May 30th, 2005

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inspired by the older sexy man post, this is about the sexy women out there. who do you think are the sexiest women out there? (either dead or alive)

I think the sexiest women are:
-Marilyn Monroe
-Drew Barrymore
-Kate Winslet
-Scarlett Johansen
-Kirsten Dunst
-Kirstie Alley
-Camryn Manheim

Have fun :)

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Who is, in your opinon, the best-looking older man actor? For instance, I say Richard Gere. My other friend says Mel Gibson. Someone else I know says Dustin Hoffman. This is not a commentary on their acting abiity, I might add.


What's the life span of a TV? In other words, how often do you have to get a new TV?

My living room TV has shitty color. There's a huge circle on it and it varies in color from the outside toward the inside. I think we've had it since '98 or '99. Is that a decent amount of time to replace a TV?

What size is your TV in the living room or family room? Do you find 27" to be sufficient or do you prefer bigger? How about in your bedroom?

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How should I ask my mother to stop sending me clothes that we both know I'll never wear?
She keeps sending me clothes from QVC that are really far off from what I wear. I'm 22 years old, live in a hot climate, am a musician and I run a venue. I don't really have a suburban housewife sense of style. I don't really need sweaters when I live in a place that only has the two seasons of spring and summer. Matching pastel pants and vests aren't ideal wear when playing a show in a hot sweaty club. I know she means well and I do appreciate her thoughts, but I have never worn anything she's sent me. I feel like she's wasting her money, which she does have it to waste, I would just like to see it put to better uses.
I don't want to hurt her feelings. I just want to find the best way to tell her to stop.
alk trio <3

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Does anyone else have problems when trying to go to an ABC website (www.ABC.COM, WWW.ABCNEWS.COM, WWW.ABC.GO.COM, etc) besides me? Regardless of which browser I'm using and if I have a firewall up or not, 99% of the time these pages will not load. Anyone else?
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I have a friend D that I have known for years. She has great kids, a teenager and a nearly teen. D is just a couple years older than me, and we have been friends for a long time.

There is another person J that I used to be friends with, but we let something stupid get between us. We are civil, and I still get along fine with the rest of her family, even her kids... two in particular I want to mention: C 19, A 20.

D met C and A the same time I did, nearly 7 years ago, when they were practically little kids.

I am trying not to get involved with this, because it isn't any of my business, but it is causing a lot of turmoil among the rest of our friends:

D is having a sexual relationship with both C and A, and J knows, although she does not approve.

My kids are just a year and two years younger and I could not accept this.

Should I say anything?

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1. When you look at the clock and it says 9:11, do you think about the Sept. 11th tragedy?

2. When you're at a bar without your BF/GF, and someone hits on you/flirts/tries to pick you up etc., how do you react?

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A quick question to all cashiers. How do you feel about a person who hands you their credit card to swipe, even when the card thing is right next to him/her?

The reason I ask is because my dad does that, and his reasoning is because the automated systems are merely to put people out of work.

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I know this was just asked a while ago, but I can't find the entry and apparently I'm not skilled enough with google to find it. What is the website that gives you a map of band recommendaions given from one that you name? I'm looking for more music to listen to. :)

Random question...

Anyone remember an animated show called God, The Devil, and Bob? Or something like that.

And do you know if it had anything more than a pilot?

I was just curious, I have no clue why I thought of it.
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Spanish to English

Can someone recommend a good website where I can find a list of common and useful English words, phrases, etc. with a pronunciation guide (preferably a pronunciation guide for someone who speaks Spanish to make it easier to pronounce English words)? My mom wants me to help her learn English, but I don’t have the slightest clue how to make it easier for her to pronounce anything!
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I've been playing the guitar for a while now. I can play a lot of songs, can basically work them out by listening and I can sing said songs, but not both a the same time, yet. I'm working on it.

My problem is, even looking at a song I KNOW how to play, I can not tell how to read a 'tab'. I can play it, or I can finger pick it, but I DO NOT get how what I'm doing with my hands translates into the pretty numbers and chords on the paper.

How do you know how you're supposed to be strumming each chord, when looking at a tab (down, up, picking only certain strings)? What's the strum pattern and how long do you hold each chord before going on to the next? Speed?

I know some have what looks like a fret board with numbers and others just have lyrics with the chords above the words, but I'm effin' confused as to how people get "oh, that means I do THIS on my guitar..." out of it.

Any help?
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abby genius


Why hasn't my headache gone away, despite taking Extra Strength Advil twice today, when Advil usually helps me a lot, and fast?

Are Duracell or Energizer batteries available in England?

When you have a drink that says "Shake well", how many times/how long do you shake it before pouring yourself a glass?
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Besides Neopets and MSN Zone, what are some websites where you can play games and have a profile with your high scores? Preferably free, of course.
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for the animal people

We rescued a litter of 4 week old kittens about a week ago and took them to the vet for eye infections. They're all healthy, big for their age, and are ready to start eating solid food. Some of them had been nibbling on it, but there's one who shows no interest at all in it.

We had them on kitten milk replacement and had dry food available to them, but now we're trying to get them to eat canned food along with kitten chow. Three of them love it (and eat like pigs), but one of them -- the runt -- doesn't want anything to do with this 'eating from a dish' thing. He wants to be hand fed, and if you feed him from a bottle, a syringe, or with wet food from your hand, he'll eat it, but he won't eat it from a plate. So three of them eat from a dish, but little Pinky has to be fed by hand or he won't eat at all.

Does anybody have any guesses as to why he won't eat from a dish like his siblings? Is it something he doesn't understand that we need to somehow communicate to him or is he just not ready for solid food since he's the runt and refusing to eat from a dish is his way of telling us? Any suggestions at all?
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Does any of you know a major artist of the 90's? I cant seem to think of any for my project. I need to make an issue of World Magizine from the 90's and I need to write an article about an artist from the 90's.
Its not like I'm asking you to do the homework for me, so dont get angry for my asking. I've been looking through google for the past 20 mins and still cant find a single thing.
:EDIT: Thank you! I've got all the answers I needed. I ended up using Matthew Barney for my project.

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So, I was was walking home from work today. and thinking about death. I don't know why. but this quote came to mind, and I know it's from a movie, but I can't place it.
It's something like:
"No-one on their deathbed ever looks back on life and says, 'I wish I had made love less'."

IMDB has not been helpful.

Lyrics that have been bugging me all week

There are a set of lyrics from a song that I absolutely love... just one word is driving me crazy.

The song is "Annie and the Aztec Cross" by Michael McDermott - about a friend of his who died (I think I remember him saying in concert that it was of AIDS, but I don't remember for sure).

The lyrics:
She traveled south in central America
I got a letter every month for a year
Until one day I opened the package
And with a letter realized my deepest fear
I don't know if she was shootin'
She just said "My days are few
And enclosed is my beautiful Aztec cross
I only want it to be with you."

What does he mean by shootin? Shooting the breeze? Heroin? A gun? Is this some slang I don't know about?
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What exactly does Emerson Electric do?

(their website wasn't very useful and I"m just looking for some background info., current events/news, etc. on them. Any help is greatly appreciated!)

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ok, i'll be packpacking in europe for 6 weeks this summer. in my house, i'm the one who makes sure my dad eats right, cause if i don't make him dinner or any of the sort, he'd just have chips and cheese sandwhiches loaded with mayo every night.
are there any vegetarian food dishes you could suggest me to cook, that could stay frozen/refridgerated for a couple of weeks? [recipe's not needed but helpful, i can just look them up, though.]
[please, and] thank you!

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What should I use to clean my Vans slip-ons? They're canvas. Can I just throw them in the washing machine with some towels or should I clean them by hand?

I wore them to a show last night and I shouldn't have. They're filthy.
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wedding ish question

ok so we already had a bridal shower for my cousin right. at the country club. my mom and i got her 80.00 dollars in gifts. ok so now our great aunt wants to throw a little party at her house. a
"personal shower" just for the bridal party and moms i guess. people are bringing food dishes. question is DO WE BRING ANOTHER GIFT??? id guess no, because what if my mom wanted to do one and my grandma and my aunt etc. what do you think???


Is there a free and risk free (no one is gonna track you down and get you in trouble) music downloading program?
Home for the summer and have no music to listen to. going nuts. What do you use to get music?
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1. Have you (or someone you know) tried microdermabrasion? If so, did you like the results? How much did it cost? Do you think those DIY microdermabrasion kits could compare to a doctor's results?

2. I vaguely remember seeing a lip ring like this for sale on some random website but can't find it now. It doesn't use a captive bead or screw-on bead, like most do, I think it opens with a little hinge on the flat part. Has anyone else seen something like this? Where?
Image hosted by

3. What are some good, fast-paced 'punk' songs (stuff like The Offspring, old-school Green Day, early Blink 182, etc..)?

4. What the hell should I major in? I've changed my major 7 times, so clearly I shouldn't be trusted with things like this. I took this career guidance test thing at school and the results were fairly reasonable. I would enjoy all of these and none really stand out as a favorite. So... pick one: English, Journalism, Computer Geekery, Mass Communications, Art, Digital Art and Graphics, Photography.

5. Where did I leave my Barnes & Noble giftcard? Last time I saw it, about a week ago, I was looking through their website. The next day, gone. No one took it and I don't think I threw it away. It's either in my room or the living room. Plz advise.

6. Seen any really good LJ layouts lately? (Not in the market, just curious.)

7. What are some of your earliest memories?