June 6th, 2005

Another laptop question

I'm starting a PhD program in the fall and, while I have a fairly souped up desktop, I'm considering a laptop as well for taking to school and as a secondary toy. I would mostly be using it for presentations, word processing and the intarwebs, so graphics and audio are not super important. I'm not interested in a Mac at the moment, so those are out.
My dad works for IBM and we figured out a T42 with what I'd need would run me about $1100- through the employee purchase program. It's been so long since I bought a whole computer - and since I've had a laptop - that I'm not sure if this is a good deal or if I should look elsewhere.
Also - do you think I should get a laptop for grad school? Would I be perfectly happy with my desktop and a flash drive? It's a dilemma (or is it?).
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If you went into space...

What vehicle would you want to travel in?

My answer- A Soyuz capsule. Those things have been in service for decades. Unlike successive US space vehicle programs, the Soyuz was never completely replaced, they took the basic design and made successive improvments. Every likely problem, and many unlikely problems, have already occured, and the design has been modified to eliminate those risks. It has an incredible safety record, and there is such a wealth of experience in operating them, that if a critical problem did occur on a flight, ground controllers would be much more likely to come up with a solution than with a completely modern design. Basically, I'd have much more confidence that I'd come back alive on a Soyuz than anything else.

That said, given the opportunity, I'd take a flight on whatever I can get. But if given a choice, I'd choose the Soyuz.

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Resume question:

It is often recommended that only experience related to the job you're applying for should be included (Tailor your resume to the specific job). If a new graduate has NO work experience except for freelance web design and she is applying to work in a medical office should she include the web design experience since that's all she has or not?

Semagic Birthdays


Can anyone tell me how to get Semagic to notify me when a friend has a Birthday?  I updated my f-list from the server, closed Semagic, opened it up again, and it still won't tell me that one of my friends has a birthday even though he does.

(no subject)

So I get an email yesterday that clears things up about the email issue I thought I had. There's some punk kid that has to think I'm someone I'm not. I swear I got an email from someone with the same name as me at their school's email end bit, but I guess I threw it out a while ago. They have been signing me up for stupid stuff and using my email address to make Neopets accounts. Stupid little kids like this really rather annoy me. What do you think I should do about this? I don't want my email to get filled up with spam stuff because of this stupid kid, but I'd really like to stop getting stuff because of them. I'm pondering writing a letter to their parents, as long as the one address for the city their school is in is their family address. I'm really wishing I hadn't deleted any of my emails so I could have a whole list of what was sent to me by this stupid kid.

Teeth Question

How should a baby's teeth come in? Do differemt babies get different teeth at different times?
Lydia got her two middle bottom teeth first. Next, she got two on the top but not the middle ones. The ones that will go beside the middle ones, I guess.
My Mom says that this is how I got my teeth and said that Lydia's would come in just that way and they did.
Why does everyone seem freaked out that the middle ones didn't come in first?
Also, does anyone else's baby grind their teeth. She only has four and she grinds them together constantly. Maybe she's just getting used to them or trying to help the next ones through or something.

Easy Way

Has anyone used the Easy Way to quit smoking? My mom gave it to me and it seems like and awful lot of crap and I am wondering if it worked for anyone.
I mean, I know that smoking is bad for me. I know that it is stupid to smoke. I knaw that fear keeps me from quitting. I know smoking doesn't relieve my stress. I don't need some Book Writin' Yahoo to tell me.
Anyway, I'm just wondering if the book is going to be worth my time.
p.s. How did you manage to quit?
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(no subject)

Anyone know if there is a way to get MS Outlook 2002 to use a different server for the Calendar than it uses for email?

Reason I ask is, I'd like to use just one calendar for all my schedule, but I want to keep two email accounts seperate.
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Cell Phones

Question about cell phones for Ontario, Canada residents.

I've been using Telus for the last 3 years, and my contract is almost up. I'm not sure I want to stick with Telus, I went through one hell of an experience with them about 4 months into my contract, and have held a grudge ever since.

So, if you're in Ontario, can you let me know what you think of your cell phone provider (if you have one)? What type of phone, if it's a good rate, how the coverage is, etc.

I am looking to get a camera phone, so if you have any advice on that it would be good :P
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(no subject)

Just a couple of things.

1) My boss just got back from vacation, and he (well, really his wife) bought me some things. A cute straw hat, beaded necklace, and silver earrings, if you care. I want to write a thank you note, but I'm rather socially inept and am unsure of what delivery method to use.

I have his home address because of some personal stuff I did for him once when his assistant was out. However, he's rather flaky (not stupid at all, rather more of an absent-minded professor/mad scientist sort) and likely won't remember giving it to me. That might weird him out, because he'll wonder how I got his unlisted info. People around here are exceptionally paranoid about stuff like that, seems to me. I'm afraid if I give the note to him at the office, though, that he'll forget to take it home and his wife will never see it--and I know for sure that she picked out and decided to buy the gifts. What to do?

2) I want to send some chocolate chip cookies through the mail in a few weeks, from one really hot state to another really hot state. What's the best way to do that and ensure that they don't melt? I'm hoping not to spend a fortune, but if I have to splurge a tad, it's all right.

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Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

i dont understand how they fly animals on planes when they are not small enough to fit under the seats. is there a heated place underneath the plane specifically for animals? How do they make sure that the animal's cage does not slide around? what airlines allow you to check/take on animals? do they have limitations for what kind of animals you take?

when you order a dog from a dog breeder that's half way across the country and they say they'll ship the dog to you, how do they do it? they dont accompany it i dont think... how can you ship a dog unescorted? how does that work?
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(no subject)

Have you ever had to have your dog boarded while you were on vacation?
If so, how long were you gone? How much did they charge you?

I'm looking for a rough estimate of how much a boarding house would charge for two dogs for two weeks. (The dogs aren't being boarded, actually, but the owner would like to pay someone about the same amount as they would have to pay a boarding house. I am not the owner, by the way, I'm the potential dog-sitter.)
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How do people with mohawks get them to stand straight up all night? I've tried just about every hair product there is, and can never get very long hair to stand straight up.. even tried Elmer's glue once, to no avail!
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Question: What would YOU do if you were me?

Scenerio: Yesterday was my birthday. My boyfriend's mom gave me a $50 check that I'll probably cash today. I've been really wanting Sims 2 but my computer is just BARELY good enough to run it so you know it'll run like crap. My boyfriend (who I live with) has said I can put the game on his computer. This of course means that I'd have to get off the game whenever he wants to use his computer. Still, he's in Iraq right now and will be for another 12 days, so if I get the game soon then I will have a little time to get over the "OMG NEW GAME MUST PLAY" syndrome.

*Things to consider*
I'm saving for my own computer.
It's birthday money.
Until he gets back I spend most of my time at home on the computer and rarely even turn mine on.
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Typing Oddities

Do you have any quirks while typing?

I've discovered recently that I type using only one finger on my right hand but about three on my left. I use the middle three fingers of my left hand to type still focusing on the forefinger of my left hand, but I only use the forefinger of my right hand. I've tried to encourage my fingers to use different ones on the right, but for some reason I've gotten so used to it that I just can't.
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what would you do if your neighbors starved cat kept coming in your back yard and tearing up your garbage and crapping in your flower garden and your front lawn?

we cant keep it
our human society is closing down
and if we put food out for it a million other stray cats would be coming in our yard urinating and crapping in our grass and in our flower beds.
we have little children that play in our yard.
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(no subject)

Tonight's the last night I'll get to see my boyfriend until July-ish..

Any ideas of what we could do to make it fun, aside from horizontal tag and stealing a boat? =)

This might be a little weird but....

I'm a British history student and I'm taking my first American History class next semester. We're focusing a lot on the 1960s such as Vietnam, black civil rights and so on. I'm a bit of geek and I'd like to make up a playlist with songs from that particular time period or are associated with that time period. I've already got stuff like The Doors - The End, Jimi Hendrix - All Around the Watchtower etc.

Has anyone got any other suggestions?
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(no subject)

So, I have my next three years roughly sketched out as a Journalism major, PR emphasis, with minors in psych and sociology.
Do I want to go through the annoyance of finding out the requirements, looking up classes, etc, to re-sketch out my next three years as a double major in Journalism(still PR emphasis) and Sociology?

2 Job Questions

It's about 95 degrees here with the high humidity and I have a job interview tomorrow. Is it appropriate to NOT wear a blazer/jacket anymore? Are black slacks, heels and a light colored top ok? I haven't had an interview in a long time...it's for a position with a different insurance company, if that helps.

Secondly, I don't really have any work samples to bring, as I am an insurance "Specialist". Is there something I can type up to put with my resume that would further detail my "accomplishments"??
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Soaked Car Interior?

Hahaha, when I came home from the doctor today, it was nice and sunny and hot out. Since I planned on going out later, I left the sunroof open to keep the heat from building up to tremendous GA levels. I then promptly took a nap. When I awoke, it was pouring outside. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, the car is now drenched.

Any suggestions to alleviate this situation? You know, besides to always close my sunroof? :D

PS - I have a small handheld steam machine I can use to suck some of the moisture out, IF I buy a long ass extension cord and WHEN it stops raining buckets.

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(no subject)

Anybody know why red things always seem to fade faster than blue things in sunlight? (ironic example)

Anybody else get the impression that sometimes people post things here just to show them off, and then tack on a lame "what do you think of this?" type question to comply with the rules? (ironic example)

What do you think of that?

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How do I type umlauts and essets? Is it some kind of alt code? For those that don't know umlauts are those dots .. over u a and o sometimes. Essets is like a German ss. Danke

EDIT: got it thanks!

AIM help

I am having some major probs with AIM. Ok.

I downloaded the latest version the other day. (it has never been on this computer before) I click on AIM, then it signs me on good, and my buddy list comes up, I can see people going on and offline pretty good. However no one can contact me and when i try to contact them by clicking on their name, the whole application crashes. It just says "AOL instant messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close" Every single time!

Can anyone please help me? I really want to talk to some buddies of mine. :(

I did try uninstalling then reinstalling several times. Didn't work. I messed around with my firewall...then tried some other different things with security settings. Nothing. PLease, can you help me out?
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Help for a parent

Do you know of any websites that have printouts or ideas to help children keep up to date with school during the summer? My daughter is in 2nd grade, will be going in to third, if that helps. She struggles with math. SHe is pretty good with language arts, but is a TOTAL phonetic speller.

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(no subject)

Okay, on Facebook, for the "Whatever I can get" option, what does that MEAN exactly? Does it signify desperation? Does it just mean "any of the above"?

What do you take it to mean?

Do you think that Facebook ultimately has a point? At first I thought it was a bit silly but then it was cool because I found some people I hadn't seen since grade school or various camps..

(no subject)

So, my boyfriend is thinking of selling is computer, because it's gotten to the point where he has the option of "stop upgrading it" or "shell out a shitton of money to upgrade it."
He says that he's going to swap the hard drive with a new, smaller one and then if I want I can have first dibs.
I'm pretty much grown on the idea of buying it, because even though I'd have to get a new keyboard(becuase he's a boy. and his keyboard is gross.) it's cheaper than the laptop I have now... and I wanted a new computer anyway. because this computer is an evil bastard. Fucker.

Anyway. My hard drive has about 15 gigs used. If I purchased his computer, what would the fastest way be to transfer all my crap onto the shiny new harddrive in it? And, if it's "Burn to cd, upload, lather, rinse, repeat"- do you have any suggestions for ease of organisation/not going insane burning 15+ cds?

First post.

Is there a name for the branch of psychology that deals specifically with how an individual has come to have the personality s/he has? Is it developmental psychology or a subdivision of it? Also, is there a branch of psychology or psychiatry dealing with altering personality traits or personal opinions based on experiences early on in life? What's it called? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Edit: How about the development of preferences or interests? How does that happen?
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(no subject)

1. What do you think of Jessica Alba?

My answer: I think she's gorgeous. I'm jealous. lol

2. What's a habit that you do that other people think is disgusting but you're so used to?

My answer: I bite my toenails. I also clean out my toenails with various objects in front of my boyfriend and it really grosses him out. I change my clothes sometimes while I'm driving, or when someone else is driving. And sometimes I walk outside naked.
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(no subject)

Some questions 'cause I'm so bored....

1. Thunderstorms..Love em? Hate em? Why?

2. How many times a day do you pee?

3. My friends have noticed that girls usually carry their books close to their chests while boys will carry them hanging down closer to their hips. Anyone else notice this?

4. How many hours does one work in a week to be considered full-time?
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Guitars and Cadillacs, hillbilly muuuusic

So after seeing Blue Rodeo in concert last night and spending most of the time focussing on the guitars, I spent all day thinking about how much I miss being involved in music, specifically playing music. I've been thinking for the last few years about getting back into guitar, it seems the most logical and easiest to pick up from the instruments I learned in high school. (I played alto+tenor sax mainly in high school).

Is it easy enough to get back into music after about 5-6 years off? :P I can still read music, I remember the basic blues progression (1, 4, 57), and I never really learned tab in the first place.

Any tips for getting back into it, what type of guitar I should be looking for, any DVDs/books I should invest in?

Then I need to figure out how to explain to my boyfriend why I'm getting back into guitar :P He'll probably just think I'm crazy. Meh, I missed hockey too, so I got into coaching, and this should be a cakewalk compared to dealing with 11-13 and 14-16 year old girls haha.

(no subject)

there was this rap song out a couple years ago. all i remember from it was "who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who?". im always singing that much and i dont know what its called. ive tried googling to no avail.
does anyone have any idea what song im talking about?
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networking musicians!

I thought of another one and you guys are great advice-givers, so here goes.

I live in a smallish town, no big attractions other than a skating rink and a Walmart (teenagers consider it somewhere to go if that puts things into perspective) and virtually no music scene for people my age (late teens/early 20s). The only music scene seems to be cover bands made up of older people. I work at a music store teaching piano and the guys there teach bass, guitar, and drums and are involved in church music or local jazz/blues/country gigs that never pop up on the radar. Of course, I could be overlooking things, which is why I'm asking you guys this...

I'm out of school for the summer (just finished first year of college) and don't have anything to do with myself other than work out, read, and piddle around at home. I want to meet up with some other local musicians, but I don't know how. So far I've thought of posting flyers at school during summer session (I'm a commuter), but other than that I'm at a loss. So, for all of you musicians out there, how do you go about finding people to jam with?