if I'm on the left, and then if I stand to the right of the stereo, it's clear. Sometimes I even have to sit right in front of the stereo to make the static stop.

I've experienced this for at least six years, in two different residences (one in a crowded valley, one on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere), with two completely different stereo systems. Doesn't matter the season or the weather.

If it matters, I only listen to the radio between 6 and 11 am (the Howard Stern Show), and it's on the FM dial.

Is there any explanation for this?
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MSWord & Excel

Hey all, I'm hoping someone will know how to do this task. I work at The Food Bank in Omaha, NE.

Here's what's been happening: Someone calls in wanting to do a food drive, and I write/fill out a paper form with the company, address, how many barrels they want, etc. Then because they're interested in helping, I enter this info into Excel so that I can ask them to do another drive at the same time the next year (since this is a good time this year, I'll try again next). I also track the pounds of food donated, etc., when the food drive is over.

What ends up happening is that I have to fill out the form on paper (used to have to write it twice, I have fixed that part), and then re-enter all the info into the computer. It's a big waste of time, especially when I schedule 20 or 30 food drives a day when we get busy in the fall.

I have made the form into a merge document to match the Excel page, but it rarely works - I can't make the Excel columns format correctly sometimes, such as the date and time, and it's too easy to either miss printing a document or print too many.

In a perfect world, I would have a computer "form" that I could type into as I talk to the person on the phone, which would both fill out the form I have to print for the warehouse and also fill in the info in Excel, which I use to solicit drives the next year. There is a form that can be done in Excel, but it only enters into the Excel table, and I still have to merge to the document. I think this could be done with MS Access, but we don't own it and can't afford to buy it right now.

Any suggestions? Our new admin assistant was helping me, but she's become quite ill and won't be back for at least a few weeks.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Okay, so I have my first college interview (EVER) on Wednesday, and have a few questions.

1. What should I expect? The school I'm looking at is Macalester College, a small liberal arts school in Minneapolis, MN.
2. How should I dress?
3. What should I take with me?

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i just sold for the first time on ebay and my auction has just ended. i'm finding the process very confusing. am i supposed to contact the buyer and inform them how much they owe price + shipping? am i supposed to charge sales tax? there is an option for it but that feels strange - who would the tax go to?

once i receive payment, will they inform me of their shipping address at that point?

thanks for any help - i want to start selling a lot and i figured ebay would be easy to navigate through, but its been really confusing so far.

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i recently created a new community. for some reason, the entries people make on that community do not show up on my friends list, and it's aggravating me. i tried to leave/rejoin the community to make sure the "add this community to my friends list" option was checked, but it won't let me leave as i'm the sole maintainer, and so on. i have no other idea how to get the damn thing on there.
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Last american slave?

When did the last verified American slave die?

Legal slavery as it existed prior to the Civil War. This question is not meant to cover sex slaves brought over in the modern day or any other such underground slavery, nor is it meant to cover the draft or any such institution. THose issues are for another discussion.
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(no subject)

The jury has made their verdict.

It'll be about an hour before the public knows.

-- What do you think will happen to Wacko Jacko??

My answer: I hope he goes to jail.

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(no subject)

Does anyone have any ideas for a way to keep two outdoor cats from fighting?

We have a cat who lives on our porch (looong story), Arvee, and she fights with another cat who lives around here constantly. Her current war wounds include a scratch so bad her head had to be partially shaved to get it cleaned and a fat lip, and they just keep happening! It's getting the point where it's sad to watch her get her ass kicked this badly, but she's not actually our cat so we can't keep her inside.

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This Fall I am attending a community college in order to transfer to a University of California (or possibly private) school in 2 years. I am seeing a counselor tomorrow, but before I do I thought I might ask here anyway.

1. I am totally confused--how do I figure out what classes I need in order to fulfull IGETC requirements? I took the assessment tests and orientation and I know HOW to enroll for classes, I just don't know which classes I need to take in order to transfer fastest.

2. Let's say I don't go to a UC. Let's say I want to go to USC--how do I know which classes I need to transfer? I looked a lot of places for this info but obviously I missed it somewhere.

3. When I applied for community college I said I wanted an AA degree to transfer. But apparently an AA is not required for transferring. What is the difference between fulfulling AA requirements and just transfer requirements? Should I change that? And if possible, does anyone know how to do that? It won't let me do it online (or at least I can't find that option anywhere as of yet).
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(no subject)

Do you know shorthand? Is it as fun as it looks?

ARGH I'm completely frustrated. My work schedule has changed and I have to wake up at 5:30 to be at work by 6:30...when I signed up for the shift, I thought it would be easy. ha. I sleep through my alarm clock every morning. I don't even hear it. Tips on how to get up and be awake on time please?
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Gateway or Dell?


I'm not a computer idiot. I've had many many computers in my short life including custom built, name brand, generic, etc. I'm simply researching Dells and Gateways at this point and would like to hear others' experiences with them.

So please. No neithers.

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Ipods.. eee!

Is it possible to use an ipod with two different computers?

Mine is set up with my desktop at home, but I'm out of state for the summer and I want to put some cds on the ipod using my laptop.. Is it possible to do this? I don't have the ipod software installed on it yet, will doing so make me lose the music already on it?
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(no subject)

1. When someone is mayor of a town in the U.S., is there a limited amount of years/terms they can serve? Or can they be mayor indefinitely?

2. When people try on clothes in a dressing room in a store, are the clothes put back on the rack without being washed? Are any sanitary measures taken? What if it gets dirty? What about intimate articles like underwear? I know a lot of bathing suits have protective strips in the crotches, but recently a friend of mine tried on a (tight) swimsuit and there was no strip in there. Would they just put that back without washing it?
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(no subject)

Is it illegal for a boss to significantly reduce an employees hours because the employee confronted them about something that could possibly be illegal?

Also, when a job application asks for you to submit salary requirements with resume, do you make that part of the resume, part of the cover letter or something different altogether?

(no subject)

Ok, here's the story: My boss is hardly ever in the office and when she is it is to unload her emails and calls to return on me. It's been about a year and has been progressively getting worse.
I've tried to discuss with her the fact that I am absolutely bogged down with work that is not in my job description, but to no relief. I am paid very poorly considering the education and state licenses I hold, and I receive no benefits whatsoever. This also has been brought up but is non-negotiable.
Last Friday I hit the breaking point. I've been looking for other work for the past week, by the way. I confronted my boss about the workload, and it quickly turned nasty. Basically it came down to this: she signs my checks, so that in-debts me to her.
Today I went in and she said she "didn't need" me today, but I wasn't fired. I don't make enough to live on (alone) and am done with this crap! Do I have to give her two weeks notice? I feel the situation makes it acceptable to walk out, but I'm afraid it will look bad to potential employers. I know she won't give me a good reference anyways because of this.
What do you think? Will the "walk out" be forgiven by potential employers due to the situation?

(no subject)

I tend to be somewhat computer retarded at times so if this is obvious im sorry! lol. I have a CD and it wont play on my computer. I have Windows XP and use Media Player. It has that protected thing (FBI anti-piracy warning) that makes it a bitch to burn, but i dont see why it wont play. Any suggestions?

(no subject)

For those of you who are married or live with your significant others...do you expect your SO to come home right after work on most nights? If they aren't going to be home right after work, do you expect a phone call?
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five unrelated questions.

1. How do you eat an Oreo?

2. How do you eat a Reese's?

3. What do you do for dreadfully chapped lips? (Not cracked but red and sore.)

4. When does something become an 'epidemic'?

5. What was the first date of your last menstrual period? (for those that it applies)


1. What song is this? Google was inconclusive.

It's a charmed life innocence wild
Crayola skies for a thousand miles

Leigh Nash - Charmed Life. Thank you, I don't know why Google was being weird.

2. Has anyone had an Affogato style Frappuccino? Do they have a strong coffee taste/caffeine kick?

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parents divorcing

My parents don't get along. In fact, I don't ever remember them being lovey-dovey or anything. They've worked opposite shifts for the past 15 years or so, which is how I think they managed to stay together.

There are three of us kids - I'm 24, my sister is 21, my brother is 16. I think my dad is waiting until my brother graduates from high school to leave my mom. How do I go about asking him this?

Collapse )

Note: I do think my mom has anger-management issues as well as being depressed or bi-polar. She's never gotten help for any of it. Grandma's been saying for the past 15 years that "she's just going through the change". Personally, I don't know how my dad has stuck around for so long.

Has anyone went through their parents divorcing when they (the children) were older? How was it? How did you all handle it? And..are there any communities for this sort of thing?
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Computer Question Take #2

Okay.. here we go... For the a computer system that should be able to handle ANY game for the next 3 yrs at least...

Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 FX-55 Processor with HyperTransport Technology
Motherboard: Alienware® nForce™4 SLI™ Chipset Motherboard PCI Express

Memory: 2GB Ultra Low Latency DDR PC-3200 SDRAM at 333MHz - 4 x 512MB

Graphics Processor: NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6800 Ultra PCI Express 512MB DDR3 w/Dual Digital and TV Out

Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster® Audigy® 2 ZS High Definition 7.1 Surround Firewire

Anyone have any comments on Ailenware as well?
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I've always been baffled by the separation of the visible spectrum into ROYGBIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. I can see the difference between indigo and violet, but they seem very close. To me, indigo is like blue-green; it doesn't really deserve its own name. If it were up to me, it would simply go red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. So I wondered if maybe I'm a little colorblind.

What do you think? Is indigo really so different from blue and violet that it deserves its own color?