May 29th, 2005

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Do you hope for (or have) a relationship in which you feel you can talk to you SO about absolutely anything?

Do you think it's realistic to expect to be able to talk to your SO about absolutely anything?
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1. Is there anywhere you could...sell or trade in a computer? Links would be helpful if you know of any!
2. What's the cheapest place for computer components (external hard drives specifically)
3. How about buying a used computer?
4. Does stress make your hair fall out?

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i have some digital pictures that need to be printed.
and i need to get the best possible resolution.

should i print them out or get them onto a disk and turn it in to the photo people at the drugstore?

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I just bought Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (finally) and am running it on a PS2 which is a few years old. It's freezing constantly, I rarely get to play for ten minutes at a time. Is there anything at all I can do about this, or will I just have to buy a new PS2?
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To totally go in a different direction from my usual questions...

My friend had a car with a front left broken strut and a front right broken shock, or something. He decided not to slow for a speed bump and broke his A frame. What is an A frame as opposed to just the frame of a car? Google was not terribly helpful, since the phrase "a frame" is quite common. :)


Has anyone else seen or heard of Greenzap? My friend's brother sent me an invitation but I'm not sure if it seems reliable/useful or not. It says it starts summer 05 so I guess that's soon. This seems like a great alternative to Paypal, which I have never used for fear of fraud or other weird stuff that I hear happens with that.

What are your thoughts?
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Makeup and international events

1. What's the best way to clean:
(a) my foundation sponges;
(b) my powder brush;
(c) the little powder pad that comes in the compact;
(d) eye shadow applicators;
(e) my eyelash comb - one side plastic, one side comb

2. Does anyone know about anything international going on in the Greater Sacramento/Bay Area region? I have to do something international (could be a play, museum, documentary/movie, festival etc.) and write a short review on it for a school project. This needs to be something preferably today, and possibly tomorrow. I live in Sacramento.

3. Can anyone else here crack their nose? :D

4. What happens at the end of Fatal Attraction? I'm a total wimp and turned it off.
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AVI Clip?

So I have an episode of a show on AVI, and I've got one episode on DVD.

How do I save *clips* from the episode as AVI (or if necessary mpeg or mov) files and not have the clips be over a gig each like they are if I do it with vDub?

[edit] sorry, to clarify, I mean that they're like a gig each if I try it in vdub, so either how do I make that not happen, or what other program can I use?
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I went out on a family outing with some cousins yesterday and since I carry a backpack-type purse, I was carrying stuff for some of my cousins. One of the 6 year olds had me put his Tech Deck skateboarder in my purse. Then my 15-year old cousin asked if I could put his digital camera in my purse. After the outing, it dawned on me that the Tech Deck toy had magnets on the boarder's feet. Is there a possibility that my other cousin's camera will be ruined since it was in the same purse pouch as the magnetic skateboarder toy?
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i posted here last night about burning some digital pictures.

i got a dvr 8x 4.7 120 min and it won't seem to burn the necesary pictures.

at first, i was going to download more but then i figured why not and put some other files on there.

i've gone through three cds trying to burn images.

im using cd creator.



Which do you prefer:

Make a budget and (hopefully) stick to it?


Randomly spend and save money (how much you want, when you want, etc)?

Which works best for you? Why?

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What are the possible effects of losing weight on a tattoo? I know if someone gains weight or if a women is pregnant the tattoo can eventually become distorted. Do you think the same would happen if someone lost a significant amount of weight?

I'm thinking of getting one. Have been for a long time actually. I'm fat, but have been and will continue to lose weight. 63lbs so far, but I have 83 more to go until I'm at my "goal". I was thinking of waiting until then to get the tattoo because I want to get it on my forearm. My forearm is err, "chubby" so I'm worried that if I get it now and lose the weight it'll distort somehow. What do you guys think?

To all you computer people

Okay I have my email accounts set to come in to Outlook Express. Yes it's compatible with it. I can receive messages. But when I try to send I get this error:

The connection to the server has failed. Account: 'ureach Mail', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E

I've checked everything on uReach's help, and I can't find anything. What could be the problem?
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this might be a stupid question, but what is the specific name for the type of lawyer who works for large corporations and mainly travels around the country to help set up franchises? is that still considered corporate law?
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first post! :D

My dog is healthy and otherwise wouldn't need to go to the vet, which is good because I don't have a lot of moolah floating around at the moment (read here : barely enough for bills). However, my doggy is in need of some essential stuff; namely Heartguard and Frontline. Since I have only ever gotten those things at routine vet visits, I don't know how it works when you don't need to actually see the vet.

* Can I go in and just buy some?

* Also, we've not needed a vet since moving here so I don't have an established vet for my dog in the area - will they need to see him to 'prescribe' him some?

* I've looked online, and found them both at decent prices (before shipping) - any thoughts on ordering online and paying S&H vs getting it here in town somewhere?

Help? TIA!
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Where is the song Destiny by Zero 7 from? I just can't place it!!!

When people attatch a hose from the exhaust of a car through the window to commit suicide, is it like falling asleep, or do you choke in pain to death? And how long does it take?
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Engaged to be engaged to be engaged.....

1. What do you think about couples who say they are engaged but are not actually making wedding plans, or say they are engaged to be married in eight years? Or even engaged to be engaged?

I always thought it was silly to say you're engaged when you're not even planning the wedding... or if you're not getting married for another eight years, why are you even engaged right now?

The one that kills me is "we're going to get engaged in April of next year." Setting a date to get ENGAGED? To me that's even more ridiculous than just getting engaged without planning a wedding.

I'm probably just kind of judgemental though, so what are your opinions?

2. Unrelatedly, what do you think of Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima? Do you think she's as breathtakingly gorgeous as everyone else seems to think?

3. I ate nine Double Stuf Oreos followed by two hot-links. I'm so ashamed of myself. What was your splurge of the day?

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I dont have the game, nor do I even like it, but does anyone know if theres a way for me to see whose playing in a team fortress uh, network..connection thing, without buying the game and all that? I just want to see who is in the rooms or maps. thats the word.

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Okay, so as per most people's advice (and becuase it was cheapest), I picked up Silent hill 2. Am much enjoying it. Will enjoy it more since I read the manual and when I go back to playing it I'll fix the steering to something I'm more used to, and since while I was waiting for my boyfriend to tell me something I rearranged some button configurations so I'll stop hitting map when I want to run.

1. What are some button configurations you've dealt with that made no sense whatsoever? (the button that looks like an arrow should mean faster. the one that looks like a square should mean map.)

2. any advice for the seasick feeling? I can make a little of it go away with water and walking around a bit, but I still have a headache and even stupid things like animated icons (thus not using my signature blue-haired guy) are making it worse.
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Who is this?

In the new AOL Online ad, who is the blonde gal who brings the apple crumb cake?

I know I've seen her before... maybe on my old soap, All My Children, or somewhere else... but I can't place her - help?!?!

Marriage, undies, food, pigs & ambitions

1. If you are married: how soon after meeting your SO did you get married? If you're not married: how soon after meeting would you consider marrying someone?

2. For the girls: do your panties & bra always match? For the guys: do you care if they do?

3. Is there any food you refuse to eat, but have never even tasted it?

4. Did you know that pigs cannot look up to the sky?

5. What are your ambitions / goals in life?
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What would you do?

Reading other blogs = questions.

What would you do if...?

1. You go to a restauraunt with a pool table, hockey table, jukebox in a small area. You want to either play hockey or pool or select a song on the juke box. Also, there's two five year olds running loose in the area, pushing buttons on the machines or touching the games. And you don't know who or where their parents are.

If you want to play a song on the jukebox, but the kids won't quit turning the pages in the machine and pushing buttons, do you walk away, or take some action?

If you wind up playing pool or hockey and the kids steal a ball or the puck and run off with it, you catch them and ask if they would return it. The kids seem unresponsive and continue to run amok with the ball/puck. What do you do?

2. If you're a kid (or a teen), do you think it's important to have every new gadget under the sun? (ipods, DVD players, wireless phones with cameras, etc...)

3. For grown-ups: Did you want to have fad items when you were a kid? Did you ever get what you wanted? How do you feel about it now (whether or not you got what you desired)?
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Lyme disease? I'm gonna die.

Last Sunday I went out to play with some friends - we went to a park with a nice creek and I didn't really go in the woods much, I mostly just sat on a rock. That night I found a deer tick on my stomach and the next morning I noticed one on my arm. We got them off with no problem, and I know that you run virtually no risk of contracting Lyme disease if the tick is off you in less than 24 hours, which they both were.

I was fine all week, except both of those ticks left reddish hard-ish itchy bumps - basically just like any bug bite but smaller. But then on Friday as I was changing and getting ready to shower, I found 4 ticks. I got them all off before I showered. Later that day, I found another. Got it off. That night I made sure to pick up any dirty clothes I had left lying around my floor and I changed my sheets (which prompted my bedclothes question that night). On Saturday I found 2 more. And today, there were another 2. I KNOW that these 9 I've found since Friday were not there after I played outside last weekend. The first one I found today was in a place I had probably overlooked before (the back of my knee) and was significantly larger than any of the others so it had been there for a much longer time. All 11 of these bites are now small hard red bumps. The two from last weekend are sort of scabby and itch a lot more than the rest.

So I've got a couple of questions. How do you tell if you're developing Lyme disease? My mother is a nurse but she says she doesn't know too much about it. Also, where on earth do you think these ticks could be coming from?

My dad forbid me from playing with my bunny for a few days just in case she's the cause, but I don't think she is. She's white, so I think we should be able to see if she's got that many ticks? Bleh. This is really pretty gross.
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How badly does crying dehydrate you?
Does anyone else find that after they have cried, even only a fear tears, you head hurts, your eyes are really dry and sore and your throat feels like sandpaper?

Why is this?