May 27th, 2005


Plastic Surgery

1. If you could have plastic surgery, that would be garunteed to be free of complications, and at no cost to you, what would you get done?

2. Have you ever had plastic surgery? What was your experience?

3. I've heard of a woman who had surgery done on her at a school, and therefore it was free. Has anyone heard anything about that?

Breaking up

How do you break up with someone... ?

I've broken up with a girl before.. but it was easy that time because the relationship was somewhat open.. she was just that kind of a girl.
This time it's different.. I still like the girl.. but there are something like 3 factors making me want to break it off:
1) The relationship has been veeeeerrrry slow, and we've been together for 5 months now.
2) We get along nice, we like each other.. but we've very different and we don't click all too well.
3) I've met a girl who's like my soulmate. And I don't believe in soulmates... Nevermind that the girl is in Maryland and I'm in NY

I don't know which of the reasons is more important... or I just don't want to know. But in the very near future I'll probably want to break it off. And I'd hate to hurt this girl... blah.

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The word of the day is...

1. When is it apropriate to use the word "client" versus the word "customer"?

2. Have you ever used the word "lousy"? Can you use it in a sentence?

3. When saying something such as "You're the type of person who..." can the rest of the sentence contain you/your or do you now have to use he/his?

4. I just got a new haircut and I'm not sure I like it. Pretending you've seen it and like it, what are some encouraging words you'd give? ;)

5. Ask me a question and I'll reply with an answer!

A few questions cause Im bored..and really really cold

It isnt relevant right now but its come up before and will again. Off and on for two years I have worked at this store. It's never really been a "summer" job or anything like that. I just have always wound up going back. When Id fill out apps. before for another place Id always be stumped when they ask the dates I worked at my previous emplyer. I feel like Im lying about experience if I say october 03 - present, because I didnt work there for half of that. but there usually isnt room to write a whole explanation down. what does one do then?

Can you believe its almost June already?

Did you work your first semester of college? Why, why not? Were you living at home? out of state?

I need to look into leasing a car, Id like to keep it under $200 a month though. downpayment isnt too big of a deal. but I have no idea what to look for. All the cars I want are way more that $200 a month. Any suggestions?
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poor throat.

i have this really wicked sore throat. i don't have a cold, no runny nose/congestion, no cough, no sneezing, no watery eyes. but, my throat feels like i have swallowed shards of hotsauce-covered glass which were on fire.

what would cause this, and how can i make it stop hurting? i do not have insurance so i'm not going to the doctor.
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(no subject)

I'm having some weird connection problems with my computer. I wish to use a different AIM client such as Trillian or Gaim...but nothing will connect. I've tried both of those, plus Miranda, and none work.
Any idea how I can fix this?
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(no subject)

I'm dense. It's no secret. Unless your a pretty big flirt or really obvious I promise I wouldn't pick up on things. But yesterday I had a conversation and i'm wondering if some of you lovely non-dense people wouldn't mind letting me know if this young lady was implying something in this conversation that I may or may not be missing.

Here's a recreation of the conversation:

Me: You gonna be up for a while? I have a funny story to tell you.

Yeah for a little while.

Me: I got hit on by a junior in high school! Thats a year above my little sister. Ugh

hahahaha thats so funny.. your a hot comdity.

Me: yeah.. to juniors in high school

haha nah.

Me: Ya know, I hear that all the time but I never get any names or lists.

That'd be pretty forward of me, wouldn't it?

Me: Forward can be good sometimes..(then I changed the subject after a long "this could be awkward" pause)

broken stuff...

are there any websites or anything where you can sell electronics/gadgets that are slightly busted for people who like to fix up items like that? like i have a digital camera and a cd burner, both which worked great but have little technical crap wrong with them. i feel like there might be somewhere i can unload these things...?? thanks!
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The Receptionist Classic

MP3 Player...

I have this MP3 Player.
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I bought it a year ago on Overstock for a whopping $40 out the door, with shipping. It holds about... 40 songs. (It was my fist one, kind of a trial-run thing to see if I even liked the idea of having an MP3 player.) Since I have my darling Marvin (iPod), I don't really want the MP3 player so I'm thinking of selling it at a yard sale - or even on e-Bay. (It is a MTV Evolution EV64AMX 64 mb player.)

Problem is this: There are songs on it that I can't get off. No, really. I accidentally chucked the software CD for it months ago and the only computer that the software would even work on was reformatted, the program lost. So the songs are stuck on there.

My questions are these:
Do you think someone could download the software for the player and be able to use it?
How much would I ask for? $5? I saw two on e-bay with the starting bid of $1 (one was 99 cents, same thing).
Or should I just chuck it?
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(no subject)

How do you feel about the questions that are asked over and over again?

What is your name, job and favorite hobby? I'd like to know you guys better, other than your user name and icon =]

Have you ever "abused" vicodine, to feel good?
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My roommate is really, really getting on my nerves. I'm moving out in about ten days, so I'm not like, insanely desperate over it, but any recommendations on what I can do to remain unaffected till then? She's really annoying.
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(no subject)

I heard that one of my former best friends is getting married this weekend. We haven't been in touch in years and I wouldn't know how to start getting a hold of him. Is there some website or something I can go to that lists all marriages in a certain area?


I have a size 12 butt, a size 8 waist and a size 6 top, I'm 5'1" and I'm shortwaisted.

Where in the world can I buy jeans?!

The only pants I have found that fit off the rack are the work pants from NY and Co in "short" length, medium size. Any sort of jeans I try on in various stores either are either 6" too long, have a huge gap at the back of the waist, cling like hoochie saran-wrap to my tush/hips but are baggy in the leg or waist, or button up practically to my braline (sometimes several of these at once!)

Argh, help! :P

(no subject)

I am having a craving for Silent Hill.
I've never *played* silent Hill, I've only seen it played. I only own a gamecube (although my boyfriend is willing to trade me his PS2 for a while so he can play metroid). I use walkthroughs.

2,3,4 (the ones available at the local game store)- which would you recommend? or should I check around other stores to see if i can find the first one?

Also: What is your favorite controller? I think for me(out of what I've experienced) it goes
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Laser eye surgery

I'm sure at least a couple of you here have gotten laser eye surgery.. can someone tell me what the recovery process is like? How long until you can go home, what you can and can't do, when you can see normal, etc.

My boyfriend got the surgery this morning and I haven't spoken to him all day. All he told me was something about a four-hour nap afterwards. It's been about seven hours since his surgery was scheduled. I'm curious to know how it went and how he's feeling, but I don't want to bug him if he's trying to rest. How long should I wait before I call him?

(no subject)

I got something in the mail today from "Clout Visa" its a pin number for an ATM card. but..I dont have one. I dont think I signed up for one, and theres nothing in my email about it, which Id assume Id have verification or something. but why would I have gotten this?

(no subject)

inspired by someone's icon:

I think Bob Barker is a robot.
I want to go on the show wearing a shirt that proclaims this.
My boyfriend says they wouldn't let me in the studio, likely.

Do they check what you're wearing?
Does anyone else think he's a robot?

(no subject)


I shut down my computer, because of a storm. I unplugged everything. The storm lasted about 20 minutes, but I fell alseep reading, and just woke up. It's been over for a long time.

I plugged everything back in, restarted and now Firefox and Trillian are both giving me weird errors. It says: "The file or directory (BLAHBLAH/FOO/FOO) is corrupt and unreadble. Please run the chkdsk utility."

I tried uninstalling both programs and reinstalling them, but that didn't help. I can physically run Firefox, but it will give me errors about any themes I try to use and it won't save any of my bookmarks, or set my home page to what I want. Every time I open either programs I get those errors.

How do I run 'chkdsk' or fix this? I don't see 'chkdsk' or 'check disk'

Seems Firefox and Trillian are the -only- programs affected, and I ran a virus check that came back clean.
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(no subject)

1.What's your favorite News site?
2. What's your favorite website for reading material whether it be humor or informative or whatever. ( Try to steer away from LJ :P )
3. What's your favorite site for entertainment/amusement?
4. Favorite flash?
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(no subject)

I just saw Team America: World Police last weekend. If you saw the movie, did you like it or no? And why?

I went to an amusement park and my friend would do Gary's secret signal on every ride and it would crack me up each time. Is there something that makes you laugh no matter what?

(no subject)

Sorry about being so question-happy.

one: i have a small ($10)check. The nearest branch of my bank is about two hours away. I don't want to deposit it in an ATM because then it'd be a hassle to get at- having to find an atm, potential fees, and having to get it either 5 or 10 dollrs at a time.
Will banks cash a check for you if you aren't a member? if nothing else I can cash it at the local grocery store and lose a dollar or so as a fee.

two: I may have asked this before, but does anyone else think that Britney Spears' "Toxic" would have been better if a) It was done by Christina Aguilera, and b) the music video involved leather, chains, etc?
(I kindof have more respect for Christina. Yeah, her image has changed pretty drastically, but she seems much less stupid and more... I don't know. more like people I hang out with.)

I have returned

I have returned as a full time moderator again!! I was not able to access a computer easily for over a year but now I'm back to living a semi-normal life!!

So, I return with these BACOS QUESTIONS FOR YOU!!!!

(Yes, I'm shamelessly trying to revive the Bacos fun)

Were you here for the Bacos Icon Beginning?

If you weren't here, do you know why we have Bacos as an icon?

Do you like to eat Bacos out of the bottle by themselves?

Do you know what Bacos are? (apparently they don't have Bacos in Canada)


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Kitty Lick


I currently have two cats, a father (who used to be a stray) and his baby girl. The kitten is about 4-5 months old, and quite entergetic as an only child.

Whenever Daddy comes inside, the kitten always wants to play, which seems to anger Daddy. He'll tolerate it for awhile and then hiss, yeowl in warning, and smack the kitten.

While he's never hurt her, I'm worried that he may. He was a stray, and he does have habits to be a little tempremental. He's never attacked anyone, but he doesn't have a problem with lashing out if he's unhappy with something.

My problem is that when they start fighting like this, should I seperate them? It's very easy for me to pick up the kitten and take her away from Daddy (and I've done it before without either cat getting upset or anything), but I don't know if that's the wisest thing to do.

Baby you can drive my car.

How long was it between the time you began to learn to drive and when you got your license? And how old were you?

How often did you go out driving when you had only your permit?

How did you know you were ready to take the behind-the-wheel test?

Did you get your own car before or after getting your license?

Oh yeah, I had another question: If there was a men's fragrance you REALLY LOVED (and you weren't opposed to wearing men's fragrances ;P ) would you keep ot for yourself so you could always smell like your favorite fragrance, or would you give it to your boyfriend so HE could smell like your favorite fragrance even though you only see him once or twice a week?