May 28th, 2005

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What song(s) always makes you cry, or make you feel real emotion?

There are a lot for me, but for some reason, that damn Graduation Song by Vitamin C gets to me cause im graduating next year and all the sadness and what not.

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what are songs about driving, or that are good to drive to?

a friend of mine got his license today, and i want to make him a mix of songs to drive to. im drawing a blank. i think "drive" by incubus and "vehicle" by the ides of march are dead giveaways. i also have "bohemian rhapsody" by queen (that seems to just be a great song to drive to) and "big pimpin" by jay-z (because he has a fabulous car).

any suggestions will be helpful.
thank you in advance.
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"It hasn't sunk in"

You know how people will often say something like, "I just don't think it's sunk in yet," when referring to a major life change?

Is there an actual psychological condition where the brain isn't able to process something so important and out of the ordinary?

It'd be interesting to know. I think it usually starts to "sink in" when you, like, wake up in the morning and all of a sudden AREN'T turning on the same road to go to the same job you've had for 10 years or something. Almost as if simply imagining a different routine doesn't give your brain the right information to comprehend it. The brain maybe has to actually see and experience the change directly.

I wonder if it's similar to the way amputees can still "feel" their arms and legs.
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What do your bedclothes look like?

Until about 10 minutes ago I had Mickey&Minnie sheets but now I have 101 Dalmations sheets. I am awesome.
Also I have a gray fleece blanket - one corner reads "John and Wanda, 1999" - we got it for my parents for their 20th anniversary but I was cold so I took it. And a huge green and cream-colored Fairfax County throw - pictures of all the historical buildings and stuff in my county. One pillowcase is light blue, and the other is... black, with green leaves and a toucan on it.

...well I'm pretty much only in my room when I'm sleeping. And when I'm sleeping, it's dark. So if I can't see how it looks when I'm using it, then I really don't care how it looks ever. =D
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business venture - clueless

How does one start a small business selling something for example hand made jewelry? Do you have to get permission from somewhere to be able to actually sell it, even if it's not going to be a really big thing?
How do you get started actually selling your stuff, like where do you go and who do you ask to sell your stuff?

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I think the one thing that will always piss me off the most is computers. If it's not one thing, its another with them. Well, this time it's dvd authoring software. Everytime I try to make a dvd the stupid programs keep locking up (specifically Showbiz versions 1 and 2). Started to think it was my memory, but now the test on the memory is going and looks like there's nothing wrong with my memory. Ugh! So frustrating. If it was my own computer I would just completely reformat the hard drive but I'm still sharing the desktop with dad for now (until my new is done).

So, any of you computer geeks out there know what's going on? I'm running WinXP, has a gig of memory (that apparently is still good), new dvd burner (8x), and it's a 2.6 with 120GB hard drive with 14 gigs free. The video files I'm trying to get Showbiz to burn is .avi, though I doubt that really matters. I sent a letter to Showbiz tech support, but apparently they take 2 days to respond.

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1st car

1. P plates - what does the P stand for?

2. How many scratches did you get on your first car in the first week you drove it?

3. Was your first car in considerably worse shape than when you bought it when you got your second one?
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Pack Rat.

This always happens when I go to clean my room after not having done it in a while. I find a lot of little plastic things that I've kept for some dumb liking what color or shape it is. And I never want to just throw them away.

So I have these Collapse )

What should I do with them?
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Corset cleaning

I have a jacquard weave satin corset that I wore to a renaissance festival a few months ago and I sweated quite a bit in the Florida sun and I'd like to clean it. Any suggestions? I know I'd have to handwash it, but would regular detergent be okay?
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What is your favorite tv commercial? I dont really have one in mind right now, but I seriously hate a lot of the commercials that my local channels play. They are mostly local furniture store chain commericals that are super annoying and on all the time. Do you have raymour and flanigan commercials and know what I'm talking about?

How To Set Up Backgammon Board?

Total Newbie Question about how to set up a backgammon board. Help would be appreciated.

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My question is: which of these setups is the most "standard"? I started out learning to play the game with Championship Backgammon and then found out about Jellyfish. But Jellyfish starts out with a different setup, and the default looks like the picture in Position 2 and in order to get it the way I played in Championship Backgammon I had to check "play clockwise". Which is standard: Counterclockwise, or Clockwise? Are both setups "correct"?

[Doh: I just realized my question is probably really stupid since it would depend on which side of the board you were sitting on. Gahhh, I haven't played with an actual Backgammon partner, only computer backgammon.]
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Stepping into the 21st Century

How do I convince my parents that it is in their best interest to upgrade their Internet from dial-up to a faster service, which is twice the speed of dial-up?

The story: My parents live in a small town. High speed Internet is not available there, but a non-high speed faster service is. They don't use the Internet that much, but they still do, and I use it voraciously whenever I'm visiting (like now), and being as I'm used to high speed, dial-up is painfully slow.

Now, the dial-up they're using costs $22.95 a month. The faster service costs $19.95 a month, is faster, does not require the same length of time to "dial-up" (my boyfriend has it, despite living in a city, so I've seen how it works). Still, despite being told that they'd save money, they refuse to do it. I looked at more expensive fast services, offered to pay the difference despite not even being there to use it that often, and they refused that as well.

So what do I do to convince them that they should upgrade, since it's better and cheaper?
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Do you feel that women being pregnant is a handicap/disability?

Do you think they deserve to have special parking spaces or bathroom stalls?

Why or why not?

Edited to add my answers:

-nope. I don't. Pregnant women, for the most part, chose to get pregnant. There are ways to prevent it and ways to get rid of it if you're unhappy. If you're too sick to walk from a regular spot, you really should be thinking of the health of your child and get back into bed.

As for bathroom stalls, meh. As long as I can use it when pregnant ladies aren't around, I don't care. Besides, who's to say I'm not pregnant - and just not showing yet?

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1. I just got back NYC and now I have a few celebrities autogrpahs scratched on the notepad the hotel supplied me. What do I do with signatures from Victor Garber, Hugh Jackman, Zelijko Ivanek, Billy Crudup, Michael Stuhlbarg, Jeff Goldblum and Billy Crystal that doesn't require money????


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OK, for many of you this may seem like a very simple question. BUt I honestly really don't have a clue about this.

I recently bought a laptop computer and it has wifi access on it. In fact, thats how i'm able to use the net right now. I go to network connections and see how many connections i have that are in range and connect to one of them.

Is this bad? I have no idea who's internet connection i'm using.

It says this connection is not secure and that anything I send over the network MAY be seen. Just what exactly "may" be seen anyway? Would it be someone who is really computer savvy to see what pages I'm looking at? Or is it something the owner of the network could just pull up and look at.

My main concern would be my financial information when i go and look at my accounts online. You think it would be safe to go and do this over an unsecure network, providing that my bank's site is encrypted?

Thanks for helping me clear this up.
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1) I'm moving to a smaller place and I have this bottle collection. One of the bottles was left behind by the drummer of The Tea Party and as a teenage fan, I kept it. It's really nothing more special than a Becks beer bottle. Two are special anniversary edition bottles of Banks beer from Barbados. Some of them are wine bottles from my wedding and anniversaries. They are all empty and collecting dust. I will probably not have enough room for them when I move. I *could* recycle them. Part is of me is sentimental. What would you do in my place?

2) What is the first thought that goes through your head when you see a woman with hairy armpits? Hairy legs?

3) When things aren't going right, do you try to change what's happening or do you just accept it and hope all the problems go away?
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because I'm a geek and curious and so on.

Do you read or write any kind of fan fiction? If so, how long have you been doing it? Do any people IRL know that you do? Would you be embarassed if they found out?

Me, I read and write. I've been doing it since April of 1999. The only people who know that I do it are friends (who read it themselves). I'd only be embarassed if family members somehow stumbled upon it, though I think the chances of that happening are slim to none. At least, I hope they are slim to none.
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