June 8th, 2005

Quinn Twin

Dry Skin/Scalp?

I have relatively dry skin all over (even my ears sometimes!) and I have a few questions.

I have ruddiness on my legs. My skin tone itself isn't prone to being red, so I am wondering if this could be alleviated by using a certain lotion. I even sometimes have red spots and it bothers me. It's not like pimples or hives, so I think it could be from the dryness. I've used a ton of different kinds of lotions, but I was curious if anyone has had a similar condition in the past and may have come across anything that has helped?

Also, I have dry scalp. I am 99% sure it's not dandruff, as it isn't itchy or anything. I got some Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Oil shampoo and conditioner hoping it would help since I know tea tree oil treats a mirad of skin ailments, but I'm still experiancing some embarrassing flakage. Not a ton, but since I am short, I am always paranoid I have a few on the top of my head that everyone but myself can see. Any suggestions for shampoo and conditioner?

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When I lived in Hawaii, we would get mosquito bites, and we had stuff to put on them. I believe it was called Cornhuskers lotion, and was about the consistency of warm honey. I'm pretty sure it was *not* meant for mosquito bites, but it kicked Skeeter Stik's ass. Does anyone else know this? does it still exist?
Edit: Good. I'm glad I'm not crazy. and I'm glad it does exist.

In the checkout stand the other day was Cosmogirl. Their "real life drama" story this month had the tagline "I never thought I'd see my family again" or something like that, and then underneath something like "A trip to the DMV gone very wrong."
I'm curious about this, curious enough that I already checked the website and didn't find it... not curious enough to buy it. curious enough to ask here. What the hell did the DMV fuck up there?

(no subject)

Are dogs capable of disliking food? I have a beagle who never turns down scraps. Sometimes I'm hesitant to give her some things, but then I figure if it disagrees with her or she just doesn't like it, she'll walk away or something. But she never does. She always wants more.

Unrelated: My fiance claims pasta isn't that good for you. He says it's low in nutritional value and I shouldn't eat so much of it. It's on the biggest part of the pyramid though, so I assumed it was okay to eat frequently. I know Ramen isn't very healthy, but what about regular angel hair spaghetti?

Sorry if I'm at all incoherent. I'm a little too tired for decent grammar.

Veggie tales

How do you eat your vegetables? I realized that a lot of people like differnt things.

Carrots - cooked, with soy sauce and pepper...dont ask how I discovered that I liked that.
Broccolli - My favorite food ever, with salt
Radishes - Another favorite - Soaked in Salt Water
Green Beans - I only like canned french cut green beans, and I just eat them heated up
Peas - Frozen, not frozen and then cooked. I take the bag out of the freezer, open it, and eat. Thats the only way I like peas.
Pea Pods - Sauteed (Sp?) with Bean sprouts and virgin olive oil and then topped with soy sauce
Baked Potatoe - Butter usually and then this seasoning called Maggies Seasoning..its amazing. sometimes I go with good ole ranch though.

ok, what a weird question.
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(no subject)

A while back I found a program that tweaked a few things about XP, and one of them was to correctly alphabetize items in folders, such as things starting with "a" or "the" going by the second word. Any idea what that was (or what a similar program would be?)

Spiderman song

Does anyone know where I can find a clip of the Spiderman song ("Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web...)?

I want to send it via my cellphone and recording it off my computer speakers with my phone recorder seems to be the quick & dirty soultion. However I'm at work so no file-sharing applications for me (that where I would normally look).

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A question for the masses...

Have you ever put your pictures up on hotornot.com (or an equivalent site)? What was your score? How did you feel about it?

I've noticed that girls seem to be scored a lot more harshly than guys.

Computer Question

Okay, this may sound dumb... but here we go...

I am trying to play a game, and I need 900mhz... but I only have 730 mhz.

So, what exactly do I need to add? And, any suggestion for brands and where I get it done, etc?
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(no subject)

If you were going to a BBQ and it was BYOB what would you take? I don't really like beer but I'm trying to get into it more...what is a good starter beer that I could bring? Does it seem wierd to bring a big bottle of vodka or something like that?

(no subject)

Here is the scenario:

You and your girlfriend have been together for about 3.5 months. Even though you live 90 minutes away from eachother, things are great. Your girlfriend has several male friends, which she warned you of ahead of time and reassured you that they were no threat, just friends, etc. In recent weeks, a couple of weeks a night your girlfriend has been hanging out with one guy in particular, a coworker of hers who you've been introduced to. They've been hanging out late at night, she even spent the night once (a 3rd person was there). She always tells you this up front, and doesn't try to hide things. To be fair, you too have a female friend who you hang out with, and on rare occasion spend the night at her house.

Do you get jealous? Do you think she's cheating? Does this worry you? How do you react?

Also, if you were this girl's friend, would you be concerned that she was cheating? Would you chastise her for spending time with someone other than her boyfriend? Would you advise her to stay away from this friend?
this is what my user name is from

Song question

Does anybody know what old soppy song has the lyrics
"Speak softly love so no one hears us but the stars,
sweet vows of love will live inside untill we die
we're in a world, our very own
wine coloured days , warmed by the sun"
er, something like that anyway?
it's slow and melodic, slightly haunting...

brownie points to who ever gets it first! ;)
It's driving me mad, I tell you, mad!!

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My boyfriend's b-day is coming up and I want to make it REALLY special and there happens to be a really nice gift that I want to get for him. It's expensive but I've been saving up for it purposely for him. He's told me a million times DO NOT spend a lot of money for his birthday. I'm spending about 300 bucks on his b-day and although I'm confident this will be the best birthday he's ever had, I'm afraid of upsetting him by spending so much money. He knows I'm in debt and usually always broke, but It's not like I'm putting any bills in jeopardy but saving up for this for him. I just want him to enjoy his birthday and present and not worry about how much money I spent on him or feel like he's got to get me something that huge for MY birthday or xmas or whatever. Any advice for when he starts fretting on his birthday?


If you had made plans to go see a concert with a friend, gotten the tickets, and then you and your friend had a falling out and they decided they needed a break from the friendship for a bit, leaving things unresolved, would you still go to the concert with them if asked or would it be to uncomfortable?
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(no subject)

1. how do you feel about walking around naked when no one is home?
2. on the same note, do you still close the bathroom door then the house is empty?

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(no subject)

I can be sitting there having a conversation with my mom and then realize she hasnt heard a single word I've said. For example earlier I asked if she wanted to hear a joke. She said yes. Then after telling the joke I realized she hadnt heard a word I said and instead went back to chatting online. I get mad at her because she does this to me at least once a day. It makes me feel stupid because what I'm saying must not be as important. I pointed that out to her but every time she makes me feel bad like I have no right to be mad at her because it hurts her feelings and makes her feel guilty because she cant be perfect. But if I dont say anything I continue to feel unimportant. What most hurts is when I ask her o stop and listen for a moment and so she does but five seconds later shes turned back to the computer. I dont know what to do any more. Am i supposed to just wank away and ignore the problem? Am I supposed to say something? I've told her how it makes me feel. Several times. But every time she goes on about her feelings. Then she gets mad at me because she isnt perfect. And then she says she cant answer me right away all the time but the thing is I always give her several mins to give me an answer to quiestions I ask before I realize she hasnt even heard my quiestion or if she did, she didnt care to take some time to answer it. Or... Her computer friends will be there later but my quiestion can be answered in a few seconds without much thought or time. Why should I have to wait five mins to have her tell me weather or not I can do something? Or where one of my siblings are? It takes five seconds to say yes or no. Is that really all that hard?
Should I be mad?
Would you be mad?
Do you have the same problem with someone else you know?
Are you the problem for someone else?
How do I go about fixing this?
Thanks much

X-posted ___ask


Just this morning I got my wisdom teeth all removed. They were extremely diagonal and pushing against the roots of my 12th year molars. Even though they hadn't even started to bother me, my dentist told me it should be done soon. So as you can already guess I'm sure, it was a more or lesss extreme surgery for my wisdom teeth. My question is, for anyone who may have gone through this, how long did your lower half of your face stay numb? Imagen a line going from the top of my ear, to the the crease of my mouth, on the the other crease, and back up to the top of my other ear. Everything below that line could be burned, speared, torn off, and I wouldn't feel a thing. How long can I expect this? Any more tips are more than welcome. Oh, and I've been in recovery for a total of about 8-10 hours if that helps.
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Geeky Girls

Blind People and the Internet?

Do completely blind people use the Internet? I am sure there ways they can. If so, how do they do it? Do they chat online too? That would be easy, just use voice recognition software. But, how would they know how the other person responded?

Yes, these may be silly questions, but I am curious.
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six unrelated questions.

1. Is it possible to convince a non-flosser to floss? If you're a non-flosser, are you going to ignore anyone's attempts to convince you to floss? Why are non-flossers so adament about not flossing? If you are a flosser, have you ever tried to convince anyone to floss? If you were a non-flosser, but now you floss, what was it that converted you?

2. Is the navel attatched to the stomach?

3. How often do you shampoo your hair? How often do you condition? How often do you cut or trim?

4. What is the difference between uterus and womb?

5. How often do you change your bedsheets? How many sets of sheets do you have? Do you use the flat sheet? I never do. I only use the fitted sheet with a comforter.

6. Personal question: How often do you orgasm?

(no subject)

I'm no good with search engines ( I've tried ), can you tell me the origin of where the words "nuts" means "crazy" or "outrageous"?
And if you DO find it on a search engine, tell me what you typed in please so I can learn? ;p


Any guesses what mix my dog is?? We've heard pit bull, lab, jack russell terrier, and more. And if anyone can give me an example of EXACTLY how the tag should look to put a picture behind a cut...I'd love you! I know where find the info, but I must be a complete dumbass because I do it wrong EVERY time!

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(no subject)

Hello, I just joined and wanted to introduce misself!

So...here's my question. Is anyone familiar with any sites that offer inexpensive Kodona-styled clothing, or any kodona clothing sites at all? I'm having a difficult time finding any. *sniffle*
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(no subject)

Does anybody know how to get to that LJ thing that generates birthdays of people on your friends list? I found it once, looked all over, can't find it again and I have new friends and want to get their birthdays down.

(no subject)

How do i subtly acquire theboyihaveacrushon's cell phone number and give him mine, as I'm going to be out of human contact (and by human, I mean anyone from around here) for six weeks, but i will have my cell phone?

+ where is my yearbook? I can't locate it.
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Five questions

Sorry about the dirty skirt freakout post earlier...I was in an awful mood. I deleted it (obviously).

1. What would you say the most active LJ community is? A combination of frequent posts and lots of comments.

2. Does Gatorade actually hydrate you more than water? Does Gatorade Endurane hydrate you more than Gatorade?  I think it does, but mostly because I drink a lot more than I would drink of water.

3. Skin-colored ("nude") bras and thongs: sexy or unsexy or somewhere in between?

4. Am I the only absentminded woman here who has the horrible habit of forgetting her purse somewhere for a few minutes? That's how my first iPod was stolen : (

5. Is anyone else very anal about having clean clothes? I know there are several people on this community who are the complete opposite, I'm wondering if anyone's very particular like me.

(no subject)

It seems like there's a community for almost everything on LJ. Are there any things you wish there was a community for that don't exist yet (or aren't active or that as far as you know don't exist)?
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wierd dreams

Last night, just before I woke up, I had the strangest dream. Tell me what it means, if you can:

My fiance was reading a magazine or something about people who have overcome great odds. So he deicded that he was going to cut off both of his hands. I tried talking him out of it - telling him that he'd have to learn to write with his feet, etc. He went and did it anyway. There was no blood and he had his hands in a bucket. His wrists healed right away into 'stumps' and he was just walking around like nothing was wrong. His friends thought it was cool and I was like, "What is WRONG with you guys!?!"

Yeah - and I didn't drink or eat anything crazy right before going to bed.
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Completely Random

1. You have a driver's license, but no car, hence no car insurance (because it's expensive, so what's the point if you're not driving?). If you go to rent a car, is insurance for that time you're renting it included in the rental? Whether or not it is part of the advertised price, that doesn't matter, just car insurance available from the rental company for the duration of your rental.

2. A scenario that came to mind when I saw a hitchhiker by the side of the road today. Scenario: Two girls are hitchhiking. They figure they'll be safe, since there's two of them and whatnot. They're picked up by a bunch of guys, who are initially cool and safe-seeming, until they get to a rural area, where the guys start to become forceful and wanting to force the girls into things they're not comfortable with, and physically attack them for such means. The girls manage to escape their clutches, kicking them in the balls or whatever, and take off in the guys' car. They drive immediately to the nearest police station to turn in the car and tell them what happened, and what the guys were trying. Would the girls be charged with anything, or would the extenuating circumstances eliminate any charges of auto theft?
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