May 18th, 2005


Painting Within A Painting

Odd question, but what is the title and artist of that "painting within a painting"? I remember there are a lot of these types, but I'm looking for the most well known (or artist most well known for it). Basically, you'll have a painting of a person or whomever with a painting that is the exact image of the actual painting, so it's kind of like nested one inside the other, going on infinitely. Much thanks~ This has been bothering me forever.
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Hey battah battah battah

What’s the most memorable heckle you’ve ever heard at a sporting event?

Mine was one I overheard at a Giants game: “Get off your knees, ump, you’re blowin’ the game!”

It was the kind of heckle that prompted a pause, and then light, then HEARTY laughter.
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(no subject)

Is there a single word that describes spelling, grammar, and punctuation – a word that is to writing what the word "diction" is to speech? I think there is, but it's escaping me...

[edit: got it]
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Songs and Love

What song/s describe your love life?

Mine would be, Nightwish's "Ever Dream" and black tape for a blue girl's "All My Lovers".

(EDIT: Bonus if you include the lyrics/a link to the lyrics so it's easier for people to see)

(Note: The second one is a must-listen for any poly/open relationship people!)
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(no subject)

Im sending out my graduation announcements soon. and Somehow I want to put into writing that instead of gifts I would appreciate money as a donation or whatever to my trip out west (Im moving out west in August for school and driving =P) but I cant figure out how to put that into words that...A) dont sound like Im just openly asking for money and B) flow.

Have I already posted this question here? Sorry if I have.
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(no subject)

I have really dry skin. My mom suggested it's because our water is heavily chlorinated, but my face is the only part of me that's affected. It's not just a little dry, it's like industrial strength sandpaper.

I use Aveeno moisturizer, which works as long as I apply it every hour or so. But the dryness never goes away. People say my face has no pores whatsoever. It's nice because I almost never have acne, but I hate when my boyfriend puts his hand on my cheek and instead of feeling soft skin, he feels tree bark. He's very sweet about it, but still. Sometimes, it's so bad that you can see tiny white flakes all over my skin. I don't wear any makeup, but if I rub my face on my shirt sleeve, it leaves a white streak.

I always wear sunscreen when outside (I'm very fair skinned) and I drink tons of water. What am I doing wrong? Am I stuck with dry skin forever?

edit- don't have health insurance, can't see a doctor :/
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(no subject)

What's the weirdest thing people have said to you upon finding out you were an out-of-towner (i.e. visiting another state or country)?

My story:

Big ol' church bus from Tennessee pulls up in the parking lot of a CVS in Sandusky, OH. There must be 20 kids on bikes in the neighborhood, they all swarm up to the bus. One approaches us and this dialogue ensues:

"Are you from Tennessee? (Pronounced: Tenn-UH-SEEEEEE)"
"Um, yeah."

And as a side question, is anyone from Sandusky or otherwise northern OH and noticed the kids-on-bikes thing?

(no subject)

What would be the website of a nationwide (USA) ticket master?

Do you know of a music festival happening not too from seattle the weekend of May 28th/29th?

EDIT: could it be the sasquatch festival for memorial weekend at the gorge?

What do you bring to a music festival where you're going to camp?

(ps. dumb questions maybe but i aint in the US of A).

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For all you kids who like the news and clips, here ya go.

His name is James Wring, he's suing the city of Portage (Indiana) for excessive use of force from being tasered, claims he has a medical condition, was arrested for possession of marijuana on Friday and early Tuesday morning he called the police on himself for being drunk and went to jail again.

On this site are his 911 clips where he ends up crying to the dispatcher. It's entertaining.

BTW, is it Fark worthy? If so, can you submit it for me? My account can't submit for 24 hours.

(no subject)

is anyone (or do you know someone who is) actually waiting in line for star wars sometime today? i heard on the radio this morning that people are already camping out in my town for star wars.

Sex questions...

I had a sex talk with my dad (lol - we are fairly open about discussing some things) and we discussed a few interesting things.

I should add that I'm talking about high school sex here...I imagine (really really hope!!) that guys are more mature about things in "the real world".

(Some things under a cut to avoid offending anyone)

1. How do you define the "bases"? Apparently it varies slightly in different regions and generations and stuff.
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2. Also, is it technically correct to say Collapse )?

3. Why do guys expect Collapse ) from girls now, more than they did 30 or 40 years ago? My dad said back when he was in high school of course a guy wanted it, but a guy didn't necessarily *expect* it like some do now.

4. Why do you think it is that a guy is more likely to ask for a Collapse ) than a girl is likely to ask the guy to reciprocate?

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What are some of the topics you have written argument essays on?

I need some help to get my ideas flowing. We have to cite our sources for our final paper. Im going blank for a topic, and im thinking because we have to cite it there are some certain topics that we cant write about. Im not sure, because he hasnt gotten over the citing part yet, but I want to get a head start this time. I want to think of a few topics to run by him, because the last paper I did I made it harder than it was supposed to.

How do you get your ideas?

EDIT: I cant do topics like gun control, abortion, gay marriages, etc. It has be a bit more narrow, so I can I have a solid defendable thesis.

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The older I get the more confused I am with grammar. I could blame it on the spanish and chinese, but eh.

When do I use then or than? I know for than you use it definitely when it comes to math. Like "I have more apples than oranges", or something.


Drug question

Is it normal to get really trippy after just a puff of a cigarette your first time? I couldn't walk straight and stared at my wallet for a while for no particular reason after a single puff. (Well, I smoked the whole thing wrongly before and then did the last puff right and everything got really weird.)
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Does anyone know something that will make hair grow in faster? My 4 year old twins gave each other haircuts this morning and even with trip to the salon to fix the cuts, it looks pretty bad! They have their dance recital in about 3 weeks. Is there anything I can do to make it grow back in faster? As short as they've shorn it, I don't even think I could get the barrette that matches the costumes into it.

Anyone else hate AP classes with a passion?

They are so pointless and stupid, especially when the AP tests are over with. My english teacher is having us read really long books in a week & write our own AP test questions based on a passage from our book. WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT?!?!?

So I guess I have a few questions:
1) Anyone else hate AP classes with a passion?
b) What is the point in them after the AP tests are over with?
Mi) Who else is fed up with school?
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My school has ended, and I'm severely bored out of my skull. All my friends have a few weeks left (and finals), so I can't bother them. I'm leaving in a little less than a month, so I can't get a job.. I have no car/license, and I'm not within walking distance of anything interesting.. just a bunch of forest.

I've cleaned the house, reorganized my entire room, I'm out of good books to read, and the video games were all beaten weeks ago..

I don't want to keep sleeping and livejournaling my days away.. Got any suggestions as to how I could keep myself busy?
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(no subject)

1. have you ever use mederma scar treatment or any OTHER scar treatment? what was your experience? did it completely remove your scars or just minimize them? how long did it take to see results? what were the scars from and what were the condition before using it?

2. do you lock the bathroom door when on the toilet? what about in the shower?

3. do you lock your bedroom door when you are sleeping? what about when you're in there awake?

4. what time do you go to sleep and wake up when you have nowhere to be, no reason to set the alarm, for days or weeks at a time?
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Liberation theology

Anyone know of good books that explain it well? It's for Vampire LARP character research, it seems like a natural fit for a Catholic Brujah, but I don't know much about it... so any resources would be appreciated. Books, websites, magazines, etc... I'd like resources covering the basic explanation of "what is it" as well as pro and anti LT information.
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(no subject)

So..the dance from Napoleon Dynamite...any websites that teach you how to do it..and any websites that have..just that dance that someone can watch over and over again?

Yeah. I know there are..but any good ones?

Don't ask. My friends be loons.

(no subject)

So, here's the scoop. I need some good websites where they sell vintage type panties and bras. Vintage clothes in general. Not used stuff, though. Like cute, 40's fashion. Think the Notebook, just sexier. Think pin-up girls. Yes, PIN UP GIRLS. These are the clothes I need. I'm doing a modeling shoot and I need some outfits like this. Any websites to help me out?!?!

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(no subject)

I have a tech question and im hope you all can answer it.

i have a d link to my dads comp and after resetting our computer so that the dlink works again,
the connection has slowed down considerably.

does anyone know why it might be slowing down or not connecting at all?


(no subject)

Anyone know anybody that makes icons? That wouldn't mind making icons? If I gave credit? I need some and nobody is helping me :(

Also....anyone else an obsessive teeth brusher/flosser/mouth washer? I can't seem to get them clean enough!!!

Please say no!

Did CBS cancel Judging Amy?

The season finale seemed to wrap things up nicely, sort of like they expected to not come back. I can't find anything about it anywhere. NBC already snagged my American Dreams...they can't take my Judging Amy too.
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recycling polypropolene?

are plastics with recycling code 5 stamped on them recyclable with the rest of the stuff the county picks up weekly, or do they need to be recycled in some special way?

i googled for plastic code 5 but all i'm able to determine is that it's polypropolene. it's unclear as to whether this can be put in with the rest of the weekly pickup.

i'm in new jersey, if that matters.
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(no subject)

Which do you prefer, physical pain or emotional pain? If you had to be in either intense physical pain or intense emotional pain for the rest of your life with no hope of recovery for either one, which would you choose?

spray tan/mystic tan.

So I am thinking of getting this for prom, which is this Saturday. Three days away. I have a few questions about it (obviously)

1. Does it irritate/make more noticeable pimples on your back?
2. How do you ensure that it doesn't come out orange?
3. Do I have to exfoliate right before?
4. Do I shower before or after getting the spray?

and lastly.. and probably most importantly cuz it's the main reason im getting it...

5. I have bacne (acne on your back) that is kind of noticeable when you are about 1.5 feet away. Will the spray tan sort of act as a "concealer" and hide these? Or will they just make them more noticeable?

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Another Ramen Question!

Does anybody know of a store that carries a brand of ramen called Smack? Wal-Mart used to carry it, but then they switched to that Maruchan crap that every store in the world has.

Smack ramen is distributed by Union Foods. They claim that Smack's share of the ramen market is increasing, but it sure doesn't seem like it. :o(
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My first question

I am going to New Orleans in a couple of days.

Question, any good "hidden treasures" in New Orleans that you have found, or you really like that I should visit?

What is your favorite vacation spot/place of all time?

(hi, I am new - first post :) )

(no subject)

Chemically speaking, what does alcohol do to your brain that makes you feel happy when you are depressed? I mean, does it release certain amino acids, serationin, block certain receptors, what? Why does it work to make me happy?

(no subject)

1. What are your favorite television shows?
2. What television shows do you hate?
3. When you go to the hair salon how much do you tip the person who washes your hair and how much do you tip the one who does your hair? Or if one person does all of it how much do you tip him/her?
4. How often do you go to the hair salon? Do you only go to get your hair cut or if you want to color your hair or something or do you go often to get a "wash and blow"? Or do you never go and do it on your own/have your mom do it/have your friend do it/whatever?

Guitars, Tax Policy, and Language

Can I bring a guitar on a flight as a carryon, or would I have to check it in?

Also, this is going to sound a little fuzzy and incoherent, but whatev. Why does the IRS create/publish tax brackets for the gift/estate tax when most gifts and estates are exempt up to a point? In other words... they publish a form that tells you what your tax would be on a gift of, say, $200. However, you don't have to pay tax on that gift since it doesn't exceed the limit (something like a million) that you have to reach before you start paying taxes on it. What's the point of that? Is it just to display the progressivity of the tax, and to show how they got the tax for each successive bracket?

So, I'm going to a foreign country this summer to do intensive language study- two hours of class a day, plus pretty much immersion everywhere else. However, it'll only be three months. How much improvement do you think is impossible/typical during that kind of timespan? I'm hoping to completely test out of the 201/202 classes- is that possible?