May 22nd, 2005

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Shopping for a MP3 Player and Rambling About It

I'm starting the process of shopping for a MP3 player to replace my aging 6GB Archos Jukebox Brick.

So my initial impulse is, of course, IPOD! But I have lingering worries about being locked into iPod/iTunes forever, because, of course, once I have a sizable amount of music I wouldn't want to switch. In general I'm not a big fan of the Napster/Rhapsody To Go idea - "renting" most of my music. But for some reason it's sounding almost tempting. :P

Basic information: I want more space (even though my current player only has about 5GB filled up and I could actually stand to clean it out some). So I'm not really looking at the 6GB models like iPod Mini. I currently use iTunes as my music player on my computer and I like it. I've never really much liked Windows Media Player since, um, version 6? Not looking to spend more than the cost of a regular iPod ($300). Planned uses: car stereo, gym music, around home, etc. Mildly paranoid about it getting stolen or damaged or having premature death.

Advice anyone?
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Im in a very creative mood, and I want to do something artsy. its 1am. and aside from taking my SLR camera out and wasting a roll of film since I suck at night shots, what can I do that will cure this weird need for crafts?
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Cheating B4STARD!

Why do women blame other women for their husbands cheating on them?

I just got a crazy email from a wife asking me if I'd been contacted by some guy (whom I never had been). She went on and on about how I should NOT talk to, meet, or respond to this person UNTIL I talk to her. It sounded like the guy was abusive or a rapist or something, so worried that I might be contacted by him later, I responded to ask what was going on. Turns on he may or may not be cheating on her, they've been married for awhile, have kids, the relationship was wonderful until he apparently for no real reason started looking into me, I guess. (WTF?)

I assume she thinks she can stop her husband from cheating on her by informing every girl he ever looks up. Since I know she (and he?) found me from a personal ad, am I just crazy to wonder why she wouldn't say "Hey, what the fuck are you doing looking at personal ads when you're married to me?" I know I would.

What would you do if you found your husband (or wife) looking at personal ads (if you were monogamous)?

Travel Sick?

Has anyone heard of the show 'Travel Sick'? It originally aired in the UK on possibly Bravo, I'm not too sure I just know that currently when doing a search for the show on Yahoo! I get a link to a page on the Bravo UK website. I found out about the show a couple years ago when Comedy Central was doing a lil marathon here in the US of some of the episodes. I immediently LOVED the show. I know I'm sick and twisted and demented, but whatever I like it.

My question is does anyone have any info on where I could possibly purchase and/or download this show if purchase is not an option? I live in the US and really want to have this series, but as of yet I haven't had any luck in finding out the info I need. Any info greatly appericiated :)

Oh and if anyone is interested here is the link I found about the show on the Bravo UK website, check it out cause their's some show clips that are quite interesting... Travel Sick

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I have a huge lack of female artists in myjukebox. I want to make another girl mixed cd. unfortunatly all the female artists I actually like are the crappy pop guilty pleasure stuff. Spice Girls, and the like. Some of No Doubts old stuff too... Anyone have any good peppy girl artists? or songs in praticular
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This is easy. In my resume I want to put some extra things in, but my categogories professional skills, and employment skills..won't fit this in.

Like working for school newspaper, or being this..what should be the name of another category..sort of a cross between hobby/misc. skill..or something that sounds good. Man I'm so out of it.

Please help me!!!

On the OC this past Thursday, there was this AMAZING song playing at the very end of the episode. It sounded like a female voice and I think that synthesizers or something like that were used. I can't remember any of the words but I haven't been able to forget that damn song!!! If anyone can help me, I'll be eternally grateful!!
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I want to buy a vacuum but they are extremely expensive. I think I want one with a bag because when you empty the bagless ones, the dust and allergens, etc gets back into the air again. I want one that will work very well but it has to be less than 150, preferably less than 100. It needs to have detachments and a hose to clean furniture, hard to reach places, etc. What should I buy? What else should I look for in a vacuum? What kinds of things will I need to buy with it? filters? bags? etc? Can you please help me and make a recomendation? There are so many different kinds and I don't know what the differences are and the pros and cons...
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Spelling quiz time:

I'm going to spell a word phonetically (the way I'd pronounce it) and you have to try to spell it. I want to see how many people can actually spell these words. NO looking it up or checking the commments before hand. So, can you spell these words?




What other words do you think are extremely difficult to spell?

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1.Did anyone who saw Star Wars not like it? I mean...I fell asleep throughout alot of parts of it. I suppose I'm just not into those types of movie. But I really like Yoda!

2. Can you provide me with some pictures of 2003-2005 Rav 4's, preferably in turquoise, red, or orange? I'm planning on buying one, and need to see more before I make my decision. Thank you so much <3

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Yes this is a homework help kind of question. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. Just please refrain from the "figure it out yourself" type stuff.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why cheating (on exams) would be functional. Can you?

Various sports questions :)

1. I am the happy owner of a new squishy pillow (a pink/orange/green one, in the shape of a volleyball). What's the best way to clean it? It's probably pretty cheaply made, because it was only $5 at Albertson's. The tag says to spot clean only and not launder/dry clean, but I'm going to be taking it to volleyball tournaments and putting it all over various gym floors. Is there any way to more thoroughly clean it - perhaps on the hand wash or rinse cycle of my washing machine, in a lingerie bag? (It's a 87% nylon/13% polyurethane exterior.)

2. This is a question for volleyball players/basketball players/other indoor-sport-on-a-gym-floor players: What's the best way to keep your soles clean (so you get grip) on a dusty floor? Yesterday we played a volleyball tournament in a gym with really dirty floors, and I literally had to clean off my soles after every point. What I do now is wipe them on my socks or on my hand, but is there a better way that anyone knows?

3. Related to the last question, is anyone else really anal about keeping the soles of their indoor-sport shoes clean and in good condition? Unless I'm running really late to pratice or a tournament, or my coach has us run outside, I never wear my volleyball shoes out of the gym. I always take them off and put on sandals.

4. Do Active Ankle T2 braces have a "life span" - should I buy new ankle braces after a certain period of time, or just use them until they physically break?

5. Does plyometric jump training work? I've currently got about a 17" vertical (I'm 5'6") with no training, I know it varies but how much could I expect to gain and in how much time?

6. I actually like wearing it, but who came up with the idea that female volleyball players must wear spandex shorts?

7. Do you think it's okay to change shirts (at an athletic event) if you're wearing a sports bra? I try to do it discreetly, and most people don't care, but occasionally people give me odd looks.

designer handbags.

Can somebody explain designer handbags to me?

I don't get the hype. Louis Vuitton, Dooney&burke, and all those others. Why do people want to walk around with other people's intials on their purses? How come people pay so much money for purses that are too small to even carry a checkbook?

I can understand paying big $$$ for good quality, useful stuff (like shoes or watches), but most of these bags look like cheap vinyl or plastic.

Does anybody know how much it costs to make any of the designer handbags? How much are the little kids paid to make the purses and much do the materials cost?

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I'm running two computer systems, linked together via a router and Synergy (using one mouse/keyboard for both computers).

I was watering the plant on the shelf above it and a little bit welled up over the side and dripped on to the back of one the monitors. It immediately went black, shut off.

Now, when I plug it in and start it, the power and "power save" lights both blink, but nothing happens as far as picture. This is depressing and distressing, because I liked having two comptuers at once. Without a monitor, I'm screwed, blued, and tattooed as far as that's concerned.

It was only about two table spoons worth of water, but I guess anything is too much with electronics.

Anyone have any advice or know of anything I can do to try and ressurect this thing?
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big &amp; carrie at last (by stolen_jems)


I have an interview tomorrow for an Administrative Assistant job, and I HATE interviewing... I mean, why can't they just hire me because I'm cool, you know??

Anyway, the question I stumble most on is "What are your best/worst qualities"... I never know what to say, so I am open for suggestions of things that sound good :-)
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Yeah, I need some homework help. I have a paper due on "how music affects teenagers"...and I'm having a hard time getting into it. Does anyone have some suggestions...?
I can't think of ways that it really affects them besides image and such.

Anything at all would be extremely appreciated. Thank you!
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1. How do you make YOUR hard boiled eggs?
2. Have you ever had an infected tonsil?
3. What is the worst physical pain that you have ever been through?
4. Where would your dream wedding be set?
5. Who would attend?

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Does your blockbuster have a copy of the OC first season? I didnt get into the OC until the end of this season. and I really want to see the first season however both the nearest Blockbusters to me dont have it. Is it just not carried? I know the online one has it but, Im not motivated enough to cancel my account at the store etc etc. So I was wondering if maybe I went to a larger Blockbuster if maybe they'd have it. I wont spend $60 to buy it because well..I just cant justify spending that much on a DVD right now.
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you know how on your car, theres a little black switch on the rear view mirror that you can flip, and supposedly, it makes the headlights of the car behind you less bright? well when i do that, it just shifts the position of the mirror and i see the ceiling of my car instead of the back window. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I don't get it. How is it supposed to work? I read the owner's manual and I still didn't understand what I'm doing wrong.

For those with a sense of smell

Okay, maybe, it's just me and taking the marketing a bit much to heart, but I'm curious if any female actually likes the smell of the various Axe body sprays. Or any of the various aftershave or cologne type products. So, what's your experiences?
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How soon after a breakup is it okay for you to make a move on another person within the same friendship group?
Is it ever okay, under any circumstances?
Does it matter if it's a guy doing it or a girl?