June 5th, 2005

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I am really not into going to the church that my family goes to. I'm not converting to anything different, nor do I want to try another denomination; I'm just sick of going to the church. It's boring and I don't feel like I'm getting anything out of it, faithwise. Thing is, my dad is super-involved at church and while my mom doesn't care for it, she goes because she has to. The ridiculous thing is that I'm nineteen and I could totally put my foot down and say I don't want to, yet every time I try to I worry I'll sound like a brat, and when I DO explain why I don't want to go, the parentals guilt-trip me into going anyway. How can I get them to get off my case about it?
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Hair, Hair, Hair. . .

I am seriously considering getting my hair cut/styled though I am really hesistant because for the last 6 years I have had really, really, boy-cut short hair. Right now my hair is shoulder length, a little shorter in the front.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions/pictures of stylish hair cuts I could consider. Maybe even a website?

-Thanks :)

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What do you think is the best way to handle this situation?

Situation: I live in an apartment complex where each apartment has 2 assigned spots that are painted with the number of the apartment on the actual spot, they are labeled in yellow. My neighbor on one side of me rarely uses both of her spots, I use both of mine sometimes (only in the summer, my other 2 roommates have moved home), and my neighbor on the other side always fills both of her's/theirs. I don't mind if someone parks in my spot but don't take my primary or both of them. Tonight I return home to find out that both of my spots are taken, my neighbor who uses one of them has miraculously sprouted a friend (sarcasm), and sure enough the other neighbors have both of theirs filled. I walk up to my neighbor's house and say, "not to be a bitch but someone needs to move their car." She says, "what?" Then tells her friend to move his car after I point to my full parking spots and empty house. She just closes the door and walks away. I'm pissed, I'm sick of her friends being in my spot(s) (the visitor spots are about 5 down) and now she doesn't care.

I don't like being confrontational and I've already talked to the office. They told me to just bypass her and tell them, they will deal with it. I'm seriously debating this option because of her actions tonight. She knows that she only has 2 parking spots, I have 2, everyone has 2. I know it's rude to not talk to your neighbor about a problem but I tried tonight and she just blew me off, told her friend to move their car, and walked away. No apology, nothing.

So, what should I do?


Did anyone watch Robot Chicken recently? Who do you think, personally, won the dance contest - Voltron, or the monster?

Personally, I was MUCH more entertained by Voltron than the monster... even though his last move was lame, and in the end he got served.

Bob Dammit.

What was the start of people using "Bob" for "God"? I hear it in such a wide variety of places that it has made me wonder if it is some pop culture reference or something that I missed out on. I don't remember ever hearing it six months ago, now everybody says it.

I looked it up on urbandictionary.com but it doesn't explain how or why it started.

Do YOU ever say "Thank Bob"?

And while I'm here, I'll jump on the "woe is me" bandwagon. My boyfriend flies out today to go visit his kids. I hate when he goes only because I'm not part of it. I feel left out, like he has a family there that is separate from his life here. How can I keep myself from being sad about it, when realistically I know it's something I should be happy for him about?

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I live alone. If I buy a cantaloupe and cut it up, how long will it stay good in the fridge? I know I can't eat a whole cantaloupe in one sitting, but I don't want it to get mushy and disgusting sitting in my fridge either. I love cantaloupe. :o)
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Some random ones...

1. How does one know when a mango is ripe when buying said fruit in a grocery store? How firm should it feel, how should it smell, etc?

2. Does anyone know any homemade recipes or solutions for minimizing pores? The pores on my face are, well, huge lately and it's really disturbing me.

3. Which do you prefer: red, yellow, or green apples?

4. Any good solutions to end compulsive eating? I've been doing a lot of it since returning home for the summer and it's beginning to take its toll on my body.
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Song Suggestions?

So I am making this little video montage of pictures of my brother with my son for my brother's bday. It'll be a present from my son to his uncle. I want to put a music track on it, any suggestions? Something that speaks about a young boy's relationship to his male elders or something. All I can think of is Cats in the Cradle which is so NOT appropriate.

Something not too emo, but can be old or contemporary or just plain funny. Any ideas?
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i feel so embarrassed that i didn't get around to listening to this sooner, but today i finally have listened to "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin. Oh my god, it's more than worth the hype I've heard from folks about it. Incredible. What other George Gershwin tunes should I look into? My friend covered "Someone To Watch Over Me" so in a sense I'm familiar with the tune (just not familiar with the way Gershwin recorded it)

Also Gershwin or not.. what tunes would any of you recommend I check out if I like "Rhapsody in Blue" so much?
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How much would you charge for watering plants an hour every other day for a week?
My neighbor said she was going away and needed someone to water her plants an hour every other day for the next month since she will be leaving on and off for a while. I couldnt expect it to cost all that much because its not hard work but my mom dosent know either.

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1. If you see an Lj-cut text with a gender TMI warning ( like "Male TMI" or "Time O' the Month") and you're the opposite gender of the person writing the entry in question, do you click on the LJ cut or avoid reading it?

2. I'm seeing lots of bottles for self-tanning liquid at the stores. Well I wonder---if they make a formula to give people darker skin, do they make a lotion or cream that makes skin lighter?
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In the interest in perserving energy and the electric bill, I present you a question:

Does it really cost less to keep the A/C running continuously, or is it better to let it cool the place down, then turn it off, then turn it back on when it gets stuffy again?
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Time Machine

In H.G. Wells' Time Machine (The Original) the end has his friend and house maid wondering which 3 books were missing from the shelves.

So - my question is, Which 3 books would you take from the shelves before heading back into the future?" (It can be ANY book that is existance as of 6/5/05)

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We recently did a frog dissection in my biology class, and since I'm the most squeemish person in the world, i spent it cowering in a corner. Now we've got to hand in these questions, and I can't find anything helpful on google.

List the parts of the frog alimentary canal, including the glands attached to it, beginning with the mouth and ending with the anus.

How does pancreatic juice get into the alimentary canal in the frog?

How is the frog's Achilles tendon attached to the foot?

Someone please help me. :x
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Water Bottle

I wanna get a water bottle to carry around with me, instead of buying bottled water.

Can anyone recommend a good, sturdy bottle that doesn't leech plastic into the water? (I've read that some do.)

Thank you.
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What programs do you use to convert music? [.wma to .mp3 specifically, as Bob the laptop is a pissy bitch and won't play .wma files.]

How many songs do you burn per CD? Do you separate by genre, theme, artist or just mix 'em all up?

1: I think I used to use jetAudio, but it was deleted, and I'm looking for new options.
2: I'm thinking I'll set them up by "vibe", you know songs that make me happy/focused/growly/etc. Which means, oh no!, that I'll have to listen to all my songs while catergosing them. the horror!
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Alter Ego Quit/Save?


Have any of you played an old DOS simulation game called Alter Ego?  It comes in two versions: Male and Female.  One thing that is really bugging me is that I can't figure out how to quit or save the game.  Does anyone know how to do this?


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1. My anthropology/psychology/sociology teacher wants us to pick a random topic from any of those areas, research it, and write an essay about it..... DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THERE IS TO CHOOSE FROM? Nature vs. Nurture, theory of evolution and Darwin stuff, bystander affects, isolates, etc. etc. Someone want to recommend a good one?

2. What is the best RedHotChiliPeppers song?

3. How are you going to celebrate the last day of school/work if you haven't already? (If you have, what did you do?)
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Common names

Who all here is named Sarah?
Do you like the fact that you'r name is Sarah?
If you could pick any other name what would it be?

For all you NON-Sarah's *scoff*
Same goes for you, if you could pick any other name what would it be?

My name is indeed Sarah
Eh, I don't mind it but I was in a youth group that had 6 Sarah's in it - that sucked.
If I could change my name, I would change it to Joe Don Baker.

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If you woke up tomorrow and everybody else on the planet had vanished, what would you do with the rest of your life?

I think I'd travel around and free animals from captivity (zoos, research facilities, etc), and then I'd build myself a giant fortress out of Lego bricks.
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Why do I feel so un-feminine with my hair really short?

Edit: It's about 3 inches long on top, really short in the back. I've had my hair short before and it never bothered me, but for some reason I feel very boyish... which flies in the face of all I believe about gender roles...

What album/artist is this?

I want to know if anyone knows who this artist and or album is. I saw it in a store but didn't have money for it but since I can't remember the name or title I can't buy it or research it. The cover is of this woman with black hair in a white dress floating over a small pool of blood. I don't know what type of music it is or anything. Any info would be a big help. Even if you can think of something vaguely like that it would be helpful, since my memory might be off. Thanks.
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