May 26th, 2005

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If you don't eat dairy products for a long time, do you lose the ability to digest them and become lactose-intolerant? If this is true, how long does it take before you can't digest dairy anymore?
Emily =ox

Apple Stem Rituals and Random Blurbs

Question #1: When you twist the stem off your apple, do you recite the alphabet, because the letter you land on is the letter your future spouse's name will begin with? Do you still do this, even if you're already married or in love, and purposely try to make it to his/her letter?

Question #2: Are there activities where, each time it happens, you remember some random blurb someone once said as you did them? For example, whenever I turn the A/C on in my car, I think of when my boyfriend teffdogg said, "Mucho frio rapido!" and set it to circulate the air inside the cabin instead of the air from outside. He claims he doesn't remember saying that at all, but now I think of it every time. And, since we're talking about apples, whenever I'm picking them out at the store, I remember my mom saying about granny smiths, "I like them with a little blush." I hear this whenever I pass the apples.
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De-Skin Trillian?

Is it possible to de-skin Trillian so that it looks exactly like all your other windows? PLEASE NOTE that I am not asking for a skin that supposedly looks like all other windows, but is there a way to simply use standard menus and interface without using ANY skins?

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As you can all see by the timestamp it's about 6:30am. I am awake, I was sound asleep until about an hour ago and now, bright eyed and FURIOUS.

If you want to read how stupid someone can be, by all means click on the cut. Beware, it's highly possible that there are some 4-lettered words back there.

On that note, what is the most asinine/inconsiderate/annoying thing someone has ever done to you? We are talking on the level that you want to make a 4 hour drive, nail them to a dying, dry tree and lighting him on fire.

Here's my answer...
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Newbie Question

This should probably be asked in one of the newbie forums, but you all seem like such a lovely, obliging bunch :)

I've seen quite a few people with paid LJ accounts that have cartoon user picture icons constructed to look like the cartoon version of them in several different moods... can anyone tell me where I can make some for myself?

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1. does anybody remember a show called "encyclopedia" that used to be on HBO very early in the mornings about 10 or so years ago? they would pick a word and do sketches to act out the definition. does anybody remember this but me?

2. speaking of, what was your favorite childhood show?

3. do you ever wish you could be a little kid again? i'm finishing up my senior year of high school and more and more i wish i'd just wake up one day and be 6 years old. i -hate- the idea of growing up. i never asked any of my friends this because i'm fairly certain they're thrilled to be getting out of school and moving on in their lives.

4. in the movie "cruel intentions," what was that thing that catherine kept her cocaine in? a rosary?

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do you think its true that people treat others the way they expect to be treated?

i try to be positive and loving and supportive, yet what i get back from people is thoughtlessness and self-centerred comments.
SS Klondike

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I just listened to a segment on the radio in which a bunch of people told bad date stories. I want to hear yours.

I don't really have any, so I'll tell the best story from the radio: A man was talking about a first date with a woman. They were having dinner at his place. About half-an-hour into the date, she puts down her fork and stops eating. She asks, "Why haven't you kissed me yet?". So, he starts kissing her. They kiss for about 10 minutes, he estimates, and he thinks things are going well when she pulls back and starts crying. Then she asks, "How come people like you and I can't fall in love?" In recounting the story, he asks about that, "What do you do at that point, huh?"

So, yeah, give me some worst-date stories.

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1.What are you wearing?
2.What are you doing?
3.What are you looking forward to?

My answers?

1. Black pants, cute black mary janeish looking shoes, green top
2. Paper work.
3. Working out after work.

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Is there any way to make someone remove you from their friend's list if they refuse to?

Do you think its weird, funny, or vain to have a picture of yourself on your graduation cake?

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I am sitting here at work, and I suddenly yawned...and that weird thing happened, where your throat makes kind of a weird nose mid-yawn. Why does that happen?

I also always get embarassed when I do that. Anybody else get embarassed by uncontrolable body quirks? Stomach growls, etc?

What do you think?

I met a person at my new job that I get along well with and it's likely that we will become friends. I really like her, she's easy to talk to and really nice! Then we started talking about her family and friends....and that's when I started to have doubts.

She got pregnant at 17 and got married at 23. She lost most of her friends because apparantly her older brother slept with all of them, and he has two kids out of wedlock. Her family/friends sound a bit trashy to me, and I question their morals.

I'm concerned because the last best friend I had was a bit trashy, low-class, had a really screwed up family, and she ended up hurting me big time. I don't want to have people in my life who will be a bad influence on me.

So my question is... Am I being judgemental? Do I have anything to fear by becoming friends with this person?

Drinking game suggestions

I'm making a dirty jenga set (drinking game where you write naughty things on some of the Jenga pieces, which whoever gets the block has to do or they take the alcoholic penalty) and it occured to me that you all might have some favorites from playing this yourself. (In the past I have seen stuff like "Lick something on the person next to you", etc.)

What sort of things would you write on the pieces? :P

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DDR songs- I know that with "V(for extreme)", V stands for Vivaldi- it's part of Vivaldi's 4 seasons, the winter bit, just slowed down and remixed a bit. End of the Century and Speed Over Beethoven are both Beethoven...
What else is there? We're thinking Kakumei, but we can't place it. Absolute? A(it sounds like it in the first minute)?

I also think that the beginning of Sakura sounds like tetris... one of the other background music options in tetris for the original gameboy. Can someone back me up on this?

Anyone else think that cheap storebrand bread that's marked "sandwich" bread (it's kinda square) should be relabelled "bread that failed to rise properly"? the last few loaves I've had have been kinda dense. very small air bubbles.

Methinks my sodium intake (read: ramen/lipton noodle consumption) is fucking up my skin. when I get paid and have more than 30 cents to my name, what can I very cheaply purchase that will not be as bad for me?


As inspired by a friend of mine, I want to paint using the balloon and dart method. Basically, I want to fill a bunch of balloons with paint and stick them to a board and throw darts at them to 'paint.'

My question is, does anyone have any techniques to doing this? What kind of board or paper should I use? How should I stick the balloons to the board? How should I blow up/fill the balloons with paint?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe if I mention The Princess Diaries it might ring a bell. Her mom is doing this near the beginning of the film, I believe. That's what I want to do. Any suggestions are appreciated. :)
Sad Magic

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What do you do when you're completely blown out?

Mentally, I mean. You've finally reached the edge. You've tripped over the edge and been pulled back up, but you know you'll fall all the way if you don't back up.

How do you back up?

Edit: Wow, I sounded angsty. o_O
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Sad Magic

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What's your favorite cover/remix? Could be a song everyone knows, or it could be some random, obscure song.

In fact, what's your favorite book-to-movie adaptation? Something that involved major changes would be preferable, but anything goes. :)

I really enjoy Kakumei, a song from DDR that's basically a techno-fied version of a really pretty "classical" piece. (Etude op. 10-12 "Revolutionary")

Not sure about book-to-movie, though...
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holding hands

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I have a chacking account with a credit union. Probably about 4 times now I have (unintentionally, of course) charged more than was available to me in my account which forced an automatic transfer to cover the difference. Does this give me "bad credit"? I just turned 18 and am still figuring things out financially, and am looking into getting a credit card, but I'm afraid this will make me look bad.

**Note: twice when this happened, it wasn't my fault. Once it happened because the exchange rate from pounds to dollars messed it up, and once a store charged me twice for about a $60 purchase.
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This summer I'm going to Canada for a week with my friend and we have no idea what to do soooo...

what are some interesting things to do in the lower BC or Vancover area?
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