June 11th, 2005


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So there's a killer thunderstorm here, and my dog gets all freaked out when the barometric pressure drops, and every time she hears the thunder.

I'm sitting here with her sticking to me like glue, and she's shivering and panting. Is she really scared, or nervous, or is she fine and her body is just reacting this way? Any helpful hints?
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I've heard that younger women, as in women who're in their in their late twenties at most, often prefer to date guys who are jerks over guys who are nice. Is there any truth to this? I'm curious about this; I myself have had very little experience dating.
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Has anyone suffered from serious depression?

Or, is there a website that has a compilation of stories or accounts from people who have suffered from depression? Anything like that?
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My grandparents are in their late 70s, and though I love them dearly, I know they won't be around forever. What will remain, though, is their house (assuming they don't sell it in the near future, but that seems unlikely). The house is wonderful--it's a historically protected home, it's on an acre and a half, it has a huge garden, it's where my mom and her whole family grew up. More than anything I want this house to stay in the family when my grandparents pass away. How should I bring this up to them? Ideally I'd like to get the house because I have the time and energy to invest in the upkeep. However, I'd be happy if it went to any family member so long as their intent was not to sell it. I just don't want to bring it up and sound greedy or like I want them to die, because that's not it at all. Any suggestions?

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My family (mother, father, maternal grandmother) speak to me in the third person.

For example, my grandmother will say, "Granny really wishes you would wash her dishes," instead of, "I really wish you would wash my dishes."

I think it's a form of motherese or something and I'm aware that many people use this form of speaking on children, but I'm 21. It baffles me to no end that they talk to me in third person. I've never ever heard any other family talk to each other this way.

Can anyone relate? It drives me crazy. Should I bring it up to them? How so? For you psychology buffs out there, is there a psychological reason for this?

The older I get, the more annoying it is.

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Another zelda question. I'm playing it on a collector's disk that has a few different versions of zelda- on a gamecube.
Now, i understand that making it so that you could carry more than 255 rupees (yanno, as high as the computer could count) would make it just not the real game.
but Why does it still lag whenever there are alot of enemies on the screen?

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is anyone elses hotmail not letting them log into their mail? I've been trying forever on my computer and it won't let me log in. i put in my password and then it goes to a blank page that tries to load, sits, and then says "this page contains no data". is it just me? or my computer? help?


Where do you guys download music from? I'm talking legally, I want to pay for it.

I looked at apple's itunes website and can't download music from there (not living in the right country apparantly.)
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I am part of this online message board that is basically an online version of The Amazing Race. The first challenge is to unscramble a bunch of words. I got all of them except one! Can you help me out? The word is


It is a cartoon character. Thanks!
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I don't want to start an argument, but I'm curious why some people get so upset over the Harry Potter books, especially Christians. I'm a Christian and I like the series.
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Ace bandage & sweating etiquette

1. How should I wash the disgustingly sweaty reusable Ace bandage thingy I wrapped my ankle with at my tournament today? It's like ... a long stretchy wrap with a metal prong thing at the end to attach it to itself. Do you know what I'm talking about?

I was thinking I'd hand wash it with warm water and then let it hang dry.

Edit (of course): 2. Is it rude to sweat on someone's car seat? My coach gave me a ride home after the tournament. His car has leather seats, and I was wearing shorts and it was hot inside the car so my legs were sweating on the seat. I tried to discreetly wipe it with my hand but when I got out there were some damp marks on the seat (not like gallons of sweat and not malodorous). In the future, should I sit on a towel?

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1) so do camera phones that create photos that you couldn`t tell apart from photos from a normal camera exist yet?
like, once you`ve uploaded the photos and printed them out normal photo size (about 640 x 450 pixels) on a professional photo printer?

2) any home remedies for making over bleached hair feel a bit nicer again?

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For those of you in a fraternity or a sorority:

1) Did you have main reasons for wanting to join? What were they?

2) What frat/sorority are you in?

3) How many frats/sororities are there on your campus? There are five fraternities and five sororities on mine.

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so! i boot up my sisters gateway laptop to complete an essay and i am met with an unwelcome suprise. the display is completely upside down. everything functions just fine, it's just the screen is inverted. i have never seen this before. anybody else deal with this? how would one go about fixing it?

hmm....figured it out.

ctrl + alt + arrow down if you're dying to have your screen upside down (on some computers)
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dream interpretation question

i often have dreams about my grandparents house. it was built in the late 1800s, and has had a lot of stuff added on to it, so the layout of it is a little weird. in every single dream, the house is somehow different. most of the time i discover new/secret rooms. last night i had a very long and involved dream in which i discovered several new rooms, some of which had entrances to other secret rooms. the rooms varied wildly, from old fashioned to looking like some modern nightclub. some were really dark and creepy, but most weren't. sometimes i have similiar dreams about other places, but most are about this one house.

what could this mean?

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I feel stupid. I tried writing this both ways, and I can't tell which is right.

She flies over the field.
She flys over the field.

Flies? it looks more correct now that it's typed out... but I'm more used to flies as the plural of an insect, so I don't know if maybe that's why it looks right.

Thanks all.
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Does anyone know of websites, or of books, where I would be able to find short stories or poems about/regarding nonlinear thinking? For example, a story about someone with autism, or ADD, etc. Especially if written in the first person.
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Rx drugs

I've known for 6 years that I'm allergic to codeine (hives, rash, itchy, throat closes up, etc).
Yet, I have no noticable problem with vicodin.

Since vicodin (or hydrocodone) is related to codeine, how is this possible?