June 10th, 2005

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Would you please recommend a foreign film for me? I speak French, so something in French is preferred, but I am open to anything available with English subtitles. And please, I've already seen Amélie a million times, so something other than that or Run, Lola, Run.
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Look at me, asking questions 2 days in a row!

  1. What are some good songs to put on a playlist for when I am feeling horribly sick? Right now all I can think up is "Get Me Away from Here I'm Dying," by Belle & Sebastian... and I need more tunes for my head to throb to. Summer colds are just the worst.
  2. Are there any lj communities out there for this sort of thing? Suggesting songs for playlists/mixes or helping other people make fun mixes in genera? Not like a ratings community of how great a playlist you can make, yechh, but just people recommending music to each other around a theme. :)
  3. If not, should I make one?

And for those of you who were curious, but not curious enough to go back to my old post, the end to the swimsuit saga lies here.
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Concert Photography - Technical Questions

I'm shooting photos at an indoor concert this weekend -- low light, lots of movement, and I don't want to use a flash. I bought some B&W 3200 ASA film, but I just found out that the camera I'm using -- a Minolta Dynax 500si -- only goes up to 2000 ASA. Keep in mind, I know next to nothing about photography. My questions are:

1. Am I going to have to take the film back and exchange it for something with a lower ASA, or will I be fine using 3200 ASA film on a camera set at 2000? (I'm afraid I already know the answer to that one, but it never hurts to ask.)

2. Is 2000 ASA going to be fast enough for me to bother with? Can I get decent photos at an indoor concert at that speed?

3. If anyone happens to have this particular camera: is there any way to get a higher film speed setting on it? It seems strange to me that a nice camera less than five years old only goes up to 2000 ASA.

Thanks in advance!
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1. Does anyone else think that the beginning of that new American Hi-Fi song sounds like the Sadie Hawkins Dance song?
2. Picture this situation:
Cop sees guy driving very recklessly, and most likely drunkenly. Cop pursues. Dumbass in car attempts to elude pursuit, crashes, and dies. Family of dumbass sues police department, saying that they should not have continued pursuit after the guy tried to elude it.
Do you think the lawsuit is justified? I ask because I've heard about this happening several times in the last month or so in my area, and I don't see how it's the cop's fault that a reckless driver killed himself while stupidly trying to get away.
3. What time do you usually go to bed? I stay up super late, and end up paying for it.
4. What's your favorite coffee drink?
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It's 6:30 AM and I still haven't slept.

I need to be up in two hours, by 8:30, for a 10:00 interview, then I have a 1:00 doctor's appointment, then I have to go to work straight from the doctor. I won't be home until around midnight.

Should I try to sleep for two hours?! It WILL be harder to *wake up* but I also know my head feels clearer after two hours than with no sleep.

But then I don't even know if I'll be able to fall asleep now if I try.

I'm never going to make it through the day.

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1. Eeek, summer is upon us! Oh its hot and sticky and sweaty and gross, but hell, its not cold, right? Anyways, I'm a big fan of avoiding sun stroke, leaving me to rely on hats. Sadly, I have REALLY curly, frizzy hair, and now with hats, I tend to get a triangle shape to my head, a flat top with the hat, and then the bottom frizzes out and I look... odd. So, girls with curls, what kind of hats do you wear???

2. I'm going in for my second tattoo tomorrow, and I'm sooooo excited, and so ready, but I'm not sure where I want to put it. I'm thinking either
a) on my back below my first tattoo
b) On the top of my ribcage, under my arm pit
c) On the side of my thigh
But I'm not sure. I'm 100% sure about that design, just not the placement. Ideas? (ps. it has been cover-up-able. My dad doesn't like them...)

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1. In the morning, do you brush your teeth right when you get up or do you brush them after you've eaten breakfast? Or both?

2. Did you know that The Beatles' Hey Jude is 7 minutes long?! I have listened to this song endlessly yet never realized this until just looking at the 'Time' slot in iTunes. I feel so silly for never knowing.

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1. What are you wearing? - black pants, sandals, a white tank top and funky baby blue top with short sleeves.
2. How hot is it where you are? annoyingly hot and sticky
3. What are you doing tonight? going to the gym and having reading my book.
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Update to a Previous Question + New Ones

Hello there. Well, here's my update to my previous item concerning the incredible girl at the frame shop.

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So for the questions:

1. Have you any slightly off-the-wall hobbies?
2. Anybody ever driven cross-country? What route did you take? Starting and ending points? Interesting stops along the way? (See the answers to my questions for additional questions about this. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.)
3. Which author holds the reigning spot on your bookshelf, numerically speaking?

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Me--State Fair

best find?

What's the best thing you ever found used, either at Goodwill or other such place, or a garage/yard/estate sale, or other such thing?

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Oh, and what is your favorite game on The Price Is Right? I think I like the yodeling mountain climber one best.
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Is the weather strange anywhere else other than here?

I live in the Bay Area in California. It was 60 degrees yesterday. I haven't had a summer yet and I've been getting crazy sick because of the constant change in weather. It's either really humid and cloudy with this strange cold/hot feeling in the air or it's cold. I haven't been able to wear my summer clothes yet. It's been way too cold.

On the subject of pets....

I have an usual pet question.

When I was in second grade, my parents gave me a kitten. Windy is now going on 16 and showing signs of her age. She was my first pet and I love her dearly. When I was going off to college my dad jokingly replaced me with a puppy. I have since come home and a year and a half ago my dog became very sick and we almost lost her (she has fully recovered - except she is completely blind). Aside from that I have only had goldfish and was not very attached to them.

With my cat getting older and my dog's brush with death. I am anxious about my pets dying. I'm 23 and have never had a close loved one die. I have no idea what to expect when my cat finally does pass on. I know I will be very sad and eventually come to deal with her not being here anymore but that's not my question.

I want to know what it is like to find a pet dead. I know its a horrible question to ask but I am scared of what it will be like. I secretly hope that someone else find her and take care of the physical parts but... I know that may not happen. Any advice?
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Another One For Ya

Hey, how about this one:

A few of my friends and I are working on a project (the aformentioned Two Moons Academy thing I mentioned a few days ago). My question is this:

Art created for the project now may be going on the artist's website, where she sells prints of her art and such. If she offered the art for purchase-able prints now, then later we published the project with some of the art inside, would we run into any issues? Copyright, ownership, etc?

I mean, will there be an issue when the art is in a book and someone goes "Hey, I have a print of that!" Is it just based on the permissions the artist gives? Like a famous work of art being in a book, they just credit (and probably pay) the artist, even though that work of art can probably be purchased as a print in and of itself.

Dinner Time!

Hurrah summer is now here! As a student it's a chance to earn some extra cash for those long months when I'm back at uni. My current job have given me lots of extra hours.

Only one snag. My hours are from mid afternoon to roughly 9-10pm at night. This means I'm there for my dinner. My workplace doesn't have a canteen so you either have to bring your own food or pig out on sweets from the vending machines.

My question is what type of meals could you recommend that are not microwave meals and are reasonably healthy? I'm trying to loose weight as well this summer so microwave meals are not the best idea. I've been working extra hours for a week and have had two microwave meals already - meh. We have a fridge and a microwave so I can heat up stuff but my break is only 30 minutes.

Thanks in advance!
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I have never done any drugs in my life...that includes marijuana. I don't ever want to, but I am curious to know what it is like. Can someone describe the experience of doing drugs? Not just marijuana but any drugs like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, acid. How long does the high last on these drugs? Do you ever worry that this will be the time that you die from it?
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That last post made me think about something...

I'm an only child. Not only that, but both of my parents are only children, meaning I have no aunts, uncles, or cousins. My grandparents are all only children, except for my mother's father, but no one else except him married, so I really don't have any extended family at all. Add to the mix that my parents have been divorced since I was two, and I've only ever known my mom, my family is small.

Are families that small that rare? How many of you are in similar situations? I don't understand the sibling dynamic at all, as I have no frame of reference; same with big family gatherings. It's weird.
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I'm curious as to what people's degrees of dating are. I'm starting to think my ideas are very, very wrong:

1.) What do you consider a "serious" relationship? Engaged? Moving in? Being only with that person as far as dating and sex?

To me, "serious" is when a couple have decided to move in, or have established that there is mutual, deep feelings between them.

2.) What are the qualifications to call someone your "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"? At what point in a relationship do YOU consider that person to be a boyfriend/girlfriend?

My qualifications are if someone is show you attention and is only focusing on YOU. There is no sleeping/dating other people, and at that point, it's boyfriend/girlfriend". Of course, if both parties agree it's NOT, that's fine.

3.) What's a "fuckbuddy"? If you continue to have sex with the same person but aren't their boyfriend/girlfriend?

To me, a fuck buddy is someone you have sex with on a regular basis, but are not dating/in a relationship with. If you're not #2 or #4, you're a fuck buddy.

4.) Can you be someone's "boyfriend/girlfriend" (not dating others) in a fun, spontanious relationship, with sex, that has no expectations for what will happen in the future and just take it day by day? Or is that too little comittment to be boyfriend/girlfriend? Too much comittment to be casual?

Yes. I think this is a perfect relationship for two people that aren't "serious" (don't want to move in together and don't have deep feelings for each other. I don't think the fact that you have no plans to go serious mean you're not boyfriend/girlfriend.

5.) What's being "crazy" about someone? What's the difference between being "crazy" about someone and being "in love" with them?

Thinking about them a lot, wanting to be with them a lot, finding that person to be awesome. That's what "crazy" is to me. You can be crazy about a guy and not be in love with him, you just think a lot of him and like the person he is.

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Let's say that someone bet you that you couldn't watch a movie 20 times in a row, and let's say that the wager is something that you just can't say no to. You're allowed to take a nap every couple of viewings. What movie would you pick? What considerations would you take into account when selecting a movie that you have to view 20 times?

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I work at Mcdonalds. This mcdonalds does a really cool thing where when you clock out, it gives you a slip showing when you worked, to the minute. (I think this is cool becuase my other mcdonalds would tamper with your hours if you came back from break too soon or clocked in early or something.)
So, today, I got my first paycheck, cashed it on the way home, and reconciled the hours on the stub from the hours on my slips.
It's exact, except: The first few days I worked, I had no number(how we clock in and out), and I was told to just let the office know my hours and they'd take care of it. The only record I have of these days is what I wrote on my calendar. I doubt that the "yellow sheets"- the page a manager writes down who they have working that day, whether they took their break yet, the hours, and where thay've put them- are kept nearly that long. I'm missing the 18th and the 19th, which would give me another 14 hours. one of these days is marked 11-37 because i marked on my calendar when I got home that they had gotten me to stay late.

Who do I talk to about this? the store manager? Should I bring my calendar in so he can see? What about the marked out day?

What do you do when you throw up somewhere semipublic? like, in a city park, or a walmart parking lot?
Today I guess I ate my ramen too fast or something, because when I went to work I felt really sick standing by the bus stop... and threw up next to the bus stop. Next to the bus stop happened to be a church's front lawn. It wasn't alot, you couldn't see it, no big deal, but it got me thinking.

Apartment Question

So I signed the lease for my apartment beginning on May 15th.
There were a lot of repairs to do before the move in, but not all were completed before the 15th. We (my roommates and I) had made an addendum to our lease stating that the majority of the repairs needed to be completed before the 15th. (stupid, I know) The repairs were finally completed May 26th, but there was still a lot of stuff from the previous tenant and the apartment was filthy. Not dirty, not dusty, but filthy. Like old rotting food, dirt, dust, mud...It was gross. So I asked the landlord to get someone in there to clean it. Someone came by June 8th. It is now..June 10th, and I have yet to spend a night in that apartment. I am going tonight to spend my first night there.

So my question would be, how do I ask my landlord for some money back without sounding like a jackass? I know my rights as a tenant, and I know I deserve some of that money back, but I dont know how to say so without sounding like a jackass.

Help, please.

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Teacher Question

Another post reminded me to ask this. I've already posted in the teaching community, but wanted some non-teacher and possibly some student input.

I teach high school math - Algebra and Geometry. I'm mean. I don't accept late work and I don't round grades - EVER.

Three of my students - after finals, etc - are failing. Failing is below 60%. Each is within one point of passing. Each student is also missing homework assignments (multiple assignments, too!) from when they were absent. I'm not rounding their grade to make them pass. If they even turn in ONE assignment before grades are due Wednesday morning, they will pass. If they don't, they fail and have to re-take the class in summer school. As a student or parent of a student - do you think this is fair or unfair?

Second question: Have you ever had to evaluate your teacher? I want to hand out a questionare and not let the kids put their names on it so that they can be truthful. What sort of things should I ask? I have the basic questions about what did you like/dislike and why - but what else would you like to answer about a teacher?

tough call.

1. if musical preference was one of the more important (more important than, say, personality or sense of humour,) aspects of choosing a potential lifemate, would you sooner get with a person whose favourite band was aerosmith, or a person whose favourite band was megadeth?
2. is it just me, or is my grammar getting worse?
3. what's new and exciting?
4. what's your favourite kind of pie?

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is there a faster way than checking each individually to find out which dungeon in old school legend of zelda you forgot to get the triforce bit from?
I've *been* in all of them. I know that. but I only have 7 pieces of the triforce.

ALternately: would now be a good time to take a break and get me some fucking groceries and shit?
I found out today that paychecks actually come out on the tenth and whatever other day, not the 15th and whatever other day.
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I've been getting into hip-hop and rap lately. I enjoy stuff like K-Os and Jedi Mind Tricks. Can anyone recommend some similar artists? (Note: I am considerably LESS NOT AT ALL interested in stuff like Ludacris, G-Unit, etc). Thanks :)

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people who have two siblings and/ or have three children:

is there often strange dynamics?
like, with "pairs" and then a person being left out?

because I only have a brother, and I get along twin-ishly with him, and even mum does get a little jealous. like, not bitchily, but just very occasionally it`s obvious she feels left out.
and kids could all be SO much meaner to eachother etcetera.
so I was just wondering how common weirdness with the "2 plus 1" thing is between siblings.

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Yet another question about wisdom teeth.

Any recommendations food wise? Smoothies, oatmeal, and soup is getting a bit repetitive. Oh, and I still can't chew.

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Emily Porch

Presidents and Peepees

1.) Have there been any recent U.S. Presidents who were smokers?

2.) Theoretically speaking, would someone who shaves their pubic hair be more at risk for an STD, because of the tiny skin cuts (and general rawness) that razors can leave behind?
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When I was in track and field in junior high, a coach told us that when we got tired near the end of our run and wanted to quit, we should put up our arms and reach for the sky.

I don't know why I didn't think to ask then - or perhaps I did, and just can't remember. But what does this do and how does it do it?

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i recently changed the layout of my journal, but there's a problem.
in my friends' page, i can't see the username links. and i don't know how to fix it?

i could send you me password in email or something, i swear it'd probably take two minutes. errrr...yerp.

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V. Quick Question for Non-UK People 30+

I'd really appreciate some help with this one -

For people who are NOT in the UK and are over 30 years old...

Do you know of the film Shirley Valentine and have a pretty good idea of the story outline?

Yes/No answers are brilliant - I'm writing a piece for an online writing meme thing, and I don't want to reference Shirley Valentine if non-UK people just won't get it.

Thanks so much

And if you do know anything about it and want to talk about it, then that's just great - I'll be around later to join in!


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i have a list of suicidally depressive unrequited love songs about 300 songs long, but i'm at a huge loss when i want to get together a collection of hopeful/happy-ish/infatuation/fun love songs. anyone know of any? kinda like dave matthew's crush, southern girl or here in my room by incubus, save tonight by eagle eyed cherry or dave matthew's say goodbye, that kinda dealie. even like, lifehouse's hanging by a moment or POD's alive (ya know, if we make it about a person and not god) are alright. thank you for any suggestions. ;)
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Does anybody have either a zen micro or an ipod?

if yes, which one? Why did you pick that instead of the other mp3 players?

Did yours come with a power adapter, or do you charge it by hooking it up to the computer? My zen micro didnt' come with one. Where can I buy one, and how much is it?
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Alright, so Totally Non-Crafty Girl is sewing with her machine, sewing a thin canvas-y material, when Ka-chunk! the needle breaks in three pieces. (you know, the funky upside-down needles that machines use)

1, How do I replace the needle (it's a Singer machine, if you must know)?

2, when I go to the store to buy a new one, do I need to look for a specific type? What are machine needles called?

3, Why was I born without crafty genes?

loan consolidation

So apparantly loan rates are going up and people are suggesting consolidating them. Is it the right thing to do or is it a scam?
One the one hand consolidating means the interest rates wont go up as they're supposed to this summer, on the other hand they say that you lose some of the individual benefits of specific loans. (In my case, I have maybe 4 different loans out so far totalling about $40,000).
So basically, has anyone done this and is it ok to do it while youre still in college if you havent graduated yet. And is it worth doing? Basically, how will I not get screwed over and be stuck giving all of my earning to the govt for the rest of my life?

trans questions

I saw a really powerful show in San Francisco called TransForming Community and it got me wondering about other people's feelings about trans people.

Poll #510830 Trans Questions

Do you think you understand the concept of "transgender"?

Yes. It's not difficult.
Kinda. I think I get it but I still have a lot of questions.
No. It's really confusing.

Do you feel uncomfortable when there's a transgendered person in the room?

Yes. I try not to stare.
Kinda. I'm not sure if it bothers me but I can't help but notice.

Would you be uncomfortable if you were in a public restroom and a trans person was using it also? (If a male-to-female person was in the women's room or a female-to-male person was in the men's room?)

Yes. I would feel violated in a way.
Maybe. I think I'd feel a little self-conscious.

Have you or would you date someone who is trans?

Maybe. I think so but I'm really not sure.
No. That's too weird.

By the way, if you get a chance, check out the show. It's free anyway. It will also play tomorrow night (June 11) and the 23rd.