June 2nd, 2005

Mr. Lion

Life in pictures

Out of all the photos you have ever taken yourself, which has the most personal significance or private symbolism (not which is the prettiest or your favorite, unless it's a coincidence), even if no one else could ever understand why (although you can tell us if you'd like :)?
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I need a simple, interactive*, user-friendly, customizable, and printable off-line calendar program.

*Interactive, as in going into the program, editing and adding text. I don't want just a photo calendar.

Where can I download one?

I don't have the Microsoft calendars that come with Works and all that, and the Mozilla calendar extensions don't work with the newest version.

Also, isn't there a plug-in or extension for editing HTML in Mozilla? Could someone link me? I couldn't find it at the addons site.

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Okay, I live in a frat house. so my 'apartment' is one room.

Where in this one room are my workpants hiding?
I know they're here. I remember taking them off yesterday. the shirt I was wearing is in the laundry bag, the pants are not.
the pants are not anywhere.

Edit! found them thirty seconds later. was going to stand on a chair to see if maybe they were on a shelf, took cookie sheet off chair, and there were my pants! hurrah.

new question: I walk by a catholic church on my way to the bus stop. There's a statue of the virgin mary(I'd assume, anyway). someone put a flower by her feet, so I was looking... and there was something between her feet. and then it seems to go behind her left foot and re-emerge on the other side, traveling up into the folds of her clothing, almost like a tail of some sort. but it's the same thickness all the way, and it has this sort of loose scaly look to it. What the hell is that?
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Laptop buying questions.

I'm going to be getting a new laptop fairly soon, but I have a few questions for all you smart questionclub people. :)

Where's the best place in terms of technical quality to buy a laptop?

I'm not in the market for a value laptop at all, and I want to buy something that will last me for a while as well as power all my various photo editing and manipulation apps (most frequently Photoshop and Illustrator) without hanging/slowing down.

I've always had Dell for my desktops, but I'm not sure if there's a more technically proficient/better building place than Dell. Anything in particular I should know before I buy the laptop? Hardware I should make sure I have? Particularly good configurations? Anything?

Also - what are the placed you've heard of to absolutely stay away from?

Thank you! :)

(no subject)

1. are there any very fruity mixed drinks that don't have fucking ridiculous names? i've only recently got into mixed drinks, and unfortunately for me, my favorites are "sex on the beach" and "fuzzy navel". i feel like a god damned moron ordering those. again, i only like drinks with a big fruit taste.

2. would you attend a baptism for someone(s) if you were neither christian, nor particularly agreeing with the exact religion the children will be raised under? if it were a "normal" baptism, we'd go, but my brother-in-law and his wife recently became born-again christian (ie. super jesus fundamentalists) and want to baptise their 3- and 8-year-olds and set them on their really fun, hate-filled path towards hating all the rest of us (we're pagan). *sigh* much of the rest of his family is born-again, and it's really been rather disasterous and annoying~
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This girl and I were friends (friends being used kind of loosely here, we were close but only because we ran with the same crowd and most of our 'friendship' was spent with me secretly hating her and I'm fairly certain it was mutual.) for about two years. We hung out around her house a lot because mine was always full of people, so because of that I got to know her older brother. He and I became good friends and ended up having a lot more in common and a lot more fun together than I ever had with her. We started (finally) to drift apart. This was partially because I hung out with her brother more and more and that she started driving without a license/smoking dope/sneaking out/dating guys twice her age/etc more and more. She bitched a lot about how much time I spent with him, but I usually just shut it out. Eventually it came to the point to where her brother and I were dating, she found out and cried at me/threatened me/yelled at me for about an hour and a half. This brings us to the point we're at now-

Her being a total bitch about it...turning their family against me, breaking my air conditioner (we live in Florida), spreading false rumors about me, threatening to kick my ass...

I just want to break it off with her so that we're civil. I have no interest in friendship anymore. I am at a total loss for what to do here.
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I'm at work, thus, I need entertainment.

1. Big boobs, medium boobs, or small boobs?

2. Toned butts, round butts, or small butts?

3. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?

4. Do you (or does anyone you know) know someone famous personally?

5. Go to google and type in your name under images. Post the picture you get in your comment.

6. What's your wierdest habit?

For any of the questions, you can add any variation you want!!

P.S., I really should be working!
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My boyfriend gave me a ring yesterday (early) for our 2 year anniverary (dating). We've talked about marriage and whatnot, neither of us is ready for that yet, so this is a 'We're together but not engaged' type thing, a promise ring I guess, even though I don't get the point of the whole promise ring thing, it seems like "I promise to get you a bigger ring later" hahaha :P

What hand should this ring be worn on? Apparently it looks like an engagement ring.

here's the ring
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She won't put the bottle down...

Suppose you have this friend. Let's call her Fred. Fred has had some shitty stuff go down over the last year and she's not coping with it very well. Now let's say that you and your friend (let's call her Bob) have been trying to help Fred. Fred lives on the other side of the country. You and Bob have been sending Fred telephone numbers and web-sites for free assistance since she doesn't have health insurance. She won't call, she won't even look at the web-sites. Instead, Fred goes down to the corner store and buys a bottle of rum.

You went to visit Fred a while ago and while she was passed out on the floor, you took the bottles of rum and poured them down the drain. (Never fear, there were only about two to three shots left in these massive Costco sized bottles.) She had admitted to you earlier that night that she was afraid of becoming an alcoholic and wanted to quit drinking, then snuck off to the bathroom and downed a few shots of rum. When she woke up, she thanked you for getting rid of the stuff and promised not to drink the pain away anymore.

Two days after you've gone home, Bob gets a call from Fred and she's toasted again. She told Bob that she stopped on the way home from dropping you off at the station to get some more booze and has been in a stupor pretty much ever since.

You and Bob are at the end of your proverbial ropes. You don't know what else to do. While you want to just throw your hands up and walk away, the three of you have been friends for going on 14 years now and you can't bring yourself to throw that away.

Do you and Bob get together and tell Fred that she needs to sober up or lose the both of you - giving her a chance to clean up - or do you just cut off contact altogether, even though you know that walking out would just cause her more pain?
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Get your creative caps on

Is there one minor, petty, small thing that you can think of, that, if removed from our planet one day, would lead to chaos or some major setback in society? It has to be something small and seemingly benign, like cell phones or kosher meats or something. Now explain why you feel that its omission from our planet would cause such havok

My answer

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I'm flying out to California tomorrow, and my cat is coming with me. Is there anything I need to know/any advice for traveling with an animal? The person who booked my flight says that she'll be able to come on the plane with me.
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1) What directors or actors-turned-directors/directors-turned-actors do you think are totally hot?

2) What directors (or actors-turned-directors/vice-versa) do you consider yourself a fan of, i.e. you go to fansites, see most of their movies, talk about them online, etc.?

3) For actors-turned-directors/vice-versa, were you a fan before or after they made the switch? Are you still a fan?

4) Would you rather read Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, or Esquire?
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I'm looking to get some of my short stories published/ accepted onto relativly professional websites. Where can I find some good places? Does anyone recommend any?

If a pack of gum says that each piece is 10 calories, is that amount just chewing the gum, or also for swallowing it?

How come only your fingers and toes get wrinkly in the shower and nothing else does?

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Name that 80s tune that goes:

I'll give you anything! Anything! Annyyyything!!

Yeah, I know. Very little info. But he also tells her some things he would give her. Like diamonds.
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How long would you say it would take a small package (couple of DVDs) to travel from Southern California to Washington state? Just the lowest rate, no express or anything. This as opposed to SoCal to (concerned about customs) Alberta, Canada.


(no subject)

If your friend said she wanted to go out to lunch/dinner with a couple of friends for her birthday, but her friends had to pay, where would you want her to go so it wasnt too much but it was good food?

Would you be mad at the prospect of paying?

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My mother and I are having a debate, so I decided to take a poll here on LJ.

The question: Do you prefer no hair, medium hair, or lots of hair on a guy's chest?
My viewpoint on this was that since most movie actors, strippers, models, etc have no hair on their chest, then logically most women prefer no hair. Do you think this makes sense?
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(no subject)

I think I may have a minor problem (?), and was wondering if any of you might know anything about it.

There's one sound that I absolutely can't stand-- it actually has a physical effect on me.

Probably the best-known example would be in Star Wars III, when Collapse ) his fingernails scratch the surface, and it makes that noise.

It's also the noise that you'd hear when a sharp ring grates against the chalkboard the wrong way (That happens too often. =/), or when a fork/knife grates against china.

Whenever I hear that noise, my body goes into involuntary... I guess you could call them spasms, though they're not really that. I start gasping, and that leads to me trying to curl up. In the theater when I heard it, I started gasping and literally couldn't stop for at least 20 seconds (damn speakers)-- I had to hold myself to keep quiet.

The problem is, even thinking about the sound too often will make me start gasping again. If I start talking to someone about it, I'll start it, and they'll look at me as if I were nuts.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I find it weird that a sound could provoke such a weird reaction. It started with the fork/knife against china sound about a year and a half ago, but it's happening more often. Any similar experiences?
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1. Why is it that two people can look at the same person, and one person will think they're beautiful and the other will think they're hideously ugly?

2. What makes someone photogenic? Why can you look at yourself in the mirror before taking a photo and think you look cute, but you look awful in the photo?

3. Do people with a foot fetish get sexual pleasure from getting a pedicure? If people with foot fetishes are employed as pedicurists, would they get sexual pleasure from giving a pedicure? (I'm going in for a pedicure soon and I am not a foot fetishist, but I was wondering that.)


stock exchange?

I realize this may be far too huge a question to be answered here, but I'l give it a shot anyway.

I've been reading up on how stock markets work because I have no idea about them at all. It's crazy gibberish to me, and I thought I should figure it out. I've been reading lots of simple explanations this evening, and I've finally come to a good basic grasp of how it all happens.
But I can't find much info on the actual trading floor. It seems like the most important part of the process, but it hasn't been explained in any "How The Stock Market Works" articles I've read yet.

When they show the 'stock market' on CNN (which i guess is the NY exchange usually) who are all those people down there? What is on the monitors? And what do they do all day?
They're typically shown standing in small groups, screaming and waving papers. Who are they screaming at and why? And how does anything get traded if it's all just a bunch of yelling? How do they keep track of anything?

Alternately, Toronto's stock exchange seems to be done entirely by computer. There is no screaming people, really no people in there at all. Just a big display board and some desks with computers. You can walk right in.
How is that possible, such stark contrast to the american market? Do they work the same way?

Stocks man, what the hell.
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(no subject)

My son, fiance and I are going to a baseball game on sunday. It is supposed to be around 85+ degrees out, and we'll be in overhead sunlight. I need any tips I can get. I know to bring hats, and sun block(anyone know of the best kind?), and a diaper bag of course.

So I am packing a backpack as our diaper bag so it's easy to carry. I'll put diapers, formula, a change of clothes, sunblock, and what else??? Any thing else I should bring. . Should I bring a blanker to protect my son more from the sun or not??

He is a month 2+weeks old. Thanks!!


Yet another iPod question

I just got an iPod Mini, and I have stumbled through most of the things except Im stumped now. I transferred all my songs onto it but now when I go to Artists it lists some twice, or three times.

"Abandoned Pools
Abandoned Pools"

and I dont think any of the songs repeat but why do they split them up? it isnt like in mmjb where theres a capitol letter or apostrophe different, they're the exact same....can I fix this? how?

Two humbly submitted questions

I've been wondering for a while, and it may just be the "I'm a guy and need big toys to play with" part of me, but how does one learn how to drive/operate a skid steer and or other heavy (construction-type) equipment (think bulldozers and backhoes)? Are there schools, do you need a special type of license, etc

My other question is, I know there is first world countries and third world countries, but whatever happened to second world countries? Do they even exist? And if so, how would you describe them?

Something is odd about this Les Miz contest

So, a local TV station is holding a contest to win tickets to the musical Les Misérables.

How can it be that in the same page of rules about the same contest, they say you can enter via internet and postal mail, but that:

10 winners will be selected at random on or about June 6, 2005 from all valid internet entries received.

Does that mean they’re going to ignore all postal entries?

And if:

Entries must be submitted and received by 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) June 10, 2005

Then what happens between June 6 and 10? Those are the “null” entries?

I’ve actually won tickets through contests at this station before, so I figure it can’t be too fishy. But still...
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(no subject)

I'm looking for some punk and hardcore to listen to. I'm not a big snob about music, I just like what I like. Lately, I've been enjoying the Blood Brothers and Smoke or Fire. Anyone have any recommendations?