May 31st, 2005

Peeing questions... and a Wonderwall question and another gross question

The first two are for guys...

1) If you have a boner or are remotely erect, when you try to pee, does it not cooperate with you?

2) Have you ever peed in two directions at the same time?

3) For Wonderwall, do you like the Oasis version or the OC version by Ryan Adams?

4) Do you have a funny defecation story? I had a lot of those tonight and they're really funny.
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Is anyone around?

I need some advice. I have finals tomorrow. Luckily they are worthless finals (Pre-Cal easy, Psychology we're watching a movie, and History I get to use a notecard with every single question on it) but I am still up and it is 5 in the morning. I have decided to watch Team America and am now halfway through it for my first time, it is quite humorous. I cannot decide, should I finish watching Team America & just stay awake for the rest of the day until finals are over at 12 OR should I go to sleep now for like 90 minutes of sleep before I go to take 2 finals and watch a movie (where I will sleep)?
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Leg Pain?

Hello all! Let me start off by saying, unless you state you're a medical professional of some sort, don't worry - I won't hold your advice as the gospel!

Here's the deal:

I've been on some fom of BC since I was 17. I am now 26, so that's roughly nine years - most of which were spent on the pill, although there was about 2 years where I got Depo. I am currently on OTC Lo and don't really have any complaints about it.

Last night I noticed my calf muscle in my left leg only is sore. It seems almost like a bruise, except I don't have any signs of one forming (and one isn't currently there) nor have I hit it in any way that would cause one. At first I thought it was just sore from waitressing all weekend, but it's not going away and, as I said, it's only in the one leg.

Since there isn't any outward apperance of trauma to the area, I was wondering if it could possibly be from my BC pills? I know they ask you about leg cramps because of the potential of blood clots, so this has me slightly worried. Since my BC helps with my PCOS and I have bad reactions with any condom material, I would like to stay on the pills, but obviously if it's going to cause something like blood clots, I wouldn't want to continue to take it.

Any ideas?

PS - It doesn't feel like a charlie horse, which is what I get when I haven't eaten enough potassium, so I don't think that's it. Also, I have an appointment with my dr on Friday for pill refills, so I can ask her then; I would rather have some ideas now and WebMD + 'leg pain' seach = fruitless TOO FRUITFUL, lol. TIA!

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old book

This is a long-shot, but here goes:

When i was very young (in the late 80s) i owned a strange book. I think i got it a yard-sale or church book-barn, or something (it was not a religious book at all though). It was a book about puzzles, mind-tricks and strange visuals (find the drawing inside the drawing). For example, there were many of these types of puzzles: Think of a number, any number between X and XXX. Then add 21, divide by 2, multiply by 100 and take off the last 3 digits. Your number will be: X. Or Something like that, but slightly more complicated. There were also drawings which when turned at different angles became something else (standard optical illusion stuff).

I can't for the life of me, even begin to think of the name of this book (i was very young). Do you guys know of anything like this? It was probably published in the 70s, aimed at young children or young adults, with a psychedelic tinge. The art in this book was strange too.


Another question

Do cigarettes wake you up or put you to sleep? I know they are stimulants but caffeine makes you tired and it's a stimulant. Would it be a good idea to smoke one now if I'm not having any sleep & I won't be getting any? (Yes I know you'll probably say "smoking is never a good idea" but I'm going to smoke and there's nothing you can do to dissuade me, I will have to realize on my own that it's a bad habit, so just help me out with smoking now or not.)


What all should I try to do to keep myself awake until 9:30 (which is 4 hours away)? I need to get throguh a test for 90 minutes of that next 4 hours & then I get to take a nap in psychology.


I just noticed the thing that I stayed up for hasn't beenc ompletely finished yet, I need a notecard to glue it on to for my test, and I noticed I don't ahve any and I have very little money. So how much would you guess a pack of notecards costs? I have $4.15, yeah it's sad I know. That should be enough, right?
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Hey guys, show me your razors

I am wanting to buy an electric razor for my guy. I have been checking out reviews online, but wanted to check here as well. Let me know of any electric razors you have used that you would deem wonderful. I want to buy him a really good one. If you haven't found "the one" yet, then let me know if you have any that I should steer clear of. Thanks!
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(no subject)

About how long does it take to traverse the continent of Australia? As in, west to east and north to south, by car and/or by plane. If you have mileage / square mileage stats for this, that would be great as well.

(no subject)

I have a sprint phone, Samsung A660. Ive had it for awhile but I just got a rather long txt last night and I cant figure out how to scroll down to read the rest of it. anyone know.

also, I had a pimple like thing on the inside of my nostril the other day, its gone now, healing or whatever but now basically my whole right nostril hurts...why? normal, do I have a tumor? etc etc

(no subject)

I know this depends on the person and situations but generally when someone asks if we're "seeing each other" what do they mean? Is "seeing each other" generally used to describe non-exclusive dating, exclusive dating, or something I'm entirely skipping over?

Yes, I also know I should clarify with the person and I will. I'd just like some insight.
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Post-workout questions

1. I just started taking kickboxing, I started today at 8:30 till 10 to be exact. For the ENTIRE DAY (7 hrs, lol) my limbs have been feeling soooooooooo heavy. But not sore, or tired. Why is that?

2. I usually don't eat that munch. I graze here and there and probably only eat about 2.5 pounds of food total. I'm simply almost never hungry is all. But today.. wow, I am eating like there is no tomorrow. Any explantion?
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Mailing a kayak

How can I mail/ship a kayak? I'm making my father-in-law one for Christmas (it's a kit) and I live in central Indiana and we will be flying up to meet him in northern Wisconsin. The thing will be about 12'long x 2' tall x 3' wide and weigh about 30lbs.

Can I even send something that big? And would it be really expensive? Ideally we'd mail it to my parent's house, and then we'd transport it in the mailing box on top of a car the rest of the way. Or, if I finish it in time, we'd just mail it to his grandfather's house where we will be meeting. I tried the USPS site and I think it's too big to go through the post office, and UPS didn't seem to have any info on rates based on package size.

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Pizza eaters: Do you "blot" your slice with a napkin before you eat it?

If so, do you do it to cut down on calories? 'Cause you think all that oil is icky? Or for some other reason?

What state are you from? (I ask 'cause I wonder if blotting is a regional thing.)

(no subject)

I just got a credit card, with a very tiny limit because I have a horrible fear of going into debt. anyway, I dont have a checking account yet and Im not really sure if I want to get one as of yet. so basically I cant write the credit card company a check every month so how shall I pay them? Should I just get a Money Order every month? or am I missing something obvious that I should, but dont know?

Also, my graduation is in a week. and since I have been done with school since January and Ive been planning a move etc etc. I havent paid much attention to graduation. I just realizes today,,I have no clue what to wear, Id be perfectly fine attending in jeans and sandals, but Im assuming that wouldnt fly. My schools tiny less than 40 graduates, so it isnt some massive formal occasion but past ceremonies have always been dressy casual...suggestions on what I should wear, especially shoe wise.

Adding scent to lotion

I love the Nivea body shaping lotion. I don't know that it actually does what they claim, but it makes my skin softer than any other lotion I've tried. The only problem is that it's unscented.

Does anyone know if adding a scent oil like lavender or something would ruin it's properties?

I know they add scents to lotions and such at places like BodyWorks but I don't know about regular lotions.


(no subject)

One of the places I used to work at no longer exists in my city. The job I did there (tech support) is something I'd still like to do, but what do I do if the employer wants to contact them? Do I put that it's gone on the resume? Am I making any sense?