June 7th, 2005

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Which digital camera do you use?

And any other info you might want to add would be greatly appreciated as well. If you couldn't tell, I'm looking to buy a digi cam. ;) It will be my first one (I've always used those disposable cameras) and just for a hobby, so I don't want anything too expensive but I don't want crappy quality either. Thanks.
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It's been a hard day's night.

Do you love your job or hate it?

What do you love about it or what do you hate about it?

Would you rather have a job that you loved that didn't pay enough or a job that you hated that paid more than enough?

What is (has been or will be) the higlight of this week for you?


What makes something "Vintage"?

My step son's mother has a habit of tacking that phrase onto anything more than 10 years old that she wants to make seem important (or not junk) and I'd really like to know.
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What's your favorite computer game (besides WoW)? Favorite shooter?

I need some new computer games to play, especially shooters. I've played Half-Life (1 and 2) and Halo. I'm thinking about getting the new Area 51 game soon. Any others I should look into (or avoid)?
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Microsoft spreadsheet (excel) is what I would use to keep track of my money and budget stuff?
im not good with it or computers in general so if there's a simplier software that would be cool.

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Okay, here's a question for both girls and guys. My situation is this (not that it's really a situation, just a random encounter):

I've recently had some art done and took it to a frame store. There was only one person in the store, the employee, this absolutely gorgeous girl whose name I still don't know. When I say absolutely gorgeous, I mean angelic. Like, one of the top three most attractive girls I've ever seen in my life. A body like a goddess, a face and smile like a work of art, beautiful hair, eyes, everything. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt that accentuated her decolletage just wonderfully, no-belt jeans that hung down just a little bit, making the most unbelievably sexy midriff (and I usually detest midriff), and when she spoke, she had this little lisp that just made me melt. Absolutely melt. She was so amazing.

Talking to her, she had a wonderful personality. We spent about fifteen minutes talking about various things, starting at art and ending at stunt plane flying.

The thing is, she's about two to four inches taller than me, and as stated, incredibly gorgeous. I am short, dumpy, and "cute." (we all know what that means, eh?) I'm afraid she's out of my league, and I hate the concept of rejection in all shapes and forms, and I've never ever in my life "picked up" anyone anywhere, but I really, really want to ask her out to get a milkshake or something along those lines.

For guys, have you ever been in this situation? What did you do? How did it turn out?
For girls, what would you think if someone came into the place you worked a couple of times then asked you out for coffee or dessert? Would looks be a factor? How could one make looks not a factor?
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Why is Paris Hilton followed so famously? I'd never even heard of her until the big Paris-Hilton's-cell-phone thing.

She's just an incredibly rich slut.

At least people like Britney Spears, who is now also just an incredibly rich slut, had a reason. Making bad pop music is at least a reason to have followers.

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Does anybody else dislike coffee? I can't even eat/drink anything if it has the slightest bit of coffee flavor because I dislike it so much. People said I'd start drinking coffee during college, but I've been out of college for a few years and never felt the need to drink coffee.
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ok. Give me your best tips for getting over someone?
I know I should be over him already, and I know now the full extent of just how little he cared for me in the end.
But there's still so many flashbacks. Inside jokes, or songs.
He was the first boy I ever loved. And he's the first I've ever had to stop loving. Tell me how?
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Rude assholes.

Sometimes I feel like people have been raised in a barn, away from all civilization, and know nothing.

Is it really that hard to be nice? Honestly. Why do people not hold doors for each other anymore? Why don't people know that the person LEAVING the building should be let through before people push through to ENTER the buildig? Why do people not stand up and gives up their seats on buses and subways when a pregnant woman comes in, or an elderly person, or a person with a lot of bags? Why don't men hold doors open for women anymore? Why do people spit on sidwalks? Or throw garbage around? Or have a hard time saying something nice to one another?

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1. Do you know anybody, or maybe even yourself, that met in high school, got married, and are still really in love?

2. Have you, or do you know anyone, that has been in a relationship where they fought all the time, but eventually resolved these things and are now happy?

this has been bugging me, so i am venting/again xposted to my lj

In January my friend's fiance came home and brought a friend home. She was a work friend, and she was drunk, and so he brought her home with him so that she wouldn't be going home alone.

As my friend was sleeping in bed with her fiance, the friend came into their bedroom in the middle of the night, crawled over my friend, crawled over her fiance, and then laid down on the other side of her fiance and put her arm around him.

My friend got up, woke the girl up, and said for her to leave the room and sleep on the couch.

I personally would have knocked her AND him out.
During this he pretended (or maybe not) to sleep, and claims he does not remember any of it.


She dis-invited the girl to their wedding. He didn't understand why she would, because they are friends. Apparently he's a fucking tool.

So she didn't come to the wedding. To this day, her now husband hangs out with the girl. They USED to work together, she got fired.

So now, my friend who has been trying to get her idiot husband to understand why it's inappropriate that he hangs out with the girl is all upset. At one point he lied to her and invited his wife out with everyone where the girl and the girl's live-in boyfriend showed up, and they TOLD HER OFF FOR BEING A BITCH. The girl and the boyfriend, and her husband DIDN'T DEFEND HER, he sat there like a fucking log.

Lately on his days off he calls the girl and they spend the entire day together (once a week or so). By entire day I mean till 11 pm, all day together.

This makes my friend upset, he however does not care, or so it seems to me.

I've questioned her on whether she thinks he is cheating on her, she said she didn't think so.

I have a different opinion.

My friend has NEVER dated anyone else. She has been with this idiot since she was 16 and just married him. She has never kissed, slept with, done anything romantic, or sexual or anything of the sort, with another man or woman.

What do you think?
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From time to time, my roommate and I watch Days of Our Lives. No, I don't condone this in any way.....it's a trap.

But anyway, we've been trying to figure this out for a while. We understood that Rex and Cassie were aliens.....the "Gemini Twins", or something like that. But now, it seems like Kate is their mother somehow, and, if we're not mistaken, Tony is their father.

What did we miss?
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sign language.

Why do you think some babies can learn sign language before learning to talk?

My little cousin can use about 10-15 different signs but has yet to speak one single word.

Do you think it's simply because the visual part of the brain develops faster than the audible part? Or that it's just an easier part of the brain to use?

Do you think that their brain just doesn't know how to tell their mouth to physically form the word, or that they just can't THINK of the word that they want?

Have you known a baby who uses sign language before speaking?
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What is "Scholomance"? What does it mean, where did it come from, etc.?

I'm reading Dracula, and the direct quote from book being "He has a mighty brain, a learning beyond compare, and a heart that knew no fear and no remorse. He dared even to attend the Scholomance, and there was no branch of knowlege of his time that he did not essay."

Did I miss something? As far as I know, Scholomance is a dungeon in WOW.
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Question for skirt-wearers.

I have a bigger bottom half (I'm pear-shaped), and when I wear skirts, they always seem to ride up, because they're larger in the waist. My waist is proportionally smaller than my hips, butt, and thighs, so skirts tend to fit me funny, and I have to constantly tug on them.

Does anyone else have this problem?
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book help

When I was a kid I read books with characters that were kids, as a teenager I read books that had teenagers as the lead characters (I admit I also read those cheesy romance novels), but at 21 I’m finding it rather difficult to find a book with characters of my age group. Are there any books aimed more so towards 18 - 24? I'm tired of looking for books only to find ones with characters that are in their late 20’s and up.

I just want a good book that has characters that I might be able to relate to. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Also, I was at Barnes and Nobles one day and I noticed a book with a black and green cover, it was a paperback book and had no more than 250 pages. This book was about two college friends that had gotten into a trivial argument, which caused the lead character to stop talking. He wouldn’t say a word to anyone, he would only communicate by writing it all down (napkins, message boards, etc.). Does anyone know which book I’m talking about? I can’t for the life of me remember the title, but I think it had the word “note” somewhere...
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Force Feeding

I was reading somewhere about how some doctors force feed anorexics....

So I was thinking....

How exactly do you force feed someone without an IV of sorts? I mean, I can understand having someone shove food in your mouth, but how would you make them swallow, or even prevent them from spitting it out?
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I haven't found the answer to this ANYWHERE and it's driving me insane:

You know how IE and Firefox will automatically stack the windows if you open a certain amount? For instance, if you open one window, it will be in the task bar. You open 4 windows, it will say "Mozilla" or whatever in the task bar, and you click to get to the window you want.

Trillian does this, but if I have TWO IM windows, it does it. I WANT IT TO STOP. It's driving me freakin' nuts.

Anyone know how? The "container" option is NOT clicked and it is NOT set to group IMs by service, so I'm at a loss.

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thank you cards

I just had a graduation party a couple of days ago and now I'm going through the process of sending out thank you cards. Everyone who came gave me some money also. I decided I wanted to make my thank you cards a bit more stylised, special, personalised, etc. Does anyone have any tips for this? I have no idea how I'm going to do it.

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Has anyone here, or do you know someone who has used the Rosetta Stone Language program? What language were you trying to learn?

Would you recommend it? What have you heard about it?

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What are your "I need to stop having a pissy day" sayings?

Whenever I'm feeling like my day could not get worse, I remind myself "Hey, at least you aren't pregnant."
When other people are whining to me about petty shit (I don't care that you're tired. god. shut up.) I usually say "Nothing puts a bad day in perspective like your pen-pal in Nigeria saying that he has to go, because the riot police are on the way and he has to be off campus before they get there."
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Browser Question

Does anyone know if there is a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox that one can download to stop people from being able to download things unless they enter a password?

I've looked through Tools and Options but I couldn't find anything there.

Thankyou to anywho who can help!
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Can you give me names of famous people - celebrities/politicians/models/anyone you can find a picture of on the 'net with big eyes? Eyes that could be considered anime-ish.

I've already thought of Amanda Seyfried. So, anyone else?

[Reason, if you're interested: anime pisses me off sometimes for this reason and I'm wondering how big eyes can get. I like realism in my entertainment. Or maybe my beady little eyes are just jealous.]

User Names

What significance does your user name have to you? There are a lot of them on LJ. Some are complex and some are simple but they probably have some significance to you. What is it? What does your LJ name mean?

sleepygrrl = Me. I am constantly sleepy. I am a girl. I am a little growly when I wake up.
Ahh! Babies!

any bartenders out there?

I want to make a whole bunch of fancy mixed drinks at home. I'm not a bartender or anything. But, reading some of the recipes, I'm getting really confused. When a drink calls for Double Heavy Cream, what does that mean? What am I supposed to buy? Whipped cream? Cool Whip? what is double heavy cream?
For example:
walnut whirl= cognac, walnut liqueur and double heavy cream

Also, alot of the drinks call for different types of fruit purees. I've not seen this in the grocery store. Where can I get fruit purees? Whats a good brand to look up?

What is caster sugar?

What is coconut cream and where do I get that? A good brand to look up?
as in : Waikiki Beach
white rum, amaretto, coconut cream, pineapple juice, passion fruit juice and double heavy cream....

Where do I get the assorted syrups called for such as sugar syrup and coconut syrup? I haven't seen those in the grocery store either...

What is Candied Ginger? Where do I get it? ( you're supposed to put it in a hot tea toddy...)

Is there a place online where I can buy alcohol for much cheaper than at the grocery store? I've been looking but I haven't really found anything. I'm not interested in buying large bottles or buying in bulk. What I'd like to find is an online liquor store where I can get all these weird ingredients that I can't find at the grocery store plus cheaper liquor. ANyone know of a site?

Any tips on how to get ice to crush in a blender? My blender keeps clogging and stopping. Is there a better technique that I am not aware of? How do you get smooth and creamy daquiris?

Thanks for all the answers.
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I'm falling apart!

So, I just went back to my old job in food service, worked the last three days in a row, and am scheduled for the next two. The bleach water we use as a sanitizer solution is absolutely EATING my hands off. They are nasty and scaly and sound like sandpaper when I rub them together. I've been moisurizing constantly, but the lotion I have just isn't doing the job. What's the most heavy-duty lotion or hand cream you know of, preferably that can be gotten for a reasonably cheap price?

Also, by the end of an 8-hour shift, my heels are killing me so badly that I'm walking kind of funny. Aside from buying new shoes, what can I do to either prevent or repair the damage that's being done to my poor feet? I can't stand anything with a lot of arch support (it makes my feet hurt, actually), so I think that nifty gel insoles are out of the question.

Finally, does anyone know of a brand of womens/juniors jeans that are:
a) available in low-rise (not super-low, just sitting on the hips)
b) readily available in size 15-16 (I've noticed that most juniors jeans don't go up that high)
c) cut generously through the thighs
d) not priced above $30-40 a pair?
All the jeans I find that fit over my thighs are HUGE in the waist, which sucks.

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Do you have a specific favorite joke that if someone said out of nowhere "Tell me a joke!" this would be the one you'd say because you know it by heart and just think it's the best damn joke ever?

Let's hear (er, read) them!