May 21st, 2005

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How do I tell two of my new friends that I am comfortable being a free-thinker and I don't wish to convert to Christianity? =/

I like them - they're fun people to be around with. But every time I am with them, they would always bring around the topic of faith. I have tried to tell them before that I am happy with the way I am. But recently I mentioned that I like the Bibical stories and my friend interpreted it as that I am interested in converting. So yah... I don't wish to lose them as friends. But as the same time I don't want to be forced - which is the way I feel sometimes when they are harping on their faith. =X.
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Cold Sore Emergency!

I just started developing a cold sore tonight. I've been lathering it with Blistex anti-cold sore ointment, but I'm afraid it's not doing enough. I want this thing gone by Monday.

What should I do to get it gone fast?

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Is there anything in your life that you hate telling people about because it always feels like your bragging?

For me (even though simply asking this question feels like Im braggin =) ) Its that my mother is a dolphin trainer and since before my brain could retain memories I was around and swimming with dolphins. I spent every hour of every vacation I could @ The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas with those dolphins, they are like family. To me, its my life. I dont feel priveledged necassarily. but I always feel uncomfortable when I tell people, Im constantly hearing how lucky I am and how it's somebodies dream to swim with dolphins.
I really dont want to brag, and Im not intending to. But, thats a huge part of my life, and who I am. but, Im always very careful when I tell people about it.
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what is the meaning behind a wedding band?

i know the engagement ring is what it is.. the engagement ring, but is there an underlying meaning for the wedding band?

also, how do guys decide what engagement ring to buy for the wife to be?

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I'm renting a room in a fraternity. This is the second frat I've been in that's set up like this- everyone has a room that they share with someone else, but it's really just a place to get dressed/have your computer/live. Everyone shares a common sleeping room. the frat boys (both frats I've been in) call them "cold airs," likely because the windows are left open all the time(i have no idea about winer, actually) so it's freezing in there. All the sorority girls that are renting call them "racks".
If you've been in a fraternity/sorority, was your house set up like that? what did you call that room?

Why do they keep them cold like that?

A girl who sleeps in my room hits her snooze button about 6 times before actually getting up. every time her alarm goes off, it fucks up my trying to get back to sleep from the *last time* it went off. How do I want to word a note pinned to her bed? I was thinking something like "I have my own alarm clock, I don't need yours"- but I don't mind her having an alarm. I just mind hearing it every 5-10 minutes.
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1. Do you brush your teeth before or after you get dressed?
2. What was the last book you read?
3. What are your plans for today?

1. After, usually.
2. American Gods, Neil Gaiman
3. Soon I'm off to a friend's house to finish Resident Evil Four, and then I have to babysit.
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I am far from content right now.

Is anybody really, genuinely, honest-to-god HAPPY?

Maybe it's the depression talking, but lately I've been having a hard time seeing the point in anything. Although I have a good life and I am very fortunate in a lot of things, I just don't think I have anything to live for. I mean, there are something like 6 billion people on the earth, I am so insignificant. My life is far from spectacular and I'm having difficulty seeing the point in it.

I guess I need a pep-talk. Anyone got anything to say that could help me change the way I feel?


In case anybody who commented comes back across this post again, I just wanted to say thank you for everyone's comments. They all helped. I can always do with a different perspective on things like this! :)

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Is there some particular pollen that's around or something that blooms in late May? Every year right around the last week and a half of May, I get allergies... itchy, running eyes, sneezing, sore throat... etc.

I don't get allergies really any other time of year. What could it be?

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1. What is the purpose of a promise ring? (in your opinion)
2. Is there an age too young to have a promise ring?
3. Have you ever had a promise ring?
4. Is there a specific finger you are supposed to wear a promise ring on?
5. If you were in the army, and you were a couple states away for at least a couple months, what would you want sent to you in a care package? What if the care package were from your significant other?
6. What is the funnest/coolest/quirkiest/weirdest thing you have ever sent in a care package or a package to someone else?

EDIT: What if the promise ring were a promise for something other than marriage?
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Is it true that washing your hair every day is bad for it? How much should you wash it?

Has anyone in America heard of the Eurovision Song Contest? Is it ever on TV over there? If you've seen it, what did you think?
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i've recently joined a gym and started wokring out. i can't believe i didn't do this sooner, it's awesome. i've been going 3x/week +.
1.what's something you have always known you should be doing, but kept putting it off?
2. did you notice i haven't been posting?
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Unwanted dye job :(

My friend Jessie says I should ask this here.

You see, last weekend I put a WHITE stuffed animal in a backpack with a PINK feather boa... Somehow the pink "bled" onto the stuffed animal and now his butt is streaked in pink. He's one of my favorites and I hate seeing him in that condition.

I think due to the way he's made, I can't throw him in the washer. Here is a close-up of him. Before the ...accident, obviously. ;)

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get the dye off of him without destroying him?

I love my pajama Tigger. :}
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more work questions.....

i asked a question a few days ago about if you are asked to stay late at work, how late would you stay.... and i really appreciated all the responses!

but i have a variation of the question (sorry if my questions are stupid, my brain just doesn't function as smoothly as others' so i don't know what's common to react to specific situations.)

anyway... so *everyday* of the last week or so, i have been asked to stay late. it starts that they ask me to stay one extra hour and i agree. at the end of the hour they ask me to stay another hour. if i agree, they ask again at the end of that hour. no matter how much longer i stay (even one hour) it's hard on me because i always have a ride who i feel horrible about making wait or having to call over and over and tell them not to come yet. it's embarrassing and i feel bad because they are doing me a favor and i'm kinda unwillingly jerking them around.

well like i said, it's become an everyday thing. i can't remember the last time i got off at the time i was scheduled to.

i decided to mention it to the manager and i was PLANNING to include all the good stuff, like i love being there, i don't mind working long hours, i really like the job.... BUT i really want to know in advance.

but then i got nervous and i didn't really get to include the good stuff. i just started out with how it's become an everyday thing and she finished my sentence for me because she knew what i was going to say. so all i got to say was the complaint about how they ask me everyday and i'd like to know in advance.

so did i kinda fuck up? is it possible i left a bad impression like i'm whining about not wanting to stay late; since i forgot to add in that i really love being there and i don't mind working the longer hours, as long as i know ahead of time? does this make them see me as an undedicated employee?

should i have not even said anything in the first place and just accept the fact that i'm probably going to frequently be asked to stay late and take it with a grain of salt?

i asked some of the other girls how often they stay late and they said they've never really been asked to.

a manager has mentioned to me a few times that i'm a great sales person but she's also just really friendly so i don't know if that's her reason for asking me to stay OR if it's just cause i'm new and they are testing my boundaries to see how far they can yank me around?

how does one respond to this situation?

another question:

do you see thequestionclub more as a place where you expect members to entertain you with fun questions or as a place where you can help people find answers to their questions?

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so i worked as an extra in a lottery commerical and saw this girl i liked.
however, i didn't have time to really focus in and talk to her and she seemed too shy or not want to talk to me atall.
tomorrow is the last day of the shoot-and tonight before i left, her brother lost the token to pay for the parking and i didnt offer it to him.

im thinking if i did, it would have been good brownie points with her and her family.

should i talk to him tomorrow about it or not at all?
since it seems selfish by me not giving him my ticket or offering to help him.