May 17th, 2005

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More cell phone questions...

Ok I posted the other day questioning about if I would be able to use an Unlocked cell phone and I got some favorable ansewers so now I have another question. I've been browsing eBay for a good phone at "resonable" cost and I've come upon a concern. There is this phone the Motorola V620 which is NOT available in Americia, where I live, however it is unlocked so in theory it would be ok.

Now my question, has anyone brought/used a phone from a different country and what were the results? I checked out at the Motorola UK website and the phone does run on the GSM network, so no problems there, and the description also mentions "Quad-band functionality for use across the globe"</a> so that would mean that there wouldn't be a problem using the phone in America, right?

I'm just looking for opinions and any info anyone has right now cause I want to make an informed decisoin since the last phone I brought turned out to be a POS and is now the reason I need to buy a new one. So yeah any info at all would be a big help...thx :)
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(no subject)

Is there a way, in Outlook Express, to send a carbon copy of your emails (automatically and without the sender's knowledge) to a different account?

Also, what is a way to get one parent to talk to the other?

Oh, and just for clarification's sake, I am not attempting to spy on any emails, as I was apparently accused of. My parents are having a tiff and I was wondering if one was recieving the emails of the other without the first one's knowledge. Merely wondering if it is possible.
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(no subject)

I learn so much in this community it's amazing!

Two more questions though. I have a quote from antoher community that goes "Jamie left with some small tittied blondie, who was a butterface". WTF is a butterface? All I can possibly see is a girl with greasy skin. Where did it the term come from?

Second question. Who is Morrissey? On the same community there was some pitures posted. He looks alright but have never heard his music. From what I gather the man is a musical diety. Can somone enlighten me?

Oh and icon is either shagging a weet-bix, crumpet or a hash brown. I like to think it's a crumpet.
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1. if you make only minimum payments on your credit card, but always on time, does it in any way lower your credit rating?

2. i know that if you have a "negative balance" on a credit card it's essentially like having money to spend, right? is there any reason not to make a huge payment and keep a negative balance on a credit card to give yourself spending money without having to later make payments with interest? similar to debit cards, but on your credit card? like, is there a fee if you do this? or do they still apply interest payments? does this falter yuor credit rating in any way? do people ever do this?

3. do you have a credit card? how often do you use it and for what types of purchases? how old were you when you got it?

4. what is your current balance? (you don't have to share that if it's too personal.)

Road Trip!

My friend and I are taking a road trip around Lake Michigan next week and are camping along the way. Anyone have suggestions for great campsites, terrible campsites to avoid, or cool things to do? I know the main MI part pretty well, but any info on the UP or WI parts would be greatly appreciated.

Also, my main question is this: Any good creepy small town/rural set books to read along the way?

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Hello Metro toolbar

Is anyone familiar with Hello Metro toolbar? It has a disclaimer that reads:
Privacy: As always HelloMetro will uphold our strict privacy guidelines. This toolbar does NOT contain Spyware, Adware, Viruses, or other manipulative devices. The toolbar does NOT look at computer files or collect personal information. We do anomalously track the number of toolbar downloads and searches across all toolbars with no personal identifiable information. Please send us an email (Contact Us) if you have any questions or concerns.
I am forever looking for local information and maybe this would help - I just don't want to install anything like the nightmare that was Hotbar.

Any experience? Thanks.


Decision Making

If you had to make the decision of either moving to a city- cross country from your current location- so that you could find a job, and possibly one in your field- or stay in your current city, where you aren't exactly thrilled to be- with the possibility of having found and being with "the one," which would you choose?

Also, there is also no chance of the other person moving, as they are very happy with their job in the current city.

(no subject)

If you were in the showcase showdown on the Price is Right. Would you bid $25,000 on a showcase that has a brand new corvette, a vacation to Napa Valley and a Hot Air Balloon ride?

I didn't think so.

//end rant

Domain names

I hate asking this question because it's been asked so many times before, but who would you recommend to register a domain name with? seems to be the best one, since it looks like it's cheapest without hosting, which I don't need, but then again I really haven't shopped around. I'm looking at .name and domains, possibly (and I'd love to get, but there's no way I'm paying over a thousand USD for it)
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(no subject)

My friend is getting married and I'm one of the bridesmaids. She told us all that she wasn't going to make us wear foofy dresses or anything - we get to pick our own, just as long as it's simple, respectable, and black. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a petite girl and I detest shopping for dresses.

Besides David's Bridal, does anyone know of any decent (and somewhat not expensive) online places to look for dresses? I think I might have my aunt bust an assist and help me make one, but I want to get some ideas first. Keep in mind that I am plus sized (20/22) and we have to keep this tasteful - she's marrying a preacher.
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What's your personality type?

1) Are you aggressive? Passive? Passive-agressive? Or something else?

2) Do you consider yourself to have a dominant or a submissive personality?

3) Do you run from confrontation, or do you take it head on?

4) Which personality type do you get along best with?
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skin deep.

whether or not it was intended with malice, what is the most hurtful or embarrassing thing that has been said to you regarding your physical appearance?

this is cross-posted to tmi_chix and some of the answers over there are more interesting because that community allows anonymous posting. just sharing in case anyone cares to see other answers.

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This is it's own question, but it's based off the post previous:

WHY are you required to buy your own garments if you're in a wedding? I don't understand that concept.

You are getting married. You wish to enjoy the occasion with your family and friends. Yet, the people in the wedding party have to pay for their own dresses/tuxedos/what-have-you?

Why is it fair, acceptable and common practice to require people to purchase expensive garments that you can typically only wear once when it's YOUR big day and YOUR wedding? If not for you, they wouldn't be out the $100+ it costs to outfit themselves properly.

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mouse cursors

How do you make your own mouse cursor and/or icons? Is there some free program available?

Yes, I googled it, and I came up with loads of junk. And I'm tired of trying to sort through it. >_

(no subject)

anyone ever been a mystery shopper?
if so-how do you know if certain ms ads are reputable?

also-online extra ad i saw in the paper-they want my card number for registration.
so does ms.

how do i know if these guys are reliable?


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This is for those of you that have taken Zoloft.

My doctor put me on it to try to help with my binging. I was taking Effexor before, but now I'm tapering off of it and replacing it with Zoloft.

Another girl told me that she actually gained weight when she took Zoloft. So I was just many of you noticed a difference in your weight while taking it? Did you gain or lose? Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

You are walking across the street when you see a large truck hurling torwards you that was unaware of the red light. If you simply stopped and stared at it, did not make the decision to run or try to get out of the way, would you be committing suicide? What if you were acting not out of fear but out of the decision to simply let it hit you?

(no subject)

Is it normal to disassociate (when things don't seem real anymore...they may seem plastic or facades,etc)? I 99.9% sure I'm not schizophrenic but I do seem to disassociate often. Any insight?
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(no subject)

1. The disc drive in my laptop is being a bitch. I think it's dying. It has a hard time coming open, and when I stick a disc in and close it, it sounds like it tries to spin, then kinda gives up. Is it fixable, and if so, how? If not, is there some kind of external drive with a USB hook-up I can buy, or do I need to have a new one installed?

2. Is there a website with a vegan/vegetarian "food pyramid", some kind of chart that lists all the essential daily vitamins/minerals/proteins/carbs/etc. and non-animal-derived foods from which to get them?

3. Does anyone here read maximumrocknroll magazine?

Edit: sorry for the double post, y'all. My connection sucks.


What are some of the most effective ways you've personally improved your vocabulary? This may sound like a dumb question, what with google and all, but when I search the web there are a million sites giving all kinds of techniques, word lists, word games, etc all saying theirs is the best way or one of the best ways. I like looking at them all but I'm wondering what you would say personally worked for you (any techniques, web sites, books etc that you want to mention would be of great help and very appreciated). I read of course, and enjoy it, but I'm looking to take my studying of vocabulary the extra mile.

Thank you.