May 20th, 2005

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laptops and kittens

How do you break yourself of an internet addiction?

My laptop hard drive crashed completely today, so I don't think I'll be spending too much time on the computer. Loverly. (I'm bitter.)

I plan on reading a lot, working out, and picking up guitar. I have no idea how long it'll be until I get my laptop back.

Also, for anyone who's had kittens on their hands, are synchronized bowel movements a natural phenomenon? I left the room for half a minute and when I came back all four of them had pooped. Glory be the smell.
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Random questions...

Is there a better term than feminist to describe someone who works for equality between the sexes?

My nails suck right now due to poor diet and stress, are the hair and nail vitamins worth buying?


If you were about to be executed what would your last request be?

Do you think it is always best to be open and honest about your feelings?

Who is your favourite person on LJ and why?

(no subject)

What would be a good gift for someone who has let you stay at their house for two weeks

1.They're middle age

2.They're family

I was thinking about a bunch of gourmet coffee, but I did that last time. Something in the under 25 range would be helpful.

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I mailed a package at the post office on friday afternoon. I had to buy the envelope so, with that it and shipping it was $4 something. Its going from Michigan to California. I havent heard from the person I sent it to yet (it was a surprise) so, my question is when would you guess it would get there? Im assuming it probably wasnt shipped until monday, but I dont know. and the sticker he put on it said "first class mail" or something but I dont think I got any quick delivery stuff.
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have you ever had a sleep deprived hallucination? drug induced? natural chemical imbalance?

what did you "see" and how do you know it was a geniune hallucination as opposed to you thought you saw something out of the corner of your eye?

if an employer asks you to stay longer than your shift, how much longer would you stay? and how do you eventually say "ok, i'm ready to go home now" while still keeping your credibility? and what if you honestly just don't want to stay, do you suck it up and stay anyway?

how can i motivate myself to do my laundry and clean my room? i've gotten to the point where i'm washing an outfit a day because the pile is so intimidating.
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(no subject)

I want to plot out exactly how my dream car will look, after I add a new paintjob, flames (hehe shut up! i think they're cool!).. So I want some like outlines of the car, a 64 1/2 mustang, like black outlines on white paper. Where can I find these sort of pictures to print out?

I dun know how to search for this on google since "mustang stencil" brought up nothing like this. Can you help?

(no subject)

1. What do you call your grandparents? Grandma? Bubie? Baba? Nan? Etc?

2. I was shopping yesterday, and I was looking at bottles of water. Anyway, not all brands, but most like Naya and Presidents Choice have something weird on the label. Where it tells you how many litres are in the bottle, it uses a comma instead of a decimal point (I but the one and a half liter bottles to bring to school). So it says 1,5 L instead of 1.5 L. Why?

3. I'm going to NYC for 4 days next week. What should I bring that I would never think of?
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Is it true that when you're sick (with a cold or something) and already showing symptoms, people can no longer catch it?

also...why do girls always bitch at guys for leaving the toilet seat up? if it's not polite that they leave it up, isn't it not polite that we leave it down? a girl and i dont think it's fair.


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A friend of mine at work is heavily into the OC and the Apprentice, but her vcr crapped out and she didn't tape last week's episode of each (that would be the ones the aired on the 12th). Did any of you tape it? I'll be willing to make a deal with you to get a copy.
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(no subject)

In your town (or state) what is the most overrated tourist attraction?

Most underrated/underappreciated/coolest thing to see/do in your town or state?

Where do you live?

(I'd have to say the most overrated place Maryland is known for is Ocean City. Tourist mecca, amd just plain stupid. Too crowded to ever even just sunbathe.)
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Good Reads

Time to download another audiobook! Again, I'm stumped for what to pick out.

What are you reading right now? Any good fiction books being read?
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When do you consider someone to be anorexic or have an eating disorder? Is it when they weigh less than something? Its it when they starve themselves for a certain amount of time? Is it when they vomit after every meal? Or is it when they eat excessively all the time?

I'm just curious as to when someone thinks they have an ed... and medically when do you have one?
Also, when do you no longer have one? When are you healthy and recovered?
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Hello everyone!
I've decided to go contra-dancing at the request of a friend.

1. Does anyone have contra-dance tips for first timers?

2. The dance hall asks that people wear soft-soled flat shoes. They also said not to wear street shoes.
Well I'm kind of confused. What should I wear? Can you give me an example of a soft-soled, flat, non-street shoe?
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(no subject)

What are the most interesting coincidences that have affected you, or that you've been witness to?

I think the one that amuses me the most is the fact that of the six or so birthdays of people at my school that I know, three of us (one is me) divide the year into exactly 3 parts of 4 months each. (2/22, 6/22, and 10/22)

And the other two are the two that I relate to the most. :P
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Does anyone else bank at Wells Fargo?

I swear every time I go in there, no matter which branch I visit, I'm ruthlessly hounded about opening a student checking account/credit card (nevermind that I don't want one atm...) so I'm starting to they have commission on those or something?!

Upgrades, laptops & questions

1. What's the best way to get an upgrade on a long haul flight?

2. Any particular laptop manufacturers I should avoid? I'm looking for a new one and am not going with eMachines again.

3. What question do you get asked most often? And what's the answer to the question?
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Two entirely unrelated questions!!

1.Why do DVDs play so quietly on my computer?

I use Windows XP if that matters. No matter what program I play DVDs through, PowerDVD or Windows Media, and no matter if they're the actual DVDs or DVD files I ripped through DVDShrink, I always have to turn my speakers up WAY loud for them to be decently audible. Then I always forget to turn it back down and later my computer screams

... and I wet myself. So if anyone knows any ways I can make DVDs play louder... let me know and save me some changes of underwear.

ETA I should mention that I I turn up everything I know how to turn up, I'm just wondering if I'm missing something. I turn up the DVD program, the main volume of the computer, and all the sub-controls like Video, CD Audio, etc. I've also had this same problem with 2 different sets of speakers, so it's not them... Really this sounds pretty hopeless ;)

2. Why am I working this summer?
Well, I'm working to give me something to do other than watching reruns on TV, sleeping too much, and eating recreationally. But I'm working like 30 hours/week (which I might drop to 20) at $6.50/hour and I have no real need for this money. I mean I have kind of a general idea of "I'm earning my own money so when I buy clothes or order takeout over this summer or at school next year, it's no longer my Dad's money, who is already paying my college tuition." It's more fun though to have a specific goal in mind. What should I save up for? Or what philosophy should I tell myself to justify my job?
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Okay, I'm dumb. I have a can of corn, and a microwave, and a bowl... do I have to add water, or salt, or anything?

I probably won't make it until I've had a chance to steal some salt and/or butter from work, but just so I know.

Slow Internet

1. Why the effffffffff is my Internet so slow?? I'm on a fiber-optic connection (Surewest/WINfirst) that's usually super-fast. But for the past few days, it's been ridiculously slow (possibly slower than dialup at times) when I load webpages, download programs and send files. Strangely, Limewire sometimes works fairly quickly and other times really slowly (but when it's fast, the Internet is still slow). We have it split on a wireless network that we've had for at least a year, it's a Linksys router and my computer receives it on a Netgear adapter, if that matters. But my sister's Internet (using the Linksys router) is very slow too.

I did a thorough purging of spyware, cache/history/cookies etc., and multiple virus scans and nothing turned up except for some spyware.

2. Why won't it let me reformat my screen name? I signed up for myscreenname (not really) and later reformatted it to My ScReEn NaMe. It's been like that for several months, now whenever I try to change it back to myscreenname, or My Screen Name, or MYSCREENNAME it won't do it. :(
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I'm currently using a laptop that isn't mine. Every freakin' time I close this thing it puts itself into sleep mode. Usually this is just annoying but lately I've been downloading things and every time it goes into sleep mode it kicks itself offline and doesn't download. There's this little bitty button that gets pressed when you close the laptop that's the cause of the sleep mode.

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How the heck do I make this stop? I want to be able to close the damn thing and keep it online!


i have to do a page report on the history, culture, family life, reliogus beleifs of ireland. I have been serching for such a long time and all i can find is sites for traveling to ireland. I have so much work to do and no tijme at all i was jsut wondering if anyone knew wherre i culd go to jsut get real quick facts on ireland.

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How much do you think the ideal weight is for a girl who is about 5'1"? I know I'm underweight but I don't think it's as bad as so many people try to tell me. I'm short so of course the number sounds really low to a girl who is like 5'8". =/ How much do you think I need to gain? (I'm 80 - 85 pounds).

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Vegetarians, vegans, health nuts, etc:
Mostly directed at the preachy ones.
Peta likely won't stop until the world is vegetarian, and they might hold out till we're all vegan. How about you?
I don't eat red meat or pork. There are people out there who eat all sorts of meat, but very little of it. are you happy with this? does it give you the slightest twinge of hope for humanity? Or do you demand that they stop playing favorites in the animal kingdom, or that they admit that they cut down on meat because deep down inside they know it's wrong?

unrelated: who here plays adventurequest? for me right now, the darkzard server, all of it's down. not even down, claiming to not exist. invalid hostname, 404...

also unrelated: I have a dead pixel. it shows up red. it used to show up blue. before, there was one red and one blue dead pixel, but i rubbed them with my finger and the red one went away. now the red one is back. 1. why? 2. arounf the dead pixel, the pixels seem to be weak, like they're foggy or not full power or something. should I be expecting their demise?