June 12th, 2005

regina [lupinskitty]

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My mom and brother and I went to see A Little Night Music today and there were people actually dashing out of the theater during the last song. I can understand if you have an emergency, but these people didn't look specificially like there was anything wrong and I see people doing this all the time. For another example:

During my junior year in high school, our football was playing a game against one of our big rivals and there were like 15,000 people packed into our stadium. We ended regulation with a tie and the game eventually went into triple overtime. There were people who left after the third quarter, people who left after the end of regulation, and people who left after the first or second overtime. Didn't they want to see the end of the game? It was exciting! Especially since we ended up winning by one point. ^^

So my questions are:

1) Is this just a Pittsburgh thing? Or are there people in your cities who leave leave anything and everything early to "beat traffic" or whatever?
2) Have you ever left a really exciting game or a play or movie or anything else early just to beat traffic or get home sooner? (Emergencies don't count, because you need to leave then)
3) An outdoor sporting even is one thing, but in the case of a play, doesn't it seem just a little rude to leave during the dramatic conclusion or in the middle of a big number?

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1. What are some good exercises to increase lower body strength? Calisthenic type stuff, in particular, but anything works.

2. What is your favorite type of exercise?
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I'm not sure if any of you can help me on this one but here it goes...

Last Saturday my parking spots were filled (yes, boo hoo I know). The problem is that I pay for those spots and they are labeled with my address. I asked my neighbor to have her friends move one of their cars and she got shitty. I got my parking spot but she was shitty. This has been a relatively normal occurence minus the fact that I usually have at least one. They stayed up until all hours of the night and annoyed the crap out of me. Then her friends wandered by at about 4:30 and woke up half the street screaming, not talking loud, but screaming. Now this Saturday night I've been listening to them for about 4 hours now and when I went outside one of her buddies came out screaming again, about 5 minutes ago. They are drunk. I don't care that they are drunk but the continual rudeness of the situation is getting on my last nerve. I can hear them yelling, slamming doors, wrestling, yelling up the stairs, yelling at someone on their phone, and it honestly sounds like someone is being slammed against the wall. I've already talked to the property manager guy and he says come to him when things like this happen. Well, it's 1 am and he's out of town. I don't care that they are having people over but the yelling, screaming, and the slamming of doors is driving me nuts. All I want to do is sleep right now and they won't shut the hell up for 2 minutes to let me fall asleep. I feel like I'm living in the dorms all over again and it sucks. I've tried talking to her and she's rude, I'm not doing it again.

Should I a) say screw it and call the cops?
or b) wait till tomorrow and go talk to the office, again?
or c) is there a C?

For the love of god, help.
Sad Magic

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How do the people on late-night infomercials get away with saying what they say?

Like, how does this guy on TV right now get away with saying the gov't is getting us addicted to the chemicals in all our food, and that his natural cures can cure cancer/heart disease/arthritis/acid reflux/"erectile dysfunction"?


And has anyone *ever* seen a "Before" picture that looked like it was about the same in quality as an "After" picture?

Are they obligated by law to show the same person? Or can they pretend/find loopholes?

2:50 AM yay. :P
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Okay, I have a really stupid dilemma that probably shouldn't even be called a dilemma but..

A little while ago I asked what you would think of a girl who wears two padded bras at one time. Now what I want to know is, what would you think of a girl who all of a sudden went from bigger boobs to having tiny boobs?

The reason I'm asking this is, I started doing the 2 padded bra thing when I was really insecure about my chest and now I just don't really care and actually like it now and the only reason I've continued with the bras is because everyone has always seen me when I'm wearing them. It's going to look really weird. Should I just do it already and forget about them? Of course, I'm assuming most people don't already know I did that so they're either going to think I always stuffed/used padded bras or (unlikely) got a breast reduction. Do you think people are going to give me crap for this or think less of me? It's going to be a really big noticeable difference in size. =/

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Is there any reason a tooth with a filling could still hurt even after going to the dentist?

I went about two weeks ago to have a filling another dentist screwed up repaired. The new dentist said it would be sensitive but I'm not sure if he meant for awhile or forever. It's still hurting me although not as bad as it did when there was a big hole in it. I'm thinking maybe because the cavity was deep it's really close to the nerve so it's just more sensitive then the other two I have. Does that sound like a possibility or should I suck it up and go back to have it checked? I'm irrationally terrified of the dentist so going back is a big deal to me :\
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1. When you pause a movie, do you have to keep unpausing and pausing it until nobody on the screen has a weird face? My fiance says I'm absolutely crazy for doing this, but I can't stop.

2. For Toronto residents: Did you ever take the Fast Ferry to Rochester? If you did, what did you do while you were there? What were your favorite and least favorite things to do? I'm really interested in any thoughts you had about Rochester (that's where I'm from and I'm amused by the idea of Toronto people enjoying the city).

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Hey everyone, my roommate has raved about the helpfulness of this community, and so now that I have a burning question, my first thought was to ask here.

Why does Trixie (from Speedracer) have an M on her shirt??

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Can anyone think of items that were initially made to cater a specific type of person but is now universal?

Examples: motorcycles

I've thought of electric razors, and I may be able to say beauty products or hair products because they weren't manufactured with men in mind...I don't know. Help!!
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2 gigs of ram, the Athlon 64 FX-55, ATI Radeon X600 graphics card, 160 gigs for HDD, a 4x DIMM slots, dual channel, DDR2 motherboard, and a sound blaster audigy 2... I should be able to handle any game?
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mug and books

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Do you know of anywhere that I could look for unique engagement rings? I don't want the tradition gold/diamond ring that everyone else has. Aside from looking around town, do you have any ideas or websites? Thanks!

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1) how many journals have you had total?
2) how many active journals do you currently have?
3) do you have any secret journals that only online people know about?
4) do you have any secret journals that only YOU know about?
5) have you ever used a re-name token? ($15?!?!)
Animated Kitty :)

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Has anyone here had their shorthair cat taken in for a summer haircut? I know it's common and good for longhairs to get summer haircuts, but my Zoe is a shorthair and still looks like she might be more comfortable with less hair in this heat. And I'm curious to see what she looks like without her coat ;)

ps: bonus points for pictures :)

I'm a dork


I got a game called Luxor and am addicted. Does anyone know how many levels there are? Googling says 88, but that is somewhat confusing. I am on 13-1. It counts 1-1, 1-2, 1-3....12-5, 12-6...etc. I am past 88 if you count it that way. I need to beat it so I can stop thinking about it!! :-)
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What do you think the world would be like if the USSR hadn't fallen and was still a Communist country?

Also, does anyone else find that the shower is THE greatest place to think of questions?
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Heil Myself.

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-- What do you have in your wallet?

-- Can you hear me now?

-- Why do birds suddenly appear, everytime you are near?

-- Is this what it sounds like, when doves cry?

---Does this look like a Q to you?

car donations

Has anyone ever donated a car to Goodwill? What are their criteria, like does it have to be in a certain condition, or do they just scrap any undrivable car and sell the parts to raise funds?

freakin pimple, arrrrg

over a month ago i had a pimple on my nose. ever since, a flat, red spot has remained and just won't go away. i think's its been almost 2 months now...i mean what the crap? anyone know why its not going away and/or what i can do to get rid of it?

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Ok. Is there any techie-viable way, aside from being logged in by someone on the allow list, that someone you've left out of a custom-friends group can read postings made to that group?
As in, if I were to post to my friends list 'everyonebutpersonX', is there ANY way at all person X can read that post, without someone else actually logging in and showing them? Is it possible for them even to have stolen my password and read it that way?