May 16th, 2005

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Is the new Nine Inch Nails album good? If so, should I buy it in the store or get it from iTunes?

Edit: Bought it from iTunes. Listened to it once. Nothing jumped out at me as being particularly awesome, but I think it's an album that will grow on me.
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Hey, i'm a complete procrastinator (like all of you) and i have a project due tomorrow.

If anyone has a mouse, or hampster, or gerbil:

I need to know how long a 4lb bag of food would last.

Any help at all would be soooo appreciated!
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Can somebody explain the latest Axe body spray ('Axe effect') commercial to me? It shows a bunch of women with imprints in there back; like one person is coming out of a fitting room in a store and has a hanger imprinted, another woman is leaving a restaurant and has a plate and silverware on her back, somebody else is leaving an airplane restroom with a no smoking sign on her back.

What on earth does that have to do with anything?!

technical questions

Do any of you know of a good computer/technical community? I am specifically looking for other people who are into programming/html/etc..

Or maybe you know of some good books on Application Programming? I have a few technical questions too.
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Time Between Sexual Experiences....

I've been wondering about how fast/slow people have experienced things. Similar questions I know have been asked in the past, but I'm not sure to what degrees....

So, when was the first time you... and were they with different people than the previous step?
1. Kissed someone romantically?
2. Kissed someone with tongue?
3. Felt someone up/were felt up?
4. Touched someone else below the belt (clothed)?
5. Touched someone else below the belt (bare)?
6. Gave/received oral sex?
7. Had sex?
..and then, how old are you now?

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I’d like to follow a cruelty free diet that still includes meat; does anyone have any ideas on how I could go about doing this?

It seems as though if I were to go cruelty free, kosher, free-range, local, it’s going to be hard to find the information, to find any sort of source of meat let alone one that checks out, and expensive. I don’t eat much meat, but I eat animal products that would need to be considered, I really do not want to be vegetarian.

What about other more ethically sound diets such as organic local produce - there is plenty of organic food around, and prices aren't that high any more, but I'd imagine it would still be very hard to follow, anyone with experience like to offer some tips?

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Im moving to Utah from Michigan in August and was planning on driving but my friend who was supposed to go with me just pulled out. I dont have anyone else who can and I cant/wont go alone. So, Im pretty much screwed. Id just fly out and lease a car but my father is being stubborn. So my question is does anyone know around how much it would be to ship my car to Las Vegas? (I have a 96 grand am if that matters) would this be worth pursuing. Ive been told it would come out to cost about as much as driving, plus I wouldnt be putting the miles on it.

And what do you do when you are completely overwhelmed with a situation(s) and no one is helping you? How do you slow down and force yourself to take a step at a time, or just see the damn steps?

What do you do when you're lonely, and no one is around?
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Of coffee, jet-lag and Egyptology...

1. How is everyone doing?

2. Does anyone know of good colleges or universities that have good Classics departments or, better yet, Egyptology departments? Preferably anywhere other than the United States...I'm trying to transfer out of the US.

3. Do you use cream in your coffee (i.e. Coffee Mate)? If so, what flavor is your favorite?

4. Am I the only person who ENJOYS being jet-lagged?

__my answers in the form a of a comment__

Computer Woes

I thought I had a sufficient knowledge of computers but I guess I do not. I have never professed to be an expert on the subject. I don't even claim to know what is going on most of the time. I really did think, though, that I could reformat my hard drive and reinstall my programs without a problem. Evidently, I cannot.
I got my hard drive reformatted. I installed most of the programs that I want but I am having problems now.

1.) My husband's stupid Tiger Woods game sucks. I have installed it and it appears to be fine but when he goes to play it, it won't even open and I get a message about my video card. I have gotten it to install before but periodically, my husband gets and error and the game shuts off.

2.) I can no longer use my START button to turn my PC off or restart it. I have to turn it off manually. Before, I thought this was a spyware problem but now I am not so sure. It worked for awhile after I reformatted but now, it doesn't seem to work again.

3.) I have finally gotten MSN connected again. After many updates I am at least able to use it and check my mail but now, I have an old version. How can I get an updated version. Let me add that I have dial-up at home.

Thanks in advance for your help.



I have to do some sort of video assignment for a class I'm enrolled in this semester--it has to be 5 minutes long, it has to feature some sort of storyline, and has be to filmed entirely in school. I don't have any ideas of what I could do.

Anyone have any ideas?
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For the ladies :

What are some random - make up tips? I've tried searching online, just for little tidbits to make eyes brighter, and stuff like that but I keep getting search engines, so I thought this place would be perfect. <3

*also* My teeth on my left side, one top and one bottem tooth are getting very sensative to hot/cold things. What can I do to fix this? It's very annoying to eat food. It doesn't hurt, it just feels sensative, and it's uncomfortable.

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Have any of you had any success with selling vintage Barbie Dolls?

If so, how did you find out what model your barbie was (I have ones with serial numbers on their backs) and how much it was worth? Ebay or did you sell it somewhere else? And last but not least, how much did you make off of one while you were expecting more?

In short, I'm broke and my entire family has urged me to sell these dolls. They are worth some cash, they are older than me and in great condition. I need to find out how much they are worth (preferably something that doesn't cost money, but I can sit at a bookstore), their original clothing, and they best way to sell these and still make a reasonable amount of money if not more than they are actually worth.

Help is appreciated.

Incerrect Speling

Remember the post someone made about the spelling Nazis online? Apparently, their presence is necessary in other places, to keep society from "dumbing up" any more, now that proper spelling isn't required on some *English tests*.

Do you think the laid-back environment of the internet contributes to stuff like this, or the overall New Dumbness that seems to be increasing in Western nations, particularly in the 'ol US of A?
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You know how the magazine people come by and take away the old issues and put new ones up every month? What do they do with the old issues? Do you think they burn/recycle them or would they be willing to donate leftovers?

Hrm... and who are these people? (How would one get in touch with them, I mean.) I used to trip over them in Longs or Walgreens all the time and now that I have all these questions they've gone into hiding.

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Can someone advise??

I'm going to New York City for a week holiday, coming in from Istanbul, Turkey. I know the city decently well but not the alternative scene at all. i lived in montreal for 4 years and i'm pretty involved in the indie rock scene here in istanbul. i'd be really interested in visiting some dive bars in manhattan, and any gallery/association/center that deals with feminism, socialist activism, lefty hangouts etc. we can trade stories.
Know of any off the path websites as well? something not easy googleable?
Enlighten me! i promise to give you a comprehensive review of istanbul in exchange. or give my services if you ever come to my neck of the woods.

Anyone a willing alternative guide in NYC?

exposted all over the place. sorry if this appears more than once on your friends list.
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What skills/abilities do you wish you had? No superpowers, just earthly things. :)

I wish I could sing. It looks like a lot of fun. However, being severely hearing impaired, I'm afraid that option is out for me.
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What's the best Jeeves and Wooster book to start on?

Why have my " [double quote] key and my @ key swapped themselves over?

My laptop screen *says* that it is 640*480, but it's displaying at 800*480. Why? How can I increase it to 800*600? [Control panel doesn't let me]

Relatedly*: How do I get more than 2 or 16 colours?

Does anyone remember the Matrix quote [Morpheus to Neo] "there is no trying"? or something? [Our copy of the Matrix was left up north]

Is it really fair to raise a child in the sub-tropics and then make her live in the sub-artic?

* It is too a word. In the way that is not.

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I've had mexican twice in as many days, but I'm having a craving for sour cream.

What can I put sour cream on (other than a baked potato, not in the mood) that's tasty? I may end up doing home-tacos this time, but figured I'd ask for options.
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My family and I are planning on moving in the next year or so. We'll finally have enough money to buy a house (yay!) but, we can't stay here in Chicago because it is too expensive to buy anything here.

Where do you suggest we look? It can be anywhere really, preferably still in the midwest though. Housing prices need to be average to a little below average and it needs to be easy to get around without a car, either by walking or by public transit.

We were also thinking of Madison, WI, any opinions on that area?

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I'm having a lot of trouble making up my mind about how I feel about my current boyfriend. It would seem I have major commitment issues where I cant stay in a relationship for longer then 4 months at a time.
I was thinking of asking him if we could take a break from our relationship, not see other people or completely break up, just not be togater for a week or so until I have had time to clear my head and till summer comes because the end of the school year seems to be the most stressful for me so I really just need time for myself. I know I could just not spend time with him and explain that I'm stressed but thats not completely it. I've had an old friend come back into my life that I still have feelings for since I never really had time to get over him after we broke up and I just need time to get over that for a little while. I guess its more of the thought of not being his girlfriend for a while that would take away a lot of stress because it seems when I'm dating I have more stress then when I'm single.
So my quiestion is...
Have you ever asked a boy/girlfriend to take a break from your relationship? why?
Have you ever been asked to take a break? why?
How long did the "break" last?
Do you think thats a wrong way to clear my head? Is it a bad idea?
I know a week ago I loved him but now for some reason I just dont feel for him like I used to. I was hoping that time away would help me realize that I still love him. I just dont want to end everything that we had togather and since I'm his first girlfriend... I dont want to hurt him at all. I dont want to seem selfish.
Is there any other way I can make things right again?
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Have you (or someone you know) ever responded to an ad like this:
No exp. necessary
We Will Train!
Earn $100/day!
18 and over only.
Call xxx-xxxx.

If you (or a friend) did respond, what happened? Were they able to find work, was the ad a scam....?

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Never mind what I want to watch. I want to know why the red-faced monkey is in the water and I can't afford Sky. Anyone here knows?

[edit] I can see this is confusing people no end. There is an ad on British television for Sky with a red-faced monkey inexplicably standing still in what appears to be a freezing cold lake. This is intended to entice people with inquisitive minds to subscribe to Sky. I cannot afford to, but I would like to know why the monkey is doing that.

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Christian Science reading rooms: What's up with those?

I have some of those single-serving applesauce cups, with the foil tops. poking around in my fridge, I saw that one of them looked odd. Something black was dribbled on the top, like water used over and over to clean a black watercolor-filled paintbrush. If I rub at it, it smears all over and comes off on my hands kinda like really thin soap. I'm assuming the applesauce is safe to eat, but what's up with that?

I had an employment interview thingy at Mcdonalds(sob) today, 2:15. I had to run an errand afterwards, and didn't look at my phone until I needed to know the date. I had a missed call. From Mcdonalds. timestamped 14:19- When I was still there. Why?
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Waiting for Episode III

If youre going to the midnight showing of Episode 3 on Wednesday about what time are you going to go to the theaters? Personally Id rather not wait an epic long time but I also dont want crappy seats. When ya all going?

I checked over a sizable portion of previous posts and I didnt see anything about this. So hopefully it hasnt already been asked and answered.

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need help, bluetooth making me sick - crossposted

Has anyone ever had any problems with feeling sick when using a bluetooth headset at all? I'm feeling like crap and I just received my new bluetooth headset for my palm treo in the mail.

My symptoms are: head hurts kinda, tissue in skull feels like it's vibrating and pulsating a little bit, like it's being stimulated. I also am getting a heating sensation in my mouth and am feeling slight nausea.

The only info I can find on this was this 2003 study saying that 3g towers caused the symptoms I am experiencing with my new bluetooth headset...but these were with big towers and this is just a little personal device, even those findings weren't made a big deal I a freak or something? I really like the headset but don't know why I am feeling this way or if it is really a danger to me.

Any help/info would be appreciated.

p.s. I know it's because of this bluetooth because the only other time I have experienced this sensation was when I had my old bluetooth headset...I had it for one day then I returned it because it did not have the full functionality I wanted. I thought that was a fluke, but I got my new headset today and am feeling the same way.

five boring questions.

1. do pinstripe pants look good with a solid jacket?

2. what about a pinstripe jacket with solid pants?

3. do you think text messaging's T9 function drives bad spellers insane? one wrong letter and it won't suggest their word, they'll have to autotype it. i bet it happens all the time. i wonder if they even use the T9 finction after a while.

4. do any of the same-number-combination suggestions amuse you? i sometimes forget to look at the screen when i'm texting and won't notice right away. "cycle" and "awake" amuses me. "he" and "of." the one that drives me insane is when i'm typing "i'm" it gives me "i'o" i mean, what is that? i'o??

5. can you wiggle your nose like bewitched? i can wiggle my mouth, which wiggles my nose, but not very quickly or smoothly.
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I was reminded by this question that I have a weird language-related question to ask.

Let's say you can speak two languages and one of them is English, but it's not your native tongue. Is it easier to understand someone speaking English if they are speaking it crisp and clear with no apparent accent or with an accent from your native tongue?

Kinda confusing, I know. Humour this unilingual?
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