June 9th, 2005

what's good?

i'm planning on purchasing a pda sometime in the near future and would appreciate suggestions that anyone might have. primary concern is that there is a c++ compiler that can be used on it. wifi capabilities would be a plus, but isn't essential. please don't direct me to a website, i'd prefer if you know a specific model that you'd recommend.


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Do you know what time you were born?

Me: 1:44 AM. It just turned that time here a few minutes ago while I was looking at this community and I just thought to ask. Very random question. :)
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A question in story form ;)

While swimsuit shopping yesterday, I bought two tankinis. One was $92, both pieces included, and the other was pieces sold separately, the top for $65 and the bottoms for $45. When the saleslady rang it up I told her, "Wow, that's less than I thought it would be when I did the math in my head!"-- it only came out to about $165. As I leave the store, and I mean I'm not even at my car yet, I check the receipt and discover she didn't ring up the bottoms on the second suit, as she must have assumed both pieces came in a set like the first suit did. Oops.

In my position, what would you have done? Would you shrug it off as "Well, her mistake, I even told her it didn't come out to the right price, and these suits are way overpriced anyway!!" or would you get an attack of the conscience and go back to the counter and pay up the $45?

Haha bonus question, which do you think *I* did?

*Edited for answer!!*
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Someone just posted an ad in the free stuff section of craigslist and has had varied responses (either in her favor or against). I'm just wondering: Which side would you side with? It concerns temporary kitty adoption.

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Do you read the comments to an entry before you comment yourself?

Or do you read the comments after?

Do you even read ALL the comments at all, especially if there are more than just a few?

I read the comments before I comment myself, but I rarely read more than the first eight or so unless they are really interesting.

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I'm curious.

Those of you who responded to the Swimsuit dilemma in the previous threads and said you would not pay the rest of the money owed the shop, how old are each of you and do you have children?
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Okay two more questions then no more from me for a little while promise!

1.) Is anyone else having trouble logging into anything MSN related or is it just my work computer? I can't log into hotmail or the music section. *pout* And I want to download music darnit!

2.) If you're an X-Men fan, do you call them by their real names or codenames?

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Piss, pet food, and money.

1.) How do I get the smell of cat pee out of my carpet?

2.) Do you feed your cat/dog wet food? (My cat hates the stuff and I've never seen that before)

3.) On average, how much money do you keep in the bank (or would you LIKE to keep in the bank)?

Job Question

I'm a recent university graduate looking for a career. I applied for a job that was listed in the paper Friday on Monday. I called Tuesday to follow up and the woman I spoke looked for my resume, found it and said they hadn't had a chance to review the resumes yet. Should I call back again? What day? I don't want to seem to pushy, but I really want the job/interview.

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I am new to this wonderful community, so I am sorry if this has been asked recently. I started working out at a gym about a month ago. I have been working out about 4 times a week for about an hour and trying to walk a few other days as well. I had not worked out regulary in quite a while. I am not overweight but my thighs and stomach need some major toning. I am all about instant gratification but I know that this will not happen with exercise. My question is how long did it take for you to notice results from working out (ie toning, weight and/or inches lost)?
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I know this has been asked a million times....

I saw it here some time ago, where you could save you LJ into a PDF format.... Does someone have the link for that?
I'm also open to any other sites that allowing you download/save your entire Journal.

Thanks, and I apologize because I know this has been asked before.
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So...do you ever watch your pet(s) sleep?

My answer:
I watch my cat sleep all the time. I can just stare at him for a few minutes (he is *really* that captivating). He is always in my room or sitting on my face so I don't have too much of a choice anyway. I think he gets cuter when he sleeps (except when he's on my face).
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1. Why aren't you supposed to change all the water from a beta fish's bowl? It gets really, really disgusting if I don't. The fish has been alive for about six months, so it seems like it's okay. If I really should leave in most of the water, how do I keep his bowl clean?

2. Helen Keller wasn't born blind and deaf, she became that way when she was about two. Had she been born blind and deaf, would she still have been able to accomplish as much?

3. Does anybody have an image of a cat combined with the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile? It was my favorite wallpaper on my old computer but now I can't find it anywhere.
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Long question....

You know that book, 100 hard questions of realistic issues you are supposed to consider and talk about before you marry someone? Well, where do you draw the line? The reason I ask is because I tend to get really attached to guys and if I feel like I "love" someone, then it seems like anything I can come up with as to why I might not want to marry them is trivial and something to be ignored compared to how strongly I feel. But, I also know that Love is not all you need and theres so much more to making a marriage work. However, I can't get my emotions to follow suit with that idea. The thing I have a hard time with is that a lot of the things that I look for in an ideal guy are tangible and seem trivial to me, such as likes classical music or prays with me. What I really want is something intangible that I can't put my finger on: compatibility and maturity, etc. I can't measure that. And I can't expect a guy to answer the exact same as me to every question in that book.

So, my question is, where do you draw the line between something that should be overlooked in a person and something that you should not live without?

I think there should be a lot of things that you should not live without because you're committing the rest of your life to this person. At the same time, however, when you're in love, none of that really seems to matter at all....

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Someone sent something to me through Economy Registered Airmail (he said) and gave me the tracking number. Where do I go to use it?

I went to usps.com and it says that number doesn't exist in their records yet, but it's been almost a month, so that can't be right, I must have to use a different site....

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boring question:
can someone link me to a free CD writer program. "writer", is that the right word? as in I have a working burner but no program for making mix cds.

and something not as boring:
if you were throwing a costume party, what theme do you think would be fun to see everyone get into?

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So, for all of you that have gotten your wisdom teeth removed, how long were you hacking up bloody loogies?

Mine, as most of you know, were removed yesterday morning, and I'm in shock how much blood is in my nasal cavities.

Also, why is so much blood in my nasal cavities when the surgery was in my mouth?

Edit: Yes, I know that your mouth and nasal cavities are attached. What confuses me is that the bleeding in my mouth stopped last night, and the blood in my nasal cavities is still going strong. Though when I blow my nose, I get nothing.

Edit: So after a couple comments I realized it wasn't to normal of a thing and gave the surgeon a ring. My hunch was right, while the upper molars were removed there was most likely a small hole made into my nasal cavity. Should be healed up shortly. I thought if that was the cuase that there would be some pain in my nose. Guess not.

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i got an interview for h & m next week. i am so nervous, yet excited too.

i handed my c.v and application form in last week and got the call this afternoon, that easy.

so advice? what do i wear? casual? smart? bit of both?

what sort of questions will they ask me?

will i need to pick clothes out as a challenge, like they do at topshop interviews?

i live in scotland, if that helps.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank youuu.
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Have you ever used phosphorescent body paint/makeup? Can you recommend a brand for me please, preferably one that is waterproof and non-toxic?

Also have you ever expereinced Mountain Dew's Amp under a blacklight? Does it really glow?

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What is the weirdest way that you have met someone else and kept in touch?

If you broke up with someone because they said that they didn't want a relationship anymore, would you suspect something if her myspace account (which was updated a day or so afterwards) said that she was in a relationship?

Would you be a bit worried if everytime that you called her cellphone, it was busy, no matter what time of day?

(and the reason of why I am calling her is because I need to pass on some information to her)
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Why is it that in most teenage movies, the "hot jock who gets all the girls but has that special someone" always turns into a drunken slob that gets fat, and tries to lay anything that walks?

examples :
can't hardley wait, romy and michelles high school reunion, (I'm sure there's others, suggestions? I can't think right now)
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kt co2 eq

Umm odd title XD But I'd really appreciate it if someone knew the answer to this...

I have this project, and I used some statistics that measured how much greenhouse gas was emitted into the environment... except for my presentation I have no idea how you're actually supposed to say "kt co2 eq" I know what co2 stands for but the rest I couldn't find out on google... :|

If you're wondering what exactly I'm asking, I mean like... "cm" is said as centimetres, not "see emm"

Long shot, but if I don't get an answer to this, I'll just say "this much was emitted" XD haha...anyways thanks to anyone that'll be able to help!

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1. Have you ever lied or exaggerated on your resume?
2. If you have, what kind of lie/exaggeration was it and did you get caught?
3. If you haven't, would you? Are you horrified by those who do?

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What do you think of this situation?

I just started a job, deli assistant at the local grocery store. I am informed yesterday by the Personnel person that my supervisor is pretty much lazy and disorganised. I get in there to work and her behaviour is obvious that she really doesn't give a shit about the job. She's also been there for several years.

I just don't get why they haven't gotten rid of her or something. She really didn't make me feel all that great about working there. It doesn't help that I also think they are trying to screw us out of benefits. They are hiring several part timer's for the department. Part timers don't get benefits until they've been working there for 2 years. Full timers get benefits. They are looking for people that aren't going to be leaving in the fall for school, yet they are only doing part time positions.

I just think it's kind of less than encouraging to work there from all of this. Sent out another resume today, hoping for better, but I guess I will deal while I can because I do need some extra money.
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Sp0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oky! ~or~ Q's about the Paranormal

I'm very interested in paranormal stuff and I've had a few encounters as well. I've read being a Pisces tends to make me more sensitive to this sort of thing, but I think my heritage and open-mindedness never hurt. So a post over in hip_domestics inspired me to ask some things here!

Do you believe in ghosts? Ever have an experiance (if yes, care to share)?

Do you believe in other phenomina (ie - aliens/mystical creatures/polterguists/etc)? Ever have an experiance (if yes, care to share)?

Do you believe in communication with the dead (ie - ouija boards/mediums/etc)? Ever have an experiance (if yes, care to share)?

Anything else you want to throw in that's in this same vein?

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Whew, sorry that was so long!
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i found a job listing on craigslist that i was VERY interested in and VERY qualified for, and i wrote a cover letter and attached my resume to the craigslist e-mail address, and it got returned to me two different times!

[Hi. This is the qmail-send program at mx3.craigslist.org.
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

Sorry, no mailbox here by that name (#5.1.1)

--- Below this line is a copy of the message.]

my question is, why would this happen? i would have thought the posting had been deleted, but when that is the case it normally says, "this post has been deleted", right?

if it matters, i'm using gmail.

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so a friend of mine left her violin at my house last year. she has since moved to florida (i'm in texas) and doesn't plan on ever coming back. she's never said anything about the violin since she left. she owes my mom $100. is it fair game to sell the violin?

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Yeah, there have been a lot of questions lately about jobs and resumes. (Must be the summer job rush). But I have one too. I graduated from high school and have the "no experience" dilemma now. You know when in high school you sometimes help out "working" in the college office, the school library, the attendance office, etc? Could that count as an okay thing to put on the resume with whatever tasks they had me doing? Or would that be considered scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything to stick on my resume?

Haha, I must be desperate. :(


I smashed my thumb in my car door tonight (I'm typing with one hand now, heh). About a third of the nail is now purple, so I think it may fall off. I work in food service, and the injury is to my dominant hand. What's the best way to bandage it up if I do lose the nail? It has to be something that won't fall off, isn't too large (so as to limit motion), and preferably won't cause me to curse loudly with pain whenever I have to reach into a sanitizer bucket for a rag.

Also, if it does fall off, about how long can I expect it to take to grow back? (I'm tempted to take a photo and get opinions on whether it will fall off, heh, but I'm not that nasty.)

Also, my mum is worried that the bone is broken...how can I tell if it is? I can move it and everything, so I don't think it is, but I only smashed the very tip of it. I really don't want to go get x-rays for something so minor and stupid.