May 19th, 2005

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So, my older brother is into going to casinos and today he got some gambling survey in the mail that they wanted him to fill out. One of the questions I thought was really weird: "What is your favorite card suit?" The first thing I thought was "Does anyone really have a favorite card suit?"

Which brings me here. I have to know. What is your favorite card suit? O.o

sex, lies and .....

what is your definition of having sex?
does oral sex count? fingering? etc....

and when you are in a committed monogamous relationship...what do you consider cheating? like...what would your partner do that you would consider cheating?
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Sorry, but I wanted to expand on the previous question,

Would you consider the following cheating:

cyber sex?
confiding in other women?
dancing closely?
flirting provocatively?
getting private dances at strip joints?
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inspired by a recent question.....

say, hypothetically, that emotions could be given a number.

let's say that [+100] is ecstatic, top of the world, couldn't imagine more happiness if you tried.

and that [-100] is complete and utter devastation, pain worse than you could ever imagine, refusal to continue face the world.

but then let's say that [+10] is, hm, that was kinda cool.

and [-10] is, hm, that kinda sucked.

0 is neutral.

would you rather live in a [+100] - [-100] world, or a [+10] - [-10] world?

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Exorcist Beginning or Exorcist Dominion?

Okay, help me out here. From what I've found on Fandango and IMDB, it looks like the "Exorcist: Dominion" that is coming out this week is the exact same movie as "Exorcist: The Beginning" that came out last year.

If this is the case, why? Why release the same film in theatres one year later under a different title?

If not, what's the difference?
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I want to learn the acoustic guitar. I can already read music so I want to do it that way not by tabs. Any suggestions for what kind of guitar i should buy and what kind of material for learning?
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Car names?

Where can I find a list of like, every car name (and it's manufacturer) known to man?

i.e. Chevy Monte Carlo, Dodge Viper, Chrysler New Yorker, etc....

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What kind of booze does your grandpa drink? Mine drinks Canadian Mist. He keeps it in this really old plastic bottle that he uses for a flask. Sometimes he drinks Miller High Life too. How 'bout your grandpa?

music recommendations.

I'm creating my "Music To Have a Perfect Summer To" CD Mix tonight for my friends & family. My question is:

Do you have any recommendations for great summertime/fun music? Preferrably of the rock/pop/neo-soul genres.

So far, I have:

1. The Chemical Brothers - The Golden Path
2. Ryan Adams - So Alive


day cares/ divorced parents

1. Did any of you younger folks go to a daycare? do you remember it? how did you feel about it/ did you really notice or was it just a way of life?

2. For you with divorced parents: When your parents remarried, did your step mother/father treat you like one of their own or as something they just had to put up with? Did they go out of thier way to make you comfortable with them or isolate you or what?
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I am looking for food co-ops in Chicago. Is there anywhere online that I can get a listing? I've tried google, but to no avail.


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am I banned or something? D:

Anyone else having trouble accessing DeviantArt??

EDIT: Um, ok...before, when I was logged in, it wouldn't show me anything besides these "please subsribe" and "page forbidden" pages when I tried to go to the home page, clicked on an outside link, clicked on my messages, etc. Then I logged out, and it worked fine, so I logged in again, and now it works fine. WTF...?

More points against DA. D:

(So, I wonder if that's happened to anyone else lately or if I'm just special or something >_>....)

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i feel terrible...

i went to get tips and a pedicure today. i thought i had $60, but i only had $45. the total came to $44, and therefore i didnt have money to tip. now that i'm home i have found the rest of my money (in the pants pocket of the jeans i was wearing before). should i go back now and tip the ladies, or tip extra the next time i go? i feel so horrible, i never would have went without enough money to tip. =0(
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If anyone here lives/lived in England, I could really use your help.

I'm going to be studying in England all of next year, and I'm starting to decide what to pack, since I can't take that much stuff. I think I'm going to need to buy some clothes over there, both because I can't take all my clothes and a bunch of my stuff is outdated and doesn't fit (because I lost a bunch of weight spring semester).

So...where should I shop? I'd like to find someplace that's not TOO expensive (I'll be on a strict budget) that has good quality stuff. Nice, but not too trendy. Any suggestions?

I also have to do my own cooking and my cooking skills are not really that great. Does anyone have good, easy to make recipes that require fairly cheap ingredients? Anything is fine, I don't have any dietary restrictions.

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iam having more problems with my computer.

i was just trying to minimize my internet pages when it froze and when i did the control,alt,delete thing, the task manager said not responding so i tried to shut it down and then it froze and after coming back after a while,
i did the control,etc thing and a blue screen appeared saying system is busy and when it did come back, the web page that i was trying to close was there but the screen was blank except for a few things like t he search engine box.

any help would be great.

thank you.
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Yeah, I've been looking through the recent postings and I can't find the one regarding webhosting I saw here not too terribly long ago... so I apologize in advance... 'sides, I'm clueless regarding webhosting and need a couple of pointers...

Any recommendations for a webhosting service?

What minimum storage space should I look for?

What minimum bandwidth should I look for?

Anyone to stay away from?

Any other suggestions? I wanna register and host my site, but I don't know where to begin...
(at the moment, it'll be basic, but I'll want to expand to a small commerce site)...
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I have $5 to buy dinner. I don't want fast food. Can you think of a meal I can make/get for $5 that involves no cooking/minimum cooking? (I'm lactose intolerant and I can't have garlic so food with those in them are a no no)
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I just right-clicked a song to play it in another player other than the default and accidentally clicked Firefox. How can I stop Firefox from playing it? Closing the browser doesn't work.
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Make-up Question

I am curious about the quality of make-up products, particularly eyeshadows and mascara. I have prom on Saturday and I want to do my own make-up and I know HOW, I just want to know what brands of eyeshadow last the longest and apply well because most of mine never seem to last long.

In addition, if you have any knowledge on the subject, what color eyeshadow would look good with a pale yellow dress? I wanted to have some color so i was thinking green/gold or purple/gold. My eyes are green and my hair is auburn/red, if that helps at all.

(I would post this in beauty community but I don't want to join one JUST to ask this one question, however I will if it really would be a better option).

Thanks. :)

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Is it possible to have a zit inside your mouth? I think I have one right behind my teeth.

Also: I think I grind my teeth. Am in fact fairly certain of this, because my canines are nearly flat. I know you can get dentist fitting thingies to put in your mouth at night to keep that from happening, but to they make OTC ones? where would I find them? would they cause a great deal of overnight drooling?