May 24th, 2005

For parents.

I need a little information for a psychology class, on how different people raise their children.
Feel free to answer anonymously.
Also if you know any other good communities to xpost this to please let me know.
Comments are screened.
If you don't have children yet, but are planning on it you could still answer on how you would wish to raise them, but please let me know that you don't have any yet.
It would be great to have as many people from as many age groups answer as possible.

1. What is the main principle you raise your child(ren) by?
2.When your child has done something wrong how do you handle it?
3.What do you consider a good punishment?
4.Do you have specific pocket money allowances for your child(ren)?
5.What is your opinion concerning curfews? What times would be suitable at what age?
6.Do you make it your business to know the friends of your child(ren)?
7.How to you celebrate birthdays and other holidays, concerning children?
8.What is a good way to praise your child(ren)?
9.How do you handle serious talks with your child(ren)?
10.Do you raise your child(ren) as your parents raised you? Similarities? Differences?

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i had to get an updated script so that my connection wouldnt freeze
but its still freezing intermetiantly(sp).

anyone got any idea how to fix it?

i d/l avg 7.0 but i dont think thats helping.

its a d-link connection.


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My mom and I were driving home today and couldn't figure out the answer to these questions...

1) What song did Princess Di walk down the aisle to at her wedding?

2) There was a country music video that involved a guy (the singer) who was pretty tall and lanky, who was being all silly and was maybe in a photobooth with a fish? I can't really remember the details but it's driving me crazy! I'm sorry it's so vague! *edit* I guess I'm more or less asking what the video may have been, not necessarily the singer
Halloween 2008

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Obviously in relationships/dating there are dealbreakers: qualities or habits that will make you completely cut off interest with a person. But what about things that will make you do anything to have them? What kind of things make you stop and stare, and literally drop everything (schedules and whatnot that would normally hold you back) to get said person's attention?
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1. "all of a sudden" or "all of the sudden"?

2. whoa, "sudden" looks weird to me now. like it's wrong or something. what is the term for when that happens?

saving LJ entries

I'm worried about losing all of my archived LJ entries one day. They go back to last September. Is there any way to save them on my hard drive without copying and pasting the text of each one?
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Where can I find a free mahjong game online? Either something you download or play from the site, doesn't matter. I'm afraid to search for one because I'm at work and I don't want to click something and it turn out to be linked to a porn site. -_-

Any other free game sites out there? My boyfriend told me about one but I forgot where it was and now I can't ask him. :(
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I've been browsing non-profit organization/charity websites lately and I've noticed that there are some (especially smaller organizations) that could use a website redesign. I was wondering if it would be rude of me to contact them and volunteer to design a nice website for them (they don't mention specifically wanting a redesign). Of course I would not be asking to be paid. Also, if I were to do this, is it okay if I design a sample website specifically for them and say they can use it if they like it or I could make changes if they want? I say this because this would be my first project and I don't have any other example sites I've created for clients or ones I've donated to non-profits. (I have knowledge of web design/developing though, we all have to start somewhere. :P). If they aren't interested at all, I'd still have the practice and also a sample design. I'm sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, I've always done this more as a hobby and I'm still not looking to make a career out of webdesign but I would like to help out certain charities while also gaining volunteer experience.

Telus Billboards

In my city there are Telus Mobility billboards with a colour theme. In the pink themed one, theres this great little phone, and it's all pink (durrr).

For the life of me I can't find it on the Telus website, and I want it :/

Has anyone seen this billboard and have an idea which phone it is, or does anyone know if there's a website that shows billboard ads?

I'm wondering if that phone isn't available in Ontario or something, and if so, that pisses me off :/ Why market a phone to a province that can't have it?

and yes, I've googled!

(no subject)

So like, Ive been looking on websites about Mono, because I think I might have it, but I have no idea who I could have gotten it from. No one Im friends has been recently diagnosed, but my boyfriend had it over a year ago. Could I have gotten it from him? Can he get it again?
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Random questions

1. Do you ever get nervous that you love your significant other more than they love you?

2. If someone calls your cell phone and doesn't leave a message should you call them back because they KNOW you know they called (caller id) or do you have to have a message in order to warrent a call back?

3. Wanting to be with your boyfriend all the time, does that make you needy? Even if you're NOT with him all the time and you're fine with it, you just wish you WERE together all the time?

4. If you're overweight and NOT on a diet, do you ever feel pressure to be dieting? Like everyone assumes you should/would want to lose weight?
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My brother is seventeen, and he doesn't have a driver's license. He doesn't even have a permit. Yet he constantly steals the keys to my car and goes off driving. He seems to think that it's perfectly okay because he doesn't look seventeen and because he can drive, and despite the fact that my parents have caught him driving a few times, he STILL does it (because he is a monumental dumbass). How can I get him to stop taking the car, short of calling the cops on him or getting my parents involved?

For the Techno fans..

I have these three songs that were on a mix someone made for me, and I lost the playlist.

Normally, I'd google the lyrics, but these are purely instrumental and don't have any.

Therefore, if anyone knows anything about techno music, I would be SO GRATEFUL if you would listen and let me know if you recognize any of these songs..

If I don't figure them out I think I'll end up deleting them, even though I like them, as I've got so much music that they'll get lost in the shuffle if I can't put them somewhere :-)

So... What the heck are they?

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Maybe I'm getting old, but what the HELL has happened to people's hair today?

I know Emo was the big thing last year, with everyone turning into a big wus and all. When 20 something year old boys whose balls haven't dropped whine, I guess people listen.

Is this Emo-hair that I'm seeing? The only thing I can describe it as is if for some unknown reason, Bobby Brady was fucking cool.

I'd love to say it's just my getting older that's making me think kids are stupid these days but I'm really quite sure they're just really f'ing stupid. And they look funny. And ugly. It's not even fat anymore, people just look ugly. The hair most certainly doesn't help it. It's like these weird boys going through puberty saw pictures of singer chicks from the 1960s and 70s and wanted to emulate their hairstyles. It's kinda like the weird dopey kid from Dazed and confused had hat hair. It's all those things and other more scary ideas that make looking at these goofs somewhat humourous, somewhat frightening.

Can someone please explain it to me? Offense meant in advance if you're one of those emo kids.

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A friend of mine is getting me to apply at the gas station he works at, so he'll have someone with brains to talk to at work. I picked up an application today.

It asks me about my most recent jobs. I'm working at Mcdonalds now- I've worked there about a week and everyone there seems utterly incompetent(I worked at a different mcdonalds for a year, I think for most people here it's just for the summer, and they just had a huge turnover of management). If I get this job, I'll likely tell mcdonalds that I don't feel it's been a good fit and turn in my two weeks notice.

Should I include it on the application?

And, if I've worked at a place that never had a phone number to begin with and is now closed, what should I be putting down? It was an art gallery run by the art club at my school, I've been putting the art teacher's number c/o the school.

edit: I know to put the gallery down, just a question of what to put for contact information. with Mcdonalds it's a question of whether I'm putting down the second mcdonalds.

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What do you think was the most influential event that occurred in the 1990’s?
:EDIT: thanks... I just needed some ideas for my history final. I need to make an issue of World Magizine from the 90's and write an article about it. Google wasnt helping much...
And also... I was talking about 1990 to 1999 not 2000 or 2001 hehehe

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I went to get a new E111 form as I intend travelling to various places in Europe this summer. However, the girl handed me a battered photocopied piece of paper, told me to fill it out and then the post office would stamp it.

Is this right? I could barely read the piece of paper and I have fairly good eyesight. I thought the new form would be similar to the old booklet one.

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inspired by an earlier country video post.

I dont listen to country music but for some reason a few years ago I saw a music video of one of Reba McIntyre's songs. and I remember liking the video but, couldnt remember the song 5 minutes later. I think it had something to do with how Reba was this girls mother (I believe the girl was blonde) and something, was going on, the girl was rebelling or...going away to college or something! and reba was..well singing about it. I believe there was a scene whjere Reba was sitting on the stairs....yea, I suck at describing the fragments of my memory.

anyone know it?
real men read


What's the dumbest and/or klutziest, most embarrassing thing you've done all day?

What's your newest obsession?

What's your biggest lj pet peeve? (more than one?)

What was the last conversation you had about?

Collapse )

White Water Rafting

I'm looking at a white water rafting trip and I've never done it before. The ads are talking about "class II, III, or IV" something or others. What are they talking about? Do I want to avoid Class IVs on my first time? Advice for what to look for?

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When I had Windows 98 and I was putting songs into Winamp I used to be able to right click, hit some words (they escape me now), and the mp3s would go in order from the most recently downloaded.

I have XP now and I don't see that. I kind of miss it. Does XP have this feature or do I have to go searching for my mp3s and other files?

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I'm trying to find a job at a hospital, and noticed one term kept coming up. What exactly does it mean for a job to be "contingent"? By dictionary definition, it's almost analogous to "temporary" although many sites use this term to mean two different things. Any ideas?


I was looking for a little HTML help. You know how if, in explorer, you roll your mouse over an image, that little box pops up in the left hand corner with the different icons to save/print/email/folder the image? Is there a way to prevent this from popping up? (Not just on my comp, on everyone who uses explorer to access the site.)

Thanks everyone :)

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Once I was so bored I tried to see how many jeans I could get on at one time. The end result was two pairs of regular jeans and two pairs of jean shorts. Then again, my jeans are all just a little big for me, so it wasn't that hard. But yes, I was bored when I did that, and I do have a life, I was know.

So my questions are:

1) What's the weirdest thing you've ever done while bored?
2) How many jeans can you get on at one time?
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This is a little embarassing but I sweat... a LOT. Deoderant works but I've yet to find a kind of antipersperant that will stop me from sweating even the slightest bit! Can anyone suggest anything? I'm a girl but I have no problem wearing men's deoderant if that's what it takes. I just really do NOT need to be sweating profusely this weekend!
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Have you ever lied on your resume?

I'm half tempted to make up some experience that I had with the cash register, because it seems like nobody will hire me otherwise. Thing is, I'm worried that they'll hire me and not show me at all how to use the cash register. That would be kinda embarassing...

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What do you do when the one work reference that would be just about most important to get a certain job, has gone out of business by their own choice and you have no idea how the potential employers would get in contact with anyone from that job?

Local grocery store has openings for their deli crew, which is something I could very well do. I've been looking for a job for a while and so this was very promising to see last night. The thing is, the only Deli I worked in was at a grocery store that closed down sometime last year. It's been almost 6 years since I worked for them, but they loved me and I helped change some of their things for the better. I don't know if the Owners have kept the number for the store or not. I'm also about 300 miles away from that old store now and it's a completely different chain.


1. The largest "album" on my iPod is titled <misc songs>, and it's the miscellaneous songs that I've, erm, bought on iTunes. Yes, that's right. ;) I have over 120 songs on there, and iTunes automatically orders them by artist name. But it's kind of in a weird way, it's like there's a chunk of 40 or so songs, and then it starts over. (50 Cent to Yes, then 50 Cent Feat. Olivia to U2, then Basement Jaxx to Simple Plan, and then the last 30 or so songs are a random mix of artists.) Does that make sense? I want to have it filed by song name (in a complete A-Z list) but I can't figure out how to do that...can anyone help? It's a first-gen iPod mini with all the newest updates on the newest version of iTunes, if that matters.

2. Does anyone else have an irrational paranoia about deleting songs/albums on their iPod? About 50% of the songs on there are ones I rarely or never listen to, but I never delete them because I'm worried that I'll get the sudden urge to listen to, say, Britney Spears's first album or Backstreet Boys's greatest hits collection. I also feel bad about it because friends will occasionally listen to those sorts of songs on my iPod. I finally deleted *NSYNC's first album though, because I ran out of space and I wanted to put some newer stuff on - stuff I actually listen to.

3. What kind of music are you currently rediscovering? When I was little my mom always played Journey, the Beatles, and other classic rock type music for us. In the last month or so, I've started listening to a lot of that again and putting it on my iPod.

4. What kind of music did your parents or other influential people play a lot? My mom played lots of classic rock, and my dad played a lot of jazz and classical, and opera/musical soundtracks. I've always loved The Phantom of the Opera :)

(no subject)

My bf and I just bought tickets to see the band Green Day in concert.

What do u think of the band? cool? not? Just wondering ur opnion of them, cuz my best friend thinks their music is ok but they are not cool enough to go see and I think otherwise.

Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

I'm really bad at leaving my personal life at home. Like, I bring all my personal issues to work and it's been affecting my performance and I've been reprimanded for it. I really hate being this way, but I can't help it most of the time.

Does anyone else have this problem? If not, how do you separate your 'lives' so well? I'm jealous...

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Do vets end animal's pregnancies? I've never had a pet and I really don't know anything about it. But I hear people talking all the time about how they just fixed their cat, and how she's pregnant again, and now they have to deal with more kittens, and I just wonder to myself why the same methods used to rid humans of unwanted pregnancies can't be used on animals?

New question: Why do people lie about having their animals fixed? My guess is they were too lazy to get it done and now they want to lay of the guilt by claiming they had it done, but it didn't work..
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I was flipping through the tv last night and I happened to come across Brian McKnight singing, and I can't remember what the song was, or what channel it was on, but I really liked the song. [I know it wasn't cable, cuz I don't get it in my room.] I was wondering if anyone else saw it or knew what the song was?

another question! D:!

What do you think of people who say things about their friends when they're not around?

Everyone talks about each other--friends or otherwise--and there's no way to stop that. Personally, I'd prefer if people say those things when I'm NOT around, so I don't have to hear them, because I know it's inevitably going to happen. I've seen arguements and even lawsuits about people who overheard that someone said something mean about them when they weren't around, and I think to myself, "It wasn't your $!%#@ing business to hear that in the first place!"

But of course, it's not right to completely trash-talk someone when they're not around, or exagerrate their faults to make for conversation or gossip anything. Sometimes, people just go, "Man, so-and-so is my friend, but damn is he annoying sometimes," or "What do you think of/why are you upset with so-and-so?" "Well, they're overall nice, but kinda snooty when it comes to __." Everyone has little things that peeve them about their friends--the longer the relationship, the more peeves there are.

What do you think?

Unrelated question: Is Ace of Base really dorky to listen to, or something? Why?? Ever since I was 10 years old, it's seemed like the slightest mention of Ace of Base sends people running away screaming. Not like I'm not used to that or anything.
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I just found out that a woman I know from church is starting life at a convent in NYC. She told us about its rules -- she's starting in 13 days and after that, won't be allowed to visit home for 10 years. They have visiting hours once a week, but they're for family only. Friends aren't allowed to stay for more than five minutes. She'll be allowed to receive letters from anyone but can only write to her parents except on Easter and Christmas, when she can write to her siblings. She can keep photos that people send her, but they must remain in her luggage and she must ask permission to look at them. They ask her to pack only three changes of clothes, her Bible, a book called Imitating Christ, a pair of sandals, and a toothbrush. There's no radio (no music aside from what they sing), no television, and no computers. She's upset that she'll be missing her sister's wedding and that she won't be allowed to return home for so long, but she's so excited to go.

What, if anything, is important enough to you that you would impose restrictions like this upon yourself?

what's your favorite...

1. Movie?

2. Book?

3. Song/Musical Artist?

4. Piece of art?

5. Drug? (for those who do them)

6. Piercing?

7. Tattoo style? (show me a picture if you're inclined)

8. sexual position?

9. Thing to do for fun?

Tell me a story about any of these things if you feel like it too.
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Im moving out of the 'rents house for the first time in June. Im moving with 2 guys who have lived on their own for 3 years.

What am I going to need? The guys have the dishes, pans, couches, tv (im bringing my own also) etc.

Pretty much all household things they have.

So far I know ill need to get some towels.What else???
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(no subject)

Anyone know where I can find the number of divorces in the US, number of marriages in the US, and total US population for 2003? I've tried and, but they don't seem to list them. Thanks!
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(no subject)

None of the ways I've tried to Google this have been very effective. I was hoping you guys could help me.

I remember this really funny list that spoils the twist-endings of a a bunch of really famous movies without giving away the titles. It was like,
1.) He's actually Luke's father.
2.) He was dead the whole time.
3.) It's his sled from when he was a kid.

Does anyone know where I could find this list? Thank you!

does this chick have the hots for me?

i posted about a girl i met on a commerical shoot sunday night or monday day.
she was the most attractive person in the room and i didnt get to talk to her much until
that sunday afternoon.
and when i did, i was kinda of let down.
we didnt have any kind of instant surge of chemistry and there were some silences.
and didnt talk about much beyond her background and maybe some light flirting.
shes argentinan(sp) and is just here visiting her family for the summer.
shes going back to complete her graphic artist thesis.
and then probably coming back to live.

so when it was time to leave, i just figured she knew that there wasn't anything here either.
however, when i said good bye to her, there was a moment between us.
and it made me rethink everything.
and her brother was her ride and he wanted to make sure she had all my info.

so i emailed her last night and this was her response:

ello how are you?
I got home and I go to sleep :) I miss my bed :P
I know the x-files (los expedientes x ) its about aliens right? :) I
like to, but I dont see much tv, Im rare :P and The seinfeld program I
see it in argentina , here I see will and grace and then I was in the
computer traying to do my tesis.
Your are smiling for my english rigth? ..... I write bad to :P
YOu know my mother and my brother go to tcc east I think :P ... so you
will be a singerrrrrrrrrrrrr...... thas great ....
I hope you be ok, stay en touch ...
ho..... do you have the email for the x-men, the man how like the
cartoons, remember? cos I can say good bye :( , if you have it, send
to me , ok? thanks
have a great day

and then i sent this:
you're english is like my spanish.
so i guess we equal each other out.
its very cute.
i wish i had his e-mail as well.
hes a nice guy.
if you ever want to do something let me know.
take care.

and her response:

helloooooooo....... ok this we'll do, you correct my bad english and
I correct your spanish, if you waant.. you know the name of the xman,
cos I have a list with all the numbres
maybe is

I think that is the second one :D
If you can call and ask him .......
take care

ho I have the pictures, do you have it, if dont, let me know and I'll
send to you :D
Heh.. what?

Hardbook Cover Cleaning?

Is there any way to clean a hardback book? I'm kinda hard on my copy of Les Miserables... I could buy a new one for like $25... but I'd like to keep this copy anyway. It's hard to keep good care of a book that's been in my car for such a long time... I've been really slow about reading it, but I keep it around for the rare occasion when I really feel like it and have time.

Anyway, it probably has an oil spot or two.. some water... and maybe a few coolant spots. Yeah, poor book... the only major stain was because one of those STUPID air freshener things f'ing has a bunch of liquid just SITTING in it... well the double sided tape came off and spilled that crap all over the carpet in the car... some got on the book. =(

So is there any way to clean it? It's like plain clothish hardback.



I decided to temporarily try typing with proper capitalization (I never capitalize my "I"s nor the first letter of my sentences) because it obviously matters *SO MUCH* to everyone on LiveJournal.

Does this make me a follower and a sell-out, since that is my main (and only) reason for doing it, as opposed to doing it for my own benefit?

Does it bother you when posts/comments lack capitalization even if they are using proper spelling and grammar?