May 23rd, 2005

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  • Questions for all the hetero men:
    What was your first relationship like? How old were you? How did you handle the new experiences, getting to know a girl's body, etc? Were you giggly, eager, horny, shy, aggressive, clueless? Suppose this was someone you really liked, but she was more experienced than you. Knowing you were new to everything sexual, she opened herself up to you and said you could do and try anything you wanted with her. Would you jump at the chance? What would you do first? Would those thoughts or urges come instinctively? What would your instinctive reaction be if a girl took her shirt off in front of you? If she offered you a blowjob?

  • Questions for all the hetero women:
    Is a man worth the effort of investment if he doesn't seem to show any passion? Suppose he likes you, but seems to take a prepubescent attitude toward the relationship as if love was merely holding hands, kissing, and frolicking happily. What would you do if the man you were dating didn't seem to 'want' you in that girlfriend way? What if you did, said, and suggested everything possible, but he still held back physically even if you all but threw yourself at him? Would you stick around and muster the patience to teach him, even if he didn't seem to want to learn?

  • Questions for both sexes:
    Is passion necessary for a successful relationship? I'm not talking unbridled passion, but being passionate about loving someone, or wanting someone, or wanting ANYTHING. Where does one draw the line where a relationship is more than just clicking well, or being on the same wavelength? What do you expect when you date someone, that you usually require in order for the relationship to work?
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    First time poster here at this marvelous community.


    1. What's your favorite color(s)?

    2. What type of people do you like hanging out with?

    3. Are you Republican or Demcorat?

    4. What's your favorite president of the US of all time?

    5. What's your favorite world leader of all time?

    6. What country(s) would you love to visit sometime?


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    i need some advice on relationships.

    i met this girl this weekend at a commerical shoot and i liked her the moment i saw her, but when we finally did get to talking, i immediately kinda felt let down.
    shes one of those foreign types who laughs at everything.
    shes nice but i really don't have that feeling of "ahh."
    that relaxed state that lets you know things are going to be wonderful.

    but she has some interesting tastes and aspirations.

    however, she lives 1hr away depending on traffic.

    should i email her and say hi or forget about her alltogether?

    im thinking the latter but i dont want to.


    Paying for things...

    1. What is your most frequent form of payment? with cash, credit card, debit card, or check? Why do you like this form of payment?

    2. Do you keep track of everything you pay for? Do you keep every reciept?

    3. How do you carry around your cash/cards/other things? with just a wallet, a tote, a small purse, backpack, pant pocket, etc.?
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    my mom and i were having this weird conversation the other day and now i'm really confused...

    what exactly are "blanks" in terms of bullets? i googled it and all i could find were explanations with words i didn't understand. er. so i know that they are different from bullets because they don't harm the target.

    so, does the blank bullet actually come out of the gun? does it pierce the skin of the target?

    in "not-blank" bullets, is it the gun powder or the penetration that injures the victim?

    if it's the penetration, and if blanks do penetrate, how come that doesn't cause injury?

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    How important do you think your email address on a resume is? Of course your education, skills, experience, etc are much more important, but it can't look too good and professional if your e-mail is something like, right?

    Anyway, which is the best domain to use? Like would a gmail address be okay? And the best and most professional one would be to just use your name or inital and last name or something like that? (e.g.,,
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    My fiance and I are about to become poor. Like, dirt poor. We have a little one on the way who'll eventually need food, too.

    So, I see that Food Stamps lets you buy plants and seeds. I've never grown a vegetable before. Let's say I buy a packet of pepper seeds, plant them, and eventually we'll have some peppers to eat. Can we take the seeds from inside those peppers, plant them, and eventually have more peppers? Are there only certain kinds of vegetables that work like that? If I had a really big pot, would I be able to grow potatos in the same way?

    We'll be living in Indiana, if climate/region makes a difference. Thanks!
    Izzy Puppy

    Inner ear

    I had a sever inner ear infection / vertigo. I couldn't really walk for a couple of days because of it. The doc said it just needed to run its course. I figured this would be a few days. It has been over a week now. I looked this up on the web and it said it could take a few days to a few weeks. Some sites said it was best to minimize movements until it has passed. Others sites said it was best to go about life and get your body to adjust to the problem and that would help. Has anyone else had this? What helped for you? I have a physical job that I am missing because of this and I need to get it healed. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks!
    The Receptionist Classic

    Annoying Songs

    What song do you have stuck in your head right now? (I've got "Shoo-Rah! Shoo-Rah!" by Betty Wright running through my head. AUGH.)

    How do you get a song un-stuck? I find that the only way to purge the annoying song is to listen to it.
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    I was going to buy a Virgin Mobile Phone today, but thought i should get some opinions first. I want something thats easy, like prepay and they have a cheep one.

    Does anyone have horror stories or praises about the virgin phones or service?

    Anybody have one?

    (no subject)

    1. Is there any free programs that allow the transfer of mp3s from an iPod to a computer?

    2. Drop It Like It's Hot or Holla Back Girl?

    3. What exactly does the phrase "victim of circumstance" mean? I think I know when to use it, but I'm not completely sure.
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    Questions for Non-Kanuks

    Let's say your country fell into civil war and you had to flee.

    Let's say that the only country that would take you was Canada.

    Now let's say, the only province/territory the government allowed you to live in is either Québec or Nunavut.

    Keeping in mind that the official language of QC is French and the official language of Nunavut is Inuktitut, based on your knowledge of these places, which would you pick?

    Do you think you'd have issues adjusting to the new environment?

    Not an idiot.

    What would be the worst that could happen if I was to take Demerol that wasn't prescribed to me? I wouldn't be taking it to get high, it would be because i'm in a lot of pain.
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    Odd Conditions

    I have congenital anosmia (which is just a fancy term for lacking the sense of smell), and everytime anyone finds out I have it they think I'm lying or they go all crazy and start asking me odd questions like, "Can you breathe?!"

    So I was wondering, does anyone else have this medical oddity or any other condition that is not very common? What do people say to you/ask you when they find out?

    Yet another fun work question!

    My boss called me to ask me to work tonight - the ONE night of the week I specified I was NOT available. I refused because I have other commitments tonight (I have a weekly class I attend with a good friend but it's just a "hobby")

    So, I guess tonight I put my other commitment before my job and now I'm wondering if I did the right thing or if I should have dropped everything to go take the shift. hmmm

    What would you have done? How high up on your priority list is your job? Is there anything you would skip work to do instead?
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    career awards of america.... hmmm

    Has anybody ever heard of a company called Career Awards of America?

    I was looking for a job in the paper, and I came across this:

    "SALES. Make your money now! Must be 18+, free to travel, fun co-ed sales crew. 4 weeks paid training, transportation provided. "Good attitude, road rules."

    I was curious, so I called the number. This is what they told me: It is a full-time travel job, going around the country, selling magazine subscriptions and other random crap door-to-door. I would get 45% commission on anything I sell. I would be an independent contractor. The only committment is the 4-week training period - they pay for a Greyhound ticket for me to go there (they are currently in Michigan), and they give me $20 each day. I get to learn all sorts of marketing and sales and interpersonal skills (super good for any resume..) After that period, I can decide to go home (they pay for a ticket back) or stay and work on the team. They stay in nice hotels and travel by car/van/SUV.

    The woman I talked to was very friendly. She said that her daughter has been doing it for 4 years and loves it. I guess the guy who runs it used to work for some of the other companies like this, and was disappointed in how badly they ran things and how shady it all was... and so he decided to start his own company but do it the right way, and treat employees well, et cetera. She said that while they had lots of fun, they were pretty strict about their no drugs/no alcohol if under 21 policy, and if anyone gets caught doing those things then they are sent home.

    Basically, there is no application or anything. I just call her when I'm ready to leave and I get a ticket and go.

    She encouraged me to do some research/background checks on the company, which I fully intend to do.. I looked at their website and it is, uh, not the most professional looking thing (she did warn me, though, that the website was still being developed). Otherwise I can't find anything else about them online.

    It sounds shady.. too good to be true... fuck, it sounds kinda CULTish. But I would LOVE to just pack up my shit and travel the country, and getting paid for it would just be an added bonus.

    So.. what do you think? Does it have potential, or should I stay as far away from it as possible?
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    (no subject)

    Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?

    Do you think that you act the reasons that you do, because of how your parents brought you up and what you were exposed to?

    How do you feel about homeless people, that it is their fault, or that we should help them out?

    Is it true that in england they don't have bums becuase they actually make them get a job unlike how in the US we pity them?

    Why is my math teacher have such a stick up her ass? And meanwhile lets other kids talk and waste time and play fight, but when I have a question, she ignores me.

    Random Questions

    1. When you have to get up in the middle of the night, what is the best way to get back to sleep?

    2. Is it wrong to have a cat declawed? What if it is an adult cat that has had claws for 8 years? What if you use the less-painful laser removal?

    3. What is the best way to teach a 6 month old baby that it will not kill her to be put down for 3.5 minutes so that Mama can go pee?

    4. How do you control dog hair on hardwood floors?

    5. Is every song someone's favorite song? What is your favorite song? Do you love a song that everyone else thinks is bad?

    6. What should I have for dinner tonight?

    That is all.

    (no subject)

    Help - which is correct?:

    If it weren't for you, I would have suffered...

    If it wasn't for you, I would have suffered...

    Somehow they both sound right to me.... but am not very sure... What sayeth thee?

    (no subject)

    1. Is anyone else sick of TNT and basketball right now? I am. I want my law and order back.
    2. Are you rooting for any specific team? No, the pacers are out.
    3. Why does Yao Ming's jersey said Yao?!?!!? Everyone else's last name is on it, what makes him so special?

    exercise question

    Can anyone suggest any exercises that can be done in a limited space, ie, a bedroom, with no equipment other than an exercise mat, to tone thighs?

    I have fairly toned calves, but my thighs seem to have resisted the work i have put in on a cross ramp at the gym. I would go use the specialised weight machines at the gym, but I really don't have the time to go at the moment, so I want something that I can do at home to try and tone my upper legs. Any suggestions for specific exercises or for useful websites?

    Thanks in advance
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    (no subject)

    My friends and I are making a "Mock the Emos" party.
    It's just to poke fun. No harm.
    But since I don't really listen to emo music or know much about these kids I was wondering what should we have to make this a good party? What music? What should I wear? Stuff to do, etc.

    Edit: Sorry, jeez. It's just a themed party. We could of easily picked any group of people. I'm sorry if I made people upset.
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    (no subject)

    I was wearing a purse that goes over your shoulder in a tank top, and somehow it cut into one of my moles (I have quite a few, and "beauty marks") and I didn't feel it, but I think I cut one, and I thought it was a pimple so with out looking I picked at it, and a few hours my boyfriend noticed, and I picked it again, but it felt normal. Now it's crustish( but not actually peeling) around it.

    Is this normal? What should I do? Should I get it checked out? What are moles filled with?

    Poetry Question

    first of all, i'm HORRIBLE at poetry. writing it, understanding it...everything, haha. so bear with me here! for english homework we were each assigned 6 poems and we have to identify the poems' techniques. i identified 4 of them, but the 2 poems i have left i'm just drawing a total blank on. does anyone happen to know what poetic techniques are used in these two poems?:

    Spring Pools --Robert Frost

    Nothing Gold Can Stay --Robert Frost

    if anyone can help, i'd really appreciate it! :)
    mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx

    (no subject)

    My brother scraped up his forearm really badly when accidentally sliding down a tree and I was just wondering if there are any good ways to get rid of the pain, or does it just have to go away on its own as it heals?

    We've got neosporin, sterile gauze and an ace bandage on it now.
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    1) Does anyone has a record of a chat conversation that they had, where they were approached for sex?

    I need a real-life example for my research paper, but Google and Yahoo turned out nothing. ;(

    2) Anyone watched A Beautiful Mind? I missed the significance of what it meant when all the people surrounding John Nash started putting their pens on his table. What does that mean exactly?

    3) Are you happy most of the time, or is it the other way round?
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    (no subject)

    in the gwen stefani song "hollaback girl," are the lyrics "so it's not just gonna HAVE BEEN like that" or "HAPPEN like that"?

    thanks :)
    sorry, it's a kind of stupid question, but i was wondering.....


    What would be the best way of going about making my dark brown hair red?
    With properly red hair, how often would I have to re-do it in terms of stopping it from looking faded and avoiding obvious roots?
    How hard would it be to go from red back to dark brown?

    Does anyone know any sites that have 30’s, 40’s and 50’s hair styles?