June 3rd, 2005

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall.....

Sorry there are so many. Ok, I'm not that sorry. Answer any or all that apply to you.

1. Do your pets follow you into the bathroom? Does it bother you?

2. Do they stare at you when you are naked, like just out of the shower? Does that bother you?

3. How often do you moisturize your feet? In what condition are they now?

4. How often, if ever, do you shave your legs, pubes, armpits, stomach, forearms, hands, feet, knuckles, etc....? Anything you shave that I didn't list?

5. (Mainly directed to the females): Have you ever shaved your face? Results?

6. Do you have dark skin or light skin? Do you wish it was darker or lighter?

7. Do you have perfect, straight, white teeth? Does your SO?

8. Do you dye your hair? How often? What color is it naturally and what color do you dye it to?
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Okay, time to throw out a real tough question... I Googled this and I think I'm good at finding anything, so hopefully someone here is already knowledegable on the subject and will need much less effort to find this info.

Does anyone know or can anyone find when Johnny Todd and Ethel Azama were born, and when Ethel Azama died? They are both prominent jazz musicians (he's a pianist and she's a singer) from Hawaii who met while working in Australia and were married. I can find pretty much everything they've ever performed on and information for their careers, but not basic biographical information. I know Johnny Todd is from Australia, and Ethel Azama was from Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Ooh, and another I am suddenly reminded of... there seemed to be a couple holes in the plot of the movie adaptation, so maybe if someone has read the book... Can anyone explain exactly how the story is supposed to work in Field of Dreams?

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i'm bored. what should i do?

i'm sitting at my dad's work because i was bored out of my mind at home. i wanted to get out for a bit and didn't know where to go. he teaches at a vocational school so it's not like the normal colleges where i could wander and be entertained for hours. i didn't drive myself so i need to keep entertained here.

Songs about place names


I like making mixes, and I want to make a mix about places.


Alaska (Fairbanks, in particular, but anywhere)
Portland, OR (or Washington State, or the pacific NW in general)
Boise, ID (or Idaho in general)
Tucson, AZ (or Arizona/desert in general)
Abilene, TX (Texas or west TX ok)
New York City (metro area ok)

What songs should I check out? I am particularly fond of melodic stuff, like powerpop, indie pop/rock, alt.country, folk, and the more melodic emo. BUT, throw it out there, even if it isn't that kind of stuff because I can always listen to samples and decide for myself. Throw in a quick description of the sound if you like, to help me out.

Soo.... suggestions?

Muchas gracias!

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i need to submit a letter of resignation soon.

ive written them before, and even helped friends write them. i just get anxious and feel bad when i have to do it for myself. the reason im quitting is that im moving 250 miles away and have hopes to return to school for a masters degree. im giving them 30 days notice.

any suggestions on ways to word the reasons why im leaving?

Children's movies

Today ABC is showing Flight of the Navigator. That was one of my favorite movies as a child; that, and The Neverending Story and The Last Unicorn What are some of your favorite movies from childhood?

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Ok, so Im getting a new laptop from this guy who custom makes em and all that jazz. I really have no clue what Ill be needing. Its for college, so the basics and wireless internet. but Im gonna be using it for video editing and all that, which I am such an amateur at anyway...
my aunt, who is my connection for getting it wants to know what I want as far as...

Video editing software (Premier? Premier Elements, or do I want to go with Pinnacle?

Ditto on Photoshop – full or Photoshop Elements (I think I already know I want elements)

Any Office product besides Powerpoint, Word, & Excel

HTML editor? I was told I dont really need that unless Im planning on working with websites etc, which I have no intention of doing..but is there anything else?


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How do non-christian, yet fairly mainstream (i.e. hinduism, judaism, islam, etc.) religions feel about things like stem cell research, evolution, gay marriage, etc.?

Edit: More interested in the official religious stances... but personal stances are welcome too :-)
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Niagara Falls restaurant

My boyfriend and I are going to Niagara Falls tomorrow for the day/night for our 2 year dating anniversary. We're pretty fun loving people, aren't into the cheesy 'heart shaped tub' type weekend, and are just going to have a mini-vacation.

I know a bunch of restaurants in the area, but what one would you recommend? Something we could wear jeans to without getting in trouble :P We're both steak/chicken type people.

Planet Hollywood is a HELL NO, I got food poisoning from eating salad there :/

We're staying at the Double Tree Inn (I think) if the location matters, but we're good with walking a few kms, that's the plan for the afternoon/evening

And in response to my last post about what finger to wear my ring on, I went for the sizing last night and it just felt more comfortable on my left, so left ring finger it is. :)

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For the minorities and women: How do you feel about affirmitive action? Do you think that it is outdated?
How do you feel about getting scholarships merely for the fact that you are green/orange/sexless etc?
Do you ever take advantage of the race/sex card? (IE, you're not doing this for me because I'm neon pink!)

Interview Question

When a potential employer asks (as I know they will) why I am leaving my current job, how could I say the following in a professional, eloquent manner?

"I'm leaving my current job because my boss is gone 99% of the time and I am left to run the entire office (an insurance agency) by myself. I get no benefits and am not paid enough to live on. I do absolutley everything, she does nothing, yet she makes 200-300k a year and I make barely 10k."

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Does anyone know of suppliers (UK or worldwide) who are web-based and offer 'kinky' or fun models/sculptures - on the same kind of theme as the Bad Taste Bears (or a similar human version).

Here's Hoping!
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I'm looking for great books to read this summer!

Great meaning great literature OR great fiction- not just the classics. I'm a current junior, going to be a senior in high school in the hall. I like The Pact by Jodi Picoult (long long story,) Jane Eyre, trashy guilt fiction by Jane Green, and nonfiction stuff like The War on Choice by Gloria Feldt (a book about birth control and politics.) The Crucible. Cathcher in the Rye. Chuck Palahniuk (I've read Lullaby and Survivor, in the middle of Choke, which I don't like as much, at least not yet.)

This wasn't a great list at all, but the list isn't really what I'm going for anyway. What I really want to know is: what are your favorite books? Books you think everyone should read? That are just amazing in general?


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How long does one have to wait after stopping birth control pills (or, really, starting the week of placebo pills) to take a pregnancy test? I'd hate to wait the two days after my period is supposed to start, and have myself freak out over a positive caused by leftover hormones running about.

In the meantime, how do I keep myself from panicking?

(I used to get morning-sickness-type-symptoms from my b/c pills. Now I'm getting them without the pills. It's freaking me out.)

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I filled out on-line applications for Borders and Lifetime Fitness. I was wondering when is the best day to contact them about my application? Can I contact them tomorrow? Or should I wait a few days?
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Is it silly to wait until you have a permanant job to move out? I'm working full time casual right now, but am very aware of the fact that I might be told I'm not needed anymore. I don't think it's very likely, but not impossible.

ohhh boyy

- I have a virus, that sends out viruses, to my whole buddylist...when I'm on AIM.

- Ebaumsworld.com kind of thing?

- I spysweeped my computer, and deleted my TEMP folders...I havent had a problem yet so far, since my reboot...

Any ideas of what it is, or how I could delete it?

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At what point is a woman not a virgin, is it intercourse? Then what about lesbians, they may not have had intercourse but have done other things, does that make them virginal?
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