June 1st, 2005


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What lyrics have you misinterpreted when hearing them, but later made you laugh when you found out how horribly off you were?


N Sync - Bye Bye Bye
ACTUAL: "Just hit me with the truth, girl you're more than welcome to."
WHAT I HEARD: "Just hit me with the truth, girl your mother will come too."

Alicia Keys - Karma...
ACTUAL: "...Til 3 o'clock in the morn..."
WHAT I HEARD: "To be a cock in the morn.." lol..don't ask...

My friend's:

Kelly Clarkson - Miss Independent
ACTUAL: "She miscalculated.."
HIS: "She was calculated.."

We cracked up, cuz none of them really make sense :)
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1. What process do I go through to get an image from my computer printed onto a t-shirt? I am not looking for a company name that will do this for me, since I live on the other side of the world, and probably don't have that company here. I mostly wanted to do it myself.

2. Is there a mathematical method / equation for deciphering the probability of a flipped coin landing on a particular side? Is probablity only possible to guess at when there are more than two variables? I am horrific at maths (dropped it in senior year, ha ha), but this question came up in an English tutorial, and not surprisingly all the other English majors were as clueless as I was.
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Digital Design

Where could I download a program that would let me design a room or an entire house?

I'd like something similiar to The Sims. (I disliked the game, but I enjoyed making the houses.) The only problem is that I hated searching constantly for skins and stuff to download to make the houses what I wanted.

I would just make sketches, but I can't draw that well.
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A computer problem

Hello! michisis suggested I try asking this here. There must be techies lurking within. :)

I recently upgraded my computer from Windows XP Home to XP Professional, but now my sound is screwy. It kinda...stutters. My computer has just been slower over all, but the only reason it really bothers me is because of the sound. I usually have music playing constantly, but now every time I click to another window, open the Start menu, etc. etc. my sound goes haywire. Even the startup sound (which is still the default) doesn't play properly!

Most advice I've gotten so far (from shippo, no less) is to just reinstall XP Pro from scratch, but I've got an awful lot of files and no easy way to back them up, and if I could just find some way to keep the sound working then I would be just fine.

Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: Solved. :) Or at least, solved enough for me. Yay! Thanks to all.
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We have a stash of water bottles in my office. Unfortunately, it is upon the other purchasing agent or myself to put the bottles in the refrigerator. No one can seem to put a few in there at a time.

So, now, I have decided to put a note on the refrigerator saying something like: If you get a bottle of water out of the refrigerator, replace it with one from the carton.

I will like it to sound witty but nice. Any suggestions?

Faces of the Nation Online Database

I am interested in finding out more information about the Faces of the Nation Online Database. I am an avid Cold Case Files fan and the Faces of the Nation Database was mentioned on one a recent episode.
From what I understand, it is a database that tracks all kinds of records. On the show, they talked about how people could be tracked when they buy a pizza or pick up their dry cleaning. Any time you give your personal information to a retailer or business, it goes into this database.
Briefly, here's the deal. My niece and nephew have been missing for almost 2 months now. Their mother stole them. She does not have custody of them. She is likely using a fake id for a lot of things and can probably get under the radar most of the time but I am wondering if she might be in this database.
I need to know where I can find it online. Who can use it? How much does it cost?
Any information would be appreciated. I have tried google and keep coming up with bits of information about it and nothing more. I suspect that you have to be in Law Enforcement or a similar profession to get access. I don't know though. Maybe you would just need a membership.
If anyone knows anything about Faces of the Nation, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

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I am getting a new car this month....but it has to be a Chrysler or a Ford. Can anyone give me names of Chrysler and Ford cars? 2005-yes, I'm getting a brand new one. I either want a sporty type, cute car for a girly-girl, or a SUV, RAV-4 type looking thing....can anyone offer me some names? I don't need websites or pictures, I'll look those up, I just need names. Thank you!
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Okay, the new WB show, Beauty and the Geek.

What the crap?

Are you watching?

Me: No, I'm playing War of Emperium at that time. But I wouldn't anyway. I imagine lots of awkward conversatins between people who don't generally get a long and a lot of steryotyping.
Those geeks are too good for those girls.
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If someone unexpectedly cuts you from their friends list, do you take it personally? Do you want an answer, or does it not bother you at all?

Suppose several people cut you in a span of 2 weeks. Would that bother you? Would you think that it was something you wrote and that you're at fault and try and watch what you write, or that they're too sensitive or reactive and that they should learn to be more open and less judgmental to what they read?

What's the most friends who have unfriended you in a short period of time?

For me, it was like 14 in a month


For people with cats:

Do you find that they get more cuddly with age?

Mine used to not be very cuddly at all, especially the little bastard in my icon. Maybe the winter before last he started getting real cuddly when I sat on the couch, these days he is basically crying until I sit down so he can pass out on my lap. And lately in bed he's always gotta sleep on my chest, back, side, or the same with my girlfriend.

He's only 4 or 5 and I'm wondering if in another few years if I'm even going to be able to leave the house :)
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Yesterday we ordered some Chinese food. For some reason, by the time we got it, we weren't hungry at all. So now it's sitting in the fridge, eagerly awaiting to be eaten. Here's the problem: I have no idea how to heat up rice. I don't have a microwave. One time I tried heating it up on a frying pan in some lemon juice, but it just ended up stiff and chewy. Is there any way to make it... um... ricy again?
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Pointless, but I'm just wondering: What are your thoughts on people who only use their livejournal for communities? They have no lj friends and no entries, but just like to post every now and then in certain communities. If they're not saying anything outrageously obvious would you think they were a troll or be somewhat suspicious of them? Or just think it's weird?

I only use my livejournal for communities. I've tried the entries/lj friends thing with another journal and it just didn't work out for me. It became more of a chore to update, read/comment on the bazillion strangers' posts on my friends list, etc. The people I know offline don't use lj. I tried to introduce one of my friends to it but he signed up and then did nothing with it. :P

Also, anyone else do this or felt the chore thing? I enjoyed it at first but at this point I just don't feel like trying it again. I know I could try again with just adding people who really interest me and don't mind being added but I just don't feel like updating a journal right now. Don't know why, because other than that I normally like writing.
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80's Toys. What toys do you collect from the 80's? If you weren't an 80's kid what toys do you collect?

What's a weird thing you collect?

Also can someone identify this My Little Pony for me? The year marked on the foot is 1982 but I have no idea what the name is or how I can identify it. ANSWERED!

Collapse )
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Does anyone know what I would have to do if I wanted to become a teacher in Canada, and already had a degree in secondary education from a college in the U.S. and a Michigan teaching certificate? Thanks.

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I want to get a tattoo.
I have no idea how I got talked into it. My friends and I were coming home from a show last night and we made a pact that the three of us are getting a tattoo. Not the same and in the same place or anything, just that we will go together. Mind you these are the loves of my life and we have been best friends for 8 years, so this is exciting for us, as lame as this may sound to some of you.

Can someone please recommend some ideas for me? It's going on my hip sorta, in the area.
No flowers, moons or stars. Pictures welcome.


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1. Which is funnier: Self-depreciating humor (at the very basic form, saying you suck at something when you don't), or falsely egotistical humor (and at it's very basic form, saying you are awesome at something when you aren't)?

I'd have to say falsely egotistical humor owns all. I had never worked out a single day in my life. It gives my friends a kick when I talk about my "guns" and my "six pack".

2. You can be stuffed and overstuffed, but can you be understuffed?
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I know this is a extremely vague question, and varies from one situation to another, but does anyone know what the average salary of a fairly successful paintor (as in people are actually buying their portraits) is? I need to know for a school project. You'd think they'd lay up on the projects since school's almost done, but no...
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Has anyone here ever used the SkypeOut service to call to regular phones internationally (specifically, I'm wanting to make calls from the Netherlands to USA and Canada, both normal and cell phones)? Is the service reliable, have you ever had trouble with reaching anyone? What about lag? Payment and/or credit mess-ups, etc?

I've been looking at it for months, trying to decide whether or not to give it a try, thought I'd ask around here.


Health Question

My mom is in the hospital right now with an irregular heart rate and breathing pains. When she breathes it hurts in her chest, she says. The doctors took x-rays and everything seems in place--they are just going to run some heart tests (of which include a sonogram and treadmill test, supposedly) to find out what is causing the irregular heart rate.

I am going for a long shot here, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this condition--is it serious, something that will pass, can be treated with medication? She is in her mid-50's and is otherwise in excellent health. I also went to see her and just got off the phone with her and beside the breathing pain she sounds and acts great. I know you can't disgnose her with anything, but I was hoping that perhaps someone had some insight about it.

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Do any of you have past issues of TEEN PEOPLE?
I'm looking for the one with ASHLEE SIMPSON on the cover cuz in that issue there was a perfume fold page that I was inlove with...The fragrance was purplish/lavendar (not paris hiltons) but it was in that issue.... Can someone grab it and read me the names of the perfumes on the perfume fold pages???

IT was this issue:
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1) Okay. In advance. --> I'm sorry. SORRY. Because this is a STUPID QUESTION because it has been asked MANY times before but since it was never pertinent to my situation I've never paid attention to the replies before.

What's the link to the tool that can change all my journal entries to FO or private at once? *blush* I can't find it. I've tried lj_nifty and googling for "lj tools" and I've went back a few months here but I dun see it.

2) Oh and for another question, I've been reading Hellsing manga comic books. And I'm a little confused. There's these odd symbols and hashmarks all over the book and I can't figure out what they mean, different on every page. Are the symbols Japanese words that couldn't be changed? Do they symbolize sounds, or a certain movement or anything? Are they something manga-specific that I don't know about?

(You'd probably have to have read the comic to know what I'm talking about because I'm aware that's not a good description)...

EDIT: aha here's some links of said "symbols", in the bottom frame
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1. When was the last time you played Scrabble?

2. Would you ever decline to use a possibly awkward word in Scrabble based on the group you're playing with? For example, not wanting to use "fat" if you're with someone insecure about her weight, or "penis" in a game with a religious aunt? Or would you not let it stop you? Have you ever been in ths situation?

3. What was the largest word score you can remember getting? What was the word and the approximate point system?

4. What was the longest lasting debate you've gotten in regarding whether something was a word or not? What was the "word" and to what extent did it go?