May 25th, 2005


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What do you do when you are having an identity crisis or want to change yourself, where do you start in defining yourself and changing the things you don't like about yourself?
How do you change without trying to be something you are not?
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Relationship question:

I'm in a relationship that is about to be 2 years long in a few weeks. I want the relationship to last but we're coming into a problem. My boyfriend isn't the romantic, creative kind and I'm a person that's very easily bored (this is the first long term relationship with me..all my others were only about a month long). My question is: how do you keep a relationship fresh? How do you keep the passion and not just start to feel like you are becoming just friends?
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Why do people hate banana flavoured things? I mostly only buy Runts for the bananas. I'm eating a banana popsicle right now. I vaguely recall drinking banana soda.

Luckily for me, these foods go entirely untouched by friends and roommates.

But WHY? Do you hate bananas? Actual bananas or just banana flavoured things?

And do you prefer pop/soda/coke in a glass bottle or plastic?

I drink a lot of Crush, and that has to be in a plastic bottle, but root beer and Coke have to be in glass bottles. Lemonade too, but that's not carbonated, so I don't count it.
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Itty bitty kitten advice?

Alrighty! Last night a neighbor came and had a kitten that she had found near work (a busy intersection, it was cool and rainy, and she searched for quite a bit and couldn't find any other cats). She couldn't keep him as her dog HATED him (and is really territorial, normally).

So we have an itty bitty kitten. We think he's about 4 weeks old, from what we've found on the net. He walks and plays a bit, but isn't too steady on his feet yet, although he can CLIMB! He's got his "fang" teeth in (all 4) and it looks like the teeth in between them on both top and bottom either just broke through his gums or are just about to. Collapse )

So yeah. Adorable little thing. He's been sneezing and has goopy eyes (especially when he gets tired). We have a vet appt at 3pm this afternoon for him. So far we've just been keeping him warm, and letting him lap the "abandoned kitten milk" stuff from a bowl (we tried a bottle which he had no patience for, so we switched to a bowl and he just lapped away!). Oh yeah, and rubbing his genitals to make him pee and poop (but although we've tried twice he still won't poop).

Any words of wisdom that we may have missed?

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So let's say someone swears you to secrecy about something. Something juicy. Something that is gonna be very difficult to keep to yourself. Is it wrong to tell someone that they don't know or don't have contact with? Is that still a betrayal?

Girls, do you spit or swallow? Do you even let guys ejaculate in your mouth at all? Is there a reason why you do or you don't?

Both girls and guys, are you the kinky type or the "stick to missonary position" type? (A.k.a boring!) Haha! Jk ;) Is your significant other, sexual partner, whatever, the same way as you? If you are kinky and they are boring, is it a problem and vice versa?

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has anyone here been to counselling? experiences, advice, blah blah etc.

is it okay to give my body a break between changing contraception from the pill to the patch or will it fuck my body up?

would an out of date patch have any effects?

experiences of patch? tips? anything for a beginner.

where can i buy a divacup/mooncup/keeper in the uk, shop wise?
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Yahoo! Luanchcast Plus Streaming Radio

Anyone here use Yahoo Launchcast Plus?

Mine is not loading all the way and I was wondering if anyone else was having that problem. It plays music but it doesn't show the artist/song/album info like it's supposed to. It just continuously says "Tuning...".

Anyone else having this problem?

Edit: I have had it for almost a year and it just started doing this. It's been doing it for a few days now.

Edit 2: It's working now.
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Not getting any ...

I've been taking birth control pills since I had my daughter 6 years ago.
Now I'm divorced and single ... and NOT having sex, unfortunately.
Should I continue to take my birth control pills?

I've been experiencing nuttiness during that time of the month -
If I quit taking them, is it likely to get better or worse?


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I got home around 6 last night/this morning and went to bed. I woke up around 9:30 - 10 am and did all the stuff I had to do today. so now Im exhausted, that headachey tired feeling has sunken in. but Ive been off schedule for about a month and I really want to have some type of normal sleep schedule sometime this year. So should I take an hour nap with the slight possibilty that I hit snooze about 18 times in an hour. or should I just try to occupy myself until 8 or 9 tonight? mind you its 2:30 right now.

If its the latter...what the hell should I do?

All is fair in thequestionclub.

1. How do *you* interpret the phrase "All is fair in love and war"?

2. Unrelated.....I joined TQC in December and it instantly became my favorite community because of the lack of hostility and the openmindedness to discuss any topic or ask any question. Does anyone who's been around for a few months agree that comments have become more hostile or rude lately? If so, why so you think that might be?

Newer members who are used to hostility in other communities? Older members who are bored of questions that don't entertain them? Etc...?

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Is there a way to talk about your feelings and thoughts in your journal without coming across as being a 'whiner' or 'emo'?

Mainly because every time I get upset about something and I want to talk about it in my journal, I start to feel guilty about what other people think and erase it.
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So I've been applying for clerical jobs through temp agencies, and they all want me to highlight whatever skills I have on their online applications. However, some of the skills I haven't the foggiest what they are.

For example...

1-5 lines, 5-10 lines, 10-20+ lines (phone lines? something typing related?)
Chronological (putting things in chronological order or something?)
Cite check
Clerk (sounds pretty broad to me..)
Destruction (errr...)
Discovery Production
Full text synopsis

Those are just a few of them.. heh.. anyone got any ideas?

hidden fees?? what?!

I was about to open up an eBay seller's account, and I noticed in the last step I had to agree to pay some monthly fee. Yet when I searched the site, I found no such information! What's the deal?!

Are they referring to the insertion and sale fees, or is there another fee on top of those that I can't find info about? If there is, how much is it?

And here I was all excited I'd finally get rid of this thing...
The Receptionist Classic

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When you write a check at the post office, why do you have to make it out to Postmaster and not the Postmistress (assuming that your clerk is a woman, that is)? Because it goes to the Postmatser General?

Well, what if the Postmaster General was a woman? Would she still be a PostMaster would she be a PostMistress? And then would it be the PostMisstress General that we make checks out to?

The things I wonder about when waiting in line for the bathroom...
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How do people end up learning how to play songs that are on the radio on acoustic guitars? Are there books out there with sheet music or do they just learn by ear?

Also can anyone suggest a community for new acoustic players?

Looking for a song

I'm trying to find the artist and name of a song that I've heard a few times on the radio. I've tried googling it several times and nothing has come up. Here are some of the random lines that I caught:

And you find yourself under the microscope
under the influence
I know

All the toy guns are loaded

And every game show host knows the answers I don't.

Can any of you help me figure out what/who it is?

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if you're in a relationship or married, do you keep constant track of how long you've been together? and if you've been together years, do you count months or just round out?

like i've been with my boyfriend for two years and two months this friday. i usually just say we've been together two years when people ask. i would never think to say we've been together 26 months.
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How should I go about binding damn near close to 400 + pages of paper? I printed this big thing, and its something I want to keep, and I want it to look relatively how can I keep it all together?

*EDIT* Anything besides 3 hole punching it? I suck at it and I know that if I go through and do it 200 of the 400 pages wont match up and Ill get frustrated..etc etc.

Grad Gift

One of my good friends is graduating high school this Saturday and I am confused as to what to get her as a gift. I only plan on going to the ceremony and not the luncheon after because of another graduation I am attending.

Anyway, she will also be attending my hs graduation next week if that makes any difference.

What am I to get her for a gift? Should I bring her flowers? Give her money? Cash or check? How much? Any other suggestions?

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I spent all day thinking it was tuesday just to find I was wrong and its wednesday. I cant remember monday at all other then I had a quiz in history. It seems so weird.
has this ever happened to you?

Will you? Won't you? Where the hell's my ring?

For those of you in a long term relationship, how long would you/are you willing to wait before marriage?

More to the point, how long are you willing to stick around before you're ready to chuck him for not proposing yet?

Were/are there things you (he/she) wanted to accomplish personally before getting married?
Stare into the very eyes of evil.

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Is there an organization or board that reviews and rates gormet coffees/coffee companies on taste, quality, customer service, etc.?

I can't find anything to this end so some help would be appreciated.

For you cat lovers out there

A quick question, but first some background.

I need to wash my cat tomorrow. We are finding a lot of fleas, so I bought some flea shampoo and I plan on doing this first thing in the morning. However, if my memory serves me correct, my cat Joey -seen here sleeping in the shower-
hasn't had a proper bath in almost 8 years. You see, he ran away for a little more than 7 years ago and just returned a few months ago.

So my question is, what is the best way to keep him from freaking out and scratching me. I know this sounds far fetched, but if some of you cat lovers know of a way to calm down a cat, please let me know.

More First Music Questions

1. What was the first record you owned?
2. 8 track?
3. What was the first Cassette Tape you owned?
4. First Cd?
5. First MP3 downloaded?

1. David Bowie, Aladdin Sane
2. Funkmaster Flex, whatever album White Lines was on.
3. I got Snoop Dogg's DoggyStyle, Green Day's Dookie, The B52's Cosmic thing, Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill, and Boyz II Men (motown philly?) on the same day from my brother.
4. Erg, Hootie and The Blowfish, which came with my first boombox.
5. It's a Kind of Magic, whole album, Queen.